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Maiko grew on me and Enma deserves some love and fluff, too, okay? Okay.

This is loosely based on my headcanon that can be found in (erratic in terms of posting) Tumblr account, malori-of-the-night.

(and I just want KHR to have another season, yeah? I mean, elDLIVE is great but I want to see Enmaaaa T^T that boy needs more love! This is now a drabble series, but there may be breaks in posting since College Life is troublesome… so troublesome)

Disclaimer: I do not own Katekyo Hitman REBORN! The awe-inspiring Amano Akira-sama does. Tachibana Maiko belongs to me though.

This took place after a few weeks of them becoming official and Enma's comfortable now around Maiko.

English is not my first language, I am sorry for any grammatical errors I may have not noticed.

Enjoy reading!


"… Enma? How long have you been studying here in the library?"

Compass-like eyes blearily looked up, hair mussed more so than normal. In front of him were piles of books, all open with papers and pens scattered throughout the table. Maiko could see notes meticulously written down in a notebook a little way away from his hand. It took a few seconds for Enma to focus on worried chocolate orbs.

"Oh… good morning, Mai-chan." Humming and remembering to keep quiet, the redhead tilted his head. "I dunno, maybe two or three hours?"

"And since when did you come here?"

Enma furrowed his brows, puzzled. "Um, since the opening hour, so 9 AM…? I don't understand, what-?"

She cut in. "It's two in the afternoon."

He blinked.


Mouth twitching upwards, Maiko sighed and let out a small exasperated and amused huff. "Yeah, 'oh'."

That same afternoon, she had received a rather concerned text from Tsuna, Enma's best friend, fretting that the redhead could use some time to relax.

Enma smiled sheepishly, muttering, "I guess… I lost track of time? You see, there's a test coming up and the instructor said it will take a huge chunk of our grade…"

The caramel-haired girl lightly laughed and slid into an empty chair beside him. Looking at the chaos littered only on his table, she had an idea. She turned to him, eyes blazing with determination and fondness. "Okay, break-time! I bet you haven't even eaten lunch yet!"

A resolute nod prompted from the girl after a (weak) stuttered no came from the redhead.

"That's what I thought. Alrighty! Clean up! Then you'll come with me to somewhere fun!"


Gripping her boyfriend's hand tighter, Maiko led the way to their intended destination, steps quick and sure.

"Mai-chan, come on, where are we going?" Enma just managed to take a big step over a rock (he warily eyed it even after he was in the clear. He ignored his companion's snicker).

Looking over her shoulder, she smirked before turning her eyes forward once more. "Nope! Trust me on this, Enma-kun, you'll like it!"

Sighing, he gave up, letting her lead him to wherever they were headed. Brows furrowed in confusion, the redhead glanced around and tried to deduce any places they might be going.

'Wait, are we-?'

Maiko stopped and whirled around, gesturing grandly. "Ta-da~!"

Enma first stared at the establishment before him then to his girlfriend then back.

A few seconds passed, her smile faltering until-

-compass-like orbs warmed and a small and fond smile was directed at her, an answering one automatically forming on her lips as relief relaxed the minute tensing of her shoulders.

"So… do you like it?"

His response was to gently squeeze her hand tighter before he brought her smaller hand up and placed a light kiss on her knuckles. Breathing out a chuckle at her blush (his girlfriend was wonderful, no one can change his mind otherwise), he was the one who led them to the entrance of the small petting zoo (all the while paying no heed to his own flush).

"Good afternoon! Tickets for two, sir?" the employee stationed at the ticket stand chirped, wide grin genuine at the sight of the couple before her.

"Good afternoon and yes, two, please."

Handing over the exact amount needed for the payment, Enma swiftly accepted the bracelets and put one of the two on and placed on his dazed girlfriend's wrist. This shook Maiko out of her momentary stupor ('whoa, did he just do that?' still lingered in her mind).

"Wha-? Enma! I should be one who paid since this was my idea!" she sputtered out, her other hand not holding his hand fluttered around, still slightly red.

He gave a hum, the fond smile still on his face. "Well, how about you pay next time?"

She brightened, crying out a small 'deal!' before heading to a small section of the petting zoo currently occupied by a small number of rowdy children, stressed out parents, and a few employees here and there. Thankfully, the other visitors were a little way away from where they were.

Two pairs of eyes brightened at the sight of bunnies hopping around, promptly sitting down on the hay-covered ground and immediately reaching for the small creatures.

Coos and almost silent chuckles were heard for a while.

Internally squealing at the ball of fluff in her arms, she looked over to her boyfriend then muffled a giggle. Somehow, since sitting down a few minutes ago, the redhead had three rabbits on his lap, two in his arms, and another on his head. Her giggles turned into laughter at the blissfully relaxed look on his face, goofily grinning down at the animals before redirecting his gaze to the girl beside him.

"You're wonderful…"

A shy grin forming at the dazed comment, she proclaimed, "I am and you'll better remember it always."

Enma faintly reddened at his own unexpected slip then replied with a swift kiss on her lips, mindful of the rabbit on his head. A small gasp followed by a quiet moan came from her. The kiss deepened, lips grazing. Emboldened by her response, the redhead lifted and placed his hand on the nape of her neck. Another muted moan escaped from her lips as his thumb rubbed small circles along her hairline.

They only separated once the need to breathe become necessary, both having trouble in opening their eyes.

Maiko's mouth twitched with mirth and eyes still closed, muttering, "So… are you relaxed yet?"

Sighing in content, he placed his forehead on hers. With his eyes fluttering open, Enma stared at the caramel-haired girl and faintly responded, "Yes. Thank you for doing this, Maiko."

"No problem." Chocolate brown orbs finally revealed to his fond gaze, she grinned. "I'm glad I could help you get your mind off the boring stuff."

'I'm glad I have you,' he thought to himself, fondness of her and a cozy feeling growing in his chest.



"Come on, let's go have a late lunch since a certain someone skipped it."

"Alright, alright…"

The redhead noticed a flash of yellow from the corner of his vision and curiously turned towards it.

And abruptly did an about face.

Seeing the odd look on her boyfriend's face, Maiko raised an eyebrow. "Enma-kun, what's wrong?"

"N-n-nothing, Mai-ch-chan. Let's get some lunch, shall we?"

"… okay?"

Grabbing her hand, Enma stiffly speed walked to the petting zoo's small snack bar.

Interest piqued from his actions, she took a look back to where he gaped at. Both of her eyebrows flew up the surprisingly cute sight: a guy a few years older than her and Enma was surrounded by most of the rabbits and a few ponies. But what really had her grinning broadly was the small canary perched on top of his head.


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