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In a desolate area covered in scanty vegetation, stood a few hooded figures who hid their faces behind Skull masks. All these people were highly wanted fugitives in the Kingdom of Clover. From thievery, looting, murder and kidnaping. They had done it all. And being powerful wizards in their own right, they always evaded any form of castigation. Since they only targeted the poor, hapless peasants who inhabited the Forsaken regions of the kingdom, they were subjected to only passable resistance from those who lived in the upper echelons of the country. Even when their threat was considered to be significantly high, many did not bother to subdue them, due to this form of discrimination that was rampant in this kingdom.

But on his day, between them and their path to escape, stood a member of the famed Magic Knights, who had come along to assist the Special magic Division 2 (SMD 2), in subduing this notorious bandit group.

"You are just crazy for thinking you can take us all alone." A tall member who stood at the front, mocked the blonde haired teen, who blocked their path in front of him.

The surrounding area gave away evidence, that a battle was fought here just a few moments ago. Rocks lay scattered and the unconscious bodies of the hooded figure's allies lay motionless on the depressions, which were formed as a result of this battle. None of them had suffered fatal injuries. The attacker had used just enough force to knock them out. It proved that he intended on capturing them alive while also revealed that the teen who was about to face this group, was not a killer.

Taking off his mask, the man revealed his identity to be that of the leader of the notorious bandit group, The Black Fang. His dark skinned face was covered in numerous tiny scars, highlighting the countless battles he had encountered. His body was lean and one of his arms was mechanical. But what stood out above everything was those cold eyes of his, which invoked fear into any, who would gaze upon it.

"Even if you are a magic knight, and even if you are one of the Black Bulls, we are not going to show you any mercy." His words were not meant to be deceiving. They held the truth. He was full intent on killing the magic knight who stood in his way. This sentiment was also echoed by the remaining members of his group who numbered at thirty. "I am nothing like those thrash you took out."

Taking out his grimoire, which was a three leaved one, he opened a certain page which contained one of his most powerful spells. "Get ready to die, filth." He bellowed out to the magic knight who, still remained completely unintimidated from the threat.

"Lightning Magic: Descending Thunder Clap." A tremendous pressure was felt in the area. It gave away to the sound of crackling thunder which soon materialized to create a massive sphere of lightning.

"Eat this, you scum." He hurled the sphere at the teen, who remained static, not moving an inch from his spot.

"Don't mind if I do." The blonde teen opened his mouth and in the next instant, devoured all of the magic.

"You are pretty good." When the light had subsided, the voice of the teen came through.

"I haven't tasted such delicious lightning in a while." Wiping his mouth, he flashed a cocky grin. His blonde hair moved gently in the wind, formed as a result of the impact, complementing the black cloak he wore on his tall, well-built frame. The yellow undershirt that covered his torso was sleeveless, which exposed his lean, yet strong and muscular arms.

"But, neither me nor does the special squad have any spare time on their hands." Dusting his baggy black pants, the magic knight of the Black Bulls, looked up to the terrified faces of his enemies.

"He really…" The leader of the Black Fang gulped down hard.

"Ate my strongest spell…" He found himself unable to reel back from the fear and shock, which had overcome him due to what he had witnessed. His mind echoed that he had made an enemy out of someone, that he would regret all his life.

The blonde teen who had a lightning shaped scar on his face, did not wait for another moment. Before the leader could even blink, he buried his lightning infused fist, in the gut of the leader of The Black Fang, making him cough out blood. That attack was also powerful enough to knock the daylight out of the dark skinned man.

"Now." The Black Bull magic knight turned towards the others, tossing aside the leader of the group. An audacious smirk finding its place into his face. "Who wants to go next?"

"That….he…." One of the members who stood at the front found himself unable to muster up any audible words. "Isn't he..."

An atmosphere of fear overcame the remaining members. They were scum who preyed on the weak and helpless. Though being strong magic users, they never had to go against a powerful foe before. But, at this moment the fear that clouded over most of them, was as a result of understanding the identity of the teenager who stood against them.

"No doubt about that. It's him." Another of the remaining members, felt his eyed widen in fear. They had taken the magic knight for granted, and failed to recognize who he really was. Their leader who was miles ahead of them in strength was taken out in an instant. This reassured them of who they had made an enemy out of. And it was a certain individual many would not want to face against on the battlefield. "That lightning shaped scar and the blonde hair. There's no mistake."

"It's him. The Black Raijin. Dragon Slayer, Laxus Dreyar."

On sensing the fear that had creeped into the visage of the gang members on grasping the truth of his identity, made the lightning mage flash a threatening grin. Gently, he closed his eyes and prepared to execute his next attack.

"Anyway." Lightning began to crackle through his figure as he clenched his right fist. "You were just too late."

Laxus Dreyar opened his eyes, his countenance taking up a serious note. "This ends now."

The blonde haired wizard then released a massive array of lightning at the enemy, a cloud of dust forming due to the violent impact. From within this dust, the screams of the remaining members could be heard, as they experienced the full brunt of his attack.

When the dust had cleared, Laxus Dreyar moved closer to the location of his enemies. His attack had fulfilled its intended purpose. The area was strewn with the unconscious bodies of those who had foolishly challenged him. He put in just enough to knock out his foes and not kill them. Smiling contentedly to himself, he then proceeded to make a quick analysis of the surroundings to ensure his victory.

"They turned out to be a bunch of nobodies for being such a notorious bandit group." He smirked to himself as he kneeled down besides the leader to have a better view of his face. He had ben extra cautious in his fight, contemplating that the group might prove to be dangerous opponents. But that concern had proved to be futile as he dispatched all of them without even breaking a sweat.

"The leader could have given me a hard time if he were using a different element." He tried to reassure himself, to affirm his anxiety was not in vain. "That ought to be something. I guess."

"Hey Laxie." A voice which came from behind, broke his train of thoughts and also lifted the tensed atmosphere that prevailed over the area. It also sent a slight feeling of uneasiness through his spine. Whatever it was. It was going to turn out to be a big bother.

The dragon slayer sighed to himself to compose himself. Getting up from his position on the ground, he turned towards the direction of the voice. His gaze meeting that of a middle aged, pale skinned, bistre haired man who was running towards him from the distance. This man wore a white robe with green markings on it, which had a gold coloured emblem in its back. His eyes were of a deep blue colour and his demeanour exuded incredible charisma. One look at this man was enough to make anyone develop a sense of faith in him. His face also unveiled the countless hardships and pain he had to endure all his life.

"What is it, old man?" The Lightning Dragon Slayer's face showed his displeasure. "They were just small fry. Nothing to be concerned over."

"They were small fry to you." The middle aged man panted, as he came up near Laxus. He had ran all the way from the village to his location. And not being that strong physically, was having negative effects on him. "Not everybody can take out that group on their own."

"Hmphh." The blonde haired mage scoffed at the statement. Though, he couldn't deny he felt a little uplifted from that statement, he masterfully kept it concealed.

"So, old man?" He looked up at the middle aged man. "Are the people safe?"

"Yes. They are all safe." He returned with a wide smile. "You arrived just in time before any harm could befall." He proceeded to pat Laxus on the head which made the latter shrugged his arms off of him.

"That aside." The middle aged man crossed his arms. "I am only forty, you know? That doesn't make me an old man." He gently shook his head to show his displeasure. "And also, its Special magic division 2 captain, Gregory Hurcrux to you, Laxie."

"Well, whatever." Laxus stretched his arms to flex his muscles. "My work here is done and I am leaving." He added as he pulled the Black Bulls robe over him and turned to leave. "The robe is pretty damaged. I have to get Vanessa to fix it up once I get back."

"Hey, don't leave so soon." Gregory grabbed hold of Laxus's shoulders, forcing him to stop in his tracks.

"What's the big idea old man?" The dragon slayer was not pleased at all. He forced the other's hand off him and a look of severe annoyance took over his visage.

"I thought my job was to help in taking out these punks." His tone showcased the frustration he felt inside. Around him, the members of the special magic division 2 had already reached the area and were rounding up all the members of the bandit group. A few of them gave him mocking glances, in an attempt to ridicule his social class, which caused the lightning mage's anger to spike exponentially.

"Leave them be Laxus." Gregory put his arm around the dragon slayer's shoulders in an effort to calm him down, while he shot a threatening glance to his subordinates behind him, making them flinch and stop with their vexing looks. The SMD 2 captain realized why Laxus was feeling agitated and acting all irritated at the moment. He was at the receiving end of these smug looks from those nobles.

"The villagers are adamant in seeing their hero." The captain of the special magic division 2 resumed with a wide smile. "And I am not that cruel, as to turn them down."

"This is such a drag." He turned his face away to the side. "I am not at all good, dealing with stuff like these."

"The big and strong Laxus. So afraid to face a bunch of villagers." Gregory remarked in a mocking tone much to the ire of the recipient. He cared for the blonde haired wizard like his son. He himself never had a family and Laxus to him was like the son he never had. He had more faith in Laxus than he had in his subordinates. The Dragon Slayer was someone who he could trust with his eyes closed. For this reason, he would always request the Magic Emperor to allow them to enlist the aid of the Lightning Dragon Slayer in certain tricky missions. And also, he never missed a chance to get on his nerves once in a while.

"Who said I was afraid?" Laxus shot back, pushing the Special Division captain off him. It was obvious as daylight Laxus hated being mobbed up by people. He always went out of his way to extend a helping hand to those in need, still he felt really embarrassed when people showered him with praises and gratitude.

"My apologies." The bistre haired man tried to hold back his laughter. However, it was only partly successful as a few escaped him. "I meant to say, the big and strong Laxus. So embarrassed to face a bunch of villagers."

Laxus felt his brow twitch at that retort. He grit his teeth to show his irritation. But before he could bring forth a reply, Gregory beat him to it. "You need to be more outgoing or you will end up single like me."

"Like I care about that." He pouted a bit as he broke off eye contact.

"Whatever. Just follow me, you little runt." The SMD 2 captain added, as he moved towards the direction of the village, not waiting for Laxus to come to a decision.

The dragon slayer clenched his jaw in vexation, unable to deliberate on his next course of action. After a very short while, he heaved a deep sigh and decided to follow the old man.

The only people Laxus cared about and respected, other than his comrades at the Black Bulls, were Gregory and the current magic emperor, Julius Novachrono. Though he put up a disinterested appearance, he would never go against the bistre haired man. The Kingdom of Clover was notorious for discrimination. Peasants were considered no better than flies by the nobles and the higher ups. He himself was on the receiving end of a lot of this hate, since he was an orphan abandoned by his father. Only a very few nobles he knew, never displayed such discrimination towards the peasants.

Gregory Hurcrux, a man who was born just a peasant in one of the lowest of the low villages in the boonies, tried to fight against this discrimination. He was not especially talented. Still, through his hard work and determination, he climbed up the ranks, to finally be bestowed the title of Special Magic Division 2 captain, a rank which was said to be exclusively reserved for nobility. Laxus had encountered him during a few missions when he was about twelve, and they had grown especially close since then. He respected the man for his accomplishments and also his tireless efforts, in trying to end the discrimination, so rampant in the kingdom.

He and his two younger friends were all abandoned by their respective fathers and found themselves all alone in this world. All they had to themselves was the magic their fathers taught them. They did everything they could to keep body and soul together. Wandering throughout the entire kingdom and doing any menial jobs that they could. Even when the fangs of hunger sunk deep into them, they never turned into transgressors. Their parents had raised taught them to adhere to the code they were taught, even if it cost them their lives.

Wandering aimlessly, one day they had stumbled upon a certain magic knights squad captain. At first, he seemed like a thug and got into a fight with Laxus himself. The man was just too strong for the young dragon slayer. He didn't even last a single minute against him. But out of everyone who they encountered, he was the only one who believed their story that, they were raised by Dragons and Demons, legendary Archanes who were believed to exist only in mythologies. That the magic they wielded, was one of the great lost magic, known as Slayer magic. A magic which was thought to be lost after the time of the first magic emperor. A rare form of magic which did not require the need of a grimoire to be wielded by its user. In the kingdom, lost magic users were often viewed with a discerning eye, since it was just absurd to think someone could wield such ancient power. Some viewed it as just taboo while most nobles showed no interest in it whatsoever claiming it to be just taken from stories told to children. To them, it was not your magic power but your social class and status, which determined who you are.

But this Magic Knights squad captain was different. After they had told him everything, he simply laughed and told them he was pretty amused to see the sons of Archanes here. That, the look in their eyes were more than enough proof to him, that they were indeed being honest.

He was the first and only person who gave them a home. The captain of the Black Bulls, Yami Sukehiro. A man Laxus would trust with his life. Someone who he valued more than his life itself. It was the same for his comrades at Black Bulls. They were all precious to him. They were like his family. And he would crush anyone who would dare to hurt his family.

The blonde haired, Dragon Slayer picked up his pace and caught up to the Gregory. "Listen, you stupid old man. This is the last time I am going to agree to help you." He retorted in a vexed tone.

"Ha…ha…ha" Gregory Hurcrux broke into a fit of laughter at hearing the comment. "How many times does it make it now that you have been saying the same thing?"

Laxus felt his face go red with embarrassment. "I…" he tried to bring up a proper reply but found himself unable to do so.

"Don't fret Laxie." The SMD 2 captain turned to him with his trademark smile plastered on his face.

"Don't call me Laxie."

"Anyway." Gregory continued after his laughter had died down. "I'll put in a good word with the emperor to award you an extra star for your efforts."

"I don't care for your stars." Laxus folded his arms and broke off eye contact. "I just want to go back home now." He tried his best to prevent the agitation from seeping through his voice.

"Well, Luxie" Gregory began again, which made Laxus pinch the bridge of his nose at the nickname he was given by the man.

"You need to earn enough stars to balance all the negative ones your teammates are earning." The bistre haired man chuckled slightly. "Especially from those two, who have a knack for gathering negative stars."

"Those two." Laxus bit his lip and face palmed, when a sudden realization hit him after the SMD 2 captain mentioned about them. "I still haven't paid back those townspeople from back then."

Gregory simply held his sides and kept laughing at Laxus's sudden change in countenance. "Don't worry, Luxie. You are also gonna get paid really well for this mission."

The dragon slayer heaved a deep sigh to regain his composure. "You say that, but you have no idea about how much the bill is?"

"Before that, old man." He quickly turned to him. "Decide whether it's Luxie or Laxie. Both are annoying."

"Well, you were the one who told me to stop calling you Laxie."


Laxus Dreyar returned from his two day long mission in the village of Seer, which was deep into the forsaken lands. Gregory specifically requested the magic emperor, for the aid of Laxus in taking out the notorious bandit group, Black Fang, who were wreaking havoc in the kingdom. There was another reason the bistre haired man always called for Laxus in case of important missions, because he was the one Gregory Hurcrux trusted the most other than the magic emperor.

Gregory being a peasant was already an eyesore to the others, who occupied the same rank. Even among his subordinates, there were many who were unwilling to obey him. But the middle aged man was not someone to be messed with. He was strict and powerful. Due to this, even the most headstrong nobles in his squad were afraid to speak against him.

However when missions involved the protection of poor peasants, Laxus was always called upon. Gregory never trusted his own squad to value the life of commoners. They were all made up of nobles whose pride and haughtiness exceeded even their magic powers.

Laxus knew all this. That was why he never complained about it even once. He was also confident in his magic power. In the Black Bulls, he was hailed as the strongest, second only to the captain. He regarded it as quite an achievement considering the fact he was only 17. If there was anything he hated, it was spending time with the people who he had saved. He never once admitted it, but the attention sort of embarrassed him. Especially, those of women.

Due to him going up to meet all the villagers of Seer, he arrived back at his base a whole day later than he would have liked. The people just wouldn't let him go and forced him to spend the night there. The SMD 2 captain enjoyed these kinds of things and so accompanied Laxus, while he asked his squad to report to HQ with the criminals.

"Crazy old man. Dragging me to all his messes."

Dusk was fast approaching and the Dragon Slayer was hungry, above all things. What he wanted the most right now was to eat and drink his fill before hitting the bed.

As he approached the door, the blonde magic knight of the Black Bulls noticed that the ground near the far edge of the base was riddled with cracks.

"Those two idiots." He mused in the background as he opened the door and entered the base.


"Oh Laxus. Welcome back." The dragon slayer entered into the hall, to the familiar voices of his comrades who were gathered around the table.

"So, how did the mission go?" A slender young man sporting a Mohawk, who wore a pair of blue shades quickly came up to him. His tone showed he harboured an immense amount of admiration for the dragon slayer, and this was also evident in his visage.

"What do you think, Magna?" The blonde walked past him, his arms folded as his lips curved into a grin. "They stood no chance at all."

"Well. As expected of our super awesome Vice-Captain." Magna flashed a grin showing how blissful he was. "No one can beat him." Laxus was the second most respected person for Magna. He admired his strength and his ability to maintain composure in the trickiest situations. But what he loved the most about the blonde dragon slayer was his dedication to his comrades. He would go to any great extend to protect his comrades. This quality was something that earned the Lightning Dragon Slayer the respect of not only Magna, but also those of all his teammates.

"How about you come drink with me for a bit, boy?" Waving an half empty bottle of alcohol, a pink haired, tall woman called out to the dragon slayer.

"I really do need a drink but definitely not alcohol." Laxus shot her down. "And I am underage."

"You are no fun." The woman replied in between hiccups, as she continued to gulp down the contents of the bottle.

"I am glad you are safe. I was worried about you. How was your mission? How long did it take? Can you tell me about it? Do you want a drink? I can get you a drink? What would you like to drink? Can you take me with you in your next mission?" Inaudible to everyone except, to the Dragon Slayer himself, courtesy of his superior hearing, came the mumblings of a slender, young man with pale skin and black hair, who wore a dark grey peaked cap.

Laxus smirked to himself at this as he continued to move towards his favourite chair in the dining area. "Gordon's still the same. I hope the day comes when his voice gets heard."

"So, you are back kid." A tall, raven haired, muscular man remarked in a nonchalant tone as he slightly lowered the newspaper he was reading. A lit cigarette was on his lips and his facial expression remained undecipherable. "Good thing you are not dead."

"Shut up you crazy whack." Laxus shot back. The lightning mage was not at all amused by the reception. Well, to be exact it was the same reception everyone got.

"Ha…ha…ha." The raven haired man who was the captain of the Black Bulls, Yami Sukehiro burst into a sudden fit of laughter.

"I missed you too kid." He added before he went back to his newspaper. Laxus was the only member of the squad, Yami outwardly acted, a bit nice to. The rest of them all got the same tough love treatment. The captain of the bulls believed Laxus to be the only level headed one amongst his squad of knuckleheads, and due to this, he went a bit easy on him. In case of emergencies, he believed Laxus was the one he could depend on the most. He believed in Laxus's strength and in his will.

"Hey, Laxus." An angry tone was heard, followed by a small fireball whizzed past the Dragon Slayer's head.

"Is that how you talk to Yami-san?" Magna Swing quickly barged into the Dragon Slayer. There was no longer the same respectful-of-Laxus personality in him. His sound began to border the lines of hysterical "Apologize to Yami-san right now."

Unable to find any sort of reply, the blonde wizard rubbed his temples to show his frustration. When it came to the captain, Magna behaved like a totally different person. More like Magna Swing worshipped Yami Sukehiro as a God. To the fire mage, everything the Black Bulls Captain did was right.

"Could you move away from my face, Magna? I am hungry and tired."

"Laxus. Fight me. Fight me now." This exchange was suddenly halted by the sudden appearance of a blue eyed, teenager with medium length, messy blonde hair, in front of Laxus, taking him and the Mohawk wielder by surprise.

"Hey, fight me now. Let's do it now." The newcomer went on throwing punches in the air.

"No. Luck." Laxus used his right arm to gently push the battle-crazy teenager aside. But his efforts remained futile as the other showed no intention of backing out and pushed against the force.

"Luck." The pink haired beauty of the Black Bulls, Vanessa Enoteca, called out in an inebriated tone, as she paused between taking sips of the bottle in her hand. "I thought you were in the toilet. Did you finish so quickly?"

"I finished it fast when I heard Laxus came back." Luck declared still throwing punches in the air. His expression not changing one bit. "Hey, hey Laxus. Fight me."

"Go pick on the pink haired fighting freak, you blonde haired fighting freak." Laxus shoved him away with his arm and seated himself upon his favourite chair, which was opposite to where Vanessa was seated.

"And importantly." He added as his face turned grotesque. "Did you wash those hands?"

Next to the Vice Captain of the Black Bulls, was seated an extremely heavy set man with slicked back hair, who appeared to be completely oblivious to everything that was happening around him. What, looked like smoke appeared to be escaping out from his mouth. This was another member, who competed with the mumbling, pale haired man, Gordon, on who was the most anti-social member in the squad. Her name was Grey, and she was actually a woman though she took the form of a man at the moment.

"So the anti-socials are still the anti-socials. The fighting freak is still the fighting freak and the captain worshipper is still the captain worshipper." Laxus grinned inwardly as he scratched the side of his head. "And the drunk is still the drunk." He added looking up to the passed out Vanessa, seated opposite him. "Home Sweet Home."

"By the way, I don't see the glutton, the playboy or the two knuckleheads anywhere." He looked over his shoulder to find the four people he was looking for.

"Laxus. Welcome back." One of those people, entered the fray followed by a few sheep dressed like chefs and carrying a wide variety of food items. "You are just on time. I made you lots of delicious dinner."

"Thanks a bunch Charmy." He addressed the petite, raven haired girl. He got up and lend a hand to her in placing the plates of food on the table, fighting back his urge to fill himself up right now. "Don't know what I'd do without you."

"Eat up. Eat up. The sheep cooks enjoy making food for you. They like you're eating posture. So don't hold back at all." The petite member of the Black Bulls retorted. She enjoyed feeding people and Laxus was among the few people who came close to her in appetite. This made her doubly excited when dealing with Laxus.

Laxus waited for no second invitation as he dug into the food laid out in front of him, not bothering to interfere in the petty squabble that had broken out behind him, between Magna and Luck.

"By the way. I almost forgot." He put down his plate and turned to his captain when, a sudden realization hit him. "Where are Natsu and Gray?"

"Oh, Natsu." Yami replied still not looking away from his paper. "He was being more annoying than usual, and so I sent him away on a mission."

"Did you send him alone?" The expression on Laxus's face said it all. "He needs somebody with him to keep him in check or the bills will come flooding again."

"Don't worry about that." The captain of the Black Bulls retorted in his usual tone. His intonation which remained unchanged made it hard to guess what exactly he was feeling at the moment. "I sent Finral to keep an eye on him."

"Finral?" Laxus darted up from his seat and made a beeline towards the captain. "He is the worst person who could accompany Natsu."

"Don't sweat over it. Did you think I don't know that?" Yami Sukehiro burst into another fit of laughter. "Of course, I sent Gray to keep a leash on him. Our own Gray Fullbuster." He added to the bewildered Laxus, who had his jaw literally on the floor.

It took a time for Laxus to come back to his senses. Wiping his forehead, he stated. "Captain, you did this on purpose, didn't you?

"The kids have to learn working together. This is the only way to push past their limits." Folding away his paper, the captain of the Black Bulls got up from his seat. "I gotta take a dump."

"Whatever. I'm not paying this time. You will pay for damages from your own wallet." Laxus moved back towards the table and sank back to his chair and diverted his attention back to his food. Next to him, Charmy was finishing off plates of food while her sheep cooks kept making more.

"Don't sweat over it. With the extra star you received today, we are officially at minus twenty six. So, we can afford another few negative stars."

"That aside." Yami tuned to Laxus with a more serious expression. "The magic knight entrance exams are due to be held next week. I want you, Finral and Gordon to accompany me to the royal capital." As soon as he finished, than he prepared to head towards the toilet.

Laxus shook his head to show he did, but made no effort to reply, his concentration now fully diverted towards the food on his plate.

"Stupid old man. Acting all care free." His mind echoed.


In a clearing just outside the farming village of Seral, two teenagers were fighting like there was no tomorrow. The area around them brandished the intensity of the fight that had taken place there. Ice collided against flames, frozen fists impacted against molten fists, and with each blow, the damage to the area kept expanding.

"What was that, stripper boy?" One of the two brawlers, who was a pink haired teen bumped his head in to that of a spiky, raven haired teenager of the same age.

"You got a problem with it ash breath?" The raven haired teen retorted in the same tone.

These two teenagers were fifteen year old Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster who were infamous as the biggest negative star collectors in the Black Bulls squad… no they were widely known as the biggest negative star accumulators amongst all the Magic Knight Squads combined.

Around them were gathered numerous villagers of Seral. On the extreme right side, a few of them were tending to a slender young man, having unkempt blonde hair, who laid unconscious. The massive fist mark on the right side of his face gave away the reason for his current state. This unconscious man was Finral Roulacase. The same person Laxus was so worried about, on accompanying Natsu and Gray.

"They have been going at it for hours now and every time that young man tries to stop them, they knock him out." An older woman amongst the crowd remarked to her red haired granddaughter.

"But the ice wizard is really cute." The red haired granddaughter blurted out without thinking much to the ire of her grandmother. Her efforts to defend herself by quickly covering her mouth proved to be ineffective.

"What did you say, Anna?' She began to chastise her. The girl hung her head and prepared to bear the massive flood of advices that was about to follow.


"Flame Brain."

"Ice Princess."

"Fire queen."

"They are running out of insults and so they have begun repeating old ones." The village chief, who was an old man in his late sixties, let his deduction be known to his son who stood beside him.

"Are you enjoying this father?" The son sweat dropped.

"A little bit." He replied, before pointing towards the rightward direction. "Look. People have started taking bets on who would win in the end."

The chief's son sighed in defeat. "They took out those giant rats who have been troubling us in a few minutes. But started fighting among themselves after that and it has been over two hours already." He shook his head to display his grievance. "Someone has to stop them."

"If you are so bothered, why don't you try to stop them, Mattie?" The chief retorted in a mocking tone, turning towards his son.

"No way. I'm going between them." Mattie put up his hands defensively. "I was just making a suggestion."

"There is no chance in hell, I could stop Black Bull's Salamander and Zero."

"Before I forget." The village chief's face brandished an impish grin. He took out his grimoire and a piece of paper from his left pocket.

"I have to prepare the cost of damages." Holding the paper in his right arm, he opened a certain page in his grimoire. "Ink Creation magic."


After finishing off his meal and taking a nice long warm bath, Laxus Dreyar, the Lightning Dragon Slayer and the Vice-Captain of The Black Bulls laid down on his bed.

Natsu and Gray hadn't returned yet, nor did Finral. Laxus could say with his eyes closed that he knew what exactly must have transpired at their mission. But his gut told him that there had been a massive upscale in the damages this time, compared to the last. Everything should…must have gone haywire at that village.

"Don't know how much they will rack up this time." He exasperated in defeat. "Hope we don't end up recruiting another troublemaker in the exams."

Unknowing to him, a teenager with messy ash blonde hair, sneezed violently when he made that remark, as he turned over in his sleep.

"Magic emperor…I am going to be the Magic Emperor." This ash blonde haired teenager kept mumbling as he dreamt away.


That's all from me folks.

And before I go let me make a few things clear. Like I mentioned before, I will be incorporating FT elements into the BC world and built up my universe in that direction. It doesn't mean that it will be totally AU. Just that the current BC verse we know will be expanded by a large margin. Storyline will differ slightly from canon.

Laxus is 17 while Natsu and Gray are 15 each. They are not FT members who got sent to BC world. They are children born and raised in the BC world. Laxus and Natsu are Dragon Slayers while Gray is a Devil Slayer. So, it will result in them being slightly ooc than the original storyline.

Also to everyone wondering about them getting into the squad without taking the entrance exam. Well, later on in the manga it is revealed that, the captain of a squad can admit you to his squad, without any exam, if he deems you to be worthy enough.

Now, queries related to their pasts, magic, lack of grimoire etc. will be explained in future chapters. Like I mentioned, I will intermingle various story elements from the FT verse here. So, the lore will be explored in detail as the story progresses. As for the moment, I am taking things slow. Since, many people only watch the anime, I don't want my story to get ahead of it.

Other thing is that they won't be OP. Laxus will be the second strongest Black Bull member, but will stand no chance against Yami. Natsu and Gray stand no chance against Laxus but will be as strong as Luck. So sadly, no Laxus or Natsu one shotting that a**h**e White Eagles captain, which most of you would be very eager to see.

And last but not the least, I haven't forgotten about our little Asta. He will remain as important a character, as the rest. Laxus, Gray, Natsu and Asta will be my Mc's.

Pairings are undecided and hence suggestions are more than welcome.