Lincoln ran to the isle to see the last box of Zombie Bran. "Phew! The last box, and its all-", Lincoln said until someone interupted him.

He turnt around to see the kid that laughed at him when he fell in the pineappes. "Mine!", the kid said. Lincoln couldnt take it, "Woah woah woah. I worked my ass off to get this.", Lincoln said as he walked closer to the boy.

The kid backed up a bit, "And then your bitchass comes up to snatch it. And I have 9 dumbass sisters trying to stop me from getting it.", Lincoln said again, with venom is his voice.

The sisters came around the corner just as Lincoln cocked his fist back.

In the Loud Family car, "Good job Lincoln, I guess you really could manage the grocery shopping.", Mrs. Loud said. "How come Lincoln got a treat?", Lana asked. "He made a deal, if you wanted a treat, you should've asked.", Mrs. Loud replied.

While Lincoln enjoyed eating his cereal, a certain someone enjoyed using dentures at 11.