Chapter 4 Meeting the Glaives

After leaving the citadel Nyx lead me down the a couple of streets to where he says a friend of his ran a small restaurant that served good food. As we made our way towards our destination Nyx took of his uniform jacket and throw it over one of his shoulders while also pointing out things that caught my interest.

"So you are telling me that there are more of these giant statues of the past kings of Lucis scattered all around the city?" I asked while trying and failing at hiding my awe at the concept. I mean sure where I come from we have monuments dedicated to people that made an impact on our history or some for our past presidents but man this takes it to a whole different level.

"Yep, there is even a monument dedicated to King Regis in front of the citadel," Nyx replied with a grin, and I could tell from the look of his face that he really respected King Regis which is something I don't find hard to agree on.

"Wow, that's dope," I said but nearly burst out laughing when I saw Nyx give me a confused look.

"In my dimension its just another way of saying cool," I answered to his silent question.

"Oh, wait your dimension?" He asked while turning so that he was walking backwards while facing me.

"Yeah, I guess you can saw I'm an alien here to invade your world," I answered while also joking a little at the end which caused him to roll his eyes at my bad joke.

"Well aren't the comedian," he teased which earned him a playful shove before his face turned serious.

"So that means you are basically a foreigner too, huh," he commented while turning so that he was walking right again while also throwing me a side glance.

"I guess I am, and I'm taking that you are a foreigner too," I replied while placing my hands behind my back as we continued on our way.

"Yeah, most of the Kingsglaive are, me and my friends come from Galahd. We lost our home when Niflheim began invading territories through out Enos," Nyx replied while holding both a look of longing and a look of well hidden distaste for Niflheim.

"Don't worry, one day you will be able to reclaim your home. Nothing is truly lost forever," I commented while keeping my eyes forward while he gave a hum of agreement.

The rest of the walk was in silence before we made it to a stair-way that lead to the lower part of Insomnia. Instantly I could see the difference to the upper part of insomnia, yet at the same time I couldn't help but be reminded a little of the ghetto I grew up in as a child.

"This place seems to have more personality then the generic appearance of the top part," I commented which caused Nyx to smile a smile that nearly made my heart stop.

'Man it should be illegal to be this attractive, no to mention his personality is on point!' I shouted in my head while blushing freely cause really how do you fight down a blush.

"Yeah, it does have a charm to it, this places is mainly for the immigrants that come to Insomnia in hopes of being safe from Niflheim," He told me before grabbing my hand and began to lead me through the crowd and towards a building.

"Anyway we are almost there, Yamachang makes the best Galahdian food which I am positive you will love," Nyx said before turning the two of us into the opening of a restaurant that already had a couple of Glaive that I remembered from earlier.

"Well look who it is, so I hear you are stuck with babysitting, huh glaive," the man who I remember from earlier who injured his leg call out, clearly he didn't see me.

"You jerk! It's your fault he's stuck with that job!" I woman with brown hair styled in a pony-tail yelled while punching the man in the leg causing him to yelp in pain.

As this was going on Nyx walked forward with me not to far behind him, although I still remained hidden behind his taller frame.

"Not a very nice welcome for a big hero," Nyx commented with a smirk as he walked forward.

"Not a very nice outfit for one either," the brown haired woman said as she walked around Nyx only to pause once she spotted me, this lead to me awkwardly waving at her as I remained silent.

"I think it brings out my eyes," Nyx sassed while moving to take a seat with me not to far behind.

As I moved to take a seat next to Nyx the blonde guy from earlier and a man with nearly the same complexion as me spotted me. With the blonde guy giving me a suspicious look while the other male gave me a small but confused smile.

"Ugh, what'd you put in this? Tastes like a chocobo turd," the male with the injured leg complained before pausing once he finally saw me.

"So Nyx, who's your friend?" The brown haired woman asked while giving me a small smile and a wave in greeting which I happily returned with a large smile and a cheerful wave of my own.

"This is Demetrius although she likes to be called Deme. She is the one I was assigned to look after not to mention the one that helped us against Niflheim," Nyx said while picking up what looked to be meat on a skewer and offered me one which I happily took while giving my thanks.

"Oh, so you're the one that sent Niflheim running with their tails between their legs with you weird magic," the darker male stated with a smile on his face.

"Yep, that's me," I said while returning his smile while also enjoying the spicy food. I love spicy or hot food, for some reason mild or just plain tasting foods [other then desserts or candy] just didn't taste all that good to me. Well with the exception of noodles, noodles and burgers...and meatloaf are the bomb!

"So, is that weird magic stuff common from where you come from?" Asked the blonde guy who moved to lean on the railing while this seem to draw the others to us to see what my answer is.

"Yeah, well not just my, um ,'magic' as you call it. In my world some people can develop different abilities either early on in life or some time after. From being faster to then sound, strong enough to lift entire building, heck there was even those that can manipulate the elements or even read and control minds," I answered before taking another bit from my skewer while they looked at me in awe.

"Wait so anything?" The guy with the injured leg asked causing me to nod since I still had food in my mouth. "Anything, anything?" He asked again with disbelief still in his voice.

"Yeah, some can even take on the abilities of animals too and enchant them," I said while trying to hold down my smile since it was pretty nice to have people react in a more awe way then a place for hate...talking to you humans with hate problems.

"Well I'll be," the darker skinned male said while smirking as he leaned back in his seat.

"We could really use some of that on this side," the brown haired woman said causing some of the others to agree in multiple ways.

"That's nice to hear since most of the world would rather have us 'mutants freaks,' locked up in a lab and experimented on. Heck before I left my world there was already people protesting against a team of heroes over something they didn't even do. I mean it was an alien invasion but since they could blame the aliens they blamed the people who saved the planet," I said while rolling my eyes. Its really sad who the world treat the heroes that risk their lives to save them.

"Wow, what a tough crowd," Nyx said with the shake of his head.

"Yeah, the way people treat those that try to help is ridiculous," the guy with the broken leg commented with obvious annoyance in his voice.

"But if we don't do it then who will," the woman with the brown hair said with a sigh as she continued to eat, before looking at me.

"So what does King Regis have planned for you?"

"Oh, well tomorrow they plan to have me meet someone by the name of Cor to see if it is possible to bond my abilities with your magic so that it can help improve the chances of victory in the next battle. If we can then we will try to see if we can infuse my power to the crystal so that we can see if we can keep it running and maybe even make it stronger. Hopefully by doing so it can take a load off the king's back," I said once again not seeing a reason to lie. Yet, I couldn't help but notice that as I said this the blonde guy clinched his teeth, apparently something I said didn't sit well with him which was odd since everyone else seems pleased with the idea.

'I'm going to have to keep my eye on this guy. He is definitely up to something,' I thought before answering another question. This continued until Nyx called it a day and began to lead me even deeper into the underground part of the city.

"So, since they don't have anywhere you can live at, for the time being you will be crashing at my place. It isn't much but its home," he told me as he turned towards a building that was obviously an apartment building that had seen better days.

Leading me to the second floor he let me go in first. It was indeed small but it still had a charm to it. It kind of reminded me of a studio apartment and if you know me I love studio apartments.

"I like it," I said as I moved more inside so that he can come in and close the door.

"Thanks, I do my best he side as he walked over to a chair and placed his jacket on it before turning to me.

"Make yourself at home," which lead me to timidly make my way over to a love seat and take a seat as he collapsed onto his bed.

"Hmm, what a day," he mumbled and I couldn't help but agree.

Well I decided to end it here. This chapter is longer then any of my other ones so I hope you are happy about this. I plan on having the Kingsglaive arc done in about 5 or 6 chapters, maybe even less. There will be huge changes so be looking forward to that.

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