Author's Note: This story is actually for a contest in my school, so I decided to upload it here. This story also takes place in one of my SSB AUs.

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Smash Bros and its characters.

"Are you sure you're gonna be okay by yourself for tonight?", Fox asked.

"I'll be fine Fox, I promise.", Falco replied.

The kitsune (another meaning of 'fox') agreed. "Well at least you enjoyed the party."

"Well kinda… People who were drunk, they get on my nerves. I was mostly busy reading my book then drinking."

"I understand. I'll see you tomorrow."

Falco waved goodbye, and left.

He looked at his phone. It was almost midnight. The avian sighed, looking up in the stars.

Finally, he reached his house, both of his parents were out tonight to attend a restaurant while he was at the party.

But as soon as he entered the door, he didn't realised someone was following him.

He got ready for bed, and continued reading his book called, "The Fault in our Stars".

As he read, he felt a strange cold breeze hit him. He looked at the window, seeing that it was closed.

"Strange", he thought.

The avian started to feel tired, and ended up sleeping with his book covering his face.

Falco woke up an hour later, feeling a bit sore from earlier.

His vision was gone. He thought it was just his book, but it felt silky. He realised he was blindfolded.

The avian was about to remove it, but his hands were grabbed. "H-Huh?!"

"Naughty birdie.", said a lustful italian voice.

Through the blindfold, Falco can see a pair of eyes glowing green-ish, blue-ish.

The hands of the man felt warm.

Shortly after, he felt fangs biting his neck.

Falco began to moan.

The man sucked the blood for 3 minutes before stopping. He removed the blindfold, showing Falco who he is.

Falco now recognizes that face.

He and the others rescued him from the Subspace Army this morning. But his eyes were green instead of blue.

"M-Mario?", he whispered.

"Just call this your little 'reward' for helping Peach save me."

When their eyes met, Falco knew he was gonna have some 'fun'.

A/N: Despite being an AU with different personalities, I could see the ship being canon. This is due to the fact that Falco and Mario have some similarities. The most common is that they mostly (for Falco it's now in the past) rescue their love interest, Katt and Peach respectively. They also where red.

Notes: Falco is at least around 14 years old here, while Mario is around his mid-20s. The vampire bite isn't an infection.

This is just a some drabble, so I'll add more to this if you want.