Houses Competition: Year 2, Round 3

House: Hufflepuff

Year: 3

Category: Drabble

Prompt: Creature [ Phoenix ]

Word Count: 495

Beta: Trish, Aya

Tags: Fawkes, Canon Compliant, Unseen Moment

The Lament

A cold gust of wind blew through the window ruffling a crimson bird's feathers. Had Dumbledore been in his office, he would've noticed that Fawkes was unusually restless that evening as he gazed out at the evening sky unblinkingly. But then again, maybe if he had been in his office, Fawkes wouldn't have been so restless.

As the skies darkened, a sudden disturbance outside made Fawkes cock his head towards the door, listening . A low cry escaped him as he anxiously shuffled on his perch at the noises of obvious distress breaking the silence of the night.

He flew off his perch to the window sill, staring out at the sky that was now bathed in an eerie green glow. His head instinctively tilted towards the Astronomy Tower, readying his wings for flight as he sensed that he was needed.

Just as he was about to take off, he saw a familiar silhouette drop from the top of the tower, plummeting towards the earth. Without a second's delay, Fawkes took off of the window sill, noting that the atmosphere was suddenly charged with anger and magic.

There were screams and flashes of light across the ground, as people moved almost like shadows over the grass. Some of the voices were, in fact, quite familiar as he flew towards his destination, filled with anguish, an emotion that was not so alien to him now.

"Kill me, then! Kill me like you killed him, you coward-"


Undeterred and unnoticed, Fawkes came to a stop, his talons gripping onto the scaffolding of the Astronomy tower. His silhouette was barely noticeable being small and dark against the roof of the gigantic tower. He studied the robed man who laid sprawled on the grass. The man who cared for him for many of his lives. Befuddled by his stillness, Fawkes stared for a few more seconds before silently swooping towards the earth.

Fawkes stood next to the old man's head and nipped his ear. Unsettled by a lack of response, he emitted a low squawk before shuffling about his oldest friend, pecking at his clothes every now and again.

His gaze fell on the blackened hand that rested at an odd angle on the grass, and he nudged it with his head, a little rougher than he was used to doing. Moments later, Fawkes lowered his head, and closed his eyes for a second before opening them again to allow the moisture that had formed in his eye to drip onto the damaged skin.

He straightened his head, craning it side-to-side as he heard the distinct sound of numerous footsteps approach. He looked back back at the expressionless face again, hopeful of having elicited a reaction but to no avail. And so he took flight.

He did not stop till he was perched on the window sill again, still for a few moments before he sang of his sorrow at the loss of an old friend.