Third Person POV:

Annabeth put her head in her hand and gazed out the window, looking at all the other children play and have fun with each other. She wished with all of her little heart that she could join them and laugh and play. But, it wasn't meant to be.

Annabeth turned her focus back to her books and homework. The work never ends.

Annabeth POV:

Now you might be thinking, "Why don't you just stand up and go outside with the other kids?" Well, you see, I'm special, it's not my necklace, it's my mind. I have a photographic memory.

My parents, Frederick and Step-Mom Susan Chase, well, lets just say that they don't care. Well, they do, just not very good. Okay let's just face it, Susan hates me. She hates me with a burning passion. I can see why, I am just her husband's daughter from another marriage, but she has never even tried to get to know me or given me a chance.

My mom, my real mom, Athena, she was amazing or so I've been told…by everyone but my family. If you can call us a family. My mom, was an amazing architecture. Her works were known all over the world. I wish to be just like her someday.

My mom, Athena, died giving birth to me. I never meet her. I remember my dad crying. The people who mourned for Athena. I remember everything. From the funeral to this day.

Having a photographic memory can be a curse and a blessing at the same time. I can never un-remember anything. (A/N: like Olive Doyle from ANT Farm) But, this memory right now, is making my life so boring and lonely. Sure, I have a dad, step-mom, and two little twin step-brothers, Bobby and Matthew. But I am ignored. That's okay. I've always know I would be put off to the side.

My dad became depressed after my moms death. I had people take care of me till I could take care of myself (age 4). 2 years later (6 year old) I came home and I learned I'm getting a new mom. Whoopee! Also two new brothers that age 2. Just my luck. I have been keeping a good schedule all my life and now it's being messed up.

It was…

Wake up, get ready, cook breakfast for me and dad, make me a lunch and head off to school. Come home, do homework, cook dinner for us, and then go to bed.


I wake up, get ready, eat cereal, go to school (10th grade - 12 years old), start homework, track practice, combat training, go home, finish homework, eat dinner, and bed.

I do everything alone. That's okay.

Line Breaker

I once asked my dad if I could see his locket. It was pretty. It was pure gold. In the inside it had my mothers name, beautiful carved in the locket. I only saw it once.

I saw Susan's once too. I was reading on the couch when she was picking up the twins toys. It slipped out, but she quickly tucked it in her shirt again. It looked nothing like dads. It was white gold with no designs on it. It plain. Beautiful, but plain.

Both my parents hide theirs. Dads in his pocket and Susan under her shirt. I guess I picked up on that, I hide mine too.

Now, mine, it has a owl on the front but, it's left wing was cut off. My soul mate, Perseus, will have the other part. I'm so curious on what our lockets would look together.

"Annabeth! Get down here! Set the table for dinner!" Susan yelled.

"Coming!" I shouted back.

"Stop shouting! Your going to disturb your father!" Yelled Susan, from I guess the kitchen.

Hypocrite much?

A/N: This will be a series of one shots but going with the story. So basically, a lot of time skipping. Also, I'm editing all the chapters, and previously, someone told me that it does not make sense that Annabeth was only 12 years old and in 10th grade. So, becosue she is special, she would have been put in an advanced or accelerated course. That is why she is in high school when she is not a teen yet.