A few weeks had gone by since we ventured out beyond the Wall for a field test. Life in Trost has more or less returned to normal, though the Titans are still a threat. My family house had been put back together and I was now living there on my own.

I was sitting at the table when there was a knock at the door. I got up from my chair and opened the door to find Levi standing there. A smile crossed my face and I said to him, "Hello, Captain."

He shook his head as a small smile appeared on his face.

"Come on in," I said as I moved aside to let him in.

He walked inside. He looked around and asked, "How are you settling in?"

I scoped the room and said to him, "I'm glad I was able to continue living here. I didn't mind living in the Scout's building but this is really where I belong."

He nodded his head, "Your family would've wanted it this way."

I agreed with him and decided to ask, "How's Eren been doing?"

"Hange has been doing more experiments but nothing to be concerned about. But speaking of Eren, he asked me to give you this," Levi reached into his pocket and pulled out a note. He handed it to me and said, "Must be some note to make him as nervous as he was."

I smiled happily and took the note from Levi. I opened it and began to read it silently.


Meet me on top of Wall Rose before sunset. I'll be waiting for you.


My face reddened and I tucked the note into my pocket. I looked up at Levi with a smile still on my face, "I've got to go."

Levi let out a small laugh, "I figured you were going to say that. Kaira, take care of yourself."

I gave him a hug and said, "Of course. Levi, thank you for everything."

We said our goodbyes and left the house.

I walked down the main path and soon found myself standing at the foot of Wall Rose. I looked at a soldier standing nearby and kindly said, "I need to be hoisted, please."

The soldier nodded his head at me and I went and stood on the platform. I was hoisted up to the top.

I got to the top and stepped onto the Wall. I looked over and saw Eren speaking with Commander Pyxis. I walked over to join them.

Commander Pyxis saw me walking over and said, "Well if it isn't, Miss Cooper. How you doing?"

"I'm doing fine, thanks. I actually came to meet him," I locked arms with Eren and leaned closer to him.

Eren looked down at me and smiled, "I missed you."

Commander Pyxis smiled at the both of us and said, "I'll leave you two kids alone. Remember to stay clear of the edge."

I watched Commander Pyxis walk away. I turned to Eren, "I heard from Levi that Hange's been doing more experiments. Is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine. Come here," Eren took me by the hand and lead me over to the edge of the wall, close enough to look over. He looked out over the horizon and said, "Even with all those Titans roaming the land out there, it's still so beautiful."

I squeezed Eren's hand, because what he said was true. The world out there is and will always be beautiful, we just have to look past the Titans. I finally understood that that's what my family was trying to tell me.

I looked up at Eren admiringly and softly said, "I love you."

He smiled at me and pulled me into a loving kiss just as the sun began to set, emitting a orange/pink glow all around us.

The End...

A/N: Hopefully this last part doesn't sound too forced. Anyway, thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and continued to read the story. There may be some to look forward to in the future. Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed reading A Promise Not Forgotten.