In this world, many of those in power would preach that all homosapiens, that all humans and Faunus, regardless of gender or nationality, are equal.

However...such words are false. In this world, there are the few who know the truth: that the powerful survive through the suffering of the weak. Social Darwinism.

Such is the way of the world.

However, there is one individual who would challenge the order of this world. A man who leads an organization that intends to challenge the natural order of things. Regardless of the fact that he walks unto a battlefield waged by dark and light.

This is not the story of an honest, simple soul. This is a story of a soul who resides in the dark for the purpose of protecting that soul.

"You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty." -Lelouch vi Britannia

RWBY: Black Rebellion

Out in the edges of the warf in Vale, a small warehouse, which should have been shutdown for the time being, was lit up like a Christmas tree. As the police never attempted to investigate or patrol the area, no one would ever bother looking into why someone was running a warehouse at this time of night. Inside this warehouse were many people, all dressed like common thugs with a notable few dressed in sharp suits. They were constantly moving back and forth between rows of shelves, grabbing large crates and loading them up into the black vans out in the center of the room.

In front of that van were various individuals. Given how they dressed, they were obviously of higher standing than the rest of the thugs. Evidence of this fact were the expensive-looking gold accessories some of them wore. Rings, necklaces, wristwatches and/or decorated canes - the whole nine yards.

"This stuff is amazing." one of the men in front of the van smirked. "It's easy to manufacture, its cheap and you can practically sell it to anyone. They don't even know what they're buying or shooting themselves up with."

"Got that right." another executive chuckled as he lit his cigar. "Hard to believe the Boss came up with this stuff in Atlas of all places. Imagine what we'll be able to do with all this."

"You think we'll be able to overthrow Torchwick?"

"Forget Torchwick. We could overthrow the Council!"

The men all shared a laugh. They were conceited and corrupt like the rest of the filth that controlled Vale's underbelly. They were all the same. Competing against each other for bids of power, seeing who could amass a large territory or gain total dominance of Vale before someone else did. Roman was the highest power, but simply because he had respect didn't mean he would stay at the top forever. There would always be those who wanted to usurp him from underneath his seat of power. The men in the warehouse were among those individuals.

However, the curtain was about to fall on them. In fact, it already had as, without any warning, the lights that illuminated the warehouse suddenly shut off, bringing darkness unto them and throwing them into panic.

"T-Turn the lights back on! Quickly!"

Feet scrambled to get the lights back on as quickly as possible. The executives were tense as they looked around, keeping their firearms primed and ready. The fact that the lights cut out like that worried them without end. Something was happening. The lights eventually came back on, and when it did, they were quick to notice that there were newfound occupants in the warehouse.

A group had collected up on the catwalk, bearing down on them like prey. Men and women dressed in various clothing, some even possessing animalistic features, but they all shared one thing in common: an ebony Grimm mask with dark purple markings and a black jacket with silver trims. Two people in particular stood out among the group: one was a female with long black hair with cat ears atop her head. Her jacket's hem ended at her stomach and the left sleeve was rolled up to the forearm. The upper half of her face was hidden behind a similar mask as the rest. The second was male, though compared to the rest his jacket resembled more of a coat with a hood pulled over his face, strands of electric blue hair poking out while a mask covered his entire face.

Unlike his companion, who was straight and proper with her sword out, the male was leaning on the railing, casually resting one arm on it while the other was raised up, holding a dancing blue flame in his hand.

Of course, what drew their attention the most was the single figure amid the crowd: a cape wrapped around him like the wings of a bat, a cravat at the neck while wearing a purple suit. The most defining feature being the black mask with a purple orb in the center, gazing down upon them with intent.

All those in attendance knew who they were.

"Y-you are-!"

"-The Black Fang!"

Blake shouted without thinking, raising up from her seat. As a result, her chair scrapped up against the floor. It took her a moment to realize that she was still in the classroom. It took her another moment to realize that everyone was staring at her strangely. Looking at the podium, Blake found Oobleck staring at her quizically before he took a drink from his mug.

"...While I appreciate the mention of a group who's been making strides in the community, for better or worse, Miss Belladonna..." he said slowly. "Please do remember to catch up on your sleep. At least in your own time. Not in my class, please."

The class, minus her team and JNPR, could only laugh at her as Blake sat back down in her seat, cheeks flushed while cursing her own double life. She had barely gotten any sleep these days, especially since she found herself working along with Rouge within the past few months. Speaking of Rouge, she spotted the teen lounging on his arm almost tiredly, reading on his Scroll with a look of disinterest. Oobleck somehow didn't notice him or was simply just in that much of a rush, going through history class in no time at all.

She had no idea how he was able to do it. He made studying so easy. He barely needed to even pay attention in class to understand the material.

Sometimes whip she wondered if he was some sort of genius. But given how he was able to organize a group like the Black Fang at such a young may not be that far from the truth.

The Black Fang...

Founded well over a year ago, they were created for a singular purpose. Unlike the White Fang, who sought to change the status quo through means of force and attacking those who publicly exercised Faunus "slave labor", they attacked those who created schisms between the two races. It was not simply corporations. No, far from it. The Black Fang attacked others who took advantage of the suffering of others.

Before long, many had come to consider the Black Fang to be the heroes of justice. The unsung paragons who protected the weak. To others, however, they were zealot idealists who created social anarchy. Quite frankly, Rouge did not care what the public thought of them. The Black Fang were a group banded together to combat those who oppress the weak. They are bound to destroy the world that sanctifies only the strong and scorns the weak.

To that end, a symbol was made. A symbol that rejected the world itself.


Nobody. Nothing. A empty identity. A being who desired the worlds destruction to enact its rebirth.

To the governments of Remnant, it was a madman who would bring ruin to the decaying society they had been trying to hold on to. To others, however, it was the name of a man who would create a new system. A new world. One where they could find true peace. Of course, what constituted as "peace" was often up for debate. Zero made no promises that he could create a new world that could appease everyone. Their actions would determine whether the world would be a paradise or a hell, though the man who forged this mask was hellbent on making sure the world that would come after the end would be one where Ruby Rose, his beloved sister, would be happy.

After the attempted hotel hijacking and the subsequent worldwide debut of the Black Fang, the Kingdoms were now fully aware of how powerful Zero and his soldiers were. The message was clear. They would do whatever it took to bring down their corrupt society while eliminating the trash that poisoned the Kingdoms.

And the worst part was...he had the Councils scared out of their wits.

That was good. He wanted to instill fear in those stubborn old coots who had grown too complacent in times of peace. It was time for a wake up call.

For years, they had grown complacant. Foolish. They thought that they were safe behind their walls. He changed that by hacking into the CTT towers and broadcasting his appearance to the world. It had been so easy, creating a virus that could hijack the airwaves in one of the most important pieces of technology in Remnant, yet so easily fragile. Without it, communication between the kingdoms wouldn't be possible. At least, not to the extent it was today.

And an even more grievous flaw is that if even one tower went down, inter-continental communication would be cut off completely.

Seriously. It is a critical design and operational flaw.

Regardless, with everything now set into motion, Remnant was going to be quite busy in the coming months. Especially for those who knew what was coming, as well as those who would be on the receiving end of the Black Fang's judgement.

As class came to an end, Blake couldn't help but yawn, holding a hand over her mouth. "This double life is a killer..." she muttered to herself, rubbing her eye to remove the sand from the retina.

A school life on top of a vigilante life? Right now, she's only getting a few hours of sleep at best. And to top it all off, she has to keep her activities secret from her friends and team. It wouldn't be too much of an issue if Yang wasn't so nosy.

The first few nights of her new occupation, and her partner pestered her with questions regarding where she was going or where she was.

She had tried to assure her partner that it wasn't anything serious. Yang, however, wasn't so easily convinced. It had been a week before Blake had managed to shake her off by explaining that it was some personal business. Rouge had walked in around that time and, seeing her problem, collaborated with her story whilst also telling her that he had actually asked Blake for help in a project. Something he didn't want Yang or Ruby to know of. It seemed to satisfy her partner, but she could tell Yang wasn't completely convinced.

She started becoming more careful after that. The last thing she needed was for Yang, or anyone on her team, to find out that she was with the Black Fang, raiding hideouts and criminal organizations.

And the very last thing that she wanted was for any of them, especially Ruby and Yang, to eventually learn of Rouge's leadership in the Black Fang. That includes what he had done. It would devastate them.

"Blake!" Ruby called out from the hall. "Get the lead out! We're heading to the food court!"

"Coming..." Blake responded tiredly. They couldn't know. They must NEVER find out. And she would do her damn best to leave it that way.

...but right now, she needed tea. Gods know she needs it. She just hoped nothing was going to happen.

"Sister! Brother! Friends! ...Weiss!"


Blake sighed. She just had to tempt fate, hadn't she? "Four score and seven minutes ago...I had a dream!" Ruby announced.

"Well, this oughta be good..."

Blake shook her head, doing her best to ignore the whole thing and enjoy her tea. Whatever Ruby had in mind, she would do regardless. She had to contribute somehow. Still, she felt a bit worried. Especially since the book she brought out was Weiss'. A fact that the heiress pointed out not five seconds later. Looking on the other side, where Team JNPR sat, she found Rouge idly musing with his Scroll.

'What are you thinking, I wonder...'

His expression remained passive as he browsed through his Scroll, not paying any mind to what his sister was saying. In fact, he seemed rather bored.

The only time he seemed to be paying any sort of attention was when Yang had been struck by an apple after her failed attempt at a joke, causing her to glare at Nora in annoyance and try to retaliate with food warfare. Sighing, Blake looked back at her notebook. She stared at the sketch she made of Adam one time, his face seemingly different despite being an accurate drawing. She still could hardly believe that the person she admired, and at one point loved, had changed so much. It was clear in their meeting he still hated humans, but for some reason, that didn't extent to Rouge.

'Now that I think about it, Adam mentioned to me once he had a friend once.' she thought, glancing back up at Rouge. 'I wonder if...'

Surprisingly, Rouge for the first time since arriving spoke up as he removed his earbuds from his ears and looked up at Ruby and Yang with a frown. "Must you two be so loud?" he asked. "I understand the semester's started, but I'd like to study, thank you."

"Study, study, study..." Ruby groaned. "That's all you ever do. Learn to live a little, my bestest little brother!"

"Bestest is not a word, Ruby. Also, given who our dear older sister is, I'd rather not. Especially if she starts dragging me around. Melanie and Militia still aren't talking to me after she went and busted up Xiong's club."

Weiss tilted her head. "Who?"

"Junior Xiong. He is the owner of a bar on the shady side of town. He is also an exceptional source of information." Rouge answered easily. "Melanie and Militia are twins who serve as the club's bouncers."

Ruby nodded and added helpfully, "They're also good friends of his, since Rouge used to work part-time for Junior." She put her hands on her hips, giving a small pout as she looked at her twin. "And you still haven't told me what you bought with the money you saved up from that job!"

"That's a secret, Ruby." Rouge responded. "Anyway, the last I heard from them was after Yang smashed Junior's club."

Yang groaned. "It was for a good cause!"

"By looking for Aunt Raven? And when Xiong didn't know anything, you just decided to beat him up because of that?"

"He was the one who-" She was promptly cut off when something large and green suddenly came in and slammed into her face, knocking her right of her seat. Blake blinked as she looked at the destroyed remains of the food in question. 'A watermelon?' she thought. 'Where did they get that?' Yang pulled herself up and glared at the culprit: a seemingly innocent Nora, who whistled and looked away. "Okay, Nora... Just remember." she growled, pulling out a pie. "You asked for it!"

"W-wait, Yang-!" Blake tried to stop her, but it was already too late.

The pie was sent flying.

Several seconds later, a massive food fight took over the entire cafeteria.

Meanwhile, at the streets of Vale, two individuals walked away from a bookstore, one of them clearly miffed and the other slightly amused. "Why wasn't he there?" the female of the group growled in frustration. Her mint-green hair was styled to a straight fringe and bangs with two long locks on each side in the back. She wore two bronze-colored rings on her middle fingers, and a pair of high-heeled shoes. She wore a thinned top shirt with a shallow-cut undershirt, and wore an armband with beads. She also wore white pants and brown chaps that ended at her calves with an overlong belt, twice-wrapped around her, which was where she kept her weapons as well as a single pouch. "Did he leave already? Or did someone tip him off?"

"Does it really matter?" her companion, a male with silver-gray hair partially slicked back while unkempt at the front. He wore a slate gray and black two-tone partial-zip jacket, that covered his upper body. Along with it, he had a single notched belt with a sash or bandana draped over it. At his arms were sets of rerebraces and vambraces. "Sure, I mean, Cinder might not be happy, but come on. It's just one guy."

"Mercury? Shut up."

"Sorry, Emerald. Not gonna happen." Mercury responded cheekily, causing the woman to scowl while he laughed at her expense. As they crossed the street, he noticed several television sets playing behind a glass window at a nearby store. On the screens were a variety of shows, being either cartoons or news reports. One of them featured a familiar figure that had been taking the world by storm. "They're still talking about what happened at the hotel?"

"It was a pretty big incident. I heard Rojo was killed. But still, this Zero guy seems like a primadonna." Emerald scoffed.

"I thought he was an attention whore."

"Is there a difference?"

Mercury shrugged. "Well, either way, Cinder's been really docile lately. I know the guy's new to the scene, but does she have to be so careful? I mean, seriously. How would he know what we've got in store?"

"It pays to be careful. Something you wouldn't know." his partner shot back at him. In truth, she wasn't really worried about Zero. She had the utmost faith in Cinder. Whatever Zero had in store, it would mean nothing. "At any rate, Cinder isn't going to be happy when she finds out that Roman let Tukson get away."

"No she wouldn't."

Mercury sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. "For once, I kind of pity the poor bastard. Actually, where did Cinder run off to, anyway?"

Cinder Fall rarely hated people. Hate referred to people one could not stand whatsoever. In her life, she's hated very few. Faces that she had long since forgotten after having coming under Salem's tutelage.

Arthur Watts was a face she could never forget nor come to like.

"You're late." the man said with disapproval as he looked up from his Scroll, which was lit up with various reports and whatnot in regards to his latest project. "You were supposed to arrive ten minutes ago."

"Caught in traffic." she responded with barely concealed contempt. Both of them knew they didn't like each other. Thus, there was no reason to be civil. "I would like to say its a pleasure to see you, Watts, but I think we both know that's a lie." She took a seat on the sofa opposing him, crossing her legs as she took out her Scroll. A few inputs later and the data she gathered was presented. Placing it on the table, the information expanded into a holographic screen, showing everything she's collected on her latest interest. "This is all of the information we've been gathering about Zero and his Black Fang over the course of the year. It seems Hazel had a reason to be concerned."

Watts shrugged. "He's always concerned with unknown threats. Though this particular threat is one to be concerned with for a reason."

After all, this threat had managed to free the prisoners of the Hotel, killed Rojo, and announced its presence and declared war on all four Kingdoms. On top of that, they had been making a muck of Salem's plans for Vale. By increasing Dust prices, manufacturing would leave them weakened. And incompetence from Ozpin's arrogance would lead to Atlas taking over, which would then lead to her being able to raise hell and obtain the Fall Maiden's powers whilst sowing the seeds of discord into the kingdoms. Along with waking up a Grimm that had been sleeping for far too long. It was nearly time for it to wake up.

However, Zero had thrown a monkey wrench with his interference. Yes, Dust prices were rising, but the supplies needed for the upcoming operation were nowhere near minimal. Additionally, White Fang bases were constantly under attack, losing manpower in the process. At the rate things were progressing, the plans would be considerably delayed. And that was not even counting the fact that Zero had announced his plans and presence worldwide via hacking into the CTT. Something that irritated yet intrigued her.

Watts certainly seemed to agree with her on that thought, evident by the thoughtful look on his face. "Zero has friends in high places." he said as he crossed his legs and folded his hands, leaning into his seat. "Between hacking into the CTT and disabling security systems belonging to some of the most wealthiest of companies, he's quite equipped. Added to his charisma, and he's quite the force to be reckoned with." He took a quick drink of the cup he had prepared earlier, though he believed he could have done better. It was slightly bitter, likely due to the leaves he used. "Still, he's a thorn in our side. Him hacking into the CTT for that broadcast message has led to the council choosing to strengthen their firewalls. At best, the virus will only let you into a few patches of their security."

The amber-eyed woman leaned back, arms across her chest. "And will this be before the dance party at Beacon begins, or after?"

"A little bit of both." the man answered. "The party will be your only opportunity to hack into it. Better to have some cards on the table than none at all." He took another sip before his eyes narrowed. "I doubt I have to remind you how important this job is."

Cinder repressed a scowl. "I'm fully aware."

"Remember, Cinder, both of our necks are on the line here."

"I know."

She emphasized her awareness. If they failed...Salem would NOT be happy. Not at all. Failure with the woman who embodied her very ideals was the same as tying a rope around your neck and jumping off a platform, waiting for the line to snap your neck and pray it came swiftly.

Still, she would admit, Zero had her curious. He was a new player, and so far, his intentions were rather clear and quite amusing. A man more or less declaring war on the Kingdoms? He was either very bold or very foolish. For a single group to declare war against all four kingdoms of Remnant was suicidal.

Yet, something about him intrigued her to no end. She couldn't put her finger on it.

'Oh well. It doesn't matter.' Cinder concluded her business with Watts as he transferred the program to her and she free to leave. 'One man can't possibly pose a threat, no matter how great his forces.'

"I still believe we should have put them on clean-up duty as punishment." Glynda said as she and Ozpin returned to the main office, disembarking the elevator as its doors closed behind them. "The janitors have enough problems with the mess children leave behind as is."

The man could only smile thinly as he sat behind his desk, placing his mug on the flat surface. "It is the start of a new semester, Glynda. Shenanigans such as this will always be commonplace." he told her calmly, honestly finding no problem in a food fight gone out of proportion. "Besides, let them have their fun. It is I said earlier, they will not be able to play the role of children forever. Especially considering what they're embarking for."

'Especially Ruby Rose and her brother, most of all.' he silently added, though he was sure Glynda understood this as well. Given their heritage, their paths were all but decided for them. Whether they liked it or not. He at least hoped that the older of the twins would be able to play the role of a child for a little while longer. 'They're paths are all but decided.'

His assistant and Vice-Headmistress adjusted her glasses, creating a reflective glare before she sighed. "I suppose." she relented, though she made a minor note to have a more serious discussion with the man should another situation like this happen again. She would let it slide, but this was a school for heaven's sake. She took out her Scroll, bringing up the schedule planned for today. Finding one entry at the top, Glynda pursed her lips. "Hm. Strange."

"What is it?"

"Your appointment was ten minutes ago. Is she perhaps late?"

The elevator let out a sound, signaling the presence of a visitor. The two looked on as the doors slid open, allowing two individuals to enter. One was male, dressed like a butler of sorts with a sharp awareness of his surroundings and eyes like those of a hawk. His posture was lacking, but the aura he gave off was one that reminded Ozpin of a veteran Huntsman. Standing next to the butler, however, was a woman that he had only met a few times before. Each time, he could swear she hadn't aged a day. Her skin remained as fair as always, her lime green hair always flowing over her shoulders, and her golden eyes always displaying the look of a trickster and chessmaster plotting his next move. Her attire was quite beautiful and matched her exotic appearance. A black kimono that ended just short of the calves, the sleeves cut open and the slits reaching up to the elbows. Red, black and purple designs decorated the fabric, mostly consisting of roses and thorns.

"Sorry I'm a bit late." the woman said with a small smile. "I was a bit pre-occupied with another engagement."

Ozpin waved a hand. "It's quite alright, Ms. Lamperouge." he told her earnestly. "To be honest, I wasn't expecting you to respond to my request, much less ask for a meeting."

"I prefer not to beat around the bush." the woman smiled. Something about that smile sent shivers down Glynda's spine. She didn't look dangerous. No, she looked utterly harmless. But something about her was off. There was a foreign presence among her form. Something that made warning bells go off in her head. "That, and I was curious. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Schnee Dust Company usually the one who provides Dust expenses and supply for the Vytal Festival?"

"It is as you say. However, given the recent turn of events at the Resort and the harbor, we thought it best to perform business with you and your corporation."

The woman could only give a small giggle, holding a sleeve to cover her mouth. "True. Still, I don't think Jacques Schnee will be quite happy, what with his company being shoe-horned this year. I've also heard about the incident at the harbor. Seems like Vale's becoming more and more dangerous as of lately, don't you think?"

"I'm afraid so." Ozpin nodded. "With recent string of robberies, Dust prices have become inflated while what remainder we have left is being spread thin amongst our defenses. It will be a long while before stock suppliers can regain what was lost in the robberies."

"I see." The woman was silent for a moment, as if debating something, before she smiled, showing off her pearly whites. It was Cheshire-like, something hidden behind that smile. "Very well, then. The Lamperouge Corporation will gladly supply Dust resources for this year's Vytal Festival."

"Thank you. We greatly appreciate your assistance." Ozpin nodded gratefully.

"Although...there is something that I'm willing to accept in exchange for our assistance."

Ozpin tilted his head, curious. "And what might that be, if I may ask?"

If it were possible, the woman's smile grew even wider. "...I understand you have a particular child within your student body. One Rouge Rose, correct?"

Ozpin and Glynda shared a look with one another, both puzzled. The headmaster then turned back to the woman. "Yes, we have a student by that name here. He's not currently apart of a Team, due to the odd number of applicants this year. Why do you ask?"

"You could say that he has piqued my interest. I would like to meet with him."

Once the whole mess at the cafeteria was done and over with, Rouge had returned to his room in time to receive a call from Edan. After making sure no one was listening and locking the door behind him, he opened his scroll and answered.

The news was...troubling, to say the least.

"Refrain?" Rouge asked with a frown. Something in the back of his head registered that name. It sounded familiar, but not in the meaning. There was something else that troubled him. He couldn't quite place what it was, but shoved it to the side. "That's what the drug is called?"

[Yep.] Edan replied with an emphasis of the 'p' sound, ending it with a pop. [Did a bit digging thanks to PIECE. Stuff's dirt cheap and easy to manufacture, like I told you, but popularity ain't the only scary shit behind this stuff. It makes you relive the good old days. As in, if you somehow went back in time to your old self and watched all the good stuff play out all over again. One of the guys wanted to see what the shit did. Let me tell ya, Leader. Shit ain't pretty.]

The odd-eyed teen bit his lip. "Do we know who's making it?"

[Only a name. Some chick named Verid. Turns out, she used to run with Torchwick back when he was just your above-average criminal, hopping in getaway vans and robbing poor bastards blind with scams and whatnot. She apparently used to be with a bunch of guys calling themselves the Black Church, but she split off after infighting between the head honchos.]

"So she's a rogue criminal then?"

[That's right. And now she's organized her own drug cartel manufacturing this stuff like its no tomorrow. They're targeting the unfortunate with this stuff. Impoverished individuals, Faunus who got the short end of the stick, addicts, criminals, low-life's, the less than fortunate, you name it. They're all a target to sell this shit too. And what's worse is that it's highly addictive. It makes the user feel like that they can't go on without reliving the good old days. We found that out when one of our guys tested it effects.]

Rouge rubbed his chin thoughtfully. As Edan continued to describe it, the sense of familiarity grew. Had he heard of Refrain somewhere before? Doubtful. He would have remembered if something like this existed. "I see. And what about the side-effects that come after use, other than addiction?"

[Well, it comes with the standard side effects you would expect from normal drugs. Jitteriness. Mood swings. Erratic behavior. Depression. But the one thing that sticks out the most though, is that it's putting the users in catatonic states. As if they become trapped in their memories after reliving them. The more refrain is used, the longer this lasts.]

"How long was our guinea pig affected?"

[12 Hours. Extreme cases last for days.] Edan snorted, tone showing great contempt for whoever designed the drug in the first place. [Tellin' ya, Leader. When we find out who's making the stuff, I'm going to take great pleasure in burning it to the fucking ground.]

"And you will get your chance, Edan. And when you do, feel free to run wild. Make sure no drug cartel member survives, or any piece of Refrain remains existing." Rouge responded in an even tone as if he wasn't telling his right hand to commit a massacre. The Scroll blipped as the lights glowed brightly for a moment. Pulling it away from his ear, he found it was a message from the Headmaster, much to his curiosity. "Have to go. Keep me updated."

[Aye aye, boss.] Rouge could practically hear the grin in Edan's voice before the call ended.

Afterwards, he opened up the message from the Headmaster. He gave a little frown as he read it aloud, "Rouge Rose. You've been asked to report to the Headmaster's Office at your earliest convenience. There is someone who wishes to speak with you." Shaking his head, he closed his Scroll and slid it away in his pocket. Someone was here to see him? But who could it be? Raven? Very much unlikely. She'd sooner slit her own throat than see Ozpin again. Qrow? Less so. He would at least let him know he was coming.

Rouge shrugged. He figured he'd soon find out. Putting his Scroll away, he left his room just in time to run into Ruby and Yang. "Hey, Rouge." the silver-eyed girl greeted with a grin. "What'cha doin'?"

"The Headmaster asked me to come to the office." he told her. "Apparently, someone wants to see me for some reason."

Yang quirked an eyebrow. "Really?" she asked, curious. "Who?"

"Don't know. It didn't say."

"Mind if we come with, then?" Ruby asked. "We're just trying to kill time before we go find Weiss and Blake at the library for Remnant: The Game!"

"I don't really know. The Headmaster only asked for me to report. He said nothing about bringing company. So for all I know, others could be uninvited and that this is a personal matter." He shrugged.

"C'mon. What's the worst about us coming along?" Yang asked.

"Alright. Just don't blame me if you two get into trouble."

"We won't...I'm sure he won't mind if we tag along."

"I apologize, but I only requested Rouge Rose to come here. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you two to leave."

Rouge sighed. "Told you." he said as he shook his head. Yang and Ruby looked disappointed, especially when they saw the person who had asked for Rouge.

Strangely, however, the woman didn't seem the least bit annoyed or miffed that the girls had accompanied him. "Let them stay." she told Ozpin. "I wanted to meet them at a later date, but this works out quite better, actually." Ozpin seemed surprised, but otherwise nodded and allowed it. The woman then smiled as she turned to face the three siblings.

When Rouge saw her in full, he couldn't help but feel as if he had seen her somewhere before. The feeling was gnawing at the back of his head, but he just couldn't recall it.

'Who is she? Why did she ask to see me?' Several possibilities were gearing in his head. Some more realistic. Others more stretched of the truth. It was possible that she came her to see him because she was affiliated with the Black Fang somehow. Or perhaps Salem's faction and managed to learn his identity. Or simply for another reason he didn't know. Either way, the woman left him on edge. 'I know I've seen her before. But where?'

"Hm..." The woman leaned forward, finger tapping her chin as she looked at the three. "Quite the mix-up. One resembles Raven, and the other looks like Summer." The three siblings looked at her in shock as she mentioned those names. The names of their parents. Or more accurately, Aunt and Parent for Ruby and him as Raven was Yang's birth mother. "I do hope you're not as bad as Raven. I have enough trouble dealing with one Darwinistic idiot."

"H-how do you know my mother?" Yang asked, taken aback.

"We're friends with benefits." came the response. Rouge blinked, clearly not expecting that answer. Ruby tilted her head as she was unfamiliar with that term. Glynda choked while Ozpin felt his glasses droop from his face. Yang's cheeks burned red, perfectly imitating a gaping fish. As such, the woman laughed. "Oh, you should see your face. We're acquaintances, for lack of better words. I wouldn't exactly call us friends. I can barely stand the woman. Reminds me too much of a Britannian. As for Summer Rose, I only know of her from a picture. I never met her before, though I know her reputation."

"A...Britannian?" Ruby questioned. For some reason, merely hearing that word sparked a hateful fury within Rouge.

The woman waved a hand. "Trust me, you're better off not knowing." She then walked up to Rouge, leaning down. He leaned back, finding her too close for comfort. He would admit, however, that she was quite easy on the eyes. Her features were foreign to him, very much different from anyone in Remnant he's met so far. However, at the same time, he made her feel uneasy. As if she was something he couldn't prepare for. As he tried to move away, her hand suddenly whipped out and cupped his chin, tilting his head at different angles. "Hm... Hair's a bit longer. Your cheeks are a bit on the chubby side, though your chin and nose are a bit sharper."

"What are you doing?" Rouge asked, though much to his annoyance, the woman ignored him.

"And you only have one purple eye. Not unexpected. As for the mouth..."

The odd-eyed teen frowned, now irritated. What was this woman's gain? "What exactly are you-MMPH?!"

Much to the shock of everyone in the room, save for the butler and Ozpin, who only had widened eyes, the woman pressed her lips against the boy's. No, pressing her lips wasn't exactly the best way to describe what Rouge found himself unwillingly engaged in. It would be more accurate to say that the woman had pried open his mouth and invaded it with her tongue.

The woman deepened the kiss, as if trying to explore his mouth with her tongue. Rouge, feeling completely violated, tried to pry himself free from her grasp. However, his body wouldn't obey him. He felt his strength crumbling beneath him before the woman pulled away, leaving behind a trail of saliva. Once she let him go, Rouge ended up stumbling, unable to find any balance before he fell into Yang's arms, who rushed when she saw him about to fall.

Licking her lips in satisfaction, the woman smirked. "A little bit rough, but otherwise better." she remarked before nodding. She then turned to Ozpin. "Thank you for indulging in my selfish request. I hope to see you again soon, Professor Ozpin." She then turned to her butler, who merely sighed at her antics. "Come along, Obis."

"Understood, Lady Cecaniah." the man said in exasperation. The woman then walked past the three, Yang shooting her a furious glare, eyes crimson while Ruby was utterly confused, looking back and forth as if she wasn't entirely sure what just happened. As he made his leave, the man bowed apologetically. "I'm terribly sorry for her behavior. Please do forgive her." With that said, he walked away, joining her in the elevator.

The room was utterly silent until Ruby broke it with an innocent question: "...does this mean Rouge has a girlfriend, now?"

"Was that entirely necessary, Lady Cecaniah?" Obis Daen inquired with a troubled look. "I understand he's related to the young man you hold a fancy for, but kissing him? In front of the Headmaster of Beacon and his own sisters no less?"

"It's been so long since I've seen Lelouch. I could not pass up the chance to surprise him." the woman responded with a fond smile. "He hasn't changed much. Yes, though he's nothing but a child now, he hasn't changed. Not at all." Obis tilted his head curiously, wondering what his mistress could have meant. "Don't worry, Obis." she waved off his concerns. "I won't do anything reckless. By the way, in regards to our project with the Schnee Dust Company?"

Obis sighed. "Unfortunately, Sir Schnee is quite stubborn it seems." he said regretfully. "He's unwilling to enter a partnership, even after I showed him the basic premise. He's completely devoted to Dust resources rather than focusing on the bigger picture."

"I see. Well, it's not as if it truly matters. The stubborn old fool will experience the folly of his ways one way or another." Cecaniah shrugged as they continued down the hall. "If he wants to focus on a dwindling and limited power source, then he will only fail when it runs out. By the way, how goes our other project?"

Obis smiled. "Rather well. It should be completed within the month. Of course, the question is whether or not our dear fellows will be able to utilize it. I imagine it will be quite the shock once it is unveiled to the world. Especially to the Atlesian Military, considering that the Paladin has entered the prototype stage."

"I believe heads will be rolling, Obis." the woman giggled. "As Lelouch once told me, the world is destined for chaos. Who better to cause chaos than a man of miracle?"

"You hold quite a bit of faith in him, Lady Cecaniah."

"But of course. He and I are bound by a contract." the woman responded before she grinned. "Also, I've told you before, Obis..."

" me C.C."


"The future depends on what we do in the present." -Mahatma Gandhi