Zeus, lord of the skies and king of the gods, declared a law nearly 250 years ago that stated "no more gods shall be born of those from our pantheon" due to his paranoia of being overthrown. The other gods were outraged, even those who never had godlings such as Artemis and Hestia. Not just because this would interfere with some parts of their domains but also because Zeus' paranoia was once more getting out of hand. Though none of them desired to have another golden net incident or another similar to it, the other gods refused to take this ridiculous order lying down.

To circumvent this new law, the other gods had wracked their minds to find a loophole around it. Using Iris as a covert messenger they held secret meetings with Zeus being none the wiser to their plans. Tossing ideas back and forth for hours on end they finally decided on a course of action after much arguing and many spats that nearly blew up the hidden temple that was their meeting place. Through an almost unanimous agreement (Ares was outvoted) they deemed Athena the most capable of completing their plan both due to her domains and Zeus' lack of suspicion towards her compared to the others.

For nearly a month Athena had holed herself up in the workshop inside one of her smaller and lesser-known temples devising a way to proceed with the plan they had agreed upon. While the other gods were covering for her by creating various diversions to keep Zeus from questioning her absence they could not continue to do so forever. Finally with her plan completed Athena discreetly went about gathering the necessary ingredients needed to create a new godling. After all, while Zeus' law had forbidden any more godlings being born, he had said nothing about one being created instead.

For the first ingredient, Athena had flashed to the Garden of the Hesperides meanwhile at the same time back on Mount Olympus Hermes had 'mistakenly' confused the Throne Room as the location for a large delivery of sacred cows due to a miscommunication with Apollo. While Zeus was being suitably distracted by the planned chaos, Athena strode towards a tree laden with the glowing golden apples of immortality completely ignoring the massive hundred-headed dragon sleeping coiled about its base. Yet instead of plucking one of the tempting fruits, she bypassed the tree altogether to reach the crystal clear stream that flowed directly behind it. As Athena knelt at the edge of the stream and leaned forward towards the water's surface the Hesperides for which the garden was named appeared on the opposite side of the stream watching the goddess of wisdom. Athena cast a short glance towards the nymphs of the evening to make sure they wouldn't interfere before she let her hands break the surface of the water whilst under their curious gazes. Reaching down towards the bottom of the shallow water the goddess proceeded to gather up some of the clay that had formed around the roots from the Tree of Immortality that had grown into the stream bed.

The reason for collecting this clay, in particular, is that the tree's essence had slowly permeated into the ground around it and after several millennia it was positively teeming with it. Due to this the clay was the perfect medium to help enact the god's plan. After gathering enough clay to nearly fill the bag at her side Athena stood up while trickles of cool water dripped from her fingertips ready to flash back to her temple on Olympus, but before doing so she turned to face the Hesperides who had continued watching her actions with interest from the other side of the stream. With the pair of intense gray eyes brimming with power staring them down the nymphs of evening and protectors of the garden meekly lowered their gazes from the war goddess standing before them. "You shall not inform anyone or anything about my visit here today for if you do, the consequences you shall face will make Tartarus look pleasant in comparison." Now assured that the only witnesses of her visit to the Garden wouldn't dare reveal anything Athena flashed back to her temple to start preparing the empowered clay.

Striding through a simple but elegant temple the goddess stepped behind a pillar into a shadowed alcove that held a hidden passage leading to a secluded workroom filled with numerous projects in various stages of completion with only one table empty of anything. After depositing the bag filled with clay to the side of the large white marble table placed at the back of the hidden room Athena sent a discreet signal to the others to let them know she gathered the first ingredient needed for their plan. A small gray owl with sharp yellow eyes silently flew into the Olympian's throne room landing next to the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy's seat of power observing the chaos dying down within. The first to notice the room's newest addition was surprisingly none other than the goddess of love and beauty herself, Aphrodite. A small smirk briefly flitted over her lovely face before it settling into a vapid smile. While sashaying towards her seat of power the goddess of love commented aloud to herself that her throne could use more dove carvings. At that seemingly meaningless remark, every divine being in the room beside Zeus received the message: The first ingredient has been collected.