The next day, Ronnie Anne woke up, dried tear marks covering her face, pregnant?! Really!? She sank back down and tried to fall back asleep, it didnt work. She got up and changed and went outside, she walked to Poppa's house and knocked on the door.

Poppa Wheelie opened the door and saw Ronnie Anne, he instantly slammed the door. "Get your fat-ass out here!", she yelled. Poppa sighed as he walked out. "What do you want.", he asked. "We need to discuss the baby issue.", Ronnie said. "Psh, im not taking care of it.", Poppa said. "Yes you are! You made it!", she yelled back.

"Make that Loud bitch do it.", he replied. "At least that Loud bitch has the balls to take care of his fucking child! Maybe I was wrong, he is 10x the man you are!", she said. Poppa turnt around and pimp slapped her, "Fuck off latina slut!", he yelled. That was until she walked away, and 10 minutes later, a certain someone in a dragon costume came walking down the street.

Ronnie Anne knocked on the door of the Loud's as Lincoln answered, he saw her and called Lori down. "What do you want!", Lori exclaimed. "I need to talk to Lincoln.", Ronnie replied. "Yeah, he tottaly wants to see you.", Lori said. "Im serious!", she replied.

"Ok fine, what the fuck do you want.", Lincoln said as he moved Lori out of the way. "I- i might need you to be a father.", Ronnie Anne said. Lincoln stared at her, and began to laugh. "Y- your saying that the fat-fuck you call a man got you pregnant?", Lincoln exclaimed as he slapped his knee.

"Please! Im so sorry for what I said!", she replied as tears formed in her eyes. "So you dont even want me back? You just want me to father a child that isnt mine, yeah, hell no.", he said as he slammed the door on her face.