Seven days after the Runa Alcomba celebration, bright and early in the morning, the castle was bustling about getting ready for the big meeting between the planet leaders. They were called Governs. It was one the most important meeting that toke place every three years( their years to be precise). They discuss the normal occurrences and subjects of the people, as well as the more serious matters.

Yamcha was looking at himself in the full body mirror in his room. Unfortunately, he woke up with a slight headache from his hangover. Covexiain alcoholic drinks were a lot stronger than any earth drink he's ever had. He got a bit too carried away at the party and now a week later he was still slightly feeling the after effects.

On a better note, he was introduced to the one of planets' famous singers, Roxa Ranix. She's equivalent to a pop star like back on earth. She sang a concert at the party, her music was similar to pop in a way and he found himself liking it quite a bit. Not that he was ever picky about music but it still surprised him that he did. Maybe it had been a while since he'd been to a concert of some sort or maybe it was the alcohol, whatever it was, it felt like the music put him under a spell. Swaying and moving with complete freedom. Freedom from his fears, his insecurities, his doubts, all the thoughts and feeling that have weighed him down felt lifted. Just for one night.

He changed into an outfit X'hara had given him for the meeting. It was the same aqua blue color he had been usually wearing(at first he didn't like the color but it eventually grew on him), a snug fitting sleeveless shirt with grey lines going down in a ' Y 'shape. Same colored pants, just as snug fitting but with surprising comfort. Finished with a pair of gray square tipped boots and gray jacket. He asked her if this was really necessary (thinking she was just trying to dress him up again like she'd been doing for the last month, which drove him crazy, but he wouldn't tell her that) and she said yes because he is a guest and an important part of this meeting. They will be officially introducing him to the other leaders.

Introducing him to the other six leaders would be like introducing him to the rest of Covexis, so it was a absolutely imperative to make a good first impression, especially if they will give him access to their cities. Since he or any of the scientists that have studied Eonagins previously have no idea when the next will appear; X'herin thought it was best to for him to get integrated into their society as much as possible. His Highakin told him he did not want part any of thier beautiful planet hindered from him. Of course he was nervous, even if he was lucky enough friends with their king and princess, if he messed this up with the council, X'herin could only protect him for so long from the rest of the planet until something bad happened. He knew it wouldn't bode well for him or the royal siblings. He didn't want to cause them any trouble for all they've done for him.

No matter how nervous he was, he'd have to be push it aside.

In a small flash, Tsume appeared in front of him. Deciding to sit on his head for some reason. " Hey buddy. You just wanted some attention huh?" Tsume squeaked and tilted his head down to face him. Yamcha pet him a little with his finger. He purred in response and once again readjusted himself on his head like it was a nest or something. Although, it might as well have been. It had grown quite long since he got here and spiked in different directions. It wasn't a Saiyan's hair, but still spiky and unruly none the less. He played with a strand of it between his fingers.

X'hara paced by the double doors entrance of the meeting room anxiously. She waited for Yamcha to show himself so they could quickly go over what he needed to say.

Dressed in a traditional princess dress that consisted of a long-sleeved light gray dress with an open collar. It touched down to her feet and the sleeves wrapped around two of her fingers. It would've been plain with the exception the sparkly magenta and lilac cloth sashes going across her chest, stomach, and one long drape that acted as a second skirt layer. The royal crown for the princess of Covexis rested on her head with her hair tied up in a unique bun.

Most of the other leaders with their children, spouses, and their cities' Traetai had already arrived. Only three of the leaders remained.

Where is he!? He should've been here twenty minutes ago!

X'hara usually is a patient person, but today was an exception because her nervousness about the whole thing; well, nervous for him anyways. She didn't want Yamcha to be considered threat or a outsider to the rest of the planet. For a month and a week, the people of Acrin have accepted him quite well, but it doesn't mean all the other city populations will do the same. Each of them definitely have their own "personalities" with different opinions. Acrin is known not only for being the most pristine of the cities, but the most welcoming to all. In a another world, that would be unusual circumstance seeing that it is the residence to the royal family of the entire planet.

« X'hara, I'm here!» Yamcha's voice suddenly reached her ears. She sharply turned around to chew him out. « There you are! I was wond-gaaahaaagghh!» she screamed. Based on what she had seen when she did made her have a few different reactions. It was in shock, amazement, and horror all at once, so it sounded like something that couldn't make up its mind if it was dying or not...which now had him worried.

She internally gushed at how good and attractive he looked in the outfit. Dowan...his abs look perfect in that-She quickly mentally slapped herself for thinking such thoughts. She's a princess for Nexo sake! She's seen plenty of well sculpted men in skin tight suits before, so why was this any different!? All of that aside, the part of his look that had her screaming was...

« Y-Y-You're hair! Wha-what h-happened to it!?» she reached out to touch what was left of it with a shaky hand. Yamcha, still confused, answered her hesitantly, «Well uh... I thought it was time for a change so I just cut it. It started getting tangled an-»

« But it was so beautiful before, so long! Why did you cut it? Did something happen to you!? Are you ok!?» she interrupted.

« What!? Y-Yes I'm fine! Why are you asking me that!?»

Does it look that bad!? I know I'm not an expert hairstylist or something, but...

« A custom of our people is to cut our hair short if something really bad happens to us, to show that you are mourning, hurting, or in pain. We take pride in our long hair, so for me to see you like this only worries me!»

He was completely surprised, « Oh...uh...w-well how was I supposed to know that!? Where I'm from, we cut our hair all the time! Its common, but I guess I didn't think it meant any different here, I'm sorry I freaked you out , but I'm fine honest!» he said nervously.

X'hara gave him a look, « Well...if you say so. Oh by the way, you'll be sitting in the risers on the second floor. Anyone not in the council has to sit there, exception of me, but you won't be alone. The governs' spouses and children will sit there too» She stated «So, about your introduction to the council-» « HEL-LO THERE, STUDBE!» came a voice from inside the meeting room startling the two of them.

With the doors still wide open, stood the three figures who were the source of the shouting. When X'hara saw who it was, she got a extremely annoyed look and sighed harshly. Yamcha could hear her whisper « Ah Cut, I was hoping not to see them».

The three young women ran full speed toward Yamcha. All pretty but with too much of jewelry and skimpy outfits. One had cotton candy colored blue hair in some sort of pig tails hairstyle with very light tan skin. Another had bright orange hair that was in a pixie cut with a pony tail and peach skin, and the last one-who was in between the other two, had long baby pink hair that went to past her shoulders and covered her left eye with caucasian skin.

The looks on their faces were like predators to their prey. The moment they reached him, two grabbed his arms and with an hand on his chest, in the process it pushed X'hara out of the way but not enough to knock her off her feet. « Hi there, I know that I haven't seen you around here before» the pink one said first . « Uh...u-um...» he stuttered Oh Dende not again! «Yeah if you're new here I could give you a personal tour» said the orange one.

« W-well uh um see I uh-»

« Look at these muscles! Do you work out?» said the blue one.

« Well yeah I do but-» « Alright ladies, enough! He's not the latest fashion line in Xitrese, you can stop drooling over him now!» said X'hara through gritted teeth. She tried to stand tall and dignified but unfortunately it wasn't covering up her rising anger. There have been a few times were Yamcha had seen her angry- and not that he didn't find it extremely hot at times for some reason- but this was on a whole new ball game. She looked ready explode.

« Oh sorry X-X (zee-zee), didn't see you there!» said the pink one smirking without a shred of smpathy. Just like her to think that I was born yesterday! X'hara's frowning eyes narrowed, « Z'inga. I was wondering when I'd see your stuck up snobbish manufacturered mug around here, though my day would've been better if I didn't » « Ooooh, came up with that one all on your own didn't you X-X? And yes the less I see of you the better as well».

The two women had been having a serious stare down about a minute; you could see the sparks shooting between them. Yamcha could almost feel they're strange ki energy rising. Z'inga was the one to break the silence: « Well it has been fun but I must be going, the meetings' about start soon anyway, I'll be seeing you soon, Studbe-»Yamcha just nervously laughed and blushed, which caused X'hara to get even angrier. «Girls?» With that, she and her groupies left to the meeting room.

Why did I just feel like I was in an episode of ' Mean Gals'? He thought.

« Well uh...that was weird. What was that all abo-» « What kind of reaction was that!?» she growled. « Huh!? What do mean!?»

Why is she yelling at me!?

« With them! You were just standing there, eating up everything they were saying to you! You didn't trying to push them away, I can't believe you!» She angry pulled something out of her dress and shoved into his chest hard, but not hard enough to break it. « Here! My brother wanted you to have this!»

« Huh!? Wait what!? X'hara? X'hara wait come back! I don't understand, what did I do wrong and what's this...thing!?» he shouted after her as she power-walked as fast as she could away from him. He stopped shouting when he noticed he was getting odd looks from the people around. He turned red from embarrassment.

Great, she's mad me. He sighed, even after all these years: Women. He thought this while walking to meeting room. Alone. Who were those girls anyway?

"Guess I'll go find a seat" he mumbled walking inside.

The meeting room by far was one of the most intricate and well-decorated rooms Yamcha had ever seen in the palace. It was structured to look like a small arena with risers all around a center oval shaped platform in the room. On that platform were seven hovering smooth metal chairs with cushions with a table ring going in front of them. Each chair was colored to represent each city. The biggest one was mainly black with all seven colors, which must've been X'herin's chair.

That makes sense " This room is incredible..." he mumbled to himself. « Like what you see?» X'herin's voice startled him out of his gazing trance, when the said king of Covexis stood next to him out of nowhere. « Dende! You scared me! I don't how you keep doing that» X'herin snickered « Sorry, I was making sure you weren't too nervous about your "presentation"...and to ask you something...» « And that would be...?»

« What the morgo happened to you!?» « Huh!?» «You cut your hair! Did something happen!?» He nearly hollered while getting in Yamcha's face.

« Oh come on not you too!? You guys are serious about the hair thing. Look, I explained this to your sister already: where I'm from, cutting your hair is a very common thing, nothing bad happened to me nor am I in any emotional pain. I'm fine, really! » he explained.

X'herin narrowed his eyes « Well, if you say so, but if you need anything, anything at all just ask me» « Heh, I know X'herin, but you've done more than I could ever ask. You guys are way too kind to me. Me... practically still a stranger to your world. Really, I'm, your sister, and most of your people have accepted me into your lives a lot more easily than I thought when I just came out of nowhere. Most other...races I've met have been pretty hostile. I don't think there's anything I could do that would be enough to repay you honestly. But I'm going to try.»

« I appreciate that Yamcha, but you don't have to get so sappy on me, it's what we do. Most Covexians are well-known for hospitality to each other. We've never been able to share it with anyone else before. I'm glad to see that you are enjoying your stay here» X'herin said. His then expression turned to a light frown « Even though it might not be for long...»

« Yeah, that's true but» Yamcha looked in front of him towards the room again « even if an Eonagin does appear...I'm...not sure...I want to go back. Honestly, the only reason I would want to go back because I unintentionally left a small group of people behind. My best friend Puar, we've been together ever since I was ten and group of orphaned children along with their care taker. They were a fairly new chapter in my life, but I'd do anything for them. I just wish they was here with me».

« I'm truly sorry for that, and I'd be more than welcome to welcome them into our home, but between you and me? For selfish reasons: I hope one doesn't show up anytime soon. You're fun to have around» he slightly elbowed in the arm. Yamcha smiled, knowing the meaning behind his words. Then his mind drifted to another thought and he sighed.

« Although it wouldn't be so pleasant if your sister was still mad at me» he added.

« Huh? X'hara? Mad at you!? What could you have possibly done!?» « That's what I'm trying to figure out! Three girls approached me ...» He in the short time they had, explained the situation that when down a few minutes ago, and X'herin just frowned.

«Just as I thought. You ran into Z'inga and her "followers", she and X'hara have a small history. Her mere presence infuriates X'hara for...reasons that are not my place to say. If you're brave enough, you'll have to ask her after she cools down, she won't stay mad at you forever. I know that for a fact »

Yamcha looked at him curiously, «How can you be so sure? It always seems I have unfortunate talent of making women angry» he grumbled.

He just smirked, « I just know»

« O-Kay...? Well anyway I have faced worse, concerning my ex that is...but still...» « Sorry about her temper by the wa-wait ex? What is that?» « A past lover » «I see» ,this worried him for a moment. Only a moment though.

«So, why did that relationship end? Just out of curiosity?»

« She got pregnant, fell in love with, and married an genocidal alien prince who wanted us all dead at a time. In that order.» he said bitterly. Even know he had gotten over the whole situation, the fact that he still hadn't found that special someone to else spend his life and have a family with frustrated him. It's all he's ever wanted and even though he looked pretty young for his age; he still wasn't getting any younger.

« What the!?-Dowan that's terrible! Why would she-how would liked a girl like that!? Is he still at large!?» X'herin said absolutely horrified.« Luckily no, now he's mostly just an egoistical jerk whose mellowed out a lot and protects our world along with a friend of mine. They are the two strongest people living on our planet. And yes I did once but...time changes a more ways than one. And we were just falling apart over the years, fighting all the time...that was just the final straw» his voice dropping an octave as he spoke those last words. For a brief moment his sadness broke though again on the subject.

X'herin felt he shouldn't press it further. «I see. Anyway, now we have a meeting to attend to. Are you ready?» Yamcha let out a sigh, « Ready as I'll ever be. Oh before we go in, can you tell me what this is?» Yamcha held up a small device in his hand for X'herin to see.

It was a odd metal device that had a tiny glass container connected to it. The inside the glass was a light blue liquid with very tiny purple leaves floating in like tea leaves. There also a tiny crystal rock floating in it. On the outside, a metal tube was connected to it with a hole at the end as if there was something supposed to go in or go out. It also had a round gear-like switch similar to what you might see on a lighter.

« Oh good! Glad she got this to you, it's a refter» X'herin explained. « What's a refter?» Yamcha inquired playing with the object. « It's an inhaling mechanism. You shake it a few times, put pressure on this switch and pull down, and then you see the glass start glowing, you put it in your mouth and inhale the substance. We use these beautiful things to replenish our energy, get rid of stress, get rid of negative thoughts,'s very good for our respiratory» he finished.

« Wow...that is like the complete opposite of smoking» Yamcha added while examining the refter some more. X'herin was confused « Huh? What is this " smooking"?» Yamcha snorted a little. « No "smo-king", it's basically the same thing in a way, except we use a substance that's not good for us. At all. » « Why? Why do such a thing?»

« To be honest I really don't know. Some people think it's cool others just do it to "destress" themselves. Once you start it's pretty hard to stop because the drug chemicals make your body physically addicted to it, but only if you continue for a long while. It'll crave it in worst way possible. My ex used to do it.»

« Your race is very strange and confusing...» he said with one eyebrow up. « Heh you have no idea».

« Well I can assure you, that our refters are no such thing. I'm sure you'll-» « Your Highakin» said a low voice belonging to none other Yokan, who seemed to appear out of nowhere. « forgive my interruption, if you don't mind, I suggest you make haste to your seat for the meeting and to not be delayed by certain...distractions» his eyes slit in his signature expression, specifically at Yamcha. In turn, Yamcha softly glared back, trying not to let X'herin notice.

Since Yamcha met Yokan, they had been running into each other more often for some reason. Almost as if the advisor had been following him around. Of course he didn't want to jump to conclusions but it was starting to irritate.

Every encounter has consisted of Yokan being a low-key jerk or just a glaring contest between the two. He wasn't new to such attitude. Soul reason being that back in his dimension many people he's met-enemy or ally - were stuck up assholes who thought they were better than anyone else. He had no idea why, but it was like Yokan was out for him or something.

Target or not; he wasn't going to back down without fight to this guy.

« Alright, alright, Yokan, I'm coming. Try it, you'll like it and good luck, my friend!» X'herin flashed him a native hand gesture that meant ' good luck'. He nodded back.

Yamcha stared at it one more time before he activated it the way X'herin just told him. As the alien substance entered his mouth, he took a deep but cautious inhale letting the vapors flow down into his throat and lightly blew out the excess smoke. The first taste he had was that was minty, like a watery mint with a twinge of sweetness. It felt refreshing, really refreshing. The coolness filled his chest almost instantly. " Wow that does feel calming! And no negative side effects? This is too good to be true".

The meeting went fairly smooth for the most part, other than the occasional outbursts during heated debates. X'herin and X'hara were very attentive during the whole thing even though a part of him could tell they were bored. Must've felt like any other meeting. There was one heated debate where the name "Marivian Outlaws" came up, but Yamcha didn't know who or what they were.

Finally it was his time to introduce himself to the council. When he was called down from his seat by X'herin and a hovering disk started to levitate towards him to probably bring him to the council platform.

« Oh thank you, but that won't be necessary» he announced hopefully loudly enough for the room to hear. Very gracefully, he used his ki to float down to the middle platform. He would empress the council with a display of power to start off. As he thought would happen, there were gasps and whispers all around the room for those who have not seen his abilities before and all who did just smirked at the others reaction.

Meanwhile with Yamcha, he started feeling different when he used his powers lately. After being on Covexis for this long, the atmosphere was starting to have an affect on him. His flying felt softer and more controlled than back on earth. He didn't have to flex his ki so strongly to fly like he used to. He wasn't sure if it was really the atmosphere or something else that was doing it but whatever it was it felt...right in a way. Pushing aside any nervous feelings, he bowed in their traditional way and started his presentation.

« Ladies and gentlemen of the Covexian leadership, my name is Yamcha Kadahashi. Where I am from I am known as a human or in scientific terms on my planet; a homo sapien. I come from not only a different planet; but an entirely different dimension than yours, through an Eonagin portal».

More gasps arose from the leaders and their small audience. « So it's true » said one of the female Governs. As they whispered, his nerves slowly starting crawling up his chest again. He started to feel hot and clothes felt too tight all a sudden.

Is it going wrong all already? No, get a grip Yamcha, they're just talking! That doesn't mean anything, get a hold of yourself!

He cleared his throat to get their attention again.

« I know that seems quite a shock, seeing that I've been told that I'm the first living being to be tossed through one of those things, and I mean that highest literal terms » as if on que, most of the room started to laugh a bit.

The rest of his introduction went pretty smooth. He described more about his race and his specific abilities as a former martial artist. How he was no threat or danger to their people. He bowed again and thanked all the people Acrin and the royal siblings for allowing him to be on their planet for this long, and that he was given the privilege to get to know the royal family on a sort of personal level. Also, however long he will stay here he'll do his best to contribute to the people in any way he could.

To his surprise, most of the Governs started to clap in applause. Afterward, X'herin started to speak:

« Now that he has presented himself, we will now see which cities will give him access. Yes or no answer from each Govern will suffice. Proceed».

One by one each gave their verbal answer:

Benimis: Yes

Xitrese: Yes ( x 10)

Obecoh: Yes

Cagain: No (he's a stupid grouch who doesn't like to conform, so he's says the opposite of everyone else, but he means yes as "translated" by his lovely wife.

Saaracose: Yes (another x 10)

Denia: Yes

Acrin: Yes

Yamcha let out a sigh of relief as did X'hara and X'herin. He wasn't really concerned if the Governs would allow him into their city or not, but more if they would accept him. Luckily, that fear just got buried.

« Hey down there, Mr. Studbe» said Xitrese's Govern, Safarious, a very...feminine-like man.

Yamcha pointed to himself in confusion.

« Yes you, my daughter is old enough to marry and you seem like a fine gentleman to lead a city one day, why don't you marry my daughter and come live in Xitrese?»

Yamcha turned completely red and kept quiet rambling in stutters at the sudden question.

M-Marriage!? He thought.

X'herin was half shocked by Safarious sudden proposal, Although, the other half was because of Safarious's interests in the rare and exotic, which included living beings. X'hara nearly jumped out her seat in anger at the idea of Yamcha living with her.

« Oh morgo, not this cut again» X'herin mumbled.

« Oh come now, forget him, Boowa. Come marry one of my daughters and live in Saaracose» said Govern Meeda out of nowhere, with a bright smile and hands folded.

« I'd totally want to marry him, mother!» said one of her said daughters shouting from the audience seats. Yamcha just turned even redder and redder.

« Back off, Sunshine Doozy! I saw him first» Safarious shouted angrily in a very broad masculine voice that came out of nowhere. It was kind of scary. The voice definitely did not match the face.

« I don't see your name on him, Conie Man!» Meeda fired back.

« Why you-! I don't care! I had claim on him first for my little girl, she only deserves the best!»

« Oh please! We all know you want him in your possession for your rare and " I got luminis" collection! With us, he'll be treated as a person and be welcomed! »

« As what!? One of your solar sun pea-brained cosmos worshipers or one of your half-naked hippy monks!?»

« See here you impudent-!» She summoned her weapon and Safarious was about to do the same.

« ENOUGH!» X'herin finally had enough of this, « Yamcha will be not living in another city and especially not marrying anyone without his consent! He'll be staying in Acrin for the time being. Now cease this ridiculous argument now if you don't mind for the rest of us!?» He commanded.

Both Governs grumbled, glared at each other and then both complied. « Nai, Your Highakin» they both grumbled.

X'herin sighed in exasperation, while Yamcha did it out of relief. « Now that that's been dealt with, this meeting is concluded. See you all in three years or for an emergency meeting. Dismissed» .

With that, everyone proceeded to exit the room. Before they left, Safarious and Meeda winked at Yamcha, but then glared at each other on the way out. As well as two of Meeda's daughters waving brightly with smiles at him.

« Nice, man! You got a bunch of ladies wantin' ya and their parents too! You. Are. The. Man!» Obick told him as put his arm around his shoulders. « Yeah... lucky me» Yamcha said with very little enthusiasm.

« Hey, I noticed this before the meeting; but what happened to your hair?» Yamcha smacked his head with his hand. « Seriously!? You too!?» he exclaimed.

Obick only looked confused, « Did miss I something?» « Sorry, I explained this to X'hara and X'herin already when they asked. It's common to cut hair where I'm from, so no, there's nothing wrong with me».

« Ok, if you say so-Hey! Kofax! Fion! Knock it off you two! Quit fighting on the job!...Ugh! Dowan! Not again, hey friend, I gotta get back to work. I have break up a fight between two Dumbkaas. See you around!» He ran off to break his men apart.

It's a good thing too because he needed to find X'hara to clear things up and as luck will have it, she was heading towards him, looking guilty.

« did a good job with your presentation» she said.

« Thanks. It went a lot better than I thought it would» he replied. There was an awkward silence.

« Look Yamcha, I'm...I'm sorry I over reacted like that and-» « No, no it's alright, your brother-» out of nowhere, Z'inga jumped right in front him pushing X'hara out of the way. Again, causing both of them to shout in surprise.

I thought she left already!? They both thought in unison.

« Well Yamcha, I just wanted to say goodbye...for now anyways» next thing she did was way unexpected and so fast that Yamcha didn't have time to react.

She kissed him...on his neck.

To say the least, he had steam coming out of his ears and his face was burning red for probably the third or fourth time that day. He was so shocked it made him stay frozen in place.

X'hara recovered from her ' invasion of privacy' attack and looked at the two's display. She had a look that made it seem like she wanted Z'inga to combust in a pillar of flames. After Z'inga was finished, she just smirked at him, « See you soon» and sauntered off.

Yamcha was still frozen. Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! What the actual hell!?

When he finally found composure to speak, he tried apologize and ask for an explanation from X'hara. « L-Look I don't know what that was, but-» « Seriously!? Again!? How could let her on you again!?» she seethed.

« No you seriously!? How was I supposed to know she'd do that!?»

« You could've pushed her off, but you didn't! Do like having girls all over you!? And to think I was gonna apologize to you! Ugh I'm done!» she proclaimed and stomped off-again-in fury. «You know what? So am I, Princess!» he fired back.

'Geez! What is her issue!? I'll just wait until she's cooled off. It's starting to feel like Bulma all over again.' He then headed to his room.

Elsewhere, in a secret location. Two figures were having a conversation.

«Dowan to morgo! That fool is starting to become more and more of a nuisance. First he's bedded with the royal siblings, stolen master's princess, and now he's been approved by the council!» said a unknown voice.

« Please. He will not get in your way, he is beneath our master» said another.

« I know that! But even still, you must never let your guard down with an unfamiliar enemy. Especially if he had figured out a way to steal all of Princess X'hara's attention like our master says ».

« Yes he is well aware of that. That's why he has me as a spy, to learn more about this "other worlder"»

The figure turned to the window in the room, «Although you are right. We must not let him get too close to her and to discover our- I mean our master's plan. We are so close,...too close to let it all fall apart now».

Yamcha stood on the balcony connected to his room, looking over the horizon, when he had a visitor. They knocked on the door and he replied with a « Come in». It was horribly guilty X'hara.

« Yamcha?...» «Look! I didn't-»

« Listen...before you attempt to say anything, I wanted apologize. Twice now for my stupid behavior over the whole thing. You didn't deserve any of that and I shouldn't have reacted like that either. I honestly don't know what came over me when it happened... I beg your forgiveness» she bent over bowing with her arms behind her back in a " X" shape. Yamcha learned that her posture meant that said person was asking for forgiveness in the most sincerest way.

He turned around to face her, light smile on his face, « Its fine, I already have» he said, she sighed with relief. « Thank you and I wanted to share some light on the whole thing with...Z'inga,» « Please do » he smirked lightly while she laughed bitterly . She slowly walked to the balcony and when there her head lowered a bit. He waited patiently for her to start.

«...Yes, well, it started long ago when we were kids. My parents brought me to all the cities to visit while they were on diplomatic trips for the Governs. My brother had to stay behind in Acrin for his tutoring to become king pretty soon.

That day we went to Xitrese and I met her. I didn't have money in the princess of the entire planet, felt intimidated by me or at least my family. After playing a few games while our parents talked, we became instant friends. We were inseparable, we wanted to do everything together and shared everything...until we reached our, what did you call it? Early teens is when things started changing, or specifically, she changed.

She started becoming more and more ...self-centered and cold towards me. She always had a thing for popularity and image, none of things I was really into. Then...she just stopped talking and befriending me altogether. She gained groupies, Jano and Blooma and became their little...trio. Doing their own thing, acting like they're the best things in the world. And criticizing me most of all. All of a sudden she wanted to make my life miserable» she sighed « I just wish I knew what I did wrong. Now everytime I even see her I always have this being filled with this extreme resentful rage, because it reminds me of how I foolishly thought that the one person who made me believe that she understood what it was like to be the daughter of an important figure and the sometimes negative effects that come with it. After she changed it felt like it was all a lie» she finished sadly.

« I'm sorry you had to go through all that. Some people are just jerks, hiding their true colors until it's too late. By then already have your trust; just enough for them break it. I don't know what it's like here on Covexis but people like that usually have stupid image issues. Could be a number of reasons. The way I see it; you didn't do anything wrong, she's obviously the one with the problem» He paused for moment, « I mean how could someone so perfect like you be bad?» he mumbled. « What was that?» « Nothing!» he internally relaxed because he was glad she didn't hear that. He joined her on the railing.

«And I know what it's like to have close friends betray you like that. You wonder what you did wrong to make them hate you. It...hurts. Especially from ex's...» he added quietly.

« Yeah, it morgs, but if you don't mind can you tell me about this...what was it? Your "ex" as you say. Is that a term for a past lover?» she asked cautious to not sound like a certain word she didn't want to admit.

« Yeah, pretty much. She...she broke my heart long ago » she put one hand on his back and the other on his hand, her expression was sympathetic. « and concerning betrayal of friendship, before I got here I...I overheard something I wasn't supposed to hear. My so called " friends " made fun of me behind my back. It wasn't " poke at you" type either, it was the " that really hurts" type. took a toll on me. More than it should have» he looked down,« there's an old saying back where I'm from called "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me", the Itgal who came up with that had no idea what he was talking about».

« Those ripping kayholes! Now I'm the one who's sorry for you, shouldn't have gone through that at all! Some friends!»

« Or maybe in some strange way I deserved it. Punishing me for my sins, I guess». She looked flabbergasted.

« How can you say that!?»

«If you knew what life I used to live-» « Then tell me. Tell me everything, or at least...everything you want to tell. I would like to know more about your world and more about you if you allow me? Do you trust me?» « You haven't given me a reason not to» « Well trust me now. I won't judge you at all... what ever you did in the past is in the past».

He sighed again, « Where do I even begin? I guess I should start off at the very beginning, uh, you might want to get comfortable, this is a really long story».

She walked over one of the cushioned seat in his room and gracefully sat down «Thanks to the meeting today, all my " princess duties" are excused, so I got time. Besides, our days are longer than yours remember? Go ahead» He turned around to face her and leaned back on the railing,

« Well, I guess it all started when I was kidnapped by a ruthless desert gang»


it means 'freaking'

Studbe: native slang for ' hot stuff ' or ' handsome '


their word for ' Honey' or ' Sweetheart'.


pretty much a Covexian Barbie doll. Almost all girls love them and their toy accessories.

Cut: Covexian for shit


Their word for 'yes'.

Itgal: idiot or moron

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