Fictional Deadliest Warrior

by Metal Harbinger

Author's Note: It's been a long fucking time since I've touched base on this, but I'm going to take a huge risk and try to pull a "mulligan" on something which I felt I had good ideas for, yet it quickly fizzled out on me when I tried to put it into action and this time around I'm hoping I can make it work.

That being said, this is my attempted resurrection of "Fictional Deadliest Warrior."

Will this work out better than the first time around? Hopefully.

A very special thanks goes out to Poseidon Productions for acting as my 'technical advisor' in regards to the firearms used. Hopefully this time around I will be more motivated to make it past the first chapter.

One major change compared to the original story is that my panelists will now consist of entirely fictional characters as well.

Acting as my "Geoff Desmoulin" of the group will be Bradley Foster. If you want a mental image of him, just think of Craig Boone from "Fallout: New Vegas," but with short blond hair worn in a buzz cut and clad in a black t-shirt and olive drab cargo pants.

My trauma doctor of the group will be Joseph Kaiser and his physical appearance will be largely inspired by Arcade Gannon, also from "Fallout: New Vegas," but with light brown hair, no glasses, and a green undershirt.

My computer expert of the group will be Eddie Cortez. His physical appearance is based upon a Hispanic version of Butch DeLoria from "Fallout 3," but wearing more contemporary clothing.

Now that I've gotten that tidbit out of the way I will also note that Solid Snake's appearance in this chapter is inspired by his look in the first "Metal Gear Solid" game where he has been de-aged. Gabriel Logan's appearance is also based around his appearance in the first "Syphon Filter" game.

Now on with the story!


(A Caucasian man with short brown hair, blue eyes, a day old stubble and a dark blue headband clad in a charcoal-colored sneaking suit points a FAMAS F1 at the screen.)

Solid Snake: The famed former FOXHOUND operative who has destroyed multiple Metal Gears and averted multiple world wars...

(Snake sneaks up on an enemy operative about to activate a Metal Gear unit and cuts him down with a carefully placed shot from his silenced H&K USP.)


(A Caucasian brown-haired man with matching facial stubble and in a gray bodysuit points an H&K MK. 23 handgun at the screen.)

Gabriel Logan: The former Agency operative who brought down a vast biological weapons conspiracy and averted World War III.

(Gabe pulls out an M-67 and chucks it into a room full of terrorists before moving in and cutting down the survivors with his M4A1.)


To find out, we've assembled a team of world class fighters to test history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.

No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death to decide who is...THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Here in our elite fight club we have gathered doctors, medical scientists and weapons experts to test out the lethal arsenals wielded by each of our combatants to determine who would win a fight between warriors who never met in a face to face duel:

Solid Snake:

Appearing From: Metal Gear Solid series

Military History: Former FOXHOUND member and mercenary

Known Activities: Stopped Metal Gear three times and defeated Liquid Ocelot's insurrection

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Gabriel Logan:

Appearing From: Syphon Filter series

Military History: Former U.S. Army and Agency operative

Known Activities: Stopping the Syphon Filter conspiracy and preventing another World War

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Biomedical scientist Bradley Foster will use 21st century equipment to test the lethal weapons wielded by both fighters.

"This is our first fight and it's going to be a battle between two deadly secret agents who are the best in the world at what they do," Bradley nodded.

ER doctor Joseph Kaiser will study the impact of the weapons, as well as the physical and psychological profiles of the competitors.

"Surgical precision is a key factor when you talk about two agents the caliber of today's fighters."

Computer whiz Eddie Cortez will then input all the gathered data into a state of the art computer program made to simulate a battle to the death.

"Today we are having a battle between two top notch killers whose exploits are the stuff of legends," Bradley Foster stated, "Both these men are skilled in multiple areas of warfare and it is that multitude of skills that has enabled them to bring down major conspiracies aimed at starting the next World War."

"Both these men have trained intensely, are highly intelligent and show no fear when confronted by danger. This is going to be a very close showdown," Eddie Cortez offered.

"These men are both cold as ice in the heat of battle, but today one of them is getting burned and I can't wait to see what happens in the end," Joseph Kaiser added.

A young Caucasian woman with feathered red hair and clad in desert camouflage with a black undershirt is shown checking over a FAMAS.

Testing the guns of Solid Snake will be Meryl Silverburgh.

The daughter of Snake's former commanding officer Roy Campbell, Meryl fought side by side with Snake during the Shadow Moses Incident and then on later campaigns in the Middle East and Outer Heaven.

"Solid Snake is the real deal. At a time when FOXHOUND was beginning to go for the big super powers, Snake didn't need any of that. All he needed was his wits and a gun. This Gabriel Logan is an upstart with no idea of what he's going up against," Meryl explained.

She is joined by a brown-haired bespectacled man in an off-white trench coat.

On hand to provide a historical insight into the past exploits of Solid Snake is Hal Emmerich, better known as 'Otacon.'

Originally a chief engineer on the Metal Gear REX project, Otacon would soon be rescued by Snake from the clutches of renegade FOXHOUND operatives. Years later the two men would go on to found the anti-Metal Gear non-governmental organization known as 'Philanthropy.'

"Snake has a drive unlike no other. The man was literally born to be a soldier, whereas his opponent only became one. Gabriel Logan is nothing compared to him," Otacon added.

Born as a result of the secret 'Les Enfants Terribles' government project aimed at creating the perfect soldier, Snake would join the Green Berets in his teens and took part in a mission to infiltrate western Iraq in 1991. He would later be recruited into the high-tech special forces unit known as FOXHOUND, where he would partake in missions aimed at confronting the Outer Heaven Uprising and Zanzibar Land Disturbance.

"He had everything thrown against him in addition to having his longtime ally Gray Fox and his own commanding officer Big Boss turning against him. Yet in the end, the so-called 'upstart' managed to take both of them down," Otacon continued.

Following his retirement from FOXHOUND, Snake would later find himself recalled into service to halt the now renegade faction in what would become known as the 'Shadow Moses Incident.' He would later go on to score crucial victories against factions aimed at igniting the next World War during the Big Shell incident and later put down Liquid Ocelot's insurrection.

"Solid Snake has a habit of making the impossible possible. Snake will find plenty of holes in this Logan fellow's game plan and take him down like he is nothing," Otacon concluded.

The legendary soldier comes equipped with a top arsenal that has served him well in his numerous encounters with international terrorists:

Short Range: H&K USP

Mid-Range: H&K MP5SD

Long Range: FAMAS F1 Assault Rifle

Explosive: M18A1 Stealth Claymore

But today, he will be taking on an equally determined, equally skilled adversary.

A Chinese woman with short black hair and wearing a charcoal-gray t-shirt with a bulletproof vest over it and matching pants loads a fresh clip into an H&K MK. 23 handgun and checks over the sights.

First up to test the weapons of Gabriel Logan will be his second-in-command Lian Xing.

A longtime combat teammate and tactical advisor, Lian fought alongside Logan during the events of the Syphon Filter conspiracy and would later become his second-in-command when he took over The Agency.

"Gabe is the best at what he does. Solid Snake is out of his league," Lian spoke confidently.

She was then joined by a middle-aged man with a handlebar mustache and wearing a blue cap with a headset attached.

Also representing Logan will be former CIA agent and now intelligence operations commander of the IPCA, Gary Stoneman.

A combat veteran who has seen action in almost every major American conflict since Vietnam, Stoneman first met Logan in Grenada when he saved Gabe's patrol after they were pinned down. He would later go on to lead IPCA missions in Belarus, Italy, Yemen and Ukraine.

"This Snake guy has no idea what he's getting himself into. Gabriel Logan is hands down one of the best soldiers in the world, period," Gary added.

Joining the Army shortly after his high school graduation, Gabriel served in the 75th Ranger Regiment and went on missions in Grenada and Afghanistan before moving into Special Operations and later receiving both a Silver Star and Presidential Citation. It would be in 1993 he was recruited by The Agency.

"Right away they knew they had something special in him. He was just too damn good at everything he did," Lian explained.

The highlight of Gabriel's career would come when he confronted the Syphon Filter virus, which turned out to be part of a much larger conspiracy aimed at starting the next World War. Following an operation which involved him traversing the world, going all the way up to U.S. Secretary of State Vincent Hadden.

"When he puts his mind to it, anything is possible. Snake is just a clone, Gabriel Logan is the real deal," Lian concluded.

While in battle Logan carries a reliable arsenal for combating the threats of the free world:

Short Range: H&K MK 23

Mid-Range: FN P90

Long Range: Colt M4A1

Explosive: M-67

When things got up close and personal, both special operatives had trusted sidearms they relied upon to back them up when all else had failed.

Up first will be Solid Snake with the H&K USP.

Heckler & Koch Universal Self-Loading Pistol


Weight: 1.65 lbs.

Length: 7.64 in.

Barrel Length: 4.25 in.

Cartridge: Varied

Clip Size: 15 Rounds

Range: 100 meters

"This is the Heckler & Koch Universal Self-Loading pistol," Meryl explained pulling out a small sidearm, "It uses a variety of cartridges, but today we will be using 9 x 19 parabellum. This is one of the top guns Snake always trusts to have on him at all times."

"Wow, I can't get over how lightweight that looks," Dr. Kaiser commented as Meryl brandished the handgun.

"It looks like a toy compared to what I bring. When it comes to Gabe, he's all about stopping power," Lian spoke up pulling out her own handgun.

To counter the USP, Gabriel Logan brings his own trusted military sidearm, the H&K MK. 23

Heckler & Koch Mark 23


Weight: 3.2 lbs.

Length: 9.65 in.

Barrel Length: 5.87 in.

Cartridge: .45 ACP

Clip Size: 12 Rounds

Range: 50 meters

"We've set up a test to determine the capabilities of both guns," Bradley said motioning to the course behind him, "We've set up a course for determining your weapons' speed, accuracy and stopping power, but this won't be any typical test.

"Because Snake and Logan are both known for stealth combat, you will each navigate this course in total darkness and must do so without alerting the attack bots stationed around, all of whom will be equipped with sensors that will let you know if you have been spotted. If you are spotted, the test ends. Meryl, you will be up first."

Meryl nodded and got into position, screwing a silencer onto the USP's barrel and then putting on a set of night vision goggles as the panel took their positions at the table, where they will monitor her progress through a series of hidden cameras set up around the course.

"Meryl, are you ready?"

"Ready," she called back.

"Then on 3...2...1, take 'em down!"

Meryl entered the maze and almost immediately was met by an automated attack bot, the roving enemy taken down by three shots to the chest, all of which coming out as tiny puffs thanks to her silencer.

"Close call right off the bat," Eddie commented as Meryl hid behind a wall and listened for the moving treads of the next target, who sped past her and was brought to a halt by two muffled shots to the back of the head.

"Nothing I haven't seen before," Lian spoke skeptically from the back as Meryl was shown progressing further, taking down the third roving bot with two shots to the chest and two to the head.

Meryl ducked low as a fourth bot came into view and she emptied three more shots into its torso before rushing towards the corridor that marked the end of the course, only to have another close call as the last attack bot came into view. She darted for cover behind the wall and peeked out to fire her last three shots into her target before bolting out the exit.

"Time!" Bradley called out, "1:27!"

Dr. Kaiser made his way inside the course to assess the damage, "With your first target I am counting 1, 2, 3 shots to the chest, all of which pierce the left lung, aorta and heart itself for three instant kills. Your second target took two to the back of the head. He would be dead before he hit the ground," he said making his way over to the third target, "Two to the head and two to the chest, all instant kills, with the last two being for dramatic effect no doubt," he said before approaching the fourth immobilized target, "Again I'm seeing a close grouping, initially hard to tell it was so close together, a testament to your gun's accuracy. With your last guy I'm seeing another close grouping in this man's neck, turning his trachea into Swiss cheese. Altogether you have 5 kills."

"That gun is just so light, it's like you were moving around with nothing," Eddie commented.

"Weight is nothing in the hands of a seasoned operative," Meryl replied, pulling out a Desert Eagle .50 AE in emphasis.

"Lian, you are up next. Get into position," Bradley spoke.

Lian nodded and pulled out her own silencer before putting on a pair of night vision goggles as the panelists set up.

"Lian, are you ready?"

"Ready," she shouted.

"On 3...2...1, make entry!"

Lian stepped into the maze and quickly dispatched the automatic attack bot with two shots to the head and then hugged a nearby wall as she listened for the next target approaching before bringing it to a halt with three shots. She then made her way to the third target and halted it with a single shot.

"Excellent," Bradley commented as Lian approached the fourth bot and fired two rounds into its forehead and rushed towards the end, only to have a close call as the last bot suddenly popped out. Taking cover she peeked out and fired three final rounds before making her exit.

"Time!" Bradley called out, "1:21! Good job."

Dr. Kaiser entered the maze to assess the damage done, "With our first guy here you got two shots, one through the nose which will sever this man's brain stem and another shot through the eye, great job," he said before making his way to the second target, "With your second target you got a close three shot grouping in the target's center mass, damage to the aorta and heart," he said before reaching the third target and reaching down to scoop up the large chunk of foam blown away from its face, "This guy you dispatched with a single shot through the temple for an instant kill. Another good job on your part. With the fourth guy we have two shots to the head, two instant kills each, and lastly three more closely grouped rounds. Altogether we have 5 kills."

"You have 3 less shots than in the USP's magazine, yet the stopping power on that thing is just brutal," Eddie commented.

"Gabriel is always about precision," Lian said ejecting the clip and pulling out the last remaining bullet, "He doesn't believe in putting on a fancy show. He believes in eliminating his target," Lian replied, while Meryl shook her head not intimidated.

Both experts successfully eliminated all of their targets and navigated the course without detection, but where do our panelists stand?

"For me it's all about stopping power and I'm with the Mark 23," Bradley started.

"The USP carries 3 more rounds and has less recoil, both crucial factors in a battle, edge USP," Eddie countered.

It would fall down to Dr. Kaiser for the tiebreaker.

"Both these pistols have their undeniable strengths with the Mark 23's greater stopping power and the USP's lighter weight and greater clip capacity. In an actual battle, you have no idea how many enemies are lurking about and the extra bullets can make the tiniest, most important difference. My edge goes to the USP."

In short range weapons, Solid Snake takes the edge with the H&K USP.

Coming up, two renowned submachine guns go head to head


The time has come for both warriors to unleash their deadly mid-ranged killers. Up first will be Gabriel Logan with the FN P90.

FN P90

Weight: 5.7 lbs.

Length: 19.9 in.

Cartridge: FN 5.7 x 28mm

Feed System: 50 Rounds

Rate of Fire: 900 rpm

Maximum Range: 1,800 meters

"This is a selective fire personal defense weapon used for close combat by special forces. It has a 5.7 'micro rifle' round that gives the weapon significantly greater range and penetrating power than a typical 9mm submachine gun. What it lacks in the long range accuracy of an assault rifle, it has greater firepower against body armor and in mid-ranged combat situations," Lian explained.

Solid Snake meanwhile fires back with a killer of his own, the famed H&K MP5SD.


Weight: 6 lbs.

Length: 2.5 ft.

Cartridge: 9x19mm

Feed System: 30 Rounds

Rate of Fire: 700 rpm

Maximum Range: 200 meters

"This is a variation of the world-renowned German-made submachine gun that comes with an integrated silencer. This Logan fellow would never hear him coming," Meryl smirked.

"And now we are going to get to see what these weapons are capable of," Bradley said motioning towards another small building, "We've created a scenario where a terrorist ringleader has been found and it is your job to infiltrate his headquarters and take him out. However, he is not alone and you must survive his underlings as well. Lian, you will be up first."

"Time to show you how things are really done," Lian said to Meryl, who only scoffed. She made her way over and got into position towards the back of the building.

"Lian, are you ready?" Bradley called out.

"Ready to move!" Lian shouted back.

"On 3...2...1, move in!"

Lian climbed through the window and was immediately met by a hooded mannequin popping out at her, only for her 'enemy' to be knocked down less than a split second later by a three shot burst.

Her first enemy dispatched, she made her way into a narrow corridor where she was met by another hooded target that was quickly dispatched with the upper half of its head obliterated. She rounded a corner and took cover behind a stack of wooden crates, popping up and firing into a third decoy. She proceeded further down the hall just as a door to her left came flying open and she was met by another attacker that was cut down in a manner much the same as the others.

With four targets eliminated, Lian came to a door and kicked it down, finding herself in an office where she was met by a target positioned behind a desk and another standing to its right. Raising her submachine gun she depressed the trigger and unleashed a final flurry upon both targets before Lian called out "Time!"

"You navigated this course in 30 seconds and by our count, you went through 23 of 50 rounds," Bradley commented.

Dr. Kaiser made his way into the setup and began examining the shot up targets, "It looks like you went through 3 shot bursts for each target before your salvo at the end. All were in tight knit groupings at their points of impact and with those armor-piercing rounds you are using, the extra kinetic force is going to shred through these guys' skin and turn their insides into mush."

"That's quite the impressive showing we had there," Eddie commented before looking over to Meryl, "Think you're up to the challenge?"

"Heh, that's like asking if a bear shits in the woods. I was born ready!" she enthusiastically answered.

"Well then show us if your gun can do any better," Bradley added.

Meryl nodded and got into position.

"On 3...2...1, make entry!"

Meryl pulled herself through the window and wasted no time cutting down the hooded mannequin waiting for her, firing a close-knit grouping to the dummy's chest and knocking it backwards.

With her first enemy accounted for, Meryl then made her way into the narrow corridor where she quickly cut down another target with an extended flurry before rounding the corner and taking cover behind a stack of wooden crates, then popping out to drop the third target with a controlled burst. She proceeded further down the hall until a door to her left flew open and another mannequin came into view, only to fall to a burst directed at its face.

With four targets eliminated Meryl came to the final door and kicked it open to find the 'leader' waiting behind its desk and the bodyguard to its right. She mowed down the final two targets in a muted barrage of lead before her submachine gun clicked empty. "Area secured!" she called out before ejecting the spent magazine.

"30 seconds!" Bradley called out, "We have a tie!"

Dr. Kaiser made his way inside the small building and navigated the narrow course to examine the remains, "Once again I'm seeing instant kills all the way around with all of your targets, yet you used more rounds in each target."

"You always want to make sure your enemy is dead, even if it means a few extra bullets to get the job done," Meryl nodded.

"Sounds pretty reckless if you don't know how many extra targets are lurking about. At least the P90 offers extra bullets for that kind of circumstance," Lian replied.

"Well either way, both of you successfully took out all six targets. Good job," Dr. Kaiser reported.

Both submachine guns have proven their worth, but where do our panelists stand?

"I'm definitely with the P90 on this," Bradley started, "20 more rounds and armor piercing ones at that, a must when going against armored opponents."

"Greater stopping power in addition to the extra rounds, edge P90," Dr. Kaiser seconded.

"I was leaning towards the MP5SD at first, but from what I've seen up close my opinion has changed. Edge P90," Eddie concluded.

In mid-ranged weapons, Gabriel Logan takes the edge with the FN P90.

Coming up, two trusted assault rifles take down the enemies from long range.


The time has now come for both warriors to unleash their long range arsenal. Up first will be Gabriel Logan with the Colt M4A1 Carbine.

Colt M4A1 Carbine

Length: 33 in.

Weight: 7.5 lbs.

Cartridge: 5.56x45 mm NATO

Effective Range: 550 yds.

Feed System: 30 Rounds

"This is the carbine version of the famed M-16 assault rifle," Gary explained showing off his rifle before racking the bolt and staring down the sights, "It's popular with counter-terrorist and Special Forces units for close quarters combat because of its compactness and firepower, making it ideal for urban warfare. You have a choice between semi-auto, burst fire, and full auto."

"That will be perfect for this next test where we will be emphasizing indoor combative abilities," Bradley said motioning to another crude structure set up behind them.

"Inside this maze there are three terrorists, in addition to three hostages, one of whom must be dragged out in order for you to complete the test. Gary, you'll be up first this time," Bradley spoke.

Gary nodded and got into position.

"Gary, are you ready?"

"Let's do this," the veteran called back.

"Then on 3...2...1, breach, bang and clear!"

Gary tossed a flash bang through the entrance and made his way inside, quickly gunning down a mannequin with an AK-47 dangling from its shoulder. He then quickly shoved another mannequin, representing an unarmed civilian, to the ground before coming to a turn and tossing another flash bang around it. Once it detonated he made another turn and gunned down a second terrorist before coming to an opening with a door and another unarmed civilian. Ordering the 'civilian' to stay back he kicked the door open and entered the room to find a life-sized practice dummy in a chair. Before he could grab his target there was a whirr coming from behind and he turned to find a third 'terrorist' stepping into view, quickly gunning him down in a flurry that split the target's head wide open. All threats neutralized he scooped up the dummy and made his way back through the maze and exited.

"Time! 1:27!" Bradley called out.

Dr. Kaiser made his way in to assess the damage, "I'm seeing tightly grouped clusters that tear apart hearts, lungs, the aorta, all instant kill shots," he said before making his way over to examine the civilian targets, "I see no damage here. Altogether you have 3 dead terrorists and no innocent casualties. Good job."

"I'll give it to you. That was some good shooting, but we have a rifle with a design better for indoor combat," Meryl spoke up.

Solid Snake shoots back with a dependable killer of his own, the FAMAS F1 assault rifle.


Length: 29.8 in.

Weight: 7.96 lbs.

Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO

Effective Range: 300 meters

Feed System: 25 Rounds

"Meryl, you are up next. Let's see what you can do," Bradley spoke.

Meryl nodded and got into position with her F1.

"Meryl, are you ready?"

"Ready!" she called back.

"On 3...2...1, make entry!"

Meryl pulled out a flash bang and tossed it into the maze, immediately making her way inside following its detonation and gunning down the first terrorist target before harmlessly passing the first civilian. She then came to the corner and pulled another flash bang grenade, tossing it around the corner and following its detonation, stepped out to gun down the second terrorist. Pushing the other civilian target out of the way she then overturned a nearby desk and kicked the door open to find the last hostage waiting for her. There was a whirr from behind and she whirled around to be met by the last terrorist, gunning him down in a rapid fire flurry. With all threats neutralized she grabbed the last hostage and dragged it out of the maze.

"Time! 1:20! Good job," Bradley called out.

Dr. Kaiser made his way inside to assess the damage done to all targets, "All of your terrorists are D.O.A. and your innocent bystanders have no damage done to them. Altogether you have 3 dead bad guys and no innocent casualties."

Both assault rifles have left a trail of death and destruction in their wake, but where do our panelists stand?

"For me the FAMAS does it," Bradley started, "It's got that Bullpup design that makes it easier to wield indoors while still being accurate in open battlefields."

"Normally I would be tempted to side with the gun that carries more bullets, as is the case with the M4A1, but the Bullpup design of the FAMAS was one of the factors that helped Meryl complete her test faster, edge FAMAS," Eddie seconded.

"I don't know about you guys. They pretty much did the same for me in terms of damage and accuracy, so I'm calling this one even," Dr. Kaiser concluded.

In long range weapons, Solid Snake takes the edge with the FAMAS F1.

Coming up, both warriors break out their explosives and then later, it's a battle between two elite special ops agents to determine who is 'The Deadliest Warrior!'


The time has come for both warriors to unleash their explosive arsenals. Up first will be Gabriel Logan with the M-67 fragmentation grenade.

M-67 Fragmentation Grenade

Range: 40 yards

Kill Zone: 5 yards

Filling: Composition B

Weight: 14 oz.

"These little bastards never fail to bring the pain.," Gary said unclipping one from his vest and showing it off.

"For this test we've set up three targets representing an enemy patrol," Bradley said motioning to the three dummies set up on the range, "All of them are equipped with 38G and 100G shock patches, both targets positioned 15 and 20 feet away from the designated detonation point. If the 38G patch is tripped, the target is disoriented. If the 100G patch is tripped, the target is dead. Gary, when you are ready you may get into position."

Gary nodded and pulled out a grenade as the panelists took their positions behind the protective glass barrier.

"On 3...2...1, let 'em have it!"

Gary pulled the pin and tossed the grenade into the designated area, resulting in an explosion that flung all three targets into the air, but completely tore the 'pointman' apart who bore the brunt of the blast.

"Nothing we haven't seen already," Meryl spoke up unimpressed.

Dr. Kaiser made his way out to assess the damage, "Our pointman is unquestionably toast," he said picking up the dummy's severed leg and tossing it aside before making his way back to the other targets, "With these two guys they were done in by shrapnel," he said picking up a dummy whose head had a jagged piece of metal sticking out of the area above its eye. "Altogether I'm seeing 3 kills."

"While your weapon can kill a group of people, Snake would see it coming from a mile away. Our explosive has the element of surprise," Otacon replied.

Solid Snake counters with a fragmentation mine that ambushes the enemy with lethal precision, the M18A1 Claymore.

M18A1 Claymore

Charge: 680 g of C-4

Effective Range: 55 yds.

Maximum Range: 250 meters

Filling: 700 1/8 in. steel balls

Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Meryl stood out on the range setting up an explosive.

"Tell us more about your explosive Meryl," Bradley asked.

"This is an directional anti-personnel mine that is primarily used for ambushes and as an anti-infiltration device against enemy infantry with one and a half pounds of C-4 packed inside. For an added touch, the ones Snake used during the Shadow Moses Incident had built-in stealth camouflage and utilized a short range 90 degree laser sight to trigger the detonation," Meryl explained.

"To test out your explosives we've once again set up 3 targets. The 'pointman' is a ballistic gel torso that has been placed 15 feet away from the mine, the optimal distance for detonation. In addition, there will be two blood-filled foam torsos placed 30 and 40 feet away to determine the blast radius of the Claymore's higher explosive content, both with 38 and 100G shock patches. On your go, let her rip," Bradley spoke.

Meryl nodded and the panelists took their position behind the protective barrier. She pulled out a remote detonator and looked to the others, "Fire in the hole!"

With a push of the button the explosive knocked the gel torso backwards before it again violently snapped forward and stage blood could be seen gushing from both the foam targets.

"Talk about lowering the boom," Meryl winked.

Dr. Kaiser made his way over to assess the damage, starting by lifting the 'pointman's' shirt, "Both his patches are tripped and I'm seeing multiple pellets having torn through his chest for an instant kill."

He then made his way over to assess the two foam targets, "Both patches are tripped on both targets and I'm seeing that the high velocity pellets alone would net multiple instant kills on a target. Altogether you have 3 kills."

Both explosives succeeded in killing all three of their targets, but where do our panelists stand?

"This is another test where both weapons have their strong advantages," Bradley started, "With the M-67 you have more freedom of movement and it carries a wide blast radius to back it up, but then again it's a weapon you can see coming from a mile away. The Claymore is a stationary device, but it has that element of surprise behind it. I give the edge to Snake."

"I give it to the Claymore," Eddie seconded, "The kind of Claymores Snake uses have that built-in stealth aspect. Gabe would need either thermal goggles or a mine detector or else he'd be screwed. Snake has the edge."

"The Claymore's element of surprise gets it for me. It truly would have that capacity for creating psychological trauma unlike many contemporary explosives," Dr. Kaiser concluded.

In explosive weapons, Solid Snake takes the edge with the Claymore M18A1.

Coming up, both warrior's X-factors are gauged and then it's a showdown between two deadly special operatives.


Now that all weapons have been tested there is one last thing to do, to gauge the X-factor, the one defining attribute they alone carry in their battle to the death.

"So Otacon, tell us about Snake's unique X-factor," Eddie asked.

"Snake was literally born for battle. He was spawned from the 'Les Enfant Terribles' project designed to create the perfect soldier, using the genes of the 'Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century,' Big Boss. Thanks to his specific genetics, he inherited a lot of the combative skills and traits of the man himself and thus he was able to pull off everything he was able to on the battlefield," Otacon explained.

"And what about Gabriel?" Eddie asked Lian Xiang.

"Gabriel Logan possesses an indomitable will and dedication that was able to lead him and anybody he commanded to victory. Any weapon that was placed in his hands, any tactic he was told to adopt, he did it to sheer perfection," Lian explained.

Our scientists and weapons experts are done testing the results and the time has come to decide who will be the victor. To ensure the battle won't be decided by a single lucky blow, the battle will be simulated one thousand times in a duel to the death.

Who will win a battle between two similar foes?

Special Agent

(Solid Snake quietly guns down a white-clad guard walking past him before stepping out and shooting down the man's colleague before he even knows what is happening.)

vs. Special Agent

(Gabriel Logan hides in some foliage with an SR-25 rifle, sniping down two South American guerillas in rapid succession.)

Stealth Combat

(Snake pops out from behind a metal container and grabs a guard who was walking past him, snapping the man's neck before dragging his body out of sight.)

vs. Direct Confrontation

(Gabriel is confronted by three terrorists, all of whom quickly fall in a hail of gunfire from his M4A1.)

Born for Battle

(Solid Snake knocks Liquid Snake seemingly to his death from atop Metal Gear REX.)

vs. Indomitable Will

(Gabriel stands tall over the mutilated remains of Jason Chance, a smoking automatic shotgun held in his hands.)

"Everything has been set up for battle and now all we have to do is sit back and watch the fireworks," Eddie spoke before pressing 'Enter.'


Somewhere deep in the Alaskan wilderness a number of sentries clad in white winterized combat armor patrol the exterior of a top secret military facility being utilized by a terrorist organization.

In the distance, IPCA operative Gabriel Logan trudges through the snowy terrain, having just parachuted in from a few miles away. He eventually comes from a hill where he spots the facility and pulls out a pair of binoculars. He sees various guards patrolling the perimeter and carefully studies their routes as they move about, also taking note of the searchlights illuminating the courtyard below. Rising to a knee he tapped his earpiece with his free hand.

"Lian, I'm here," he spoke.

"Excellent. Our intel informs us the disc should be inside. Get in there, grab it and get out. Be careful though. It will be heavily guarded," Lian Xing spoke from the other end.

"I'm aware of that. Logan out," the operative spoke just as a transport truck arrived at the front gate. Seeing an opportunity to make his entry, he waited patiently for the gates to open and put away his binoculars, withdrawing his H&K Mark 23 and attaching a silencer. With the guards distracted he made his move.

Inside the compound the truck comes to a halt near a warehouse and both the driver and his passenger get out, going around to the back to lift the gate and inspecting their cargo.

"Is this all they asked for?" the driver asked before shrugging and walking off, leaving his passenger to stand guard.

The lone guard was unaware of the cardboard box rising up behind him and without warning a hand clamped down over his mouth while another arm wrapped around his neck. With a deft jerk to the side the man's neck was snapped and his limp body was dragged into the back of the truck.

Solid Snake emerged from the back of the truck, now equipped with a few weapons gathered from a weapons crate and ready for action. He was on a mission to retrieve an optical disc believed to contain the combat exercise data of a new Metal Gear prototype. There were rumors of other parties being interested and he needed to get to it before they could.

He could hear the footsteps of another guard approaching and quickly ducked for cover behind a metal crate. When he was confident the threat had passed he knelt down and activated his Codec.

"Otacon, it's me. I'm inside the base," Snake reported.

"Excellent. The data Mei Ling compiled should tell you where the building is that the disc should be stored. Contact me once you've got it and we'll arrange for your transport," Otacon spoke from the other end.

Snake was about to reply when he heard the footsteps again and readied his newly-acquired H&K USP. He listened intently as the guard drew closer and watched as the white-clad sentry passed with his back to him.

"Understood. Snake out," the veteran agent replied before ending the transmission.

Snake stepped out and moved to safe spot behind another metal crate and then waited patiently and watched as he spotted a cargo door opening and four additional guards came walking out. He was trying to plan out a way around the guards only to have a close call as a spotlight shone precariously close to his position. Noting the distance, he withdrew a silenced MP5 he had just acquired and took aim. Squeezing the trigger he shattered the light and crept back into the shadows knowing the guards would be alerted by the commotion.

Gabriel watched from his position as one of the spotlights was suddenly shattered by an unseen attacker. Someone else was there and threatening to blow his cover. All the careful planning put into this mission was being threatened and he would need to act fast. He readied his silenced MK. 23 for the suspicious guards that would be descending upon the courtyard as he made his move.

Snake meanwhile had used the distraction to his advantage and was now inside the building after infiltrating via the ducts. He had taken cover behind a parked battle tank and listened intently for any oncoming guards, taking the time to get a quick peek at the facility's layout obtained by Mei Ling. He should be close to the lab, but first would have to get past the guards and the security camera. Raising his silenced USP he took out the camera and then prepared to take out the guard who was coming to investigate the sudden ruckus.

Following some fancy stealth work, Gabriel Logan finally entered the base after eliminating two guards with careful shots from his silenced MK. 23 and proceeded further into building and taking a right towards the R&D wing where the disc would likely be located. Hugging his back to the wall he readied his gun and stepped into the open, only to be stopped in his tracks as another man in a black sneaking suit with a black headband emerged from the main laboratory. In his hand was the optical disc he had come for!

Snake found himself standing face to face with another brown-haired man dressed similar to him and he raised his USP, both men standing in tense silence with their weapons trained on each other, neither showing any signs of backing down. His suspicions had proven true, he wasn't the only person looking for the disc.

Ultimately it would be Logan who would break the stare down, firing a round that sent Snake diving back into the laboratory for cover. The IPCA operative holstered his sidearm and drew his FN P90, his advance halted as Snake had drawn his MP5SD and returned fire. The situation growing desperate, Gabe pulled an M-67 fragmentation grenade from his harness and pulled the pin before chucking it into the lab.

Snake saw the explosive and sought cover behind a bank of supercomputers, nearly deafened by the following detonation. Through all the smoke and fire he was able to spot the other man and opened fire, his opponent ducking behind a desk and returning fire, both men's rounds missing and instead striking computer monitors, filing cabinets and partitions, shredded papers flying through the air. The back and forth gunfire continued until both men were forced to reload.

Gabriel attempted to creep up on his opponent and pulled another grenade, ready to pull the pin as he tried to pinpoint his target's location. He inched closer to the edge of the partition until he again found himself staring into the other man's face and brought his wrist up to block a punch directed at his face, following by a backwards leap to avoid a high kick. He brought up the P90 to block another punch directed at his face and then drew back in an attempt to whip the mystery man with the submachine gun's stock, only to find it knocked from his hands by another kick. He wasn't out of the fight just yet and managed to grab his challenger's arm and spin him around, the MP5SD's trigger depressed and firing a burst into the ceiling.

Snake grunted as he felt the other man trying to wrench his arm backwards, but he brought his foot down and stomped hard on the man's foot before kicking backwards into his shin. With his enemy stunned he then flipped the man over his shoulder and attempted to fire a burst into him, but the charcoal-clad man rolled out of the way and tossed another grenade in his direction, again sending the ex-FOXHOUND operative fleeing.

The explosive detonated and Logan found himself showered in shards of glass and sparks, yet he could see the rival agent was still alive and running down a nearby hall. Raising his MK. 23 he fired everything he had left in his current clip at the fleeing man, yet his shots missed. Things were getting desperate because of this mysterious intruder and he reached for his M4A1, ready to resume the chase.

Snake had put quite a bit of distance between himself and his opponent. He had to give it to this guy, he was good, but he wasn't going to let his mission be jeopardized by some unexpected nuisance and he need to think fast. Remembering the FAMAS F1 he carried, he withdrew it and aimed at the lights above him, shooting them out and leaving the corridor bathed in total darkness.

Gabriel heard the gunshots and made his way towards the corridor, yet became suspicious when finding the area left in total darkness. He pulled out his night vision goggles and put them on before withdrawing another grenade and chucking it in on an opponent he believed would be waiting for him. An explosion rocked the ground, but the veteran operative held his ground and stepped in firing a barrage, yet his opponent was nowhere to be found.

Or so he thought as Snake popped out and fired a barrage from his FAMAS, one of his bullets grazing Gabriel's arm and leaving him clenching his teeth in pain. The sharp stings only served to fuel the agent's rage as he returned fire and sent the ex-FOXHOUND agent retreating further into the darkness.

Snake continued along until he once again found himself outside in an area lined with trees and generators. He could see the mystery man emerging from the building and reached into his pack for some additional 'goodies' he had obtained from the weapons crate, but first he needed to draw the man to him and removed the USP's silencer before firing a few more shots into his direction.

Gabe threw himself behind cover as three rounds struck the tree closest to him and pointed his M4A1 into the open, but couldn't find the other man. He slowly crept from behind the generator and proceeded farther along darting behind whatever cover he could until he looked down and saw a pair of footprints in the snow leading behind a small shed.

The man was nearby and he could sense a trap brewing. He reached onto his harness and pulled out another grenade and chucked it before turning on his heel and running in the opposite direction.

As he ran Gabe did not see the small patch of snow that had recently been disturbed and when he stepped on it an explosion followed, sending the IPCA operative flying through the air with his body riddled by steel pellets.

Solid Snake stepped out from the darkness and walked over to where his opponent lay. Seeing no signs of life from the fallen man he reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, putting one in his mouth and lighting up before taking a long drag in victory.


Winner: Solid Snake

Solid Snake:

H&K USP: 32

H&K MP5SD: 115

FAMAS F1: 310

M18A1 Claymore: 120

Total: 577

Gabriel Logan:

H&K Mark 23: 18

FN P90: 200

Colt M4A1: 105

M-67 Fragmentation Grenade: 100

Total: 423

In the final battle Snake ultimately prevailed thanks to his combined closer range combat and his superior explosive. Logan did not go down without a fight, his FN P90 ultimately proving to be his deadliest weapon, yet still wasn't able to score him the victory in the end.

"Snake had the more reliable weapons that helped carry him to victory. His assault rifle was ideal for the type of indoor combat they had engaged in and Logan wasn't able to find his way around the stealth Claymores. You also have to factor in that Snake managed to stop nuclear war from occurring constantly, three times by himself. Gabe relied more so on the assistance of his teammates and likely wouldn't have been able to stop Metal Gear by himself if pitted against it. Snake would have likely stopped the Syphon Filter conspiracy several times over by himself," Bradley explained.

"While I respect Solid Snake and what he's done for the world, I still think the results of this simulation were bullshit," Lian said.

"Snake is a legend in the Black Ops community and I think this battle is a further testament to that," Otacon concluded.

(Snake is shown riding away from the facility on a snowmobile as the entire compound goes up in flames behind him.)


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