Ahh... back to the roots. The very beginning of this emotional and mental rollercoaster of a story. For those who are new, welcome to The Nanny. For those who has seen this song and dance before, prepare as I'm about to make that cringe beginning a little less cringe... hopefully.Just as a reminder: the Warners are aged four years younger: so Yakko's 10, Wakko's 7 and Dot's 5.I hope you'll enjoy this chapter. Happy Reading!

Chapter 1: Life's a chaotic ball

Life at the studio was as great as it could be. As great as it could allowed to be.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot stood on the water tower as they stared down at the rather expensive-looking car beneath.

Yakko grinned as a mischievous light ignited in his younger siblings' eyes. Oh yes-

Today was going to be a great day.

Thaddeus Plotz, CEO of Warner Bros Studio ( first toon to become CEO too!) and the very embodiment of anger. At the current moment, however, he was quite calm because of the peaceful atmosphere of the studio.

He should've known the peace wasn't going to stay for long.

A loud explosion occurred, it made the office tremble from the blast. A mere few seconds later, a burning tire crashed through the window and rolled into the office. Plotz suddenly felt pity for the poor sucker's whose car is practically demolished.

As it turned out (no surprise whatsoever), HE was the sucker whose car has been blasted to smithereens.

As usual, Plotz saw red.


" Hiya Plotzy!"

Plotz nearly jumped out of his skin when the Warners randomly appearing behind him. The siblings grinned at his surprise as the previously flaming tire was now covered in foam.

" Stop doing that!", Plotz exclaimed.

" Stop doing what?", Wakko asked tilting his head to the side.

" That appearing out of nowhere thing!", Plotz said ruffled.

" But we're not doing that right now!", Dot said smiling," We're just standing here, talking".

Plotz' left eye twitched in irritation at their answer. ' Good creators, if Yakko opens his trap now, I might consider murder'.

" So what do you think of the remodeling of your car?", Yakko asked cheekily

Murder now being considered.

" Remodeling you say", Plotz hissed out as his face turned more red.

" Oh yeah! Remodeling!", Yakko said grinning before leaning towards Plotz's ear," 'Cause if I'm being honest, your car was a little on the eyesore side, you get what I mean...", he murmured.

" By the way, there is a li-ttle bit of damage on the south side of the lot that you might want to fix before the inspectors come in next month", Dot said.

" Why you little br-!"

Before Plotz could finish his sentence, there was a knock on the door. All three Warners turned to the direction of the door.

" I'LL GET IT!", the Warners yelled before they ran for the door. The siblings wrestled each other away from the door while Plotz fumed behind.

Dot huffed annoyed at her brothers managing to successfully pin her down before an idea came to her.

" Look! It's Krissy Lynn!", Dot said with a fake gasp.

" WHERE?!", Yakko and Wakko said thoroughly distracted before Dot sprinted over to the door.

She swung the door open," Thaddeus Plotz's office, how may I help you?", she said sweetly.

" Eh, what's up Dot?"

Dot grinned," Hiya Bugs!", she said happily as the toon hare stepped into the room to see the scene before them.

" Plotz. I was under the impression that you were free at the current moment", Bugs said nonchalantly as he sent a friendly wave to Yakko and Wakko before looking at the burnt out tire," New centrepiece, Thaddeus? Must say, burnt tire must be a great conversation starter", he said with grin.

" That! Is not a centrepiece. That is the remains of my bloody car that the Warners destroyed!"

" Remodeled!", Yakko exclaimed.

" To be fair, that car was a bit of an eyesore. It could've used a little remodeling", Bugs said snickering behind his hand.

" See! Bugs gets it!", Dot said.

Plotz growled," GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!", he roared.

" Alright! Alright! We'll leave!", Yakko said moving his hands in a 'calm down' gesture as he rolled his eyes.

Bugs chuckled," Eh, why don't you three head out to the other Loonies. I think Daffy's still at the studio cafeteria if I'm not mistaken", he said calmly.

" Thanks for the tip!", Yakko said smiling.

" See ya later, Bugs!", Wakko said happily before the Warners dashed away.

Bugs chuckled," Adorable, ain't they?", he said as the siblings raced out.

" You're too lenient with them. You're spoiling them", Plotz said gruffly.

Bugs snorted," Me being lenient would be allowing Buster and Babs to stay in his room with the door closed while they're alone. But I don't, because I'm not that lenient. I treat Yakko, Wakko and Dot with the same amount of leniency as Buster and Clyde... even if I don't exactly have legal guardianship over 'em", he said calmly.

Plotz sighed. Bugs Bunny had been poking around with the board on letting him have guardianship over the Warners for more than 20 years. It was obvious to everyone that the hare had a great fondness for them (and Plotz couldn't understand for the life of him why?!) and betting pools had been created in ToonTown on when he would adopt them.

However, the executives and shareholders had different things in mind. And Plotz wasn't overly fond of the idea of the Warners spending more time with the hare, it gave them more reason to be zany and mischievous.

Which was the exact OPPOSITE of what Plotz wanted.

" ... The other executives are on board with the idea of getting the Warners a nanny", he said as he walked back to his chair.

" My services not enough for 'em, huh", Bugs said brow raised.

" With all sincerity Mr Bunny, you're busy- or should be busy- with filming most of the time. You and the others can't always keep watch of the Warner brothers or keep track of their shenanigans", Plotz said before pointing at the burnt tyre," Like today's incident for example".

" Okay, I can see your point there, doc...", Bugs said as he munched on a carrot," I suppose the kiddos havin' a nanny would be easier on the studio's ire...".

Relief rippled through Plotz. He was afraid Bugs would've put up a fight and argue for the rest of this meeting. The hare was often stubborn when it came to what he wanted. So this calmness and finality was what irked the back of Plotz's mind. He was sensing a but- coming in the future.

" However-"

However was just as worse as but. The CEO had just entered negotiation territory.

" The nanny has to be a loose toon. No use hiring a toon with a studio still standing, especially in the era we're in now", Bugs said nonchalantly," And myself and the other Looney Tunes will choose the candidates".

" Throw in a couple of humans in there too. The executives already have a few in mind to call in", Plotz said.

Bugs' ear twitched. The executives choosing nannies for kids they can barely tolerate didn't sit too well with him.

" I'll agree to that on one last condition", Bugs said calmly before speaking again," The Warners get a final say on who they want out of the candidates".

Plotz bristled. He didn't like where this was heading.

" The Warners would never even agree to have a nanny in the first place. Yakko especially", Plotz said stubbornly.

" Wakko and Dot would at least be understanding. Leave Yakko to me. Even if they don't like the idea, they'll still want to have a say in who gets hired in the end... unless you want to risk that same nanny you'll leave them quitting in one week and admitted to a psychiatric facility", Bugs said nonchalantly.

Plotz sighed. The hare had a good point. The Warners could drive anyone mad with enough intention (poor Dr Scratchnsniff was supposed to have hair in the beginning).

" I suppose them choosing a nanny for themselves would be easier to maintain. I guess we have a deal then", Plotz said tiredly.

" A deal it is then", Bugs said grinning as he shook Plotz's hand vigorously," Ya won't regret it, TP", he said as he released the human toon's hand.

" I assume you have a few people in mind", Plotz said as he rubbed his hand. Bugs had a strong grip on it.

" I do in actual fact", Bugs said grinning as he walked to the door," Another fact, I believe one of them would be quite eager for this job", he said before muttering," Assuming she won't kick my ass for intervening like this- Well! I'll see ya around, Plotz".

Bugs slammed the office door shut behind him, breathing in deeply.

" S-S-So how'd it go?"

Bugs looked to the row of chairs on his left to see Porky sitting with a magazine in his hand.

" They're getting a nanny", Bugs replied.

" I f-f-figured they would o-o-o-on- some day", Porky said shaking his head," They're n-n-not gonna be thrilled when they h-h-hear this".

" I know. Which is why I already have plan in mind for when I talk them later", Bugs said sighing," And her tomorrow".

Porky snorted," G-g-good luck", he said amused as they continued walking through the admin building.

And so the story begins...

End of Chapter 1