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Magicians and Wizards

Chapter 2

"Th-the Death Eaters?" Harry repeated, hoping that it wasn't true. Carter nodded his head grimly.

"So you know them?" Sadie asked eagerly.

"Well, yeah... you can say that."

"What do you mean?" Walt stepped forward and talked for the first time.

Harry glanced at the others. They nodded. "We don't know names, but we do know who and what they are, but... we thought that they were gone. How old is your source?"

Sadie looked at him sourly. "A few weeks, jerk. Do you really think that our sources are that old, you idiot?"

Ginny got up and was reaching for her wand when bother Harry and Carter moved as one. Harry put his hand on Ginny's arm, giving her a look of warning as Carter put an arm in front of Sadie. "That was out of hand, Sadie," Carter said. He then turned to Harry. "So do you know where they are?"

Hermione piped up. "Probably Malfoy Manor."

"Can you take us there?"

"Of...," she glanced at Harry, who nodded, "of course."

The group of eight had apparated to Malfoy Manor, each wizard taking a magician. Harry had taken Carter, Ron had taken Walt, Hermione had taken Sadie (for her protection against Ginny) and Ginny had taken Zia.

Harry took a deep breath, took his arm off of Carter's, and turned away. Ginny strode to his side and put a hand on his back. The rest of the group thought that they could hear a faint gulping or sobbing noise.

Carter cast a questioning glance at Ron and Hermione, who were just looking at Harry sadly. "What's...?"

Ron sniffed. "I, uh... we had a friend who died here. Well, not technically here, but... they got hit with a knife here while disapparating away. They ended up dying."

Hermione muttered something that sounded like, "Rest in Peace, Dobby."

Carter glanced at the others, who were just as confused. Harry turned back around, wiped his eyes, and said something about going in.

"Um... Harry?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, Hermione?"

"How are we going to get in?"

There was a pause. "I don't know. Anyone have any suggestions? They definately won't just let us in. Besides, this might not even be the place. I don't think that they would take to nicely if we just barge in like, 'Hey, yeah, we think that you guys are hosting Death Eaters here. Hang around while we search the house. Thanks!'" Harry pointed out. "Well, I geuss that we could send some people up to the front door to dristract while the rest of us slip into the house under the invisibility cloak," Ginny said thoughtfully.

"The inisibility cloak will only be able to fit two or three of us," Ron pointed out. (Good job Ron, you finally learned something!)

The magicians glanced at each other, confused. Invisibility cloak? What?

"Do you think that we can apparate in?" Ron asked.

"Not a chance. They're absolutely going to have something to prevent that. Or, well, if that's even possible. Hermione?" Harry said.

"Well... it wouldn't be impossible, but it would be extremely hard, so I don't think that they would."

"Oh. Well, let's go then." The wizards did the same thing, grabbing the same magicians, and apparated in.

When they were in Malfoy Manor, everybody glanced around. Harry saw Draco Malfoy just in time to hear, "What the hell are you doing in my house, Potter?!"