1st of September, 2289

Goodneighbour, Boston, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

"Oh my god. You stick out like a bright red deathclaw in the middle of a snowstorm." Harry said, shaking his head. "At least it's more practical than you with your 18th century outfit." Sylwia said finishing the adjustments on her heavy combat armour. "There's a difference between practicality and looking like a Brotherhood Scribe out on their first expedition." Harry said with an eyebrow raised. "I've seen them. The General is right." Lise said looking completely apathetic to this whole situation. "She probably would do well with a laser sniper rifle." K-L-E-0 said from behind their counter while Sylwia looked herself over in a broken up mirror laid up against a wall.

"I won't ever get used to the fact there's a military robot selling weapons." Lise said with an eyebrow raised, Harry simply shrugged. "You get used to it after a while." Harry said before he paid for all the equipment, weapons and ammo Lise and Sylwia grabbed. "A pleasure doing business with you, General." K-L-E-0 said before Harry waved the machine off and the three left the building then out the gates of Goodneighbour. "So what happened here anyway? That much still has yet to be explained." Sylwia said as she looked to Harry.

"Shit happened, America and China went to war over oil in Alaska. America kicked the Chinese out of Alaska, Chinese threw a fit, launched nukes and then a whole clusterfuck came about where every nuclear capable country collectively decided to take out as many other countries as was humanly possible with them." Harry said and Sylwia shook her head. "Jesus. Wonder what would've happened if the BETA landed here instead of our world." Sylwia said, Lise shrugged as she walked on Harry's left while Sylwia remained to the right.

"Don't know. Don't care. I'm more focused on figuring out why you all are getting dropped in my lap." Harry said before another loud noise was heard this time, down the road past swan's pond, near the Combat Zone. "Oh fuck, don't tell me another one of you lot." Harry said quite audibly before shaking his head continuing down the road, past the bus in the middle of the road and the control unit for Sylwia's TSF. Already the area in front of them leading to the Combat Zone was obscured by dust and smoke.

"Right, be on your guard. There's raider-" Harry said before raising his rifle at the first sign of a sound directly in front of him a raider rushed out towards Harry before Harry set him free from his corporeal form with a .303 round to the head. "As I was saying! Before I was almost rudely interrupted!" Harry said with his brow furrowed. "There's a group of asshole raiders here!" Harry said before one raider responded

"Fuck you man! We don't even know what's going on! You with the minutemen?! Did you have them drop a mini nuke on us!?" The raider yelled from in the smoke and kicked up dust. "No! Like you guys would be worth a mini nuke! I'm only here because I heard what happened on down by Goodneighbour!" Harry yelled. For a moment there was a brief silence. "Uh... So... Truce!?" The raider yelled back to Harry. "Do you inbred, druggie fucks know what a truce is?!" Harry asked as he worked the action on his rifle. "No! Just heard it said before!" The raider yelled and Sylwia fired her rifle off into the smoke.

"It means we won't shoot you! ...For now! Now come out towards the sound of my voice with your hands in the air!" Harry made the hand motion for the other two to back up and they did, Harry was the last one to. "Alright! Alright!... Fuck!" The raider yelled before there was a gunshot from the other side of the smoke and dust, then another couple. Before one figure emerged from the smoke, a woman with long dark hair, a well endowed, busty build and red eyes, wearing a suit similar to Lise's own suit Harry found her in. "Oh great. Her." Harry heard from behind him to his right. Sylwia shouldered her rifle and as did Lise at least for once they were agreed on one thing. They obviously didn't like this newcomer.

"You're here too?! What did Theodor almost kill you like you did, me?!" Sylwia yelled with her teeth gritted. "You could say that. I almost took a sword to the chest." The woman said with a chuckle. "I'm surprised to see you here. And alive at that, First Lieutenant Hohenstein." The woman said once more a smirk on her face. "Yeah. She's alive. And who the hell are you?" Harry said his own rifle pointed at the woman. "Major Beatrix Brehme. And who are you to ask?" Beatrix asked with an eyebrow raised, the man before her was quite different, as a matter of fact Lise and Sylwia were also quite different looking in appearance in regards to their apparel.

The man infront of her wore some sort of 18th century redcoat type getup, Sylwia wore her fortified suit and some extra armour on her shoulders, a chestplate/harness, and armour on her legs. Lise also looked quite the same except the chestplate didn't look quite as... "Heavy" as what Sylwia wore. "I'm General Harry Reginald Ingram of the Minutemen." Harry said Beatrix shook her head. "So I've gone back in time I suppose? Some alternate history where your American minutemen wear red instead of Blue?" Beatrix rolled her eyes. Harry deadpanned and shook his head, lowering his rifle.

"No. We're the best chance for survival you have. So if you wanna come with us then you'd best drop whatever stick you have up your ass." Harry said, Lise looked to Harry with her eyes wide, Sylwia did the same. "You want to do what?!" Lise and Sylwia both asked loudly in unison as if in disbelief. "You heard me. Why shouldn't I?" Harry said his eyes still fixed on Beatrix. "I can come up with a million reasons! Like Lise she's or she was a dog of the Stasi! She tried to kill me and everyone else in the 666th!" Sylwia yelled Beato looked to Sylwia with a cold glare.

"Orders are orders. Besides you and your little coup wasn't making matters much better." Beatrix said before Sylwia pulled the trigger on her rifle, as she did so Harry quickly pointed the rifle down to the ground and then there was a moment of silence before Sylwia realised what she did. As the gun smoke cleared. Sylwia saw blood on the ground pouring out from the centre of Harry's right boot. She looked to Harry who stood there with his eyes closed and a smile on his face.

...What followed next was the better half of 5 minutes of obscene swearing before Harry shoved a stimpak in his foot and the wound slowly started to regenerate.

15 minutes later...

"Next time. Do me a favour and if you shoot anywhere near me, be sure to put a bullet in my head and not my foot." Harry said as he wrapped a bandage around his foot. Lise helped him while Beatrix watched. "You should be more careful of who you give a weapon to. Atleast I'd hit was I'm aiming at." Beatrix said before Harry got up and pinched the bridge of his nose, slinging his rifle over his shoulder.

"You. Are not. Helping." Harry said before he started to limp down the street then stopping just in front of the Boylston club as a radstorm came in. "Shit. Alright, everyone inside! That's a Radstorm!" Harry yelled as Lise was the first to run inside, Sylwia followed then Beatrix taking her time before Harry finally got tired of waiting and pushed her inside with the butt of his rifle, he was the last one inside, shutting the door behind himself. "For fucks' sake. Alright come on, let's see if anyone got a dose of radiation. "Harry held his Pipboy up close to Lise. Nope. She was clean.

Then Harry held his Pipboy up to Sylwia. Clean. ...Then came Beatrix. She got a bit of rads and as did Harry. "Fucking hell. Alright." Harry said before he took a bag of Radaway out of his right coat pocket and tossed it to Lise. "Lise deal with Beatrix's rads. I'll get mine." Harry said, Lise nodded and motioned for Beatrix to follow her over to a couch in the hall, Beatrix followed not entirely clearly believing any of this. Of course while Harry dealt with his rads, Sylwia watched. "So that's the only way to prevent radiation poisoning.?" Sylwia asked with an eyebrow raised. "Yep. Well actually it's the only way to get ride of radiation poisoning. To prevent it you need Rad-x and a good hazard suit." Harry said as he finished off the last of the Radway in the bag.

Lise did the same to Beatrix and finally took notice of the elevator at the end of the hall. "General? Where does that lead?" Lise asked with an eyebrow raised. "Oh that. That elevator works. It'll be warmer in there and we'll have better protection upstairs anyway. Come on." Harry said before he went into the elevator, Lise followed, Beatrix joined a bit quicker than the latter twice affairs, Sylwia was the last in and Harry pushed the upwards arrow button on the panel as the doors closed and the elevator ascended the shaft.

Finally after a minute the elevator reached it's destination and opened to a room where the green sky could be seen with the thunder illuminating the room with the skeletons scattered. "This is the Boylston Club. Or well. Was. A bunch of rich guys who couldn't get into a vault committed suicide with poisoned wine." Harry said as he was the first one off the elevator, going into the centre of the room he cleared off a couple skeletons sat on the couch then he cleared a skeleton off a chair by the window sitting down on the chair he propped his feet up on the coffee table. "Come on in! Not like they can object. They'd dead."

Harry said as the other girls came in. Beatrix cleared off the chair on the opposite side of the table while Lise sat on the couch and Sylwia sat at the bar on one of the stools. "So... Beatrix." Harry said as Beatrix stared daggers at Sylwia, Sylwia doing the same to Beatrix. "Beatrix!" Harry yelled before Beatrix snapped out of it. "What?" Beatrix asked. "Alright. Look. There's one thing you need to understand. I gave this speech to Lise and Sylwia. I don't care what you did in your past, but what I want to know is are you willing to leave the past as is and fight for a better future, essentially. Fighting the good fight, against the raiders, the super mutants, and most importantly. Against the Institute." Harry said.

Not a sound, save for the ones outside could be heard, not even a radroach skittering around. "I suppose it would be best to go along with you and your "Good fight". Given I have no idea where I am, who the hell you are, nor what two of those three things you listed are." Beatrix said before Sylwia interrupted. "Welcome to my world. I don't either." Sylwia said before Lise interrupted her. "I can handle telling them about it when we get to... Diamond City? I think you said?" Lise said with an eyebrow raised. "Yep. Diamond City. We'll have to rush to the library when we pass Hubris Comics. There's a camp of raiders on either side of the street I've yet to evict by force." Harry said as he sat back in his chair. "So for now. Until this radstorm passes just relax." Harry said as he took off his tricorn hat and put it over ontop of a lampshade, leaning his rifle by his chair.