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They were heading to a hedgehog café*.

But Enma didn't know that.

To get their minds off of the Final examination they just had, Maiko had texted an unsuspecting Enma to "hang out and relax from the torture that is the exams!" (although the redhead wasn't really protesting, as long as he was with her). After vaguely excusing himself from Tsuna and hurriedly escaping the attention of his own guardians, Enma made his way to Namimori Park where Maiko was already waiting.

The moment caramel-haired girl saw him, her face brightened with a wide grin.


A wave and a shy smile were her answer.

Maiko bounced over to him and grabbed the redhead's hand, prompting him to turn slightly red. "Come on, let's go!"

"Where are we going?"

"We," Maiko chirped, "are going to a café!"

Raising an eyebrow, Enma felt his lips twitch upwards. "A café? But you just had a frappe yesterday."

"Well, it's not that kind of café. Besides, one can never have enough of frappes. Most especially green tea frappe!" she cheered, letting the redhead's hand go to throw her hands in the air and looking back to slyly grin at him.

Only for her eyebrows to scrunch up minutely. "What's wrong?"

The Don of the Shimon Famiglia knew he was being silly - he knew he was! - but a strange feeling still rose in his gut. It made him feel oddly empty, his hand immediately missing the warmth of the light-haired brunette.

Inwardly shaking his head, he answered out loud, "No, it's nothing."

"Are you sure, Enma-kun?" She wouldn't dare share to him that he had a tell – when he lies, Maiko noticed that his eyes would flick to the left just for an instant before focusing on the person he was conversing with. She would hold on to it for a bit longer (until someone would spill the beans before her, she meant).

He smiled unconvincingly. "Yeah, don't worry about it."

Eyeing him a little more but ultimately letting him have this one and open up on his own, Maiko muttered, "Alright, but you know I'm here to listen, right?"

A nod was her answer which prompted her to give one back, turning around to head to their original direction.

Enma followed her through the park, going to wherever she was planning to visit. Shyly eyeing her back, he gathered his resolve and reached a hand out.

Maiko slightly jumped as she felt something holding her hand. Looking down, she softly smiled at the sight of Enma's hand shakily holding on to hers

She squeezed his hand reassuringly.

As if her action of not taking her hand away was a sign, the redhead relaxed, the quivering of his hand stopping to comfortably clutch her hand in a more secure grip.

That is how they went to the café — both pink and their intertwined hands between them.



Hearing the sound of distress, Enma looked over to his companion, carefully cradling a calm and curious hedgehog in his hands. He checked on Maiko who was pouting, her hand clutched closely to her body. A hissing sound could be heard which then prompted him to glance down at the playpen. The spiky creature was still sounding out its displeasure, rolled tightly into a ball.

"What happened?"

"I don't know! The little guy started to do that-" she motioned to the cute ball of furious spikes "-when I started to pick him up! So jealous of you, Enma-kun..." An exaggerated pout was directed toward him. "How come they're so calm with you?"

A slow shrug was his response, careful not to dislodge his hedgie sniffing around on his shoulders (he was pleasantly surprised at the animal's ability to climb along his uniform).


A café employee could be seen just a little ways further from the duo, head tilted to the side. He must be seeing things. Yeah, that only could be the explanation. Still, he rubbed his eyes. Peeked above his curled fingers. Stared.


Still there.

He blinked then shrugged. "Well, this is a hedgehog café..."

And with that final remark, he turned around and walked back to the counter, giving himself a pat on the back. It was none of his business, anyway; he was just instructed to take care of the food and beverages.

The scene he just left was both bizarre and cute. A hedgehog (where did it come from?) with its spikes made out of (fake, maybe?) metal was sleeping. And, perched on one of its metallic spikes, was a small yellow canary singing out a simple tune (wait, was that Nami-chuu's anthem?! How did it-!).

Yep, the employee closed his eyes, none of his business.


hedgehog café – it really exists! I screamed when my cousins went there during their trip to Japan and I just wanted to add this cute place! One out of three is located in Shibuya City, Japan ((and really hoping my family and I could go there when we ever go to Japan haha)).

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