Oh no. This can't be happening, not now. Marinette started having a freak out session (which happens almost every day) and put her hands to her head. I'm in deep crap. Adrien's gonna hate me because I didn't text him back and I'll have to live underground. My mom and dad, I'll meet you guys in heaven.

"Marinette snap out of it!You need to stay calm." Tikki slapped her face for the fifth time until finally Marinette responded coming back to her senses. Marinette smiled sheepishly back at her and started pacing around her bedroom. She had beads of sweat running down her face while she continuously yanked on her hair. "I'm calm Tikki".

Yeah ok, Marinette lied. She was still freaking out about her love hating her. What should I do he's gonna think that I'm ignoring him or something Marinette thought and Tikki facepalmed at her chosens antics of staying 'calm'.

Tap tap tap

Tikki quickly hid under the bed while Marinette quickly spun towards the window leading up to her balcony thinking it was an Akuma. She slowly opened her hatch while searching the perimeters for danger until Chat came upside down dangling in her face.

"Hey, how's it going purrince-" He was cut off by a pan hitting his stomach making him lose everything he had inside him. Damn princess sure does have a good swing he thought as he slowly but surely fell to the let a groan escape him as he suddenly felt the sharp pain coming from his body as he stood up.

"Oh my God Chat Noir I'm so sorry are you ok?" Marinette asked with worry in her voice. "Yeah I'm fine" he replied.

Are you sure?"

"Ooh~ My princess does care" after that comment she just glared and asked what he was doing on her balcony. "Well, you see uhh… Adrien, he was um asking if you were alright since you didn't text him back and since we're best buds he asked me to check on you!" He spoke so fast and super enthusiastically that even he heard his lie but thankfully Marinette seemed to believe him. She seemed to blush for some reason but he ignored it because it might have been the heat since he was feeling it too :). She quickly turned back to normal and finally gave him the answer. "Well, you see while I was texting him the wifi thingy stopped working and it won't work until tomorrow. Oh yeah, can you tell him that for me?" Chat just smirked and took his chance, "Only if you let this kitty come inside and have a free crossiant~"

Marinette just rolled her eyes but as soon as she looked back at him he was doing the puppy eyes. I'm not falling for it...omg he's cuter than Manon! Marinette groaned and put her hand to her chin thinking about if it could work. And chat was still holding the 'eyes'.