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The Runaway

Chapter One: "Redheaded Assholes"

Jittery fingers grasped a steamy mug. After three cups of shitty coffee, Bella was finally feeling the caffeine. She had been awake for thirty-two hours. An impending threat keeping her awake. She could feel a vampire's closeness. The dash of venom running through her veins hummed whenever one neared her. It was a gift as well as a curse. Without it, she would be a blood slushy. However, if she had never been bitten by James, she could've lived a vanilla life. Of course, she had no one to blame but herself. At the time, she would have given anything for Edward Cullen. Now, she was paying the price.

The pub's door jingled. Bella didn't look-up from her coffee. She knew it was Victoria. The redheaded bitch had a knack for finding her. Bella suspected that James's venom defiled her original scent. It was more-or-less a beacon for his fiery-haired mate. Despite being on an entirely different continent, Victoria could still find her. She had the nose of damn bloodhound. Not to mention, she had eternity to hold a grudge.

"Bella," she sang, "This isn't your usual style."

Curious, Bella glanced at the vampire. Like most encounters, the blood sucker looked like a homeless person. She was caked in mud and debris. However, instead of glaring at her conquest, Victoria's dark eyes inspected the pub. Undoubtedly, she was counting the humans. There were around ten on the main floor – enough to deter a bloodbath. Even though Victoria was a vicious bitch, she would never risk exposure.

"Well, it's late. Nothing else was open," Bella quipped.

"Tragic," she smirked, "dying here."

"I'm not dying here, Bitch."

Victoria laughed, taking the seat across from her. Oddly, the vampire seemed to fit-in the dingy pub. Like her, it was dodgy. The pub was dark, musty, and old. Even the name seemed bleak: The Leaky Cauldron. Though, Bella wasn't lying. It was the only place open. Sure, their coffee was shit, but at least, they took-in strays.

"Oh, I disagree. Soon, a few of these humans will leave. Then, there will be no witnesses," Victoria reasoned. "Of course, you could do the honorable thing – leave."

Bella released her mug, flagging down the waitress. Like most people, the waitress eyed Victoria with a worrisome brow. She inched towards the table, ticket in hand. Victoria seemed to enjoy the fear. A cruel smirk planted on her lips. Quickly, Bella plucked the bill. She gave it a quick read before digging into her purse. Though, she had no intention of grabbing money. Instead, she snaked out a homemade flame thrower. It was only a lighter taped to a bottle of hairspray, but it worked wonders on vampires.

Quickly, Bella pulled the device out of her purse. She flicked the lighter causing fire to explode from the can. It torched Victoria's face. She screamed bloody murder, jumping from the chair. Not missing a beat, Bella followed her. She emptied the can on her entire body. The scent of charred vampire flesh brought a disturbing smile to her face. Sure, Victoria wouldn't die, but at least, she'd get a head start.

"I'll kill you," Victoria screamed.

"Yeah, not today. Maybe, tomorrow?"

Then, magically, the flames dispersed. Confused, Bella stepped-back. The reds of Victoria's eyes took a fearsome hue. A snarl ripped from her mouth as she charged Bella. However, the vampire never made contact. A white flash of light collided with her crispy body, turning her into a spider. Without hesitation, Bella squashed it with her boot. Relief pulsed through her body. After six years, the bitch was dead.

When Bella returned to reality, she assessed the audience. All the patrons were staring at her. Strangely, no one seemed disturbed. Even the previously quivering waitress was unmoved. They seemed more curious about her.

"Do you normally consort with vampires," a male voice piped to her right.

Bella shifted her attention to the man. He stood a few inches taller than her. Longish, red hair framed his square jaw. A pair of warm, brown eyes peered at her with humor. He was devilishly handsome. Despite the strange circumstances, Bella found herself smiling. She hadn't smiled in years.

"Well, I've been told that I smell good. They can't seem to resist," she replied.

The man moved towards her until they were nearly touching. He dipped down to her neck, inhaling her hair. "I don't blame them," he decided. "You smell wonderful."

"Uh, thanks?"

The man chuckled, returning to his full height. His brown eyes reconnected with hers. He parted his mouth to speak, but the waitress interrupted. She delivered a new check, a jealous scowl on her face. Bella took the slip of paper. She returned to her table, grabbing her bag. "Sorry about that," she smiled, delivering a generous tip. The waitress huffed, leaving the two alone.

"I feel like I've stepped into the Twilight Zone," Bella mumbled.

"The Leaky Caldron has its moments."

"So, this is a normal occurrence," she concluded. "I was beginning to wonder. Everyone seemed so collected. I expected they'd run for the hills once I lit the bitch on fire."

The man didn't respond. His chocolate eyes widened as if coming to a certain realization. Then, he stepped away from her. His pale hand reached inside his blazer, retrieving a stick. Before she could move, he muttered an incantation. A yellowish light shot from the twig hitting her in the chest. A power surged through her, attempting to penetrate her mind. It failed; nothing could break her shield.

"Fuck you," Bella growled. She stepped towards him, throwing a nasty punch. His nose broke upon impact. The man seemed shocked. "Good," she thought. Turning her heel, she left the pub. It seemed the world was full of redheaded assholes.