Welcome to Day 6 of Piades' YJ/DP ficathon!

Wow. Hi guys. It's been nearly a week. University takes up a lot of time, and when I'm writing I just… snuggle into my chair, put on some relaxing music, light a candle and write at the rate of a sleepy sloth. 1k a day turns into 1k a week. It's wonderful. It's also dead slow. Sorry 'bout that! Looks like we're pushing this schedule back! Please tell me which story you prefer. I'm also developing a writing application - if you'd be interested in becoming someone I consult with on that (basically involves me showing you pictures and lists of features and asking what you think, all you need is a discord ID) let me know!

As always - which should I continue? Story A or story B?

round 1 - day 6/16 - story A (Sam n Dick meet because parents fic)

No. nono. Deeefintely no way. Finitely no way. ABSOLUTELY NOT. no



It would be cool if he could look away. Pretend he hadn't heard. But… Dick was already looking at the Bruce, the absolute bastard himself. A couple of feet away. And he was all suited up for a party. They both were.

"Who is she again?" Dick asked. Whined.

Bruce smiled silently. Maybe he wanted to mess with Dick. Maybe he'd honestly forgotten. However, if he'd forgotten, then this girl's parents couldn't be influential enough for Bruce to pull this stunt. He followed Bruce over to a pair of pale-skinned adults in expensive pastel-coloured clothes and glittering silver metals.

Beside them was a girl who shone like a black beetle next to her parents in a little black dress, fishnet stockings, and platform shoes.

Okay, maybe this wouldn't be so bad. From the look and feel she was giving off, Dick doubted she'd pretend to fall in love with him like the last time Bruce had forced socialisation with the riches upon him. In fact, she was looking at him with judgment. Dick smirked at her.

"This is Samatha," Mrs. Manson said faintly. Samantha smirked, her purple lips hoisting themselves up one cheek.

Mrs. Manson turned a little green beneath her makeup as she watched her child. Hopefully, Dick could leave this farce of a meeting soon, because otherwise someone was going to notice that he was shaking with mirth.

"This is Richard," Bruce said.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Manson," Dick said, his too-polite tone spoiled as he strangled a giggle.

Everyone smiled at each other.

Mrs. Manson swayed, and her husband caught her. Bruce apologised for keeping them standing and led them over to a table. Dick watched them go.

"Wow," he said. "You—"

Sam crossed her arms. "They should know by now not to bring me to these things. Anyway, I'm off."

"Wait. Off?"

He was supposed to entertain her.

"Yeah. Leaving," Sam said, pointing towards the wide doors that led onto the grounds. The actual doorway was guarded by security. And they were good security.

"You're going to leave me with them?" Dick said, a little desperately. "C'mon."

Samantha tilted her head, considering. She nodded. "… nah. Okay. You can come along I guess. What's your curfew?"

"On a night like this? Midnight."

"Alright then, awesome." She lead the way out onto the grounds. Sam gave the other guests a considering look.

"Where can we hide for like… two minutes?" she asked.

"Two minutes?" Dick shrugged. The Manor gardens had a lot of places that were good for hiding if you knew them — and if no-one in the Cave was looking for you. Many would-be thieves had been lured into by a promising-looking bush, only for a hidden camera to stream their escapade in 4K. He led Sam over to a likely bush.

Sam pulled a couple of earbuds out of a pocket of her skirt. They were lime green, with little protruding receivers - or were they mics? They were definitely communicators. A pang of dread hit Dick. They were, technically, illegal, but these weren't league-issue. He'd never seen comms like these, and WayneTech knew its competition.

"Here," Sam said, handing him one.

He turned it over in his hands. It was surprisingly heavy — it seemed unlikely that it would stay in his ear.

Sam put hers in, pressed the button on the outside, and spoke.

At first, the words were meaningless sounds. After a few moments, they made sense. "Ready for pickup, Wolf. Also, I've got a friend. Phantom — just. You know. Ghost boy."

That wasn't English. It wasn't any other language Dick had heard, either. It sounded like someone had put a whole lot of European languages in a blender.

"Is that Esperanto?" Dick asked.

Samantha beamed at him. "Yep!"

He didn't get to ask anything else because at that moment a bright green claw drew a circle and opened a portal. Dick was suddenly very glad that this was on camera.

"So, how about we ditch this place?"

It was a challenge.


round 1 - day 6/16 - story B (Valerie and Jazz capture Secret AU)

Atemis and Zatanna were captured by Harm. They sat, tied up, in separate rooms. Artemis struggled with her bonds — these weren't quite as good as her shitty father's, but they were good. Zatanna's mouth was taped shut. She couldn't speak a word of magic to save either of them.

In another universe, a little ghost girl freed Zatanna and Artemis.


Beep. Blip. Beep. Blip.

The Spectral Energy Dowser Jazz's hands flashed as it beeped.

"How's the level?" she asked.

Valerie glanced down at her wrist. The hand of the watch-shaped Ghost Level Radar was holding steady at 4. That was a good thing. A level four ghost meant a clear obsession that could be fulfilled or manipulated, suggested the ghost was weak. No outside help would be required on this job. They did not need a Phantom to deal with this. Either Phantom.

She won't be needing to call on Danielle, the blue-eyed child with the beanie. The ghost with acidic green eyes that she'd pursued with the certainty — the certainty of—

A cockroach scuttled along the wall beside her. Its little red body was quick. There was something intrinsically revolting about its stop-start movement.

The same true disdain for another's existence that cockroach gave her the urge to squash this bug.

"Val?" Jazz prompted, coming to halt.

Valerie gasped in surprise, just noticing she'd stopped walking. She pushed the morbid thoughts away. "Still at level four."

Jazz nodded. They continued along, following the beeping of the Dowser as it increased in tempo. Valerie hurried her footsteps up to Jazz until she collided with her. She squeaked. Jazz mostly ignored her.

"There!" the Fenton said, pointing. A small, transparent child had stepped through a rotted fence and onto the footpath. The ghost looked at Valerie with solemn eyes. The eyes seemed to stare through her and at the store on the other side of the road like it was Valerie herself that was out of place.

Like it was the Red Huntress who was dead.

At the thought, she brought up her ectogun and fired. The ghost flew at the fence with a whimper and collided with it. It didn't slip, instead, it stayed there like a butterfly pinned to a card. For a level 4 ghost, it was surprisingly weak.

"Time to go," Jazz said, and held out the Fenton Thermos. The twilight dark lit up with a white light as the Thermos began to suck the little ghost in.


In this universe, the Greta Hayes didn't reveal her secret.

Final AN:

In Story A, Wulf's name is written Wolf because it's in Dick's POV. Esperanto u sounds like English o.