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Exploring the Wizarding World

Fay sighed as she had finally managed to get both Harry and Marcus to sleep. It has been three weeks already that the little boy was on board. The pure white anthro cocker spaniel had been babysitting them from time to time when Krystal was on Earth and Fox was busy helping Slippy with the maintenance of the arwings.

The two boys were cute little devils, they were always coming up with new antics. Harry had just learned to walk thanks to his adoptive brother's telepathy, yes two years old and the little blue fox already knew telepathy! The foxes from Cerinia were truly unique as telepathic/empathic communication was instinctive for them...and boy was it annoying when you suddenly get hungry after eating just because the only way that the baby has to tell you what he needs is making you feel what he does. "Seriously Marcus...I don't want to get fat or take pills every time you feel hungry...why can't you use telepathy like you do with your brother" she moaned out of frustration. "Wonder what Krystal is doing...hope she will come back fast"

Meanwhile, in the streets of London, Krystal and Fox where searching for the magical folks of this planet. Krystal could sense magic and she knew they were getting close when they arrived to a small pub that wouldn't seem out of place if not for the robed persons coming in and out of it.

"I thought they were supposedly hiding,that's not hiding! they have to attract a lot of attention dressed like that" Fox muttered blinking several times out of disbelief.

Krystal shook her head frowning a little "I think they must use some kind of magical protection that influence the mind of the mundane humans. Unless they want to be noticed it won't happen." she replied lowering her voice as much as possible as they approached the door "Let's tread carefully, magical peoples may not be fooled as easily as the mundane ones. Beside if we were to be honest we were not that stealthy either when it comes to the way we were dressed..."

Fox chuckled as he remembered how Slippy grumbled as he was told by one of the other Xeno-anthropologists that he had modeled their disguises with clothing that were in some cases too formal like Fox who literally had a suit. Which was replaced by a much more casual outfit He still was a green eyed, dirty blond human ,but his clothes were changed to a black leather jacket worn on top of a red shirt, jeans and leather boots. He seemed more comfortable with this outfit than the previous one, which also seemed make Krystal smile. Fox had never been one for formal stuff.

"Anyway, let's get in there" she said as they stepped into the pub. The least they could say was that there was a lot of activity, peoples seemed really excited, talking and debating about something. Krystal and Fox were soon approached by a man.

"Hi there, a little lost?Guess you are new around here" he asked

Both foxes nodded going with what the man said , it was easier to let others make the answers and questions and just add to it as coherently as possible "Yes, we just arrived in Britain actually" Krystal answered as she joined the conversation.

"Oh is that so?"

"Oh well nice to meet you, my name is Tom, and you couldn't have chosen a better moment to arrive" Tom explained with a bright smile.

"Oh really? did something important arrived?" Fox asked not knowing what else to say.

"Of course! you have been living under a rock or in a really remote place if you haven't heard the news of the fall of you-know-who"

Krystal blinked several times "Who?"

Tom facepalmed "The dark lord who has been terrorizing all of Britain's magical community! He died a few weeks ago! Defeated by a baby who survived the killing curse at that!" he ranted.

Krystal immediately understood what the man meant, he was talking about how Harry supposedly defeated this Voldemort person. And it seemed that this was public knowledge, something that she didn't like one bit, a chance Harry wouldn't come back using his true name, he'd get swarmed by fans and vultures. She was glad they were taking the little boy with them, this was not a healthy environment for an orphaned kid to grow up in.

"Anyway, since you are new I suppose I should show you the way to Diagon Alley, right?"

Krystal and Fox nodded not sure of what it was. They were guided to a small courtyard where there seem to be nothing suspicious, but Tom brought out his wand and hit a few precise brick on the wall and the bricks began to move on their own to reveal a passage to what appeared to be a very eccentric shopping district.

Fox started to understand why they talked about the "Wizarding World" , because he definitely felt like he had stepped into a different world compared to the rest of London. The buildings looked older, and the content of some store windows had him raise an eyebrow especially the brooms "Huh what's up with those?"

"I think these are flying broomsticks...there are plenty of those in human fairy tales usually associated to witches. So I suppose there was some truth in those" Krystal whispered to her husband.

Fox blinked several times before finally whispering back "They fly with those sticks?! They are crazy!For real, don't get me started on how many ways this can go wrong! No you clean the dust with brooms you don't fly them!Not me...nor my son! if Harry wants to fly he will pilot a ship with all the proper emergency equipment!" he ranted under his breath.

Krystal chuckled and rolled her eyes as she patted her husband's shoulder while guiding him away from the brooms toward a library. Once in there Krystal and Fox began to scan books discreetly as possible which wasn't too hard thanks to another gadget created by Slippy, you could say what you wanted about this frog, he certainly was a talented and crafty inventor.

While he was not looking where he was walking Fox bumped into a man "Hey can't you watch your step idiot!" shouted the man. Fox turned to face him and see who he had bumped into. A tall platinum blond, fair skinned and blue eyed man.

"Sorry was focused on something else" Fox answered rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

"I noticed" he said with a sneer "Who are you? I don't remember seeing you around before" he said looking at Fox's clothes with obvious disgust, he muttered something about "muggle clothes" under his breath.

"We are new , we just arrived from America" Krystal said as she joined her husband having felt some distress from him.

The man scoffed "Foreigners, should have guessed so. Well watch your steps from now on" he replied before leaving the two disguised foxes alone.

"What a charming man..." Krystal said with a forced smile as they walked away to explore another part of the alley. Really all the other peoples she had met were nice, if a little prejudiced against "muggles" as they called them, but Fox had to meet the worst one of the bunch.

The more they gathered information about the situation of the magical community the less they wanted to actually tell anyone they had adopted their "savior". These peoples were talking about him like a freaking celebrity , everyone knew his name! but the one thing that eventually convinced them to leave was when Fox took a newspaper and they learned about Sirius Black.

"Well...I guess I won't complain about O'Donnel being Harry's godfather anymore..." Fox muttered under his breath.

"Hm...I think there's something off..." Krystal said looking at the long and detailed article as if searching for something that was missing.

"What is it Krystal?" if there's one thing that Fox had learned during his years of shared life with his wife, it was that her intuition was rarely wrong.

"Don't you see that while he has been sentenced to prison...there's no mention of a trial" Krystal answered causing Fox to thrown and re-read the translation of the article provided by his arm computer.

"Something is off indeed...they say he was one of Harry's father's best friends...this is suspicious, it looks like a rushed arrest to find a scapegoat to calm down the public opinion...maybe that dark lord managed to make the ministry lose so much credibility and trust that they desperately needed success to restore them..." Fox said his face showing clear disgust at the very idea that innocent could have been sacrificed like this.

Krystal shook her head "Well we can't really know if it is what it looks like...if we make a mistake we could endanger Harry. And his safety is our priority" she said as they walked away and went to their next destination: the ministry of magic. They needed a lot of information if Harry is to return one day, something that the two foxes were starting to consider as less likely as they learned about the magical community of Britain.

When they walked in the hall of the ministry's headquarter they were shocked to see what had to be law-enforcers dragging a kicking and screaming man covered in chains.

"Sirius Black..." Fox mumbled as he held Krystal close to him.

at some point Sirius and Krystal's eyes met and the disguised blue fox used that chance to probe his mind, her eyes widened in shock and horror "F-Fox...he is innocent!" she whispered to her husband. Fox's expression turned into one of horror as he realized that things were exactly what they had guessed.

"Do not worry citizens that man won't hurt anyone anymore" a man told them with a bright smile, he had clearly misinterpreted the look on the couple's face. "From your accent I can tell you are not from Britain, do you need any help? Oh and by the way, I am Oswald Cornelius Fudge, Junior Minister in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. so if anyone knows everything about the ministry it has to be me" he said jovially.

Fox and Krystal shuddered at the facade , they had seen it times and times again on Corneria, being war heroes every politicians wanted to be seen by their side, or better yet have them say anything that could be interpreted as them supporting said politicians. "Hm well glad to meet you Mr Fudge, I am Fox McCloud and this is my wife Krystal, we are indeed new and looking to inform ourselves on the local laws"

"Oh a good initiative, there's a library open to the public on the second level, and on that same level there will be peoples who can inform you on more precise point" he said gesturing toward the elevator.

"Well thank you sir for your help" Krystal said as they left as fast as they could to not stay any more than they had too around the falsely pleasant man.

Once in the library they began to scan books again, and once they were done getting all the information on the laws of the british ministry of magic and its inner workings they left as fast as they could not wanting to meet another politician or someone who would to curious about them.

When they were finally back on the Great Fox they began to discuss what they had found, while Krystal was going other some of the books they had scanned. Suddenly she gasped "Oh no..."

"What is it Krystal?" Fox asked now confused.

"The prison were they will send Harry's godfather...They have those...things in it as jail-keepers!" she said showing Fox the illustration of a Dementor.

Fox began to read the text associated to the picture and a cold shudder went down his spine"Dementors, amortal non-beings, their mere presence cause dread and fear to all sentient beings. They feed on the positive emotions of sentient being until the prey is left as an empty shell of their former self. They are also known to devour souls, this is known as the "Dementor's kiss"...What the actual fuck?! They have those as jail-keepers!" he quickly toned down his voice remembering the kids were there with them "That's pure cruelty..."

Krystal nodded finding it hard to breath "And they...they are going to send an innocent in a place choke-full of those monsters!" she breathed hard trying to hold back a sob "Fox...we can't let this happen"

The flight instructor nodded solemnly "I know Krystal...well guess I'll have to ask for the help of a certain squad who is used to breaking the law..." he said with a chuckle knowing exactly who could help him get Sirius out of this prison before they tortured him.

Krystal watched as Fox left while she watched over her sleeping children , she noticed Harry little face scrunching up with what seemed to be fear, the little one was having a nightmare. He was about to cry, but before Krystal did anything Harry stopped. The blue vixen felt something strange in the air, a strong calming aura, then she noticed that Marcus was awake and staring at his adoptive brother with a look of concern. Krystal chuckled, the boy might be two years old and couldn't understand much yet, but he definitely already had his heart in the right place. "You are good brother Marcus" she said while ruffling her son's hairs "A good big brother who will protect his little brother, though I'll have to teach you to control your powers" Krystal began to slowly hum a lullaby to help Marcus go back to sleep.

Meanwhile at Hogwart, in Dumbledore's office...

The old wizard was pacing out of frustration , he had been looking for the Potters' son but couldn't find him. All the spell and artifact he had used pointed to the boy being alive, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't find his location. It was truly irritating, he is one of the most powerful wizards in the world and he couldn't find a boy. After a few more moments he finally sat down in his chair trying to think of the events that had led to this situation.

He had left the potter boy on the steps of his aunt's door. It was the only way to keep him safe, after all Petunia was the only relative of Lily to be alive. And as such the only way he had to maintain the protection Lily created at the cost of her life. But it would seem from what Arabella had told him: that not only Petunia didn't take the child in but someone else took him and before she arrived.

The old headmaster rubs his temples trying to think of a way to fix the situation, but he can't think of anything. It seemed that wherever he is; Harry is simply out of range of any location charm. This was bad, really bad, his whole plan was now endangered by this new element. Why was nothing ever simple?

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