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Chapter 1: Let's walk in the woods...

Storybrooke had been quiet for some time, Regina had managed to get her sister away from the city and she finally managed to be happy with her bowman Robin Hood. Considering his son Roland as her own, she rediscovered what happiness was, she finally had everything she wanted. She ended up establishing a kind of peace with Snow and even had some understanding with Emma. This was a miracle, according to their past, according to her. Walking along the streets, she was still pensive, as to an event from her past that nobody knew about, even Rumplestiltskin did not know this passage of her life and she was very happy with that.

Still, she needs to be talking to someone, she had to confide in something that had been gnawing at her for fourteen years now. Once in the forest, she swore against herself for the unsuitable shoes she had donned for this ride. After all, who else could she trust except the man who had her heart beat again? Arrived at the makeshift camp in the forest, Regina stayed a little behind to watch Robin and his son make a bow together. She never thought she would find someone after Daniel died, killed by her own mother in front of her eyes...

"You know, your majesty, to observe the people in a corner without being manifested, it is very impolite!"

Returning to reality, she met Robin's gaze which immediately made her blush, it was incredible the effect that this man, this thief, had on her. Approaching them, she took a vexed look, worthy of her past as a Queen, and accord her attention to the little boy who played with the bow at her feet. Robin grunted slightly because he didn't get the kiss of hello that he hoped for, but he did not like spoiling the moments between Regina and his son, it was so heart-warming to him.

After the loss of Marianne, he had not thought of finding someone, projecting all his love on this little piece of man. Today, everything was different, he did not see himself without this sublime woman with a strong character at his side, never conquered, he did not get tired of her! Turning to him, she finally give him a kiss, which delighted the archer.

"What is the pleasure of seeing you in my little forest by such an early hour?"

"Your forest? I'm the mayor, I remind you!" She bit her lip in protest. "I wanted, well no, I need to see you, actually. I need to talk to someone and ..."

"No need to say more, I know you: if you are ready to confide on a subject, it is important. I'll leave Roland to Little Jean and I'm yours!"

He re-joined her a few seconds later and, together, they undertook a ride in the woods by paths that were not helping Regina's shoes. They stayed a good time like that, enjoying nature, Regina did not know where to start or how to start. They arrived at the Troll Bridge and watched the stream of water flowing past them. Robin broke that silence.

"So, tell me, what did you want to talk about, what disturbs you enough to come with that kind of thing on your feet, in this forest at 8:30 in the morning?"

"I ... need to talk about something that happened 14 years ago today according to the time system, something that stays in my mind since and haunts me on that date every year."

"You know I can hear everything, I will listen to you if you feel ready to talk."

She looked at him with an air of gratitude, taking her courage in both hands, she decided to start her story with facts that her companion knew perfectly well so that he followed her in her story. Recalling her first love affair with Daniel, she could not help retaining a few tears at the mention of his cruel death, of which she had been a passive witness. She could not do anything to protect him from her mother, whom she feared herself, not having learned to make her magic at the time.

She had seen her mother, tearing the heart of the man she loved and crushing it, without an ounce of pity for the simple reason that he was not good enough for her, that he was not good social class. Regina let out a laugh, thinking that if her mother saw her today with Robin, she would certainly have a heart attack. Robin felt the stiffness and tension that invaded his companion during her story and tried to soothe her by gently passing his hand behind her back.

The ex-queen then resumed her quiet breathing but continued searching for her words. She looked in Robin's eyes and snuggled in his arms, it was so hard for her to admit her past, to admit what she could do or say or not to do, and she regretted bitterly today. It had to come out, otherwise she would never be at peace with herself.

"Shortly after Daniel's death, I realized that I was pregnant ..."

"You what?" Robin had replied, swallowing the news.

"I had made a denial, deep in me, I knew it already but, when I admitted to myself, I was already towards the end of my pregnancy. My mother had gone on an umpteenth trip for the preparations for my wedding with Snow's father and therefore did not know ..."

"Does anyone know that you had a biological child?"

"No, nobody. Apart from my father, but since he is no longer of this world ... He helped me for the end of my pregnancy and found me a midwife for delivery. I had a beautiful little girl with Daniel."

She sobbed in the arms of Robin who remained silent, without knowing what to say or do that could reassure her, console her while in his head: a thousand and one questions were fighting to express themselves. He asked her why she did not have her daughter by her side. Regina wiped her tears to explain that she did not want to let her mother spoil her daughter's life, as she had done with hers, so tempted that she would let the little girl live. Recounting, when she had put her hand on a magic bean, then she had sent her daughter wrapped in a blanket with her name on top, in a world where her mother could not find her: this world.

Robin gave her a smile as he pointed out that Snow had sent Emma to this world with an embroidered cover of her name as well, the two women had a lot in common. He asked her what she knew about this little girl today, if she had tried to find her since their arrival in town. With a nod of her head, she added that with all the events happening in Storybrooke, she had never had time to really find her and all the time of the curse, she thought herself happy with Henry, as she could not get out of the city anyway, she ended up driving the idea out of her head.

"I didn't ask you, what's her name?"

"Hermione ... Her name is Hermione..."


In England, at this time, a young witch named Hermione Granger, officially Muggle-born, was preparing to attend the Quidditch World Cup.

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