My head started to fall, my eyes drooped. I looked up at the chalkboard once more, before my eyes shut.

Tias dream

I woke up in a different place than where I fell asleep, I looked around and realized that it was my old elementary school. I walked around for a little bit and noticed that there was a full on wedding going on in the playground. That's when I remembered; that was MY wedding. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed another teenager among the 7 year olds. I turned to see a boy around the height of 5'9. He was facing the little children at the wedding. I then looked towards the bride walking down the aisle which was covered in dandelions which looks like they just got ripped out of the ground. The boy started to turn towards me that's when the dream ended.


" -MONTGOMERY! Wake up and get your pretty little white ass outside, NOW!" shook me, grabbed me by the collar of my school uniform, and dragged me out of the room.

"Do you know WHY I brought you here?" She asked knowing the answer.

"nOOoO" I replied sarcastically. She smacked my face lightly z

"drop the sarcasm young lady!" she warned. "DrOp the SaRcAsm YouNg LaDy" I mocked

"That's it! Detention for you after school!" commanded.

"But I have work after schoolllllll" I said dragging out the word 'school.'

"It's either that, or i'll have to call your parents to pick you up."

"Fine, I'll call daddy." I mumbled. I took out my new iphone7 and texted my father.


ME:Hi Daddy! I got in trouble by my teacher . Can you plz come and pick me up?

DADDY:Hi Pumpkin-Pie! Of course I can, for my little girl. I'll be in 5 minutes! Love you!

ME:Love you too daddy! BTW can we get starbucks on the way home?

DADDY:Of course! anything for my baby girl

ME:Thx daddy 3

DADDY:No problem Princess!


"Okay I texted him he'll be here soon." I told .

"Ok. Now go wait in the office. Goodbye Miss Forbes-Montgomery." She rolled her eyes, and walked back into the classroom.

As I headed towards the office, I couldn't help but wonder who the boy in my dream was. All I saw a tall figure, with pale skin, and black hair from the back of his head.