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Chapter 43: Getting Settled in

So Emmy transitioned from being Bugs' dog to being the Warners' dog in the span of five minutes quite seamlessly.

The blothound had taken to following them around and the Warners ultimately found it adorable as the dog followed them in and out as they collected their luggage which were hidden inside of Ophelia's own luggage to avoid suspicion from the studio. Dot accepted the little dog kisses with reluctance but then grew to love them (turns out, it didn't burn like she thought it would, perhaps it was because Emmy was in a calm state and was domesticated).

" Good girl", Dot giggled as she petted the dog affectionately.

" I think that's about all our luggage", Yakko said as he leaned against the wall," So... can we say our rooms now?", he asked with a grin.

Bugs smiled back and ruffled Yakko's hair a little," Sure thin', kiddo. I'll show ya in just a sec. Clyde, Buster, help Ophelia with her bags please".

" If you can, boys. Just help me put these in one of the guest rooms", Ophelia said as she took some of her own bags.

" Guest rooms?", Bugs said curiously.

" Yes Bugs, guest room", Ophelia said smiling teasingly.

" Haha, very funny Alleycat", Bugs said sarcastically.

" I know, I'm hilarious", Ophelia said with a smile regardless of his sarcasm," Clyde, sweetie I'm gonna need your help. I can't fully remember the layout of this place".

Clyde smiled a little," Uh sure. It's this way", he said softly as he guided Ophelia over to where Bugs had the guest rooms, Buster behind them quietly observing.

" So how have you boys been? What have you been up to?", Ophelia asked curiously.

It was surreal to Clyde, having his aunt stand before him in the same room as Buster (in the same house as the Warner siblings). Here she was, as motherly to him as ever. Soft smiles and gentle looks that used to belong solely to him (then Buster came along, and shortly after the Warners, who he now realised also snagged his aunt away from him without him even knowing).

He's starting to dislike the Warners a little more because they got her first before he even got her back.

" Oh you know, just playing video games here and there. Nothing too big. Just spending most of my time at home", Clyde said with a shrug.

" And Buster? How have things been with you?", Ophelia asked sweetly.

" Eh, it's been pretty chaotic lately with the whole lockdown thing. Uncle Daffy and Uncle Porky have been busy this entire week with the school rescheduling now that all the students can attend at a normal time", Buster said," But thanks to that chaos, the school week has been pretty relaxing. The whole Disneyland thing got some of the Beginners spooked because a lot of them look up to Mr Mickey and they were worried he was going to get scrapped. But they're fine now. The other Tiny Toons and I make sure the younger toonsters aren't too unsettled".

Ophelia smiled," Awfully nice of you to help the young ones out", she said.

Buster preened," Thank you", he said proudly basking in the compliment.

Clyde scowled in the background as he watched the two interact," Buster, why don't you go see if Uncle Bugs needs help with the Warners", he suggested with a tight smile.

Buster knew his adoptive father didn't need his help but the look Clyde was giving him told him enough that his cousin wanted him gone.

" Sure. Hope you'll be settled in well, Ms Ophelia", Buster said kindly.

Ophelia chuckled and ruffled his hair gently (and Buster would be lying if he said he didn't lean a little into her touch). Buster left quickly, meeting Clyde's glare with one of his own.

He had a feeling things were only scratching the surface of being problematic.

Bugs from the lounge led the Warners down a corridor leading to a short spiral staircase heading to lower floor.

The Warners noted that the burrow was much bigger than they anticipated, not by much but it was definitely surprising. It was smaller than the real world mansion Bugs owned but still bigger than your average middle class home.

" And welcome to what the boys like to call 'the nest', or 'new nest'", Bugs said as they entered the new floor.

" Why the nest?", Wakko asked curiously.

" It's basically the area where we all sleep. Your bedroom is here", Bugs explained.

" Oh", Wakko said understanding.

" I can't wait to see what it looks like! Ooh, which one is it?!", Dot said excitedly.

Bugs chuckled," Right hall, second door on the left", he directed and the Warners were immediately gone in a flash.

They stopped at a darkwood double door and immediately grew more excited. Yakko opened the door and they immediately entered the room.

" Is this our bedroom?", Wakko asked curiously and excitedly. Yakko noted it looked less like a bedroom but more of a kid's play cove.

Bugs entered coolly behind them," Eh, part of it. Your actual bedroom is through that other door", he said pointing at the stained-glass panel double door, which Wakko and Dot already ran over to and opened, squealing in delight as they ran into their bedroom.

" Did you seriously build us an entire suite?", Yakko asked, looking at Bugs pointedly.

" I did and I have no regrets", Bugs said with a chuckle," Now go check out your bed. I think Wakko and Dot know which is their bed already".

Yakko shook his head, leave it to Bugs to do things bigger than what was necessary.

Walking into his bedroom, Yakko caught the sight of Dot jumping on her bed, the pink comforter already messed up with the pillows disheveled. Wakko was watching her fondly with a goofy grin on his face from the top of the bunk bed Yakko figured was his and Wakko's. Wakko obviously claimed the top bunk, leaving him with the bottom bunk (which Yakko couldn't complain about, the bottom bunk was a double bed, so if either had a nightmare, they could sleep next to him and it won't feel cramped.

Yakko grinned and headed over to his new bed, delighted that it was as comfortable as his bed back at the water tower.

Bugs entered and smiled at the joy on the kids' faces. Ophelia was missing out on more cuteness.

" So you like your new room then", Bugs said with a smirk.

" Yep, it's pretty faboo", Wakko said with a smile.

" I'm glad. I didn't know if you wanted to stick together or be on your own. So I just went ahead and grouped ya together", Bugs said sheepishly.

Dot stopped jumping and sat crosslegged on her bed," It's fine, Dadoo. We don't mind rooming together", she said adorably," Maybe us rooming us together will motivate Wakko to keep the room clean", she added pointedly while looking at her brother in question.

Wakko didn't verbally argue back but blew her a halfhearted raspberry. Both him and Yakko gave their acceptance about sharing.

Bugs smiled at them, happy that they liked their room (even happier that Dot called him Dadoo, hopeful that it would become a much more consistent thing from then on).

" DAD! MR MOUSE IS ON THE PHONE!", Buster yelled from somewhere inside the burrow.

" GIMME A MINUTE!", Bugs yelled back before turning to the Warners," So feel free to explore, make yourselves comfortable. Don't raid the fridge yet because dinner will be soon. If ya need help, just yell for me, Ophelia or Buster, 'kay?".

" Okay", the Warners said simultaneously with a small smile. Bugs sent them a smile back before promptly rushing out to go answer the phone.

" So... we agree we're not gonna talk about the fact he basically told us not to ask Clyde for help", Dot said after Bugs left and was out of hearing range.

" Come on sibs, let's start packing away- holy crap we have a walk-in closet!", Yakko said amazed.

" I know! Isn't it faboo?! We can put Dot's clothes in here and still have space for ours!", Wakko said excitedly.

" Hey! I don't pack that heavily!", Dot exclaimed.

Yakko and Wakko both gave her an identical pointed look with each of their one brow raised.

"... All the time...", Dot muttered afterwards.

" It's pretty neat though", Yakko said as he looked around the rest of the closet space," Okay, bring your bags and let's see where we can put each other's things. I need a good place for my books".

" You could just put it on that bookshelf in the sitting area", Dot pointed out as she dragged her luggage to the closet.

" It's still mine boggling to me Bugs built us an entire suite. An entire suite!", Yakko said baffled before quickly snapping out of his bafflement as he handed Wakko his books to go place on that shelf.

" Any order you want these in?", Wakko asked.

" Nah, rather not place them in an order", Yakko replied as he helped Dot pack away certain clothes into the drawers.

Wakko left to their sitting room and placed Yakko's books on the shelf. Before he placed the last book on the shelf, a knock occurred.

" Hey", Buster said softly as he peeked inside," Can I come in?".

" Sure you can", Wakko replied," It is kind of your house after all".

" Yeah well, this is your room. Your sanctuary. I didn't want to intrude", Buster said sheepishly.

" Please, if we didn't want people intruding into our lives, we wouldn't have half the support group we have now", Yakko replied as he came over from the closet when he heard Buster's voice," What's up?".

" Just wanted to check in. See how you're doin'", Buster shrugged," You packing?".

" Yep", Yakko and Wakko said in unison.

" By the way, Bust, but does your room look like ours too?", Yakko asked.

Buster laughed," Yep. A lot of rooms in this area of the house are basically suites. Dad's is the biggest though. His suite's got another smaller office, a sitting room and a bigger bathroom. His bathtub has a whole jacuzzi setting too. It's wild. He'll let you use it if you ever ask", he said," But Clyde and I never usually ask. Sometimes he'll just find us in there one day when he wants to take a shower. We don't get in trouble though".

" Wait, do we have a bathroom?", Yakko said before yelling to Dot," Dot, check if we have a bathroom!".

" 'Kay!", Dot said before the boys stood quiet for a bit. Eventually they hear her shout," Holy shit, we have our own bathroom!".

The boys laughed as Dot babbled excitedly about their bathroom.

" I don't think your bathtub will have those fancy settings though", Buster said thoughtfully.

" That's fine. Wakko and Dot can usually take an entire hour to finish a bath. A jacuzzi will just keep them in longer. We'll stick to our normal tubs, thanks", Yakko said with a small smile," We'll definitely do you and Clyde's thing though".

Buster chuckled," Uh yeah. About Clyde... I'm really sorry about earlier", he said sheepishly.

" You don't have to apologise for him being a tad colder than he should be", Yakko replied.

" What's his deal anyway? We didn't do anything wrong yet", Wakko asked as Dot came over to them to be apart of the conversation.

" Eh, Clyde doesn't really like new kids around the family, especially Dad. Even right now, Clyde tolerates me at best", Buster explained, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

" It's kind of understandable in a way", Yakko shrugged," I wouldn't want a couple of stray kids you never met before taking my dad's attention away from me".

" Yeah but Clyde can be bad about it", Buster replied before sighing," At least he behaved way better than when he first met me. He threw a vase at me the first time we met", he admitted quietly.

" That might have to do with the fact Ophelia's here", Dot said, recalling the 'Auntie Lia' that came from Clyde's mouth when he saw Ophelia.

She would be lying if she said she wasn't the slightest bit jealous of how happy Ophelia looked when she saw Clyde and spoke with him. Dot was only ever used to her looking at them in the way she looked at Clyde, it twisted into something ugly inside of her when she saw it.

She knew that's probably what Clyde felt whenever he heard or saw her and her brothers with Bugs.

" You don't think he's gonna do anything to us, right?", Wakko asked, more curious than nervous.

" I don't think so", Buster said shrugging," He leaves me alone most of the time".

Yakko hummed," Well if he does bother us, we'll just tell him off. Or worse, tell Ophelia about it. I know she knows there's tension, but I know she's hoping for nothing violent to spring out of it", he said wisely.

" Doubt there'll be. Clyde's way more all bark these days. He knows what Dad'll do to him if he does ever bite again", Buster said with folded arms.

The Warners opted not to ask what Bugs would do and just nodded along.

" Well, we're heading back to packing. Gonna help us or what?", Yakko asked.

" Eh, I'll help"

Ophelia was walking around, taking in the sights of the burrow as she couldn't really do that when talking with Buster and Clyde.

'It really changed', Ophelia thought. Bugs' burrow was once a small space. When New ToonTown was created after the Thinner War of 1964 made Old ToonTown basically uninhabitable. When the Looney Tunes first claimed their turf of land that would eventually become their lavish estate. When Daffy was still in the process of building his luxury lake house. When Foghorn just began to have a semblance of a farm growing. When Ophelia lived in it in a time far away, there were only a total of three rooms in it. The kitchen and the lounge were joined, the bathroom and a bedroom, where herself, Bugs and Clyde slept.

She remembered those days, those days of struggling. She would work 11 hours in studio costume departments, fixing and mending various costumes in low light, getting paid what she didn't realise then was below minimum wage. She'd come home to the burrow to Bugs and Clyde eating dinner. She'd eat dinner with them before they eventually left, because the Looney Tunes could only teach the toon kids back then after dinner. While they were gone, Ophelia would clean up, work on fixing anything that had broken in the hours she was gone.

Anything to make sure she didn't think too much about everything that happened.

Bugs and Clyde would come back. She'd help Clyde clean up and get him ready for bed. She'd go to Bugs and they'd chat a little, counting their earnings. Then Bugs and her would head to bed. Four hours later, Bugs and her would have to get up and head to work, leaving Clyde with Coal Black until they came home.

On Bugs' rare day offs, he'd be busy with the inside of the burrow, making place to add more rooms. She'd fondly listen to him as he explained how he pictured Clyde's 'new bedroom'...

The burrow was a place that filled her with fond memories. But it also served as a place where her deep inner demons, her trauma and scars, would come out and haunt her.

Ophelia laughed to herself pathetically as a thought occurred to her. Imagine how it might have looked to someone looking onto her mess of a situation. She, a beautiful woman, leaving her boyfriend when he had hit rock bottom and struggled to climb up again, only to return when he's (what it looks to be) the height of his life. She could already hear the shaming, the names... and Trickster's snide laughter in her ears...

Ophelia shook her head," Darn it, brain. Stop with the dark thoughts", she muttered to herself as she massaged her temple.

" ...You want me to leave now? But I just got home, Mickey. I've got Ophelia and the kids to worry about"

Ophelia stopped in her tracks, in front of the kitchen's entrance. She looked inside and found Bugs, hunched over the counter and on the phone. He noticed her quickly and sent her a small smile which she returned with a wave.

" Eh what? Sorry, got distracted Mick", Bugs said going back to the call," Ophelia's here. Look, if I don't get there in half an hour, that means I ain't coming. Bye Mickey", he said ending the call, sounding a little exasperated.

" Everything okay?", Ophelia asked awkwardly.

Bugs looked up at her and smiled," Yeah yeah, everything's fine. Just peachy", he said, his voice getting quieter with every word.

" Why'd Mickey call?", Ophelia asked curiously.

" It's stuff relatin' to our li'l Project. Mickey wants me to head over with him to the building site", Bugs explained.

" You're building already", Ophelia said surprised.

" Mickey wants it done by the time the lockdown ends so the Toon Council won't get suspicious with construction they didn't verify. Now may be our best and only opportunity to actually get things done", Bugs explained as Ophelia moved to make the both of them coffee.

" Must be pretty big", Ophelia said.

" It is. Might be the biggest project ToonTown will ever see", Bugs replied," We already got McDuck investing on it. Well Donald and Goldie investing, Scrooge flat out refused to be involved. But he didn't stop Donald nor his wife at least", he added.

" How long do you think it'll take to finish?", Ophelia asked.

" Normally, stuff like that would take months to finish. But since Mickey's involved and, if there's one thing he does share with both Walt and Uncle Ub, it's that if they want things done, it'll get done. I'd give it about three weeks for construction to be done and two days for all the equipment to be moved in", Bugs said calmly.

Ophelia nodded. Mickey had the exact same drive as his fathers to get work done and get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

" So I guess you'll be leaving then", Ophelia said, pouring his coffee into a travel mug she found in one of the cabinets,' Everything still in the same place', she thought afterwards.

" I guess so. Mickey mentioned something about Elsa so I guess I'm there to be the third wheel", Bugs said as a grin grew on his face," Probably be the blocker".

Ophelia snorted as she handed him the flask," Take a video of his misery for me, please", she said grinning.

" Will do, doll", Bugs said grinning back as he took the flask," Watching him flail around at Elsa's attempts at flirting with him is one of the most hilarious and sad things I've seen in nearly 80 years".

" What even is their age gap?!"

" Roughly 85 years. I checked and when I say I, I mean the Author. Though I doubt Elsa cares all that much though", Bugs said," Then again, none of the other Princesses did when they all crushed in Mickey".

" Remember a time when people thought our age gap was bad", Ophelia said with a smirk.

" How can I? I had people questioning my choices for at least 5 years since you and I started dating. Y'know, out of 'concern'", Bugs said sarcastically," Nine years seems like nothing to ToonTown nowadays".

" Is that such a bad thing though for us? Now neither of us can be judged because there are legitimately other toons dating toons with a larger age gap", Ophelia said as they reached the garage door," Though it does make me wonder why she likes him so much at such a young age".

Bugs shrugged," Snow and the other Princesses might know. I won't ask though. I ain't too curious about their little soap opera drama, just so long as no one gets seriously hurt", Bugs said as he opened the door to the garage," Though I doubt it'll get so far".

" Well do let me know when you come back from your little last minute meeting thing", Ophelia said.

" Of course. There's pizza money in my room for dinner. If I don't make it back before 11, give my goodnight kisses to the kids", Bugs said, planting a small kiss on her cheek before making his way to the car.

Ophelia frowned as she watched his retreating form, a question popping into her mind that caused her worry," Bugs?", she called.

" Hmm?"

Ophelia breathed in," This... going off to last minute meetings thing isn't going to be a recurring thing now, right? This isn't going to be some advancement in the plot that's gonna cause pain in the family like those dramatic family movies, right?", she asked nervously.

Bugs snorted as he walked back to her," I trust the Author and her slightly less sane teenage mind to not put too many cliches in the story. I don't think she'd go that far... I hope. Besides", he said before stepping closer," You and the kids will always be first. Above all".

Ophelia had to bit back a smile at the statement, cursing the hare's cuteness.

" I know. I'd hate for you to not spend as much time with the kids since they're here in ToonTown, after all that trouble we've went through", Ophelia said.

" And I will. Promise. I'll even take everyone to dinner tomorrow", Bugs suggested.

Ophelia grinned but before she could say something, Bugs interjected," Not the seafood restaurant I took you to last time".

Ophelia grinned sheepishly," Heh, guess I was pushing my luck a little too strong there", she said.

Bugs snorted," Sure did, I'll see ya later tonight, hon", he said before walking back to the car, getting in and turning the car on.

Ophelia watched from the door as he drove off before closing the garage door with a sigh. She quietly made her way to Bugs' room, to get the pizza money and delivery number.

S was beyond nervous about what was about to be done.

Here he was, outside a van on the Warner Bros lot while ToonTown was 3 hours away from locking down. Trickster was next to him, a strange grin on his face. Behind Trickster was Rascal, trying his best to mimic his father.

Ever since S had been named Trickster's successor, Rascal had become more desperate to get his father's attention. The boy would try to come off as cruel, cunning and violent like his father but failed quite miserably since Trickster still focused his attention on S more than Rascal.

It was a depressing sight for S, having to watch the young kid fight for his dad's attention and still not hate the object of his dad's attention. Rascal still treated him kindly and still allowed DJ to sleep in his room.

" Alright boys, start moving in!", Trickster exclaimed.

S's heart nearly plummeted as he watched Trickster's men make a move for the water tower.

ToonTown going on lockdown, the Looney Tunes far away and unaware of what would happening at the studio. It was the ideal time for a kidnapping. And S, once again, felt sick.

He was kidnapping his own siblings. His own kin, in the moment where they are truly vulnerable.

Trickster had boasted that the kidnapping would be easy.

" They'll be so emotionally distraught, they won't even think to try and fight back as hard as they can", S remembered Trickster gloating.

" You excited, S my boy?", Trickster asked.

" Nah", S said, trying to sound bored

" C'mon kiddo, you're gonna see your siblings again... for a short while, of course", Trickster said with a disturbed chuckle at the end," It reminds me of the day I created the five of you. It was the worst fucking day of my life, but then I saw your usefulness. And now I can officially say I'm quite fond you now", he said chuckling.

" Uh... I'm glad?", S said confused.

Trickster laughed as if S said the funniest joke in the world. Rascal, who was right next to his father, frowned before a thought came to his mind.

" Say Dad, what are you going to do with the Warners once we got 'em", Rascal asked enthusiastically.

Trickster laughed, but it was in no way friendly," That's for me to keep and for you to never know", he told the boy.

" Seriously?", S said in disbelief.

" Yes seriously", Trickster replied.

" You drag us on all these kooky schemes that involve Yakko, Wakko and Dot where things end up not going according to plan because most of us don't know what the plan even is anymore", S argued," What even is the plan, Trickster? Tell me, because I'm certainly involved in this somehow".

Rascal looked frightened by S's outburst, but even moreso for Trickster's reaction. Trickster looked at S blankly before letting out a deep sigh.

" So you really wanna know what's really going on here, boy", Trickster said with a smirk.

" Yeah", S said arms crossed.

Trickster snorted and laughed," Heh, always the violent one. Well, since it seems like the 2nd phase is about to end real soon. I might as well tell you everything", Trickster said nonchalantly.

Rascal and S were both surprised," Really?".

" Yep! Useless to keep hidin' it any longer now that we're finally movin' on to phase 3-"

" Boss!"

" -WHAT?!", Trickster screamed.

S felt his heart beat faster. Did they catch his siblings? He prayed they didn't and some miracle had happened before they had gotten there.

" The Warners aren't in here?!", one goon exclaimed.

Had it not been for the fact Trickster was a few feet in front of him, S would have broken down crying of relief.

' They're not in the tower. They're safe', S cheered inwardly with glee and relief.

" What do you mean they're not in there?!", Trickster screamed in fury.

' He means what he said, Trickster', S said inwardly, gleeful at his boss and creator's plight.

" How can this be possible? Plotz said he saw them enter the water tower. The security had locked them and heard them begging! They have to be inside!", Trickster exclaimed.

" We found three piles of confetti in the tower instead", one goon said as he made it down.

" Con... confetti...", Trickster murmured, quiet for a second before he started giggling madly. His giggles grew louder and before they knew it, he was laughing maniacally.

Rascal looked so terrified of his father's behaviour that he moved closer to S. S, even in his initial relief, felt his stomach sink just at the sound of Trickster's utterly psychotic laughter.

" CONFETTI", Trickster screamed, laughing all the way, wheezing and coughing but still laughing.

It was minutes before he calmed down enough to not look like someone who belonged in Arkham. Now he was just wheezing. Rascal's grip on S's arm lessened as well as his father seemed to finally regain his grip on reality.

" Fuck Roger Rabbit", Trickster said, wiping his mouth," Can't believe that piece of shit interfered with my crap again. The Looney Tunes probably taught the kids to make doppelgangers and used the doppels as a decoy", he said, his hands in a tight fist before letting one last chuckle out," Well played, Bugs, well played...".

S cringed, this entire incident is gonna put Trickster in a sour mood for a long while.

" It's okay, Dad!", Rascal said reassuringly, believing that his dad would appreciate his reassurance," Maybe we can kidnap the Warners at Bugs Bunny's home, they'd obviously be with him!".

S flinched at the echoing slap and the sound of a thud as Rascal's body had hit the ground.

" I knew you were a dumb fuck for a kid but I didn't think you were this dumb!", Trickster sneered down at Rascal," The Looney Tunes Estate is the most well protected land in ToonTown after McDuck's Money Bin and Mickey Mouse's mansion. That place has better security than Radiant Island and no one's ever escaped Radiant since it's opening. The moment we step in there, its suicide. The blothounds there will rip you apart before you can even blink".

Trickster growled," I'll think of somethin' else. In the mean time, let's head back to ToonTown, fellas! S, help the welp up", he said before heading to his car.

S immediately moved to help Rascal up but the younger boy practically yanked his arm out of S's grasp, getting up on his own. S felt his guilt and pity for Rascal rise. Even after that slap, Rascal would still remain loyal to his father, because that wasn't the first nor would it be the last.

Rascal nursed his bruised cheek softly, biting back his tears. He couldn't cry in front of his father, it would make him look even weaker. Once again, another failed attempt to try and get on his father's good side. S could effortlessly impress Trickster without even trying too hard. Rascal needed to try and top the older boy if he ever wanted to be seen as his father's son again.

Trickster wanted the Warners. Then he'd get them, Rascal decided. He'd do this all without S or even DJ's help.

Rascal will get the Warners for his father, even if it was the last thing he did.

End of Chapter 43

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