"So," said Father Kyle Wisneski to his organist, Ellie Lewis. "What have we learned from this little incident today?"

"That Harry Kastl was an even bigger creep than he let on," said Ellie. "Like Jesus said, cockle among the wheat."

"And?" said Fr. Wisneski.

"And that the Spectre looks twice as scary when he materializes under a neo-Gothic baldachin."


Ellie sighed resignedly. "And that we aren't to sing 'In These Days of Lenten Journey' anymore unless we really and sincerely mean to 'call on the Spirit of Justice'."

"Thank you," said Fr. Wisneski.

"Not all the way through, anyway…"

Disclaimer: The character is Jerry Siegel's; the bathos is Ricky Manalo's. I just brought them together.