My name is A.

That's it. No last name. Not because I'm afraid of who will find out. I'm not running from the police or drug dealers or anything like that. Not that it would matter, because I change appearance every day. So, even if they found me one day, the next day, I'd be gone, and they'd have to start looking all over.

But they'd never be able to find me, because I'd be someone else.

Maybe you think I'm crazy, but I'm telling you the truth.

I have no last name. I don't even have a first name. Not really. I call myself "A" because I need to call myself something. I have a personality, an essence, maybe even a soul, even if I don't have a body.

Or, maybe I have many bodies. Many bodies that I've lived in, anyway.

I can tell I'm not making sense, so let me start over.

My name is A. I'm about fourteen years old. I'm not male, and I'm not female, but I have lived in male and female bodies all of my life. That's because, for as long as I can remember, I have woken up in a new body every day.

I know it sounds insane. Someone, call a psychiatrist, or a shrink, or whatever term you want to use. Because NO ONE wakes up in a different body every day. It's impossible.

Well, that's how it's been for me for as long as I can remember.

And that's how it's going to be for as long as I'm alive.

I don't like to think about when I will die. Maybe I will continue to live for as long as the oldest people in the world live. Maybe, at the age of a hundred and thirty-three, I'll be stuck in the same person's body, the body of the oldest person living on this planet, and then when they die, I'll die.

Or, maybe I'll die when I'm old, but not THAT old.

I don't know.

There's no instruction guide for this. Because I don't even know if there's anyone else like me in the world.

I kind of hope there is. Maybe they could explain it to me. Why I am the way that I am.

But I also kind of hope there isn't. Because there's a real type of mental pain associated with not having a physical body. Just traveling through time, waking up in someone about your age, every day of your life.

I mean, I'd be happy for any permanent body. Okay, maybe I'd have issues with someone who was unconscious, stuck in a coma for his entire life, brain dead, because of some accident. I guess that would be worse than what I have now.

But someone who weighs six hundred pounds? Or someone confined to a wheel chair? Someone who can't speak, can't communicate with the outside world except by blinking or making intelligible noises?

I can't help but think that those scenarios would all be better than my current one.

So, now you know. Every day, I wake up in a new body. It's always someone my age. Male, female, it doesn't matter. Rich, poor, middle class. There's no difference. Only child, or in a huge family? Same thing. The only constant is that it's someone who's my age.

Oh, and it's never the same person twice.

Until today, though, it was always ME who opened the eyes of the body I was inhabiting for the day. Always me who could access the memories and know who I was, at least for that day. Always me who got up, went to school (unless it was a weekend or a holiday or I was sick or...well, you get the idea), and lived the life of the person whose body I was in. For that day.

Today, everything changed, because today, it wasn't me who opened my eyes, and it sure wasn't the person whose body I had-unintentionally-taken.

It was an alien living inside the person's brain.