"So..." I said while dragging out the word as I sat in the back of a huge black transportation truck with one of the guys from earlier and 3 other guys who have been giving me odd looks. Sure I'm like an alien to them but it doesn't mean they can look at me like I'm going to probe them or anything...but then again we don't really know what the future holds.

Just saying that it would be a little selfish to just rule the probing part out as a likely possibility ...okay I think I dug myself into an already deep hole...no pun intended...yeah.

"This is Insomnia huh?" I asked after a few turned towards my direction, while others only glanced in it. Motioning my hand towards the window which so far only showed a dome that had a beam of light connecting it to a building I could barely see since the whole place was surrounded by a huge freaking walls.

'I am totally getting Attack On Titan vibes...Wait! Does this mean they have a Levi hidden somewhere in there?' I thought in excitement after making the silly connection in my head.

"Yep, the safe haven from Niflheim's constant advances," the man with the injured leg replied while shifting into a more comfortable position.

"Wait Niflheim? What kind of name is that? Better yet what the hell is a Niflheim?" I asked in confusion since not only does it sound like a name only an evil organization can rock, but also I mean it can still be freaking anything.

"Wait, you've never heard of Niflheim?" A blond haired male asked with disbelief clear in his voice, while others looked on in shock or even more suspicion.

"Erm, I may or may not have been brought here by some giant dude who looks like a humanoid dragon that may have said he was a Astral or something," I replied with an awkward chuckle while rubbing the back of my head since it completely slipped my mind to tell them this.

From my past experiences I've learned that telling the truth is way better then trying to either come up with a lie or remember the lie in general...I'm looking at you Captain. [Does anyone get the reference]

"Do you really expect us to believe that Bahamut, sent you here, tch" this time it was a guy with red hair who rolled his eyes at me while chuckling at with the guy next to him.

"Hmm, that's his name? He kind of dropped me off here without much of telling me who he was in general," I said with a shrug while ignoring brown-reddish haired dude and his giggling buddy.

"Do you have any proof of this?" The guy that I've heard people call captain asked while keeping his face serious, which isn't a surprise for me since he's worn the same expression this whole trip to Insomnia.

"Yep, apparently I have the ability to call him and the others forward if I need anything," I replied while silently wondering if he was in a bad mood or had resting B face...I'm betting that its both.

"Well, once we have everything settled when we return, we will gather an audience to see if you are able to summon Bahamut. If you fail to do so I can not guarantee your stay will be comfortable," the male said while giving me an unreadable look before facing forward again.

'Hmm, monotone voice and resting b-face...he is definitely the hot bad guy in every show/game/story/movie,' I thought while giving the man one last side glance before looking out the window again to see that we where finally getting ready to drive through the gates of the massive wall.

"Dude this is totally Attack on Titan, except more modern," I said while pressing my face up against the tinted windows in hopes of getting a better look. Sadly this wasn't meant to be since as soon as I began to push my face towards the window a hand grabbed me by my cape and pulled me back.

"Easy there bud, you'll have plenty of time for sight seeing once we have everything cleared up," the blonde haired male said before making himself comfortable next to me. Its pretty obvious that out of everyone here he trusted me the least.

With a huff I crossed my arms over my chest with a scowl on my face, before moving to get my phone out of my pocket but paused when I noticed that once again I caught everyone's attention.

"Um, is it cool if I listen to some music? I can wear my headphones," I asked while pulling out my phone while summoning my headphones while mainly glancing at the blonde since he's the only one that seems to have a problem with everything I do.

Watching as he paused for a minute before glancing at the captain dude who gave a small nod, before turning back to me and saying that he didn't really care but to not try anything funny.

"Wasn't really planing on it but okay," I replied while placing my headphones over my ears and began to scroll down my playlist to see what I wanted to listen to. Finally finding a song, [Fall Out Boy- Hold me Tight or Don't] which is one of my more recent along with [Kendrick Lamar- All the Stars & Pray for Me].

The rest of the ride was in silence, even as we finally came to a stop it still was quiet. I mean could you blame me for my silence? Insomnia was beautiful in a old fashion but modern way, sure I've seen bigger and more advance cities but so far Insomnia is to 5 on my list of favorites.

After easing out of the truck I instantly noticed the other in the same black uniform come towards our truck to help carry the man with the injured leg out of the truck and towards this enormous building that looked like an old fashion Catholic church. [Not joking I live next to a catholic church that looks the same but smaller.]

"Is this some type of church or something?" I asked since like I said before it looks like one, except less Gothic like.

"No, this is where the royal family and the crystal is housed," the captain guy answered before adding, "Anything else you will find out about will be after your meeting with King Regis." He said before motioning for the blonde haired guy to lead me into the building as he followed closely behind.

As we walked I noticed that the red head and his friend wasn't following us which was a good thing since he seemed like the type that I would love to punch in the face. Like seriously that guy is a douche, like the king of douche. Look up douche and you will see his face I swear.

Anyway as we walked throw the building I couldn't help but once again admire the artwork/designs that made up the interior of the building.

'Almost as good as the ones back home,' I thought before I was lead to surprisingly and elevator.

'This is it I guess, hopefully this King Regis guy is willing to listen to what I have to say," was my last thought as the elevator doors closed.

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