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The Runaway

Chapter Two: "Candied Pecans"

Silence cloaked the cobblestone streets. Only the heels of her boots created noise. As they slapped against the pavement, Bella reflected on the night's events. Unknowingly, she had stumbled into something magical. However, she wasn't going to dwell on it. After all, curiosity got her into the mess. If she wasn't so inquisitive, she'd probably be a college graduate, editing literature. Now, she was a perpetual nomad. She scraped by with a high school education, worked odd jobs under the table, and only had experience in survival. Her reprieve resided solely in a tattered journal. Though, she needed to rethink her future. Since Victoria was dead, she'd be able to live outside of the shadows. Of course, other vampires might come looking for her, but she could stop moving for a time.

A set of heavy footfalls joined hers. Bella sighed, looking over her shoulder. It was difficult to see under the dim light, but she could make-out a tall figure. She stopped moving, awaiting the intruder. Sneaking into her bag, she grabbed a bottle of pepper spray. If the fucker attempted to cause trouble, she'd blind them. If she had learned anything growing-up, it was to handle herself. She owed Charlie; he was a great dad.

The steps slowed as the person neared. Bella looked again – it was the redhead. Though, his nose was no longer broken. There was wet blood on his face, but his nose was no longer crooked. The sight perplexed her. She gripped the pepper spray with determination. Deep down, she knew this guy was more dangerous than Victoria.

"Hi," he grinned, "I'm sorry about earlier. Can we start over?"

"I don't think so, Red."

"I thought you were a muggle. It was an honest mistake."

Bella frowned, "What's a muggle?"

His brow furrowed in confusion. For a moment, he looked like a confused puppy. Obviously, he had thought she was like him. Maybe, her shield had dispelled his suspicions. "Whatever," she thought. Bella raised her pepper spray. She released a steady stream into his eyes. As expected, he went down like a bile of bricks.

"What the bloody hell," he cried.

"Look, I don't need to be dragged into this bullshit," she explained. "I have enough on my plate. I don't need you using some voodoo crap on me. Just leave me alone!"

He laughed, eyes squeezed shut. Blindly, he reached into his blazer for the stick. Bella leapt towards him, trying to grab it. She ended-up tripping on the uneven sidewalk. As her knees crashed onto the ground, he released another light. Then, without missing a beat, he plucked her from the ground. Bella squirmed, but Red held-on tight.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he promised. "Honestly, I just wanted to talk. You know, maybe, take you out for a bite."

"Oh, sure," she hissed.

"Come on," he chuckled. "It's not every day that you meet a muggle that torches a vampire in a pub. Not to mention, a beautiful one."

A strange warmth radiated from her insides. Bella stopped moving. She knew it was the venom. For whatever reason, it liked this Neanderthal's touch. Bella looked-up, taking in his features. As she earlier assessed, he was handsome. Sure, he wasn't gorgeous like a vampire, but he had an unexpected allure. Bella leaned into him, sniffing him. He smelled like candied pecans. From a part unknown, she released a seductive purr. It nearly caused him to drop her.

"You're weird," he smiled. "I think I might keep you."

"My name's Bella. What's yours?"

"George," he answered, "George Weasley."

Bella took another whiff of his scent. She was never one for sweets, but damn. It was addictive like crack. She wanted to eat him. "It must be venom," she thought.

"How about that bite," he asked. "Nothing's open around here, but I can take you to mine. Besides, it looks like you could use some rest."

"Sure, sure," she mumbled, entranced.

George started walking, never releasing her. Bella suspected that he enjoyed their closeness too. Everything was so bizarre. She had meant to beat the shit out of him. Now, she couldn't imagine hurting him. "This cannot be good," she mused. However, against her better judgement, she remained still.

Soon, they returned to The Leaky Cauldron. He walked them inside and sauntered to the back. Somewhat freeing a hand, he tapped on a brick three times. To her surprise, a doorway opened. George walked them through, returning his hand. Bella wanted to look at the street, but she couldn't seem to look away from him. "Yeah," she thought, "I'm screwed. Fucking redheads."