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She had finally arrived at the principal's office. She wasn't sure if she should be proud of that or scared: she wasn't either. She was bored, that was what she was.

"Agent," Graham began.

"Whoa, I'm no agent," Jenny replied.

"Sorry… Grimes was in here, apparently playing some James Bond-type game, and it finally got to me, Miss Burton." He looked up at her from her file. "I feel like that name doesn't exactly suit you."

"It's the only one I got," Jenny retorted. Graham shrugged. "Are you gonna punish me, or are we going through the dance?"

"The dance?" Graham asked, intrigued.

"Yeah, you know the one, where all I did was protect myself, and I have to pretend I'm sorry some boy got his feelings hurt when I retaliated?"

"We are here to see how you would like to proceed," Graham said. "Why don't you tell me what happened?"

Jenny gave him a look, shrugged, and began her tale. It had started when new exchange student Cole Barker had shown up last week. Cole had taken one look at Jenny and began his conquest, because he believed no woman could refuse his charms.

"I told him I was with Chuck," Jenny explained to Graham.

"And how did Chuck respond to that?" Graham asked.

Jenny got a dreamy look on her face. "He said, 'No man, or boy, or nerd, or whatever, owns Jenny Burton. She's with who she wants to be with. And if she chooses to be with me, then I'm lucky.'"

"I see," Graham said, watching the far off look on Jenny's face.

"So," Jenny continued, her brow furrowed. "Cole decided to charm me."

"How?" Graham asked.

Jenny grinned and thought back.


"Today's lesson is archery," their substitute teacher from Iceland said.

"Ever notice we get some weird substitutes, and we do stuff that probably isn't safe for kids our age?" Morgan asked Chuck and Jenny, leaning toward them.

"Morgan, you and Chuck will be a pair, and Cole and Jenny, you will be a pair," their teacher said, counting some money that looked suspiciously like British pound notes.

"I would rather be with Chuck," Jenny said.

"Listen, the four of you go down to the last two targets and work it out," the teacher said, already done with them.

"I'm telling you, the teachers are getting weirder and weirder, and that's saying something, coming from me," Morgan said to his two friends.

"Jenny," Cole said, approaching her, his arm out. She gave him a look and turned to Chuck. His eyes went wide and hers narrowed. He visibly gulped, and stuck out his arm, which Jenny then snaked hers through.

"Huh," Cole said, and then spun, when he felt an arm snake through his.

"Well, let's go," Morgan said, walking with Cole, who was dumbstruck. "You don't do this in the UK?"

"Uh, no," Cole replied walking anyway, not wanting to break US customs.


"So you're saying Mr. Einerson is taking bribes?" Graham asked for clarification. Jenny shrugged, her hands out. "I see," he said, making notes. "Go on."


Cole fired his arrow, and put it in the center of the target.

"Hawkeye could do better," Jenny said to Chuck.

"Where is he? Tell him to come over here, and I'll show him," Cole said.

"Green Arrow or Speedy could do this with their eyes closed," Jenny continued. Cole now grew confused. "Ooo, or Lady Shiva."

"Who are these people?" Cole asked.

"Hphmph," Morgan said. "It's obvious you don't read the classics."

"Buddy," Chuck said, trying to get Morgan to dial it down.

"Do not tell me Justice League and The Avengers are not classics, Chuck. We've had this conversation!"

"Justice League? Avengers?" Cole asked. "Who wrote those?"

"Well, it's not just one writer," Morgan began.

"They are comic books, Cole," Chuck explained.

Cole laughed and looked at Jenny. "This is who you want to be with?" Cole asked.

"Yes, it is," Jenny replied.

"He can't even defend you. He can't even hit that target."

"He can to," Morgan butted in, sticking up for his friend. "Show him Chuck!"

"It doesn't matter if he can or not," Jenny said. "I still like him for who he is."

"Show him, Chuck," Morgan encouraged Chuck.

Chuck looked at Jenny, who gave him a nod. He stood in front of his target, pulled back the string, aimed carefully, and let it fly. His target remained pristine; however, Cole's arrow, embedded in the middle of Cole's target, was trisected by the triple blades of the NAP Thunderhead tipping Chuck's arrow going through it from nock to head.


"I don't get how this ended up with Cole having a broken nose," Graham admitted.

Jenny just shrugged.


It was then that it had happened: She quickly stepped between Cole and Chuck, just as Bryce and Shaw shoved Chuck in the back. They were obviously hoping he would land on Cole, starting a fight. Sadly, their planned entertainment was foiled, as Jenny took the brunt of Chuck's weight. The impact still caused her to stagger backward into Cole, and that's when his hand grabbed her bottom. On reflex, she swung her elbow backwards, hearing a sickening crunch.


"Okkkkaaaay," Graham said. "But Bryce?"

Jenny shrugged again.


She saw the smirk on Bryce's face over Chuck's shoulder, and lost it. She brought her fist whistling forward, over Chuck's shoulder, and hit Bryce right in the nose.


"Fine, but what about Shaw?" Graham asked. Jenny looked away. "Jenny."


Morgan saw Shaw laughing, grabbed the bow and swung it at Shaw's face.


"So, you think they have suffered enough?" Graham asked.

"I think whatever you decide is fine," Jenny said, with a smile.

"One question, Jenny… was Chuck aiming for his target, or for Cole's?" Jenny didn't answer, but the grin on her face told Graham he was aiming for his own. Graham nodded, and Jenny got up and exited the office.

She walked by the bench where the three boys sat, their noses all bandaged. She made a sudden move toward them, and all three flinched, hitting the wall behind them and falling off the bench. Jenny laughed, and headed down the hallway to find Chuck. She sincerely hoped it was chicken for lunch today, because he really needed to stop eating the cafeteria meatloaf.

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