Chapter 42: Welcome to ToonTown

ToonTown was beautiful.

It was such a chaotic beauty that Yakko nearly teared up when he saw a custom anvil crafting store when they were still driving through the City Central.

It was during this drive Yakko noticed ToonTown was, to put it lightly, huge. Like comically huge. You could put New York City, Tokyo and Paris in it and still more big cities could fit in it. At this sheer size, Yakko wouldn't hold it against the locals if they were confused about where their own home started and ended.

Through the drive, Bugs and Ophelia have patiently been answering their questions (which were endless coming from Wakko and Dot, Yakko only asked things occasionally).

Currently the Warners were gazing out their windows as they entered what seemed to be a whole other district.

" Oh!", Dot squealed as she gazed out the window over Wakko," This reminds me of Paris".

" What's this place called again?", Yakko asked curiously. There were a lot of districts and neighborhoods here in this area of town..

" Little Paris", Ophelia replied," Has its own Eiffel Tower and everything".

" Does it have the Louvre too?", Wakko asked curiously.

" There's something that looks like it but it's not exactly like it. It's more a normal art museum", Bugs spoke up this time," Little Paris had showed up somewhere in the late 1980s. Out of nowhere like the rest of some of the districts here".

" Faboo", Wakko said as his tail wagged.

" Yeah, it is pretty neat. Though I don't recall being able to get to the Looneyville via Little Paris", Ophelia said as she looked at Bugs curiously.

Bugs sighed," The main road to the bridge through Shantyville has some heavy traffic this time of the day since a lot of newer toons have taken to living on the East side of ToonTown, especially in Zootopia. And I wasn't about to start cussing in front of the kids", he explained.

" You cuss in front of us regardless", Yakko mentioned.

" Of course I do, but I mean like I'd cuss at someone so badly, Donald would have blushed at the woirds I'd throw at the poor maroon", Bugs replied.

" Yeah that's a better alternative", Ophelia said before asking," So where will we end up?".

" Still at the Acme Acre-Shantyville bridge. Just not near the road connecting this side of ToonTown to Zootopia", Bugs explained," It pays to drive around senselessly when you're bored some days".

Ophelia snorted and stared out the window, taking in the sights of Little Paris, ToonTown before her.

For someone whose lived in ToonTown for decades, the charm it once had faded from years of struggles and disappointments. Ophelia didn't find it as enchanting as it once was when the creators first rebuilt it but glancing at Yakko's face propped against the window, staring wide-eyed and in awe of his surroundings, she couldn't help but find its charm again.

" I can't wait to see the rest of the city! I want to take it ALL IN", Dot said excitedly.

" You're gonna love it here, sweetheart", Bugs said smiling," ToonTown's gonna love you just as much".

" How're we gonna see everything in one day. It's so humongous", Wakko said emphasizing the city's size with great hand gestures.

" Then it's a great thing we're staying for more than one day, huh", Yakko said looking at his younger brother.

Dot hummed in agreement before looking forward and perking up as the sight of a large river came into view. On the other side of the river was another area of land housing a grand forest. Connecting the two lands was a large bridge similar to the one they had to cross over to get the to City Central. Dot didn't need to ask to know that forest was just the front view of what further in land was-

" Is that Acme Acres?!", Wakko asked excitedly.

Bugs calmly nodded his head and the Warners grew possibly even more excited. They were just a few minutes away from what would become their new home away from home (or just possibly home for the rest of their lives if things continue to go their way).

The traffic had been breezy, but off the side before the car got on the bride, the siblings could see a congested road heading east towards what the Warners definitely recognized as Zootopia. But surprisingly, the Shantyville-Acme Acre Bridge was almost free of cars.

" We're nearly there", Ophelia said excitedly because the Warners' excitement had become infectious. They had just crossed the bridge and were now, officially, in Acme Acres.

The forest scene gave way to a small suburbia. The Warners recalled this side of Acme Acres wasn't always recognized as Acme Acres. The suburban area was known locally as Looneyville because it was once part of the Looney Tunes Estate, before everyone sold off about a few acres of land to Porky, which he then repurposed into a small suburb. The area had just started to gain residents just as Warner Bros was filming the first 'Tiny Toon Adventures' episodes at Acme Looniversity.

Dot was staring out the window as she glanced at the houses passing by. They were quite lovely and looked all rather homey, she could tell a lot of thought had been put into the structure.

They moved further down the road, the trees becoming denser until they reached a large gate that held entrance to the forest behind it. The Warners gaped at it. The gate was golden and the framework of it was that of a shield with the letters LT worked into it like the style of Warner Bros shield. Holding up the gate was what seemed to be miles of a tall wall protecting the other side of the forest.

" Fancy", Yakko said as he gazed at the gate.

" And new. Did you guys' paranoia flare up the last couple of years or what?", Ophelia asked. She sincerely didn't remember there being a gate that bordered around the estate.

Surprisingly, Bugs shrugged and looked a little sheepish before he pressed a button on his keys, causing the gate to open up.

If the Warners could use one word to describe the estate, that word would be scenic. You would have thought with the Looney Tunes' wealth, they would have turned part of the estate into a golf course or a pool or anything snobbish self-centred rich people would do, but the Looney Tunes kept everything as is. The forest continued growing and the wild plants and flowers were everywhere. Yakko could see how Dot's eyes lit up when she saw the flowers along the path and knew she was in love. The only infrastructure that was really here, beside the housing was the roads leading up to who knows where.

" It's so pretty!", Dot squealed.

Granted, the Warners had seen pictures of the estate before, but pictures couldn't beat the real thing they were seeing before them. The way the sun peeked through the trees illuminating the forest surroundings and the way the nature just seemed at peace (even though they knew the peace wouldn't last: the Looney Tunes lived here for creator's sake).

Bugs smiled as a nostalgic memory entered his mind. Dot's comment reminded him of the first time he brought Buster home and the boy's similar comment about the estate. In the early days, Bugs would have found him walking around, taking pictures of the scenes he would eventually show the Warners at a later stage when they asked what the Looney Tunes Estate looked like.

Along the road, the Warners took in as much of the surroundings as they could. Yakko definitely saw himself spending a lot of days walking around, probably looking for a patch of sun he could lay on and just laze about. Something he couldn't really do in at the studio, because asphalt and sun do not mix with Californian weather. He spied a large patch of sunlight that shone on a soft patch of grass and flowers.

He's claiming it. That's his nap spot now and he will fight tooth and nail for it (only a few minutes in and he's already making adjustments for areas he's gonna a lot of time in).

The trees gave way to a view of a large crystal clear lake. Across the lake was a luxurious looking lake house that the Warners knew could only belong to Daffy. It wasn't mega big, surprisingly, but it was fairly big in the siblings' opinion. Sooner than they thought, they were back in the forest away from the view of the lake.

There was a small buzz in the car as the Warners chatted, back to listing things they wanted to do, the difference was that these were things the Warners wanted to do currently for the day. They paused in their chatter though to notice the car dipping forward and realised the ground that was once beneath them had lowered down into an underground garage.

They were finally at Bugs' burrow.

" Well here we are, home sweet burrow", Bugs said grinning.

The Warners scrambled to get out of the car and nearly was about to bulldoze down the door before they heard Bugs clear his throat.

" Eh, I figured you docs would rather use the hole than the door", Bugs said with a small smirk as Ophelia stood next to him with an equally teasing smirk.

Whatever light was in the Warners eyes at that moment brightened at the prospect of sliding down the burrow entrance like Bugs did in his shorts. In their excitement, they scrambled back up to the surface, Ophelia and Bugs watching them in amusement. But then Bugs frowned, almost as if there was something he was forgetting. And Ophelia noticed.

" What's wrong?" Ophelia asked curiously.

" I feel like I'm forgetting something but I don't what", Bugs said calmly though he was racking his brain for information he was supposed to give the kids.

" I wanna go first!", Wakko yelled.

" No me! I wanna go!", Dot yelled back.

In their bickering, Yakko sped past them, already knowing what he had been wanting to do ever since he first saw Bugs Bunny on the screen. And that was to swan dive into the rabbit hole.

Wakko and Dot gaped as Yakko swan dived in, miffed that their brother got in before they did.

Yakko laughed as he slid on. It was like those tube slides a lot of fat people get stuck in and he was living for it. He didn't even care about how he was going to land but he did hope Wakko and Dot would have taken the landing better than he was about to have.

He didn't know what to expect when he landed inside. But what he found was a cushioned pit area surrounding the hole's exit. It was a soft landing, thankfully. Yakko would have been having an ache in his arm for a few minutes if it had been the hard floor.

He stumbled to get up but as soon he finally maintained his balance, he was squashed by Wakko and Dot following in out of the hole.

" Traitor! You went in without telling us!", Dot said flicking at her eldest brother's ear.

Yakko grinned lazily," Oops", he said playfully receiving another ear flick before the siblings looked around.

The burrow gave off a rather earthy atmosphere with its brown's and greens and other warm colours but still had a rather modern look to it. The lighting was low enough so that it wasn't annoyingly bright but bright enough to see where they were going. The room they were in was clearly the lounge area, the long brown couch, armchair and bean bags surrounding a mounted flat screen TV giving it away. Off the edge of the room was two darkwood double doors that matched the flooring perfectly.

All in all, it was rather homey.

" So this is what the burrow looks like now", Dot murmured as she got up, purposefully stepping on Yakko's head to get out of the landing pit, ignoring his muffled curses and Wakko's snickering at their brother's plight.

" YOOHOO! ANYBODY HOME?", Dot yelled.

" Really, Dot", Yakko said unimpressed.

Dot shrugged," Seemed like a smart at the ti-", she was cut off by the sound of barking and Wakko's scream and the sight of him scurrying up the walls.

Running into the room came two large, inky black dogs, eyes glowing green as their eyes locked on the Warners. Yakko and Dot shrieked and jumped just the dogs rushed towards them, they sounded hilariously like frightened cats.


Two doors opened simultaneously but the first person they caught eyes with was Bugs as he grabbed the hounds by the collars.

" Annie, Emmy! Bad girls! You're scarin' 'em!", Bugs scolded as the dogs shrank under his scolding.

" Dad? Warners?!"

The Warners gazed away from the dogs and brightened," Hiya Buster! Surprise!".

Buster stared for a bit before he happily grinned and raced over to where they were currently hanging," I can't believe you guys are here! How'd you get out of the studio?".

" We were kidnapped", Dot said giggling.

" You might not want to say that to literally anyone outside this estate", Bugs said as he finally managed to wrangle the hounds into a state of calmness, judging by how their eyes shifted from green to a teal colour.

Ophelia peeked inside and a flat look appeared on her face," You forgot about the dogs".

" I forgot about the dogs", Bugs said sheepishly," You three can come down now".

" Yeah, they're trained", Buster said reassuringly.

" Uh... I think we're pretty good up here", Yakko said as he eyed the hounds warily.

The Warners were aware that Bugs had dogs but this was a detail that slipped past them. Looking at the hounds, it was clear to see they were a type of blotling with the changing eye colours and general inky appearance. And they were big, they at least reached Dot's height on all fours.

" C'mon, you three stared dinosaurs in the eye already and you're afraid of a bunch of dogs", Buster said teasingly.

" We're not afraid! We were spooked... that's all", Dot huffed.

" Well, if you were just spooked, you three can come down now then", Ophelia said with a small smirk even though her own body language was stiff as she got closer to the hounds. The hounds, however, grew excited and looked as if they were about to charge in her direction.

Bugs grinned," They remember you...", he said.

" How can they forget me? I'm pretty sure one of them bit me once", Ophelia said.

" I don't think it was these two. I think the one that bit you was Oscar", Bugs replied before he looked to the Warners," I swear they won't hurt you. I can vouch for 'em".

" They're really friendly", Buster added.

They glanced at Ophelia, who smiled reassuringly and even petted one of the hounds on their head.

Surprisingly, Yakko was the first to climb down and land in front of the hounds. The hounds tilted their heads and began smelling him curiously, Yakko watching it carefully as its eye colour changed from teal to blue ( the same shade of blue as Mickey's, he noted). Immediately as the eye colour changed, the dog grew excited and started licking Yakko happily, getting a surprised squeak out of the eldest.

" Yep, very friendly", Yakko said chuckling, almost falling over from the dog's weight had it not been for the wall behind him.

Bugs immediately grabbed the dog's collar, Yakko never noticing the hare had let them go in the first place, and pulled the hound back so that all its weight wasn't on Yakko.

Wakko and Dot came down and the very same hound had the exact same reaction to them. Dot squealed as she was being licked vigorously. The other hound was much calmer but still was rather friendly.

Bugs chuckled," It seems like Emmy's fond of ya, already", he said fondly.

Dot snorted," Emmy, that's so ironic", she said as she petted the hound lightly.

Everyone laughed because of the irony of which dog was more fond of the Warners was noted. And that laughter attracted the attention of another resident of the burrow.

" Uncle Bugs, you home?"

Buster grinned," Well, look whose finally out of the TV room", he said loudly as another toon stepped into the room.

He looked exactly like Bugs, minus the height, gloves and feet colour. So it was clear to tell who that was.

" Clyde?", Ophelia said surprised.

Clyde Bunny blinked in surprised," Auntie Lia?" he said quietly before a smile grew on his face as he walked (more like trying not to run) over and gave her hug, which she returned.

" Oh Clyde, look at you! You've gotten taller", Ophelia said, the unspoken 'older' also rang in the air," And you look so much more like Bugs now", she said fondly.

She remembered the first time she met Clyde, when he was almost as small as Wakko. Little Clyde popped right from underneath the blankets, scaring the ever-loving shit out of both Bugs and Ophelia that fateful night. But from that night onward, Clyde was her little kit, her very first kitten and the very first child to have a permanent place in her heart.

It... it broke her when she left (and it broke him just as much).

Clyde looked down sheepishly," Yeah, I get that a lot", he said scratching the back of his neck nervously," I didn't know... you were coming here. Otherwise I would have... cleaned up", he said embarrassed.

" Oh sweetie, it's okay. I'm just happy to see you. It's been so long...", Ophelia said softly.

" It has... hasn't it?", Clyde said quietly.

Bugs cleared his throat, regretting that he may have ruined the moment the two had," Eh, Clyde? Bud, there's someone else you need to meet", he said with a tight smile.

" Who?", Clyde asked curiously.

Bugs chuckled nervously and moved aside so that Yakko, Wakko and Dot were in Clyde's direct view. You could hear a pin drop with how quiet the room went. Clyde's expression was stone cold and that did not make Bugs feel better.

" Clyde, you remember Yakko, Wakko and Dot", Bugs said calmly.

" Yeah", Clyde said, his eyes staring dead on at the Warners.

" They're stayin' with us for the time bein'. Until the whole shut down thing is over and we can all go back to the studio", Bugs explained.

" I thought they were going to be locked in the water tower", Clyde said still staring at them, it was starting to unnerve Yakko.

" Plans change", Bugs said, and everyone could hear an other sort of tone when he said those words. Almost like a no room for arguing or retorts kind of tone.

Wakko, the brave soul, grinned weakly," H-hi Clyde. It's nice to finally meet you...", he said moving forward for a handshake.

Clyde stared at the hand before glancing at Bugs, who was looking at him as if he was giving him a nonverbal warning not to be hostile. He looked back at Wakko and reluctantly took his hand and shook it, albeit a little roughly.

Clyde definitely didn't like them.

" Clyde", Bugs called," I need you and Buster to help me with the trunks in the car. And then you boys can help the Warners settle in".

" Sure thing, Dad", Buster said.

Clyde interjected," Actually, I'd rather help Auntie Lia settle in... if she's staying", he said hopefully.

Ophelia nodded," I am staying. Bugs won't let me leave and I am still the Warners' nanny so I'll have to take care of them", she said as she gently ran her fingers through Yakko's hair.

" That's great", Clyde smiled, although he looked as if he was itching to get Yakko away from her.

" The Warners have more luggage though-"

" It's fine, Dad. I can handle it alone", Buster said reassuringly.

He was lying through his teeth. He just didn't want Clyde to start a tiff with Bugs in front of the Warners and Ophelia, who already caught on to what's happening. It was bad enough Clyde was already being cold. Buster didn't want his older brother/cousin in the same room as the Warners until whatever storm brewing inside of him was just a dark cloud. So he was totally fine having to handle the Warners luggage on his own.

" I'll help him", Yakko said.

" Thanks", Buster said gratefully.

" No problem", Yakko replied.

" Alright now. Now let's your bags out of the car and get you settled in then, shall we?", Bugs said.

End of Chapter 42

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