Hello there everyone, welcome to the official translation of my ongoing fic, Creciendo con los Mugiwara.

I have received many messages over the years, asking me to upload an English version of it.

The are many reasons I haven't done it so far

1- My writing skills diminish a lot when I'm translating, as I'm not a native speaker

2- I hadn't seen a lot of interest about LuNa stories over the english speaking communities.

HOWEVER – as I said, recently I have received many PM of english speakers who are currently following the original spanish fanfic with Google Translate... this... for me is shocking, I'm grateful you guys read it even if the loss of quality is SO HUGE; because I have tested it, and OMG, the jokes, the meaning behind some words, get lost without hope

If you guys still like it on spite of such horrible quality loss... well... even with my lacking skills I can do better than google translate.

As a Thank you, for those people who loved the original series, I'll begin to translate each chapter, and while doing so, I'll edit and try to improve the original version as well.


This fic follows my previous Fanfic, as If Sent from the Sky, and begins right after. Luffy&Nami's son is 2 yr old, and traveling with the crew of the Pirate King. For those who didn't read that fic ... well, I think you should know that I recommend you read that one! Otherwise you will find that Luffy and Nami have a child among other stuff haha.

Hope you like it, we will start with short, sweet chapters, and eventually as he grows up, we will get to see the challenges of being the PK's son.

At the beginning of each chapter, I'll put Edd's age, the theme and what timeline it belongs to (before or after As if Fell From the sky, for example).

Edd age: 2 yr old, 3 months
Timeline: 2 months after the end of As Sent from Sky
Current location: East Blue

Uncle Zoro, Aunt Robin

Three in the morning, and the peace of that room shared by pirate royalty was about to be disturbed. Those poor exhausted parents had had a rather difficult day, with a storm first, a surprise attack later ... and a hyperactive two-year-old toddler on their care.

"mommy pipi," the little boy mumbled while climbing to his mom on the middle of the bed, pulling on the arm of the orange headed woman.

"Luffy ..." she mumbled heavily, "... your son needs you"

"hmmm.. meat..." he snored automatically turning around and covering his head with a pillow. What made him the winner of a kick that sent him flying out of bed,

"go take care of you baby you deadbeat father!," the woman growled (hypocritically) and then simply settled in better to sleep. The exhausted father got up heavily and gave his partner a look of total resentment, but in the end he sighed, took Edd below his arms like a potato sack and out he went to the bathroom.

Of course that didn't end when he met that need ... the boy gave his father big pleading eyes, it didn't matter it was three in the morning because Edd's stomach growled loudly, and Luffy being who he was decided that maybe a snack wouldn't hurt.

But of course, when they got in the kitchen, everything, except for some apples in a barrel was under lock and key. Luffy sighed, took some for him and gave one to the toddler who nibbled happily on it while sitting on the kitchen counter.

"Ahh Edd ... we'll have to wait for Sanji to wake up if we want real food, something with MEAT, right?" he said,

So far, the toddler had been half asleep but as soon as he heard MEAT, his eyes sparked and he smiled, parroting,


"YUP SHISHISHISI!" Luffy chorused happily.

He picked him up and went out to deck where the moonlight touched the grass and the only thing that could be heard was fluttering of the wind on the Straw Hat flag and waves as they hit the pirate ship.

The sky was clear and the weather quite pleasant,

"Ne Edd, you are not sleepy anymore, are you?" Luffy asked the silent boy who was still clinging to his shoulder and looked too alert to want to go to sleep.


The boy suggested, because his dad and he often played with his toy dinosaurs and Luffy always made him laugh making monster noises.

"Not now, I don't think Nami would like us to be playing at this hour" he explained and frankly he wanted to crawl to bed and sleep.

The boy, understood well the word NO, and his mouth began to tremble, his eyes became watery and huge, filling with tears.

"Ohhh noo don't cry Edd, we can play, okay? We can play with the dinosaurs!" Luffy said hurriedly, the last thing he wanted was for the baby to make a fuss and wake everyone up, they all had had a long day.

"... No! Make fly!" the baby said shaking his arms.

Luffy smiled, "YEAH!... then let's fly a little hahaha!" And he lifted the boy on top of his head and started running around deck like crazy while the little boy giggled happily.

Suddenly, a deep male voice was overhead from above, and it said mockingly

"Oi dad, you need a hand?" Zoro shouted from the crow's nest and through the adjoining window next to him, Robin appeared, an amused smile on her face.

Luffy puffed his cheeks at his first mate's mockery but then smiled brightly.

"OH ZORO; THANK YOU!" He jumped into the tower with a single movement and leaning out of the hatch handed the child to Zoro.

"Ne Edd, be good to your uncle Zoro" he said with a smile.

Robin, sitting on the sofa at the back of the room only wore a turquoise-looking gown leaving her shoulders exposed, she began to laugh softly in her Robin-like manner.

If Luffy was someone else he would have noticed that he had just ruined an intimate moment for a couple. But Luffy was Luffy.

In a second the captain disappeared, and the boy remained looking serious, however he wasn't scared, just curious.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Zoro said gritting his teeth and holding the boy from under his armpits as if the baby was a time bomb, or a dangerous object.

"Fu fu fu fu" Robin was , of course, amused "It reminds me that time so long a, in Water Seven "

" Shut up woman! " the swordsman snapped violently as his face got red of embarrassment.

The violent scream spooked the small baby, who would rather be with the funny guy he knew as dad.. and... his little lips began to tremble, (he wasn't coward in nature, but crying often led to him getting his way).

"Ahh no no, Eddie, forgive me! Don't Cry! you wanna fly? Uncle Zoro makes you fly look!"

And he lifted him over his head and started running around the room making motor noises ... for Robin's infinite amusement.

"You tell the cook about this and I'll cut you" threatened Zoro stopping a moment and giving the woman a murderous look.

Robin simply could not contain her laughter.

Back in the exhausted parent's room, Nami raised an eyebrow and sat up slightly on the bed when she noticed the absence of her baby boy.


"With Robin and Zoro ..." Luffy said as he sighed tiredly in the darkness of the room while he settled in besides Nami with an exhausted smile.

Nami grinned mischievously and her head disappeared under the covers.

"No no Nami, I'm tired, Hahaha, no, that ... makes me ... tickle! NAMI! Haha ... mmmmmm"

~~~~~~ n_n ~~~~~ ~

An hour went by as the swordsman held the child over his head as he made motor noises, of course, the small boy giggled and shouted in glee as he did so.

Zoro was tired. "Edd ... don't you want to play anything else? Sleep, maybe?"

He said very seriously

"NO!" The baby boy shouted with Luffy-like determination... and added, "STUPID MARIMO"


"Fu fu fu .." Robin wasn't surprised really, as she had seen Sanji a few days ago giving little meat threats to Edd while pointing at Zoro's Wanted as he taught the child to say 'stupid marimo'

Of course... Zoro suspected who was guilty of teaching the child such a thing, Robin didn't need to say anything.

"Let me have him," Robin said as she took the child into her loving arms.

"Nee Edd-chan, he's your uncle Zoro, don't call him stupid, ne? Just Marimo is fine"

"DON'T CALL ME MARIMO EITHER... and cut it with Uncle Zoro crap, its going to stick and then what kind of respect can I expect from enemies ehh" he grunted angrily with the face of a demon, but he wasn't intimidating this child nor the woman..

Ignoring her nakama, Robin placed the baby on the sofa and tickled the little boy's belly who kicked the air in glee... but that didn't last either, he eventually stood up and started to baby step all over the sofa trying to climb on the back rest.

"Wow, he has so much energy" Robin mused.

"Yes, like his father all he does all day is eat, sleep and play", Zoro commented dryly.

"Fu fu fu"

Robin's arms caught with the baby and tickled him again

"hahaha, no autie Lobinnnn!" the baby boy said while giggling as the woman amused herself... she let go and Edd got up and started running around the room,

"Can't he sit still for a minute?" Zoro sighed, taking a seat and wiping a little sweat from his neck with a small towel.

Edd climbed up on one of the sofas and peeked out the window next to it, his face shone in astonishment, surprised at the view that could be seen from so high up, obvious to the danger he started to climb on the window, a determined look on his face.

"Wait Edd!" Zoro shouted when he saw that the little feet stopped making contact with the sofa...as several fleur hands caught the child before he could fall through the window.

"I almost had heart attack, ..." the swordsman whispered, clutching his chest as if it hurt.

Robin, of course, was still amused.

"Stop laughing woman, why don't you try and read something to the brat, see if it puts him to sleep or something"

Robin gave the swordsman a hard look, as it was a bit annoying that he referred to the valuable heritage of humanity (the books she read) as "something to put people to sleep"

But in the end she could never get angry at all because Zoro didn't mean to bother or disrespect her. She cuddled the child on her arms again, patting his back as he squirmed trying to be placed down again,

"Nee Edd, how about if I read you a story"

"Sleep NO!" he said stubbornly and he squirmed so hard that Robin had to place him on the floor again... he started to run and went straight to Zoro's rack of weights, started to climb on it... and slipped halfway as the heavy equipment almost fell on him, which the swordsman caught just in time.

"Hell, this boy is going to kill me!" the swordsman whispered. Annoyed, the man took the child from the back of his dark orange shirt, dangling him on the air.

"oi brat, you're going to sleep NOW"


"AKGHHH!" The adult scratched his hair in despair

"Damn it! Luffy and Nami have to do this every night?"

"Every night" Robin replied with a smile, "Why do you think they are so tired all the time fu fu fu"

"That's because this child is lacking discipline and a proper authority figure. Everyone is always spoiling him rotten "

He stared silently at the child, enforcing his worst demon face as he tried to make the boy submit...

However... the small child didn't even flinch to his gaze.

"marimo" he said

"its ZORO-SAN for you, its time you start to respect your elders"

"shitty marimo"

Zoro got red on the face and growled, pressing his nose to the child's

"Eddward" the swordsman said, his stare so intense he could make lesser pirates wet themselves and beg for their mommies..

The child however, wasn't buying it.


"DAMN I GIVE UP!" Zoro sighed as Robin started to giggle again.

The woman, wise as she was after so many years dealing with stubborn Monkeys simply offered.

"Hey Eddie, lets get something from the kitchen, shall we sweetie?"

"MEAT!" He cried in glee as he ran with baby steps into her open arms

By morning, Luffy woke up in a very good mood... he stepped out his room and took a deep breath of fresh sea breeze, his smile spoke volumes about how well he had sleep .. but.. as he was going to step away, a pair of arms enveloped him from behind... and pulled him back into the room.

It took a while until he came out again, this time, with a silly grin all over his face.

"Ahh ~ what a great morning... I'm sooo hungry I wonder if Sanji's done with breakfast..." He mused out loud while walking towards the kitchen...

He stopped midway when his eyes met the still figure of his swordsman... sprawled on his back all over the grass deck, legs and arms outstretched, as Edd slept over his chest with a small blanket covering the boy.

Over at the main mast's bench, Robin sat holding a hot coffee mug , an unusual, tired look on her features.

"Hey you guys, thanks for taking care of Edd last night" Luffy said smiling while still walking to his main goal... the kitchen.,

Nami was just stepping out the room as well, she seemed relaxed, wearing white short shorts and an pink crop top, she smiled brightly when she glanced at her son.

"Ohh Robin, thanks for taking care of Edd.~" Then... she looked at Luffy and a small, mischievous smile was born on her lips, perhaps... reminiscing recent good memories...

"We might ask you to look after him again some time if you don't mind" she added with a wink.

Robin just smiled tiredly... as Zoro muttered in his sleep.

"DON'T-EVER-THINK-ABOUT-IT!" he grunted.

But as Nami leaned over to pick her baby up… she was surprised when Zoro whispered gently.

"leave him, I don't want him waking up again…"

Nami nodded with a smile as she followed Luffy upstairs towards the Kitchen… she stopped tho… and with a small smile, she said..

"Thanks… uncle Zoro"

"Shishishishi" Luffy chorused as Zoro got red in the face,

"I'll get even with you two" he snapped… but ultimately, as the parents disappeared upstairs… one of his big hands rested gently on the baby's back… and he fell asleep like that… while Robin watched on… a soft smile on her face…

~to be continued~

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