It was another day in Paris where the pigeons chirped, Marinette was ten minutes late, and the wifi signals went this was definitely one of those days. It was Marinette's luck that she didn't arrive at school ten minutes late. Last night had been tiring since an Akuma was on the loose at 2 AM! truly Marinette was pissed, and due to this, she didn't notice that the love of her life also had black rings under his eyes.

Marinette had quietly entered the class trying not to get the teachers attention, but due to her good "luck", she had tripped over Adriens bag face planting on the floor. sighed as Marinette gave a sheepish wave to her from the ground as she scurried to her seat. As she started to take out her binder, Alya grinned and started whispering in Marinette ear.

"Gurl you are late than usual. Anyway, let me give you some deets..."


"WHAT?!" Marinette buried her head as she started to have a mental breakdown. It wasn't every day that you were randomly chosen a partner which was your crush to do an assignment on Ladybug and Chat Noir.

"gurl, I don't know why you're freaking out about this, I mean isn't this a good thing that you're partnered with Adrien? This way you can get closer to him and then ask him out!" Alya exclaimed. had cleared her throat about three times in a row just to get their attention and had started to speak again.

"like I was saying, you and your partner will have to finish this presentation by next Wednesday, and this project is worth 60% of your report cards. Any questions?no?You may begin". Was it just Marinette or did the teacher just go savage? She looked around the room and the other student's expressions were nowhere near shocked. Most of their faces had the word written 'bored' on their foreheads and about three of them were sleeping.

"Hey, Marinette I was wondering if you wanted work on the project tomorrow? Is that alright with you?" Marinette turned back around only to meet a questioning pair of green eyes looking up at Adrien? ADRIEN was talking to Marinette and she had probably thought that he would think she was crazy if she didn't answer.

"umm y-yeh s-sure Adrien! What time do you w-wanna meet up?"

"uhh I'll have to check my schedule... is it ok if I text you?"

"y-yeah sure Adrien I would love to go out with you. I-I mean sure I'D text YoU!"Marinette exclaimed saving herself from further embarrassment. Adrien had asked her if she had his number (which she did since she once tried to leave a message) and had told him she'd ask Alya. He and Nino walked away and right after 'Alya the reporter' had come along.

"Gurl, can we please switch topics? You have ladybug and Chat Noir and guess what I have? The history of Martin Luther!" Marinette scoffed and rolled her eyes as Alya began to beg on her knees.