1st- Interdiction (being Xemnas organization cloak in the final fight being able to manipulate energy blades) Attribute being Nothingness (similer to Ophis) side note with this form they can survive the Dimensional Gap for about 3-4 hours without protection cause of the Nothingness Attribute

2nd- Sharpshooters duel arrowguns Attribute being Space

3rd- Lindworm a 6 Lance set Attribute being Wind

4th- Frozen Pride a Shield Attribute being Ice

5th- Skysplitter an Axesword Attribute being Earth

6th- Book of Retribution lets you use any of the KH spells Attribute being Illusions

7th- Lunatic a Claymore its strength depends of the phase of the moon Attribute being Moons

8th- Eternal Flames a set of Twin Chakrams Attribute being Fire

9th- Arpeggio a Sitar Attribute being Water

10th- Fair Game a set of Cards that will work like Sakuya Izayoi's knifes (touhou) that being very sharp and seemingly infinate Attribute being Time

11th- Graceful Dahlia a Scythe Attribute being Shadows

12th- Foudre a set of 8 Knives Attribute being Lightning

13th- Oathkeeper and Oblivion being Holy and Demonic swords respectively Attribute being Light but during balance breaker the 13th weapon will be 2 becomes One a Holy Demonic sword (no duel wielding during balance breaker)