This story was inspired by Cara-Leigh's story "A Convenient Marriage". Unfortunately, that story was never finished, so I took the freedom to borrow the basic idea and ran with it. I'm sure anything I came up with has nothing in common with the way Cara-Leigh envisioned her story.

A warning:

I've tried something new with this story. For the first time I've written a multiple POV story, and decided to give each character its own chapter. Therefore, quite a lot of chapters are extremely short, not more than four hundred words, if that much. Also, a lot of the chapters end on cliffhangers. Don't tell me that you haven't been warned. ;)

The estimated story length is about 200k words, with an average chapter length of about just below 2k words. However, some chapters are up to 5k, while others are well below 1k.

The good news:

For the first time I had a story completely plotted out before I wrote the first word. So far, I've written about one third of the story, and I have a list of chapters that still need to be written, and I know what's going to happen in each chapter.

There'll be 100+ chapters of this story, at the moment 107, but I might split up some of the future chapters when I deem it necessary. I'm going to post them bi-weekly, on Thursdays and Sundays. There'll be a break from May 24th to June 3rd, and another from August, 26th to September 16th. During that time I'm travelling and have no idea if I'll have internet access. As soon as I've finished writing this story, that'll give me time enough to revamp my three ongoing stories and finish them.

A big thank you goes to Shygui, my partner in crime while plotting and writing this story. His advice and input has been invaluable, and without him the story would not be what it is shaping to be.

I hope you'll have as much fun reading this story as I have writing it.