Annabeth POV (A/N: thinking of mainly staying in Annabeth's POV. Just need Percy's to get a gage of the storyline I'm creating.)

Sally and Percy left early this morning. I saw them pulling out from the underground garage after my morning run.

Feeling a little lonely in my apartment after eating dinner with the Jackson's the night before and talking with Percy till 10PM. I decided I'm going to explore campus a little, maybe read a textbook for one of my summer classes that starts next week, and work on writing my own music. I really don't have anything planned till 6PM, which is an hour of dance (I switch styles every night) and then combat from 7:30 to 9:30.

The week came and went. I read all the text books for both my classes, so I know I'll be ready. I did dance and combat every weekday. On Saturday, Percy and I did a two hour workout. I got some elevation masks for us to help improve my running and Percy's swimming. (A/N: the internet says, "These masks, which cover your mouth and nose, cut down on the amount of oxygen you take in while exercising. Using the mask when training forces your heart and lungs to work harder. When you remove the mask for a race or game, your body uses oxygen more efficiently.") Sunday was a day for cleaning and clearing space for the incoming instruments.

Monday finally came and I was ready for my first day of college. Waking up at 6AM, I ran, came home to get ready to leave at 7:40 to be on time to my first class of the day from 8-11AM. Having an hour break in between classes, I would either bring something from home or eat at an on campus cafe I found where they sell chicken wraps and pre-packaged salads. Heading into a different build after lunch, I started my second summer class at 12, which lasted another 3 hours.

Having a good first day of classes, I head home to wait for my instruments to arrive.

The movers placed the mini grand in my living room, where the pianists' back would be facing the elevator and looking out to the New York skyline. The rest of the instruments and tech were set up in my office.

Then scooting off to dance and combat, I came home about 9:45PM. Taking a body shower, not wanting to go to bed with wet hair, I would do 30 minutes of calming yoga from an app I download on my iPad. Yoga gave me a good stretch after combat and it also calmed any left over adrenaline from sparing and calmed my ADHD, so I could get to sleep relatively quickly.

The summer session was coming to a close. I have finals next week, then three weeks off till the school year.

My summer was very uneventful. I did running, classes, music, dance, combat, and yoga during the week. Weekends consist of workout with Percy, and sometimes hangout afterwards if he was free, keeping house (like grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry), doing assignments, and playing music.

I started to post covers on YouTube, every other day, of me singing and playing the instrument(s). I know I'm making some money off of posting and views, like 3 to 5 dollars per 1,000 views, but I just don't want to rely on Fredrick's money he sends every month. And if I start to post original songs, which I'm planning on doing when the school year starts, and get a steadier views, I can get a steady income. Which means I could apply to get emancipated from Fredrick.

But getting enough money off of YouTube to support my case to get emancipated is unlikely. I'll probably get a part time job to do over the weekends.

I've neve felt that I fit in with him, Susan, and the boys. I already live across the country, so I don't see any point in staying legally bound to him. Sure, he's still my father and will always be my father, but I just want him to be happy. And I know being happy might not include me. Plus, he should be saving the money he's sending me for Bobby's and Mathew's education, which he'll actually has to to pay for.

I'm not saying the boys aren't bright or that Fredricks is poor or anything, but he'll have to pay double tuition at the same time and college is expensive.

Good news is, Percy will be staying home to start getting ready for Freshman year three days after I finish my finals. Percy and I have become close over our weekends together. I would say we're pretty good friends and are comfortable enough where we can hangout and say nothing at times. Workout together made us feel physically more comfortable with each other because some of the exercises are partner work, where we would have to spot or hold on to each other, and sometimes we would train without a shirt on because we're working out in the summer, with the masks, really makes you sweet. Actually, I would say he is my best friend because I don't have any friends my age. Sure there are the guys and girls at dance, but we never hangout before or afterwards, so they're just classmates, like at school too. I met a couple other Freshman, but they have jobs or they already found their group of friends. I haven't seen Lee on campus yet, probably because he has works during the summer and maybe during the school year too.

I did just meet a girl at 'Half-Blood Combat Center'. Her name is Clarisse La Rue. I learned that she also goes to Camp Half-Blood along with Percy. She came back two weeks early to start getting ready to try out for Googe High School's wrestling team, kinda like how I've been working with Percy for the swim team. I also met Grover Underwood a couple times, when we would both go to the pool with Percy and time him. I would say that La Rue and Underwood are more like acquaintances. I'm hoping to become friends with them because La Rue is a good sparring partner and Grover is Percy's best friend so it would be nice to get to know him.

My talks with the counselor have been uneventful too. Although, one meeting with her a couple weeks ago, she wanted to know if I was planning on participating in any sports.


Walking into Ms. Tavassoli's office, or 'Ms. T' as she likes to be called, for our Friday weekly meeting. Knocking on the door frame to turn her attention away from the computer. "Good afternoon Annabeth! How is your day so far?" She said, spinning her chair to face me. I spot her locket swishing around with her.

Ms. T's locket is a beautiful, shiny gold necklace. Her half the heart is straight down the middle, a clean cut like mine, with half a daisy and a small sun near the upper arc.

"It's going good. How about you?" I ask, when sitting in a chair opposite of her.

"Oh, absolutely wonderful! Okay, right down to business, so I have two questions for you today. Number one, is there a chance or a possibility that you're interested in an intermediate sport?"

"Umm...I don't know yet." And I didn't. I need to figure out a schedule based on my classes, Percy's schedule, dance, and combat.

"Well that's okay if you don't know right now, but I think it would be a good idea, just in case you want to join a team, for you to pick a high school to play for."

"'High for'? What do you mean?" I question her, my brow furrowing.

"I mean, you might be a NYU student, but it would seem unfair for you to compete against someone 8 years older. They would have had more experience and be fully grown, where you're still growing." She was right about me still growing. I'm about 5'7 right now, about an inche taller than Percy, but we'll both grow. Him more than me. I think I have another inch or two left in me before I stop.

Nodding in agreement that it would be unfair for me playing against adults recruited to play that sport. She keeps talking, "So it be like you going to a charter school and being able to participate in extracurriculars and interscholastic activities. But for you since you're ahead in academics, you would not be able to participate in scholastic competitions and such. It would get you into the rallies, dances, and sports games, for free. Also-"

I interrupted her, already knowing what high school I would play for, if I had time or wanted to play a sport. "Googe High School."

"Are you sure? You don't want to do any research on any other possible schools?" Ms. T questions.

"I'm sure. I know some people who are going to be attending Googe this upcoming school year as freshmen."

"Well, okay! I'm so glad that you're making friends your age," she said cheerfully and clapped her hands in excitement. "So, you'll have an ID card with your photo, name, and Googe High School's name and colors, but yours won't have a grade level on it. I will do the paperwork and will let you know when to go in to have your picture taken. It might be done with the rest of the freshman or if they have a day for all transfers. I'll let you know. Now, my second question, the most important question of all." She holds it for dramatic effect. "What did you do for your 15th birthday? I saw it when I pulled up your student page and had to ask." You could see the excitement and curiosity shining in her eyes. I feel bad for what I'm about to say. Ms. T is probably expecting something fun since it landed on a Saturday.


"Nothing?" I nodded my head. "What do you mean 'nothing'?"

"Exactly that. I relaxed, worked out, ate some ice cream, practiced my instruments…" I trailed off. Not wanting to mench how I cried and had a mental breakdown after working out with Percy. Or that I called Fredrick at home and his cell, only for him to not pick up or call me later. Or how I checked the mailbox a couple times for a package or a letter from him, but nothing.

I understand.

It was also the day he lost his soul mate. We never really celebrated much in the past, but not even a text. All it takes is 2 seconds to send, 'Happy Birthday!' to your daughter across the country.

Frowning, obviously not pleased with my answers, I interrupted her as she opens her mouth to speak again, "But I'm planning to celebrate with Percy when he comes back from camp." She knows about Percy and Sally, after all, they are one of the reasons Fredrick let me move across the country in the first place.

"Okay," she drawls out, not quite sure to believe me. But I'm not lying. I am planning to celebrate with Percy, for Percy's 15th birthday, the day he gets back from camp on August 18th. "-well, I think that's all for today Annabeth. I will see you next week," she finishes with a smile.

Saying 'bye' as I stand, collecting my bag off the ground, I turn and head out the door.

End of Flashback

Hearing my phone go off to bring me back to reality to see that it's my alarm for dinner. I don't have an eating disorder, but sometimes with my ADHD I zone out or I get so focused on something, that I would skip meals or sometimes forget to go to bed at a resizable hour. Where Percy is always shifting, moving, glancing around the room, and losing attention quickly.

Standing up from my office chair where I was studying for my finals in two days. One on Thursday and the other on Friday. I canceled all my dance and combat lessons this week to focus my time on studying and getting good marks on my first college finals.

Percy won't be home till Monday because Camp-Half Blood likes to do a bunch of end of summer stuff the last weekend. I'll probably use the free weekend to finally record and post my first original song on Youtube.

My channel is called, "BrainChild" which has about 2,000 sucribers and makes me about $4 a month.

I'm using YouTube as a way to express myself. I even posted a couple of videos of me dancing.

Sitting down at the table, after making a salad and cooking a frozen turkey burger, I think about my locket.

How it's stored in a red velvet jewelry box, sitting beside a similar blue velvet box that holds Athen's locket. Both locked away in the fireproof safe in the office with my important documents (that include birth certificate, social security card, medical files, passport, and tax/finance papers).

Or when Percy asked about my locket.


It was the third Saturday we worked out together. We were grabbing a smoothie from 'Jamba Juice' to quench our thirst and re-energize ourselves. Sitting down inside the air conditioned store, sipping our drinks in silent. When Percy blurts out, "Where's your locket? I mean, I get it not having it on you working out, but you never have it."

Signing, not really wanting to answer his question, "I don't wear it."

Giving me a confused look, he pushes further, "Why don't you wear it?"

"I just don't, Percy. Can we just not talk about it?" I might have said the last part a little too harshly by the look on Percy's face. "I'm sorry Percy. It's just a touchy subject for me."

"It's alright. I shouldn't have pushed," he said looking down at his smoothie.

"No no. You were just curious. Umm...I guess I don't wear it because I grow up surrounded by people who hide theirs." Pausing to take a breath. "After mom died, Fredrick stopped wearing it on the outside of his clothes. And Susan also wore it under her shirt after her soulmate died, leaving her to raise for two little boys all on her own." Pausing again to think. Looking at Percy seemingly having his full attention without any fidgeting or anything, not wanting to interrupt me. "Growing up in an environment where people hide their lockets'. It seemed that they didn't want to show the world. Like, as if lockets resemble their hearts. They don't want to show the world a part of themselves, too afraid of getting hurt again." Looking down to my smoothing, my fingers tapping together as I continue. "It takes guts for a person to show their heart to the world because there might always be a chance it might get broken. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I've seen people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and others who hide their hearts in fear of getting hurt." Breathing again, bringing my head up to face him. Finding my backbone to say the words. "I admire you Percy." He's looking at me in shock and confusion. "I really do. You wear your heart on your sleeve everyday. It takes a special kind of courage and confidence to do that. … I don't have the courage and confidence to wear my heart on my sleeve." We sit in silence for a minute as we process what I just said. Clearing my throat to break the silence, "So, I guess that's why I never wear it."

"Yeah yeah, I guess so. … I'm sorry for pushing you Annabeth. You didn't have to share that with me. But I'm glad you did."

"Me too Percy, me too." It was nice to finally figure out the reason why I don't wear my locket. I actively try not to look at people's lockets because then I would know who their other half is. I do look at a peoples who have already found their other halves, like Sally or a happily engaging Ms. T.

If I looked at other peoples lockets, then I would know who my other half is. I don't want to feel pressured and rushed with them, when I do find them.

I've already had to grow up fast. Went through school fast. I just want to put everything into low gear. To enjoy school at a normal pace.

On a completely random note, thanks to my ADHD, 'tests' popped into my brain. And that led to...

When I was getting tests done, to later figure out that I had an eidetic memory. I was also tested to see if I had Asperger's Syndrome.

Asperger's is an 'autistic condition that amplifies intelligence while reducing social and communication skills'. (A/N: taken from Isadora Smackle's Wiki page from Girl Meets World)

They were testing to see if that was the reason for my high IQ scores. And growing up in not the most loving and attentive environment, made it hard for me to fit in and communicate what I feel because it was never shown to me at a young age.

Opening up is hard and scary, but 'The steps you take don't need to be big, they just need to take you in the right direction.' (A/N: quote from Jemma Simmons, a character on Agents of SHIELD)

"Ready to go Annabeth?" Shaking my head, to get me out of memory lane.

"Yeah, lets go." Standing up, we throw away our empty cups and walk out into the hot and humid summer air.

End of Flashback

Signing, thinking about how fast I grow up. I feel almost like a complete adult. I live alone. Keep track of my finances. Have important documents in my possession. The only thing missing is a job. I guess going to school is my job, but I don't get medical insurance with it.

Sighing, rinsing off my dishes and putting them in the dishwasher and then drying and putting away the pan that cooked the burger. Grabbing an apple and peanut butter with dark chocolate chips for dessert, I head into the living room.

I don't really eat sweets or anything like at unless I'm with Percy or Sally. With Percy, he makes me feel like a normal ADHD and dyslexia kid, so I eat what he eats sometimes, like the ice cream after the skatepark or a greasy hamburger. I didn't eat out a ton in San Fran, mainly making my own food because Fredrick and Susan would take the boys out when I was at combat or doing homework. Or with Sally, not wanting to be rude when she makes her cookies or pie she.

Her cookies are to die for. I almost ate all of them she made for me in one sitting, but I restrain myself...somehow.

Sitting on the couch with my dessert in hand, grabbing the remote, I go to Disney+ and click "High School Musical 2". I've been slowly making my way through some movies and shows, since I haven't seen a lot of TV when I was in elementary, middle, and high school. Focusing on school and going at the pace I learned at, left little time to sit in front of a screen that does not involve learning.

Time Skip

Walking out of my last final of the summer session, to check the time to see it's 2PM. I can hear my stomach rumbling.

Finals aren't like high school finals, where you have 150 multiple choices and one easy to do in an hour and a half. My final started at 10AM and lasts for however long it takes you. Obviously you can't take 8 hours to take a test, but it lasts a good 2-3 hours.

Like in high school, I was allowed a little extra time because of my dyslexia, so I was one of the last few to hand in the final.

Deciding to get food delivered, feeling like a small celebration and not wanting to cook once I get home, I called a Chinese restaurant to order a delivery. The order would be delivered in about 30-45 minutes.

Unattaching my skateboard from my bag, I make my way home.

*ding* Stepping off the elevator, after letting Tanya know I have food being delivered so she knows to send the person up, I put my skateboard and bag away. Walking towards the office where my iPad is charging, wanting to do some yoga after a stressful week and finals. Changing my clothes from shorts and a t-shirt to a white sports bra and grey sweatpants.

Setting up my yoga mat near the piano, I start following the video. About 20 minutes after I start, I hear the kitchen phone ring. Standing up, I picked up the phone to hear, "Your order is on it way up." Saying thank you and hanging up, I hear the ding of the elevator. Grabbing the money I set on the countertop, I see the delivery person is a young male. I wish that I wore a shirt or throw on a sweater before walking out into his line of view.

I quickly make my way toward him, spotting a blush on his cheeks and seeing him looking at the floor intently. He holds out the paper bag and quickly says, "$18.87 is your total." Handing him a twenty and three one's, I take the bag from his hand.

"Thank you and keep the change. Have a good day."

" too miss." He walks into the elevator, still not taking his eyes off the ground.


Platting my food, I take my food into the living room to eat and watch 'Camp Rock'.

Finishing my movie, I roll up my yoga mat, throw away my trash, store the leftovers in containers in the fridge, and put my dishes in the dishwasher.

Not knowing what to do next, I decide to set an alarm and take my first nap in years.