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When Race woke up that morning the world was covered in a thick blanket of snow, with more falling from the sky every minute. Groaning he rolled over and attempted to burrow back under his blanket, only to have it unceremoniously yanked off him a few minutes later. "Come on lazy bones, even Romeo's up by now!"

"Piss off, Jack," Race grumbled, and Jack chuckled before clapping his hands loudly, startling Race out of the half-asleep state he'd been in.

"Come on, Racer. Time ta greet the day!" he exclaimed, before moving on to his next victim.

Race begrudgingly sat up and swung out of bed, wincing slightly as his feet in their thin socks hit the cold wooden floor. Standing, he quickly slipped his boots on and straightened the flannel shirt he was wearing before slamming his well-worn newsboy cap down on his head. Finally, he reached into one of his pockets and pulled out the worn mittens Romeo had given him for Christmas a few years ago. They instantly made his hands feel ten times warmer.


The walk to the distribution center was relatively quiet, all the Newsies focused on staying warm rather than talking. When they arrived they each bought at least ten fewer papers than they normally would, noting the absence of potential customers on the street. After glancing at the headline Jack stood and made an announcement, his voice carrying despite the cold wind.

"Okay, fellas! Looks like there's gonna be a real storm rollin' in in a couple hours, so I want all a' ya ta sell in pairs! Got it?"

Everyone nodded, even Race. He knew from experience that a storm could strike quickly and suddenly in the winter, making trouble for anyone who was caught out in it. Glancing around at the other Newsies who were busily pairing off he met Romeo's eyes, and raised his eyebrows in question.

Romeo grinned back and nodded, making his way over to Race as he did. Race smiled to himself upon seeing Romeo's eager expression, though he would never admit it he had a soft spot for the boy he had met on the streets all those years ago.

"You ready?" he asked, and Romeo grinned again in response.

"Yep!" he chirped, and Race chuckled to himself. How the kid had kept his boyish charm and love for fun when he had spent almost his whole life on the streets was beyond him.

With that they set off into the snow-covered streets of New York, hawking their headlines like they normally did. It was then that Race first noticed the faint tingling in the back of his throat, but he cleared it and the sensation vanished. Shrugging it off as nothing special, he focused all his attention on selling his papers to the few people brave enough to venture out into the streets despite the impending storm.


Four hours later he and Romeo were forced to stop selling and head over to Jacobi's to warm up and get a bite to eat. Romeo grumbled about having to take a break when he hadn't even sold half his papers yet, but Race was secretly relieved to sit down for a minute. Since that morning the strange tickle in his throat had returned worse than before, causing him to have to pause every few minutes to cough into his elbow. He had also developed a throbbing headache that was making him feel sick to his stomach, and he felt strangely cold even though Jacobi's was warm and filled with people talking and laughing.

"You okay, Race?"

"Huh?" Race looked up to see Romeo looking at him in concern.

"I asked if you was okay," Romeo repeated, gesturing to the small bowl of soup in front of Race. "You ain't eaten much a' that."

"Yeah, I'se fine," Race shrugged. "Just not hungry I guess."

Romeo frowned, clearly not buying Race's excuse. In all the time he'd known him, Race had never turned down a good meal, probably because he didn't always know when he'd get another one.

Seeing Romeo's expression Race sighed heavily. "Kid, I promise I'se fine. Really. Now come on, let's get back out there 'fore we lose all the daylight."


Four hours later Race and Romeo had together managed to sell all but ten of their papers.

"Extra, extra! Fire at-" Race suddenly broke off to hack into his elbow, and Romeo shot him a worried glance as he handed a paper to a well-dressed man.

"Race, why don't we call it a day?" he asked timidly, but Race stubbornly shook his head.

"I'se fine, Romeo. 'Sides, we can't just give our papes back if we don't sell all a' them," he protested, and Romeo sighed before nodding in acquiescence.

Race turned away from Romeo and began selling his papers again, trying to ignore how awful he truly felt. Half an hour later they had only two papers left when fat flakes of snow began falling from the sky. Race sighed to himself and pulled the collar of his shirt up higher on his neck.

"Race…" Romeo started, but Race stubbornly shook his head even though it made him feel dizzy.

"No, Romeo. I can finish sellin', I know I can," he growled, but this time Romeo shook his head.

"Race, you can barely stand. We only got two papes left, we ain't losin' much. Let's get back home," he said.

Race opened his mouth to argue again, but a sudden gust of cold wind and more falling snow made him feel weaker, and his legs wobbled dangerously. Romeo stepped forward and steadied him, then took off his coat and draped it around Race's shoulders. It was thin, the only kind of coat a newsie could afford, but it was better than nothing.

"Rome, I can't let ya-" Race started, but Romeo shushed him as they began to walk in the direction of the lodging house.

"We'se a family, Race. It's the least I can do," he said, and Race nodded as he slumped against Romeo tiredly. Romeo chuckled and wrapped his arm tighter around Race's shoulders as he helped him along. "Come on, Racer. Let's get ya home."

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