When Ben came to, he felt like everything was moving in slow motion. He would lift his head with much difficulty, as if his skull was weighed down with a ten-ton tank. Then his head would snap back as his neck's support gave out, decidedly resting against the metal table of whatever building he was being held in.

He felt like he was going to throw up.

His arms were heavy, far too heavy to lift up and attempt to access his Omnitrix. He could feel metal bands around his wrists, not quite thick enough to conceal the alien watch. His breathing came in labored gasps, lungs burning and inflamed. His legs were numbed and even if he had the strength, he was certain that there were shackles bound tightly around his ankles, preventing him from struggling without the fear of dislocating the balls of his ankles.

His jaw was aching. He was certain that the last blow from Sunder ended up dislocating his jaw. He would have to pop it back into place once the feeling came back to his arms; at least, if he wanted to mouth off whoever it was that put a bounty on his head.

If his blood hadn't already run cold from being unconscious for who knew how long, it certainly did once he fully realized the circumstances of his situation.

He failed. He was unable to defend his team against the agents that had finally caught up to them.

He recalled the way Kevin struggled against his restraints. The way he twisted and convulsed from within Sevenseven's grasp, fighting until his ire was extinguished.

He watched in horror as Rook, his partner and borderline trainee, fell as well, powerless against the combined forces of Eighteight and Sunder.

He stared blankly, black spots dancing around his eyes, as Gwendolyn screamed for him. When the injuries inflicted upon him became too much and he finally gave in.

The image of his strong, almost divine cousin crumbling before him would be burned into his mind for a very long time.

The feeling had finally returned to his arms. The boy flexed his hands in relief and immediately shifted, moving to touch the interface of his watch.

That was when he finally focused his neon eyes on the bare silicon wrist of his current form. Diamondhead.

He slowly began to scan his current body, noting that his normal jumpsuit was torn down the middle. From what little light filled his cell(?), he saw a dark, obsidian fluid dripping down to his-

Oh god.

His abdomen was torn apart and wide open, flaps of crystalline skin hanging over the edges of the table. The incision started just below the Omnitrix on his chest and ended a little above the Petrosapian equivalent of a belly button.

The cavity was hollow. There was a deep pit where one's organs should have been.

'Do Petrosapians even have the same bodily functions as humans?' the silicon-based life form internally mused to himself. 'I've never been in this transformation long enough to find out.'

Ben mentally slapped himself and swallowed down the oncoming panic attack that threatened to take him from consciousness once more. The blood(?) loss must have really been getting to him if he was more worried about a transformation's biology than the fact that there was a gaping hole in his body oh my god-

The Hero's eyes darted to the sliding door as an alien in a silver hazmat suit entered. His sage colored skin stood out against the darkness of the room. Ben made a weak attempt at a glare, resulting in a look that was more like a grimace than anything else.

Techadon Weapon Inspector Number Thirteen chortled, his high-pitched shrieks piercing through the silence of the room (sans the dripping of what the Hero assumed was blood). The weapon master appeared to be holding some containers, one containing a slick, shiny, mint colored kidney-

That was his fucking kidney what the fuck-

And the other containing a rope-like object of the same color. He was carrying around containers full of Petrosapian entrails.

Seeing the Savior of the Universe at a loss for words, Inspector #13 smiled deviously.

"Subject Number Ten is awake. Begin experiment introduction."