Adam and Sojiro (and Ace) made it back to Le Blanc, but not before it was well into the evening. This had resulted in Sojiro complaining about how, because of the traffic, he hadn't been able to open for the day. Adam made no comment.

"…Whatever." Sojiro muttered, scratching the back of his head, "Anyway, head upstairs, there's something I have to give you."

"Alright." Adam replied, turning and walking up the stairs to his room, wondering what Sojiro had to give him. When he got to his room, he put his bag on a table that was kept next to the railing and turned around as Sojiro, who had taken out his phone to check the news, followed him up.

"What a gruesome accident." the barista commented, "Eighty people were involved."

"Eighty people, yeesh." Ace grimaced, before thinking of something and looking at Adam, glaring lightly, "If you say anything along the lines of 'who cares' or 'it's not my problem', I will personally come back to your plane of existence to bitchsmack you."

*I wasn't going to.* Adam responded while Sojiro put his phone away and brought out a small journal.

"It's a diary," he explained, "Make sure you write in it." the middle aged man ordered, before tossing it onto the table Adam had placed his bag on, "You may be under probation, but there's no special limitations on what you do in particular. Besides following the law, that is."

"Naturally." Adam and Ace responded in sync. Ace looked at the disguised Faunus with a smile while Adam just ignored him. Sojiro, in the meantime, had continued with his talk.

"However, I'm obligated to report on you, which is why I'm having you record your daily activities." This little tidbit made Adam cross his arms and quirk an eyebrow.

"So you basically plan on having me write the report for you?" the redhead asked. Sojiro scowled in response.

"Well, your options are to: A, write down your daily activities in your journal, which means I'd be able to allow you to go out and do normal teenager stuff. Or B, you have to come straight home after school and you have to stay at the cafe on days off so I can babysit you. And I think it's safe to say that neither of us want to go with option B. Am I right?" Asked the irritated barista, putting a hand on his hip.

"Fine, I'll write in the diary." Adam growled.

"That's what I thought." Sojiro replied. Just then his phone began to ring, looking to see who it was, Sojiro's expression softened and he picked up.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked, in a tone much kinder than the one he usually used with Adam, pausing to listen to whoever was on the other side, "…I'm about to leave right now. Don't worry, I'll be there in no time." another pause, "…Uh-huh. I'll see you soon." finishing the call, he put the phone is his pocket and turned back to Adam.

"Who do you think that was?" Ace wondered.

*What makes you think I care?* Adam asked back.

"Well, I'm off. I'll lock the place up, so do whatever you want for the rest of the night." the middle aged barista told Adam, Sojiro then started to head towards the stairs, but stopped, "Oh, but don't mess up my store. If something goes missing, I'll hand you right over to the cops." he threatened.

In order for me to steal something, you'd first have to have something worth stealing. Adam thought, rolling his eyes behind his shades, "How stupid do you think I am that I'd risk doing that while on probation?" the ex-White Fang asked with a scowl.

"Always with the attitude." Sojiro grumbled, shaking his head, "Anyway, you've got school tommorow. So you better get some sleep." With that, he turned and walked down the stairs, leaving Adam and Ace alone.

"Soooooo…" Ace drawled, "Now what?" his question causing Adam to give him a deadpan stare. Why was he asking him?

"Maybe I should go to sleep." Adam responded, "Maybe I'll have another dream about a prison with little girls for wardens and an old man with a long nose who talks cryptically about stuff like 'ruin' and 'rehabilitation'." Ace raised an eyebrow.

"So you remember that place?"

"Depends." Adam said as he walked over to the table with the diary and his bag, putting the former into the latter, "If I do well with my 'rehabilitation', will you keep your end of the bargain and send me back to Remnant?" he asked over his shoulder.

"I keep my word." Ace replied simply. Deciding to trust the demon, not that he had much choice, Adam accepted this. Moving on to start getting ready for bed, he heard a phone start to ring. Looking at Ace, the blonde held up his hands.

"Not mine." Knowing that it wasn't his ringtone either, Adam remembered seeing a yellow payphone down in the cafe.

"Who'd be calling at this time?" the red headed Faunus muttered as he made his way down the stairs. Grumbling as he walked over to the phone, he picked it up.


"Yo, it's me." said a familiar voice on the other end.

"Sakura-san?" Adam guessed.

"Uh-huh." the barista confirmed, "I called to ask, I closed the shop but I forgot to flip the sign to 'closed'. Mind doing that for me?" Adam looked over at the door, the side that read 'closed' was indeed still facing the inside of the cafe.

"Whatever, sure." he replied with a shrug.

"Thanks. I'd do it myself, but it's too much of a hassle to go back." said Sojiro's voice, "I mean, it's not like anyone's going to think it's actually open, but still. I'm just glad I was able to reach you…"

"I can just give you my cell number and you can just text me this." Adam suggested, rolling his eyes.

"I make it a habit not to save guys' phone numbers on my cell phone." responded Sojiro. Adam actually took the phone away from his ear and stared at it with a "Really?" expression. While he did this, Sojiro continued to speak.

"Still, good job on picking up the phone in the cafe. I leave you in charge of the shop sign. Bye." Sojiro finished and hung up. Shaking his head in annoyance, Adam hung up the phone and did as he was asked. After he had gone outside, flipped the sign, gone back in and locked the door behind him, Adam went back upstairs and got ready for bed. Strangely, Ace seemed to be missing. And not in the 'He was currently hiding somewhere Adam couldn't easily see him' way, he was straight up gone. Not that it mattered to Adam, who got ready for bed and climbed in.

I'm going to have to take the train tomorrow he reminded himself, taking out his phone to make note of the route he had to take, Yongen-Jaya… Aoyama-Itchome… Transfer… From the looks of it, I need to go out to Shibuya, then transfer there. While he was doing this, he got a notification on the train accident. From the sounds of things, lots of people were involved.

Not to mention the accident's probably screwed up the timetable… Adam groaned internally, before something caught his eye, a familiar red-and-black app, It's that weird app again. Why does it keep showing up? I know I'm deleting it… The bull Faunus dragged the app, for the third time now, to the delete bin and made a mental note to reboot the device for good measure. Feeling his eyelids growing heavy, the redhead let the hand holding his phone fall to his side as he entered the realm of dreams.

-Line Break-


The following morning, Adam got up and repeated the routine from the previous day. Getting into his Shujin uniform, followed by sitting on his bed for a moment.

Gonna have to take the train today. He thought while putting on his shades, If I get lost on the way, that would just be the icing on the cake of this whole shitty situation. No use thinking about it, better get going if I don't want to be late. Standing up he grabbed his bag on the way downstairs. Reaching the cafe, he saw Sojiro standing behind the counter, Ace sitting in one of the booths, and a plate of curry and a glass of milk set out at one of the counter seats.

"Oh, so you actually are going to school." Sojiro noted.

"Of course I am." Adam scowled, "You've already told me, like, five times that you'll throw me out if I cause trouble." The barista rolled his eyes at the teenager's sass but didn't comment, instead gesturing towards the curry.

"Whatever. Here, I'll feed you. Just make sure you finish before customers start to show up." Hearing this made Adam cross his arms and quirk an eyebrow.

"Curry for breakfast?" the ex-terrorist questioned, drawing looks from Sojiro and Ace.

"What's that reaction for?" Sojiro replied, "Just eat it."

"And what have I said about not being an ass?" Ace chimed in. Rolling his eyes at the both of them, Adam shrugged off his bag, placed it next to him, sat down, and dug in. As soon as the first bite entered his mouth, Adam's eyes widened behind his shades.

This… He noted as he took another bite, and another, and another, picking up a little speed, This is really good! This is some of the best curry I've ever had! Quickly devouring the food in front of him, tasting the complex flavors within the bold spiciness, Adam could make out a proud look on Sojiro's face.

"Glad to see you like it." the barista commented, "Just make sure you don't choke, okay?" Even while pacing himself, the curry was gone in record time. Checking his phone for the time, Adam grabbed his bag and made for exit. Only stopping when Ace piped up again.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" the demon prompted, just as Adam's hand was on the doorknob.

"Thanks for the food." the crimsonette said curtly.

"So you do have manners after all…" Sojiro nodded, "Just make sure you're on time for school. You'll bet late if you get lost. Oh, and flip the sign to 'open' for me, will you?"

"Fine." Adam replied as he left, barely noticing Ace getting up and following him. After doing just that, he made his way to the subway.

-Line Break-

Not long after, Adam Taurus found himself in a tightly packed train car, clutching his bag to his chest.

This is going to take a while to get used to. he thought, before noticing a news report on one of the LCD screens. It seemed that there were still lingering effects of the incident from yesterday.

And on top of that, a bunch of lines are being delayed. Well that's just fantastic. Why not throw in some rain, too?

-Line Break-

Adam didn't know if Oum existed in this world, but he was sure whoever was up there hated him. Apparently, Ace wasn't the only one who wanted him punished for his past actions, if the rain was anything to go by.

"Well, this sucks." Ace noted, jogging to keep up as Adam run through the downpour, "For you, at least."

*I hate you.* was all Adam could think to say as he finally found some cover. Looking at his phone, which had the navigation app open, he ground his teeth in frustration. The train delays and the rain combined resulted in him running low on time to get to school. Hearing an, unfortunately, familiar beep, Adam looked at his phone and immediately wanted to throw it into high speed traffic. That damn app was back again.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" he growled as the app once more expanded to take up most of his screen, "I do not need this right now."

"Hm? What is it?" the magic blonde asked, looking over Adam's shoulder, "What's with that app?"

"I don't know." the bull Faunus replied, angrily trying to delete the app, "It just showed up on my phone the other day and it keeps coming back no matter how many times I delete it."

"You got malware on your phone already? What kind of sites have you been going on, man?"

"The only stuff I've been using this thing for is navigation and to learn about this place a little." Adam growled in response, smacking the device on his hand. Unfortunately, this only resulted in the the strange program opening.

"Worry about that later, you're gonna be late." Ace said as he moved away and looked around.

"How am I supposed to know how to get there if I can't see the map?" the ex-White Fang replied trying to close the app.

[Thank you for using the Metaverse Navigator App.] came a digital female voice from the phone, [Please input the keywords for your destination.]

Navigation? Thought Adam, This is a navigation program? But my phone already has one, and what the hell is a 'Metaverse'? As much as he'd like to figure it out, the teenage Faunus had more important things to worry about as he looked up from the device to see if the rain was going to let up.

"Oh? Who's this?" wondered Ace's voice. Hearing this made Adam look over and catch sight of the newcomer, definitely a female, if the body was anything to go by. She wore a Shujin Academy blazer, unbuttoned, on top of what looked like a varsity zip-up hoodie. Said hoodie was white with the bottom having a red stripe between two blue ones, an 'S' on the bottom left of one side, and a four leaf clover on the hood. On her legs were red tights and brown boots with yellow laces. In addition, she carried a Shujin bag, like Adam.

"Stupid rain." she muttered as she wiped some of the rain water off her sleeves, before lowering her hood. This revealed long, ash blonde hair tied into two big, bushy pigtails. As well as blue eyes, small circular earrings, and a yellow hair clip over her left ear.

"Where the hell did she hide all that hair?" Ace asked as he inspected the girl. Adam said nothing as he continued to stare at the girl, not that he thought she was attractive, even though she was. He would never admit it, but he was wondering the same thing. The girl, meanwhile, hadn't even noticed Adam was there, only turning around when she finally realized someone was staring at her.

"Hm?" She looked over at him, before blinking and developing a somewhat apprehensive expression.

"Eh?" Ace blinked, "What's that look for?" he wondered as he turned to see what she was looking at, and realized what the problem was "Oh, dude, ease up. You're kinda glaring at her." the demonic teen advised. Grunting a little Adam chose to simply look away, just as a car pulled up and the driver lowered the window. This revealed the driver to be an athletic adult male wearing a blue track uniform. He had a broad, square jaw and long, unkempt black hair and bushy eyebrows.

"Good morning, Takamaki." the driver greeted with a grin, "Want me to give you a ride to school? You're gonna be late."

"Um, sure thanks." the now named Takamaki replied, walking over to the car and opening the door. Meanwhile, the driver shifted his attention to Adam.

"You need a ride too?" he offered. This caused Adam to adopt a scowl, the rain and train delays had already soured his mood considerably, the last thing he wanted was some human patronising him.

"I'll be fine." he answered through lightly grit teeth, resulting in the man to raise an eyebrow,

"Well, alright then. If you say so." At this point, the Takamaki girl had buckled her seatbelt, so the man raised the window back up and drove off. As the window rose, Adam caught a look at Takamaki's face. The girl's expression was beyond uncomfortable, indicating she wanted nothing to do with the man next to her.

Then why did she accept his offer? Adam couldn't help but wonder, before shaking his head lightly. No, he couldn't think like that. Getting involved would probably only make his situation worse.

"Did you really just do that?" Ace asked, incredulous. Before Adam could respond, he heard feet pounding across the wet sidewalk, heading right towards him.

"Ah, dammit!" came the loud complaint of the boy that had just run up, "Screw that effin' perverted gym teacher!"

"Now what's this about?" Ace wondered, putting a hand to his chin.

"'Perverted gym teacher'?" Adam wondered aloud, drawing the attention of the vulgar newcomer.

"What're you lookin' at?" the boy scowled. Now that they were facing each other, Adam got a good look at him. The boy had brown eyes, spiky blonde hair with a pronounced widow's peak, and black eyebrows, implying that his hair was dyed. The vulgar boy also wore an unbuttoned Shujin blazer, revealing a yellow shirt that read 'ZOMG!' underneath a comic style star. For pants he had the plaid Shujin uniform trousers, held up by a white belt, except the suspenders hung at his sides and the legs were rolled up a little. On his feet were white sneakers with rising sun flag motifs.

"Some blonde idiot running around screaming about a 'perverted gym teacher'." Adam growled back.

"Oh, so you're with Kamoshida, is that it?" the vulgar blonde questioned as he took a step towards Adam.

"Who?" replied Adam, turning to face the blonde boy fully. One could almost see sparks fly from their eyes as the two teenagers glared at each other. Adam had long since forgotten about the Metaverse Navigation app, and both boys were too preoccupied with glaring knives at each other to notice that it had reacted to the blonde's voice.

[Candidate found.] it chimed.

"The pervert from that car." the vulgar blonde jerked his thumb back where the car had driven off, "He's the gym teacher at Shujin, how could you not have heard of him?"

"This is going swimmingly." Ace grumbled sarcastically.

*Shut up.* Adam mentally snapped at the teen magic user. Once again, the Metaverse Navigator app was ignored.

[Keyword accepted.]

"Wait a minute…" Vulgar Boy said as he squinted at Adam, "I've never seen you around before, but you're second year like me…" Adam blinked.

"What?" how did this guy know he was a second year?

"Your pin." Vulgar Boy responded, pointing at Adam's lapel. Looking where he was pointing, Adam indeed saw a pin with '2' on it.

So that's what that was for. Adam realized, returning his gaze to the boy, "Whatever. Anyway, no, I don't know who this 'Kamoshida' guy is. I'm new here."

"Oh, you're a transfer student." Vulgar Boy realized, easing up his tense posture and dropping the glare, "Sorry 'bout that." he apologized.

"Just forget it." Adam waved it off, "Look, I need to go, or I'll be late." the bull Faunus turned to leave.

"Crap, you're right!" Vulgar Boy panicked a little, "Uh, hey!" he called to Adam.

"What?" Adam stopped and turned back to him.

"Look, we kind of got off on the wrong foot, and neither of us want to be late. So how about I make it up to you and show you a shortcut?" the blonde offered. Adam was about to decline the offer before he stopped to think about it. Realizing that his options were to take the offer or risk getting lost and be late…

"Fine, lead the way." the redhead Faunus replied.

"Cool, follow me!" the blonde boy turned and dashed off, Adam following close behind. The blonde boy ran a short distance before turning and running down an alley, looking over his shoulder every so often to make sure he hadn't lost Adam.

"So you really don't know Kamoshida?" he called back.

"I'm pretty sure we already established I don't." the crimsonette replied.

"Man, I don't know whether to pity you or envy you." Vulgar Boy muttered. Adam quirked an eyebrow.

"Why's that?" This question brought a scowl to the blonde's face.

"'Cause it's Kamoshida. That perv's always struttin' around Shujin like he's the king of a castle." the blonde clenched his fists and grit his teeth as he ran, "Pisses me off!" he shouted, and for the third time, the Metaverse Navigator was ignored.

[Keyword accepted. Beginning navigation.]

"'Beginning navigation'?" Ace murmured as he ran to keep up with the two. All of a sudden, Adam's vision distorted and he felt an intense dizziness, causing him to stop running and grab his head. Vulgar Boy must have felt it too, given that he also stopped running so that he could grab the alley wall while clutching his own head.

"Ungh, my head." he groaned, before looking back at Adam and noticing the shared dizziness, "You feel it too?"

"Yeah…" Adam replied, just as the sensation faded, "It's gone now…"

"That was weird." Vulgar Boy commented, "Whatever, seems we're both good to go. We don't have time to waste, come on." He took off again, heading towards where the alley led to the street, "Shujin's just through… here…" he trailed off as he slowed to a stop, staring in confusion at something.

"What are you waiting for?" Adam asked, annoyed, as he caught up to the boy, "Don't tell me you took a… wrong… turn…" the Faunus found himself trailing off as well as he found what the blonde was gaping at. It was a building. A building that was most certainly not Shujin Academy. Instead, the two found themselves staring wide-eyed at a lavish castle that looked like it fell straight out of a child's fairy tale.

-Line Break-


"There was a terrible subway accident that day. I'm sure you remember it, don't you?" Sae inquired, "And I assume you know of the uproar that the public calls the 'psychotic breakdown incidents'."

"…Maybe." replied Adam, causing Sae to quirk an eyebrow.

"You say that like it's none of your business." she leaned forward, "It was all over the news, and one of the victims was a teacher at your high school. I've no doubt that you heard about it."

"Oh," Adam nodded, "That… Yeah, I remember that."

"On that day…" the prosecutor said slowly, "Were you still an 'ordinary' high school student?" Adam propped his head in one of his hands before answering.

"Define 'ordinary'."

"…Let me change the question." Sae said as she leaned back and crossed her arms, "You transferred to Shujin Academy, correct?" Adam nodded.

"An ordinary prep school that could have been found in any city…" The older woman continued, "…That's what it should have been. What happened around that time? Tell me everything-truthfully." Adam stared at the table for a moment, before taking a breath and continuing his tale.

-Line Break-


"Are… are you sure you didn't take a wrong turn?" Adam asked, still staring at the castle in shock and confusion.

"Of course I'm sure." Vulgar Boy replied, turning to look back the way they came, "I've used this shortcut plenty of times. So what gives?" he turned to face the 'school' again, and saw the sign in front, "I mean, it says Shujin Academy right there. You think we should go in?"

"Do we have much choice?" Adam pointed out as he began walking towards the school/castle.

"Good point." Vulgar Boy admitted as he followed the ex-White Fang.

-Line Break-

Entering the castle, the two teenagers were greeted by the sight of an entrance hall with hanging chandeliers and paintings, pillars and floor standing candle stands. Adam noticed that every so often, his vision would shimmer, and the entrance hall would be replaced with Shujin's halls.

"This doesn't make any sense…" Vulgar Boy muttered, looking around, "This should be the school…" pulling out his phone, he tried to check it, except…

"No service? Where'd we end up?" the spiky blonde wondered, before turning to Adam, "Hey, you saw the sign too, right? It said 'Shujin', didn't… it…?" Vulgar Boy trailed off, gaping at Adam, or, more specifically, his head.

"Yeah." the crimsonette confirmed as he continued to examine the room they were in, not noticing the blonde's stare, and, well, at least trying to ignore Ace.

"I'm telling you, it was that app on your phone!" the demon kept saying, "It kept reacting to stuff you and that guy were saying and then it said 'beginning navigation' and what happens next? You guys end up here!"

*And I'm telling you to shut up.* the Faunus replied. He had no idea what the magic user was talking about, he never heard the app say anything. And even if it did, how could it do something like this?

"Dude…" Vulgar Boy said, shocked, "Y-you… you got…"

"All the stuff that's happened to you because of me, and you don't believe that app could bring you to a place like this?" Ace demanded incredulously, throwing his hands into the air, "For fuck's sake, you come from a world where people can have animal traits, soulless monsters want to kill everything, and everyone has their own personal super power!"

*Will you just stop talking and let me think?!* Adam mentally shouted at the bespectacled teen.

"I'm trying to help you, goddammit!" Ace yelled back, his eyes starting to glow more brightly.

*I don't want your fucking help!* the ex-terrorist snapped, clenching his fist and gritting his teeth.

"You got horns, dude!" Vulgar Boy finally blurted out, stopping the silent argument dead in its tracks. Slowly, Adam turned to face his fellow teen.

"…What?" he asked.

"For real, you got horns!" Vulgar Boy repeated, pointing to his own head for emphasis. Reaching up a hand for confirmation, the bull Faunus indeed felt the familiar curved horns he had possessed his whole life.

"They're back again…" he murmured.

"Huh." even Ace was surprised, "Now how did that happen?"

"Oh man, what's going on? Do I got horns too?" Vulgar Boy, meanwhile, was freaking out and feeling his head, "Do-do I have a tail?" he began feeling the seat of his pants and craning his neck to check, finally snapping Adam out of his little daze.

"No, you don't have any extra features." Adam told him, calming the boy down.

"Aw, geez…" the blonde muttered, rubbing his head, "What's going on-" only to be cut off as both boys heard clanking metal approach. Turning to see what it was, their reactions were pretty underwhelmed, understandable, considering all the weird stuff that they had experienced in such a small span of time. Anyway, walking up to them was none other than a large knight, wearing full plate armor, a blue mask that looked like a face, and carrying a broadsword and kite shield.

"Geez, you freaked me out." said Vulgar Boy as he walked up to the knight, "You a staff member or something?" The knight said nothing in response.

"Your costume's impressive, is that armor real?" he continued to try and get a response, before becoming slightly frustrated at the knight's continued silence, "C'mon, don't just stand there. Say something."

"…You are Ryuji Sakamoto, correct?" the knight finally spoke in a distorted voice.

"Uh, yeah. Why?" the finally named Ryuji confirmed.

"As I thought." said the knight. As if on cue, more knights showed up. Their sudden appearance made Adam and Ryuji start to back up as the knights made to encircle the two.

"What's going on?" asked Adam.

"I don't know man, but…" Ryuji responded, fear beginning to creep into his voice, "This shit's real. We gotta get out of here!"

"Get them!" the first knight ordered.

"Shit! Run!" Ryuji cried, he and Adam turned to make their getaway, only to be blocked by more knights that had approached from behind.

Dammit, if only I still had Wilt and Blush, or at least my Aura! Adam thought as he grit his teeth.

"Oh man, now what? What's with these guy- GAH!" Ryui started to say, only to be shield bashed by one of the knights and knocked to the ground. Seeing this, Adam turned to face one of the knights, readying himself for combat. Even if he had no weapons or Aura, he wasn't going to go down without a fight! If only one of the other knights hadn't blindsided him and smacked him in the head with their shield, knocking him to the ground where he felt his vision slowly go dark.

"Take them away!" commanded the first knight, and that was the last thing Adam and Ryuji heard as they passed out.

-Line Break-

"Hey… Hey, get up." urged a familiar voice as Adam felt himself being shook from his unconscious state. Blinking his eyes and nursing his aching head, the crimsonette saw that he and the blonde from before were now in a dungeon as he sat up on the cot he was on.

There goes any hope of all this being a dream Adam noted bitterly as he fixed his crooked shades.

"You okay?" the boy asked.

"…Yeah." the bull Faunus answered after a moment, taking in their new surroundings. Meanwhile, Vulgar Boy walked over to one of the walls and slumped down on the ground.

"I already checked, there's no way out." he told the ex-White Fang. Ignoring his fellow teen, Adam got up and looked around the cell, hoping to find something the other boy missed. When he couldn't find anything after a few minutes, he went to the wall opposite the blonde and sat down as well.

"So, uh," Vulgar Boy began, "We never really introduced ourselves. You probably heard the guard from before say it, but I'm Ryuji Sakamoto." Oh, yeah, the knight from before did call him that, didn't he?

"Adam Taurus." Adam responded, leaning his head back on the wall.

"Taurus…" Ryuji muttered, "Why does that sound familiar…?" he wondered before shaking his head, "Ya know what, that can wait. You got any idea what this place is?"


"Yeah, should've figured…" Ryuji looked at the floor, then looking back up, "What about those horns you got? Any idea what that's about?" Adam didn't answer right away, mostly because he was contemplating what to say. How would this Ryuji guy react to the truth? Maybe he should just say he had no idea why they appeared. That would make the most sense in their current context, so it would definitely be believable…

"You know, stuff is going to get really weird from this point on, so there's no point in lying." another familiar voice piped up. Glancing towards the cell door, Adam saw Ace leaning against the bars from the outside.

Not like I got anything to lose the ex-terrorist sighed internally.

"I have these horns," he pointed to his head, "because I'm not human, or from this world." Ryuji became confused immediately.

"Wha- 'this world'?" he echoed, "You mean Earth? You're saying you're not from Earth?" Adam nodded.

"I'm from a world called Remnant, where humans exist alongside the Faunus." the crimsonette explained, "People, like me, who are almost exactly like humans, except for that we all possess an animal trait. Stuff like a second pair of animal ears, a tail, or, in my case, horns."

"So except for the animal bits, these 'Faunus' are just like humans?" Ryuji asked, tilting his head. Adam nodded.

"Yes, but that hasn't stopped the humans from treating us like animals." he growled as he clenched his fist, "Making us their slaves, hunting us down and killing us just because we're different, and when we get supposed 'equal rights' after the Great War? They try to shove us all onto a small island that's two thirds uninhabitable desert and tell us to make do. Business owners get away with paying us below minimum wage and we have to pay jacked up prices for just about anything." Ryuji's eyes widened at the revelations of this rant.

"For real?" he said in disbelief, "All that, just because you guys got extra features?" Grinding his teeth in anger at the thought of it, Adam nodded as he couldn't bring himself to speak.

"That's effed up…" Ryuji said softly, casting his eyes downward, "What did you guys do about it?"

"We fought back." Adam replied simply, "At first, we used peaceful methods, like boycotts and protests. We made some progress, but it was only a small amount, and a lot of Faunus thought it was too slow, myself included. Then, a few years back, the old leader stepped down. The new one that took his place was more willing to let us get aggressive. Before, we had to meet hate with nonviolence, but now, when the humans tried to push us down, we could push back."

"What do you mean by that?" Ryuji asked, but before Adam could think of a response.

"Try not to leave too much out." Ace spoke up, before pausing a moment, "…Maybe leave out the part where you have a body count, though." Sending a slight glare at the magic user, Adam continued his little history lesson.

"What I mean, is that if a store refused to serve Faunus, we would burn it down. If a company abused Faunus labor, we'd hijack cargo from it. And you know what? These tactics worked. The humans finally began to recognize just how strong the Faunus are, and they finally began to treat us as equals." finished with his explanation, Adam gave Ryuji some time to absorb all this.

"So you must hate humans, huh?" the vulgar blonde asked after a minute.

"Yes." Adam responded bluntly, seeing no reason to lie about that. Even though he had, in fact, done a large amount of sugar coating by leaving out the bits where he had murdered plenty of humans and led a terrorist attack on a Huntsman Academy.

"Can't say I blame you…" Ryuji sighed, until he developed a confused expression, "Wait, then how did you get to Earth?" Adam silently stared at the ceiling before deciding to not beat around the bush.

"A crazy, magical, teenage demon child had his sisters abduct me. He had me sent here for my crimes against humans and Faunus alike, stating that my time spent here is to serve as penance while also serving as an opportunity to redeem myself." Ryuji stared at him, wide eyed, while Ace let out a low whistle.

"Didn't expect you to just bite the bullet like that." the demon admitted.

"You know what? After all that's happened, I don't have too much trouble believing that." said Ryuji as he held his head in his hand. Adam snorted in response.

"I haven't gotten to the best part, he follows me around almost all the time. But because of his magic, I'm the only one who can see or hear him." Once more, Ryuji gaped at the Faunus in front of him.


"Unfortunately." Before that conversation could continue any further, pained and tortured screams could be heard somewhere in the distance. Jumping to his feet, Ryuji runs over to the bars of the cell and grabs onto them with Adam right behind him.

"Oh man, now what?" At the same time, another group of knights walked up to the cell.

"Be glad that your punishment has been decided upon." one of the knights said, "You have been charged with unlawful entry, and so your punishment is death." Adam and Ryuji just stared at the knight, needing a moment to register what the knight said in such a nonchalant tone.

"Sounds like a real fair justice system." Ace commented sarcastically.

"Say what?" Ryuji asked dumbly.

"No one's allowed to do as they please in my castle." came a new distorted, yet somehow familiar, voice. The knights then parted and allowed the teens to be greeted with a familiar face.

"What the- Kamoshida?!" Ryuji exclaimed. Indeed, the man they saw before them was none other than the perverted gym teacher that had offered Adam a ride only… come to think of it, how long had they been in this castle? Regardless, Kamoshida(?) was no longer wearing a track uniform. Instead, he wore a red cape with a heart print that covered his entire body and a small gold crown was nestled in his hair. There was one last difference, though. Adam didn't ever recall Kamoshida's eyes having a yellow glow. Not like Ace's fire-like glow, this glow was softer and gave off a much more eerie vibe.

"I thought it was some petty thief, but to think it'd be you, Sakamoto…" Kamoshida(?) mused, bringing up a hand to rub his chin. Doing this shifted his cape, allowing Adam to get a look at the clothes underneath. Or lack thereof, with the exception of red shoes and a pink speedo.

"That is not something I needed to see." Ace cringed. For once, Adam had no problem agreeing with him.

"You never learn, do you?" Kamoshida(?) smirked as he shook his head, before turning his gaze to Adam, "And you brought a friend. I guess you just can't do anything for yourself." Before Adam could deny being friends with Ryuji, the aforementioned blonde spoke up.

"This ain't funny you asshole!" he snapped, immediately angering the man in front of them.

"Is that how you speak to a king?" The adult shouted back, "It seems you don't understand the position you're in. At all. You sneak into my castle, and then you have the nerve to insult me - the king." the supposed king adopted a sinister grin, "The punishment for that is: death." At this revelation, Ryuji's jaw dropped while Adam gritted his teeth and clenched his fists around the bars of the cell.

"It's time for an execution!" Kamoshida(?) declared with a dramatic wave of his arm. Seeing the signal, the knights began to walk towards the cell. Adam and Ryuji responded by slowly backing away from the doors.

"S-Stop it." Ryuji said weakly, before working up a bit more nerve, "C'mon, stop it! If you're mad at me, fine. But let him go!" he gestured to Adam, surprising the Faunus, "He ain't got anything to do with me! I'm the one that insulted you!" The athletic 'king' looked at Ryuji with an expression that made it clear that he didn't care.

"He may not have insulted me, like you, but he still committed the crime of breaking into my castle." Kamoshida(?) replied condescendingly, "The fact that his crime is less severe is the only reason he's not going to be executed first. A shame that the same can't be said for you."

"Dammit…" Ryuji growled, before turning to Adam and speaking quietly, "Get ready to run."

"What?" Adam asked, taken aback a little. Even Ace raised an eyebrow.

"I'm gonna make an opening so that we can get out of here." Ryuji explained, quickly and quietly, "So get ready." While the two had their short talk, three knights got closer. One of them shoved Adam to the sidewall as they backed Ryuji into a corner. Even Kamoshida(?) entered the cell to watch the execution.

"No, dammit…" Ryuji growled again, clearly he hadn't expected the knights to separate the two, "I ain't down for this shit! RAGH!" he yelled as he charged the middle knight and hit it with a body slam, knocking it on its back.

"Come on, let's get out of- UGH!" Ryuji turned to Adam, only to be cut off by one of the knights that was still standing slamming the hilt of its sword into his stomach, sending him to the floor. While this happened, the knight that the vulgar blonde had knocked down managed to stand back up.

"Just go! Get outta here!" Ryuji shouted at Adam while clutching his abdomen.

You think I don't want to? Adam thought. He wanted to get out of this crazy castle, like any sane person would. The only problem was that no matter how much he wanted it too, once more his body refused to move. He urged his feet to move, over and over again, but they stubbornly remained planted to the floor.

"Oh? Running away, are we? What a heartless friend you are." Kamoshida(?) sneered at the former White Fang. Once again, Adam was about to deny being friends with Ryuji, and once again, Ryuji beat him to the punch.

"He ain't a friend…" Once more, Ryuji surprised Adam. This was, what, the second time the blonde had gone out of his way to try and save the bull Faunus? "Just go! What are you waiting for, get outta here!"

"Aw, what's the matter?" Kamoshida(?) taunted as the redhead still didn't move, "Too scared to run away?" Adam said nothing, but grit his teeth tighter and tighter as the 'king' mocked him.

"This is just getting disappointing…" Ace muttered, not having left his spot from leaning on the bars, "What happened to the fighting spirit you had back on Remnant?" he asked Adam, "Up until now, you've shown such promise. And you're going to just let that potential go to waste?"

"Shut up." Adam growled through clenched teeth. What did that demon brat even expect him to do? He had no weapons or Aura. The knights, meanwhile, had swords and spears, shields, armor, and were twice his size.

"How pathetic, you're not even worth my time. I think I'll focus on this one's execution." Kamoshida(?) declared as he turned his attention back to Ryuji. Within a few minutes, two of the knights were holding Ryuji by his shoulders while the third made sure Adam stayed put by holding its sword to his throat. Ace, meanwhile, seemed content to continue to stare at Adam with his scrutinizing, almost judgemental, gaze. Walking up to the restrained blonde, Kamoshida(?) broke out into a sinister grin as he pulled back his fist.

"Take this!" he shouted as he decked Ryuji in the face.

"Lowly scum!" he cried as he sank his fist into Ryuji's stomach. On and on he pummeled Ryuji, while the blonde himself couldn't do anything but groan in pain under the abuse.

"Useless pest!" Kamoshida(?) finished the beatdown by punching downwards on Ryuji, as he was hit the knights stopped holding him. Allowing the force of the punch to send the teen to the ground. Staring at the downed boy, Kamoshida(?) smirked before spitting on him.

"Hmph. Where'd your energy from earlier go?" he taunted while Ryuji stared up at him from the ground, his face covered in bruises. One of the knights picked him up by the back of his blazer.

"A peasant like you isn't worth beating." he decided as the knight tossed Ryuji away, "I'll have you killed right now." Gritting his teeth, Adam finally got angry enough to speak.

"This has gone on long enough." he growled, surprising the 'king' a little. Said 'king' turned to look at the Faunus with barely disguised contempt mixed with confusion at him having the audacity for such an outburst.

"What…? Do you really not know who I am?" Kamoshida(?) asked condescendingly as he walked up to Adam, bending over slightly to look him in the face. Adam met his gaze with a defiant scowl.

"That look on your face irritates me!" the 'king' growled as he brought up his foot and kicked Adam in the chest, knocking him back towards the wall.

"Bastard-!" Adam snarled as he sprang back to his feet and tried to charge Kamoshida(?). Only for two of the knights to grab him by the shoulders and slam him towards the wall, unhooking his shades from one ear and making them hang askew.

"Hold him there." Kamoshida(?) ordered before turning back to Ryuji, "After the peasant it's his turn to die."

"No…" Ryuji cried weakly from the ground as the 'king' laughed, "No I don't wanna die!" Adam briefly struggled against the grasp of the knights, quickly determining the effort to be futile. It was at that moment that things started to get weird. Well, weirder, at least.

For some inexplicable reason, the entire world seemed to go dark, and the only light was provided by a glowing blue butterfly that fluttered in front of his face. Something about it was just so… mesmerizing that Adam couldn't help but stare. He was so mesmerized he almost missed the fact that it started speaking to him.

"This truly is an unjust game…" came the voice of a young girl, "Your chances of winning are almost none… but if my voice is reaching you, then there may yet be a possibility open to you…"

"Come on!" Ace shouted, slamming on the bars of the cell and snapping Adam out of his little stupor, "Are you, Adam Taurus, really just going to give up that easily? That guy," he pointed at Ryuji, "has gone out of his way to help you, even though he's, well… mostly aware of your past and the fact that you hate humans, and you're going to repay him by doing nothing as he gets executed?"

Hearing this made Adam grit his teeth in anger. He was sick of this whole situation. First he gets abducted from Remnant and thrown into this world, then he tries to play hero and the thanks he gets is a criminal record, and now he's held captive in a dungeon while awaiting execution. Like hell he was going to give up that easily!

"He's right." Adam's eyes widened as he heard a deep, rich voice, holding a demonic, yet gentlemanly vibe, "Are you simply going to watch? Are you forsaking him to save yourself?" Adam looked around, trying to locate the source, but when the only person looking at him was Ace, who was looking at him with what seemed to be renewed interest, he realized that the voice was coming from inside his head.

"Death awaits him if you do nothing. Was your previous decision…" the voice continued, Adam not needing to be told what 'decision' it was referring to, "…A mistake, then?"

To be honest, some part of Adam wanted to say yes. He got involved in a situation that didn't concern him. He went out of his way to save a woman, a human woman, no less, that he didn't even know. His body moved on its own, he tried to play hero, and he got a criminal record for his troubles.

But, deep down? Deep down, he didn't regret it, for some reason. Up until he got arrested, helping that woman reawakened something. It reawakened something the bull Faunus thought had died a long time ago. Which was why when that voice asked him if he thought the decision was a mistake, he replied…

"…No, it wasn't. I know it wasn't!" the ex-terrorist growled out as the knight that was with Ryuji picked him up by his neck and held the tip of its sword to his throat. The moment those words left his lips, Adam's pupils dilated as he was hit by a wave of pain.

"Very well…" the voice accepted his answer, as Adam writhed in agony. The knights that held him were unaffected by his struggle, and continued to press him against the wall, "I have heeded your resolve." As soon as Adam heard those words, his body went still before he slumped forward. Only to resume his writhing as he was hit with an onslaught of pain that was somehow even more intense, to the point that he was screaming in agony as he thrashed about under the iron grip of the knights. Ace, in the meantime, smirked.

"Now things are getting interesting…" he mused as he rubbed his chin, "Show me just what you're capable of, Adam."

"Vow to me." the voice demanded as Adam continued to roar in pain, tears and sweat streaming down his face, somehow going unnoticed by Kamoshida(?).

"I am thou, thou art I… Thou who art willing to perform all sacrilegious acts for thine own justice!" the voice declared as it continued its speech, "Call upon my name, and release thy rage!"

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" was all Adam could manage to vocalize as his head felt like it was about to split open. Yes, he wanted to say. Yes, anything to make this stop. The pain, the impending execution, all of it! I'll do anything! JUST! MAKE! IT! STOP!

Evidently, this was good enough, because the pain ceased as quickly as it started, leaving Adam to slump forward again. Finally free of that agony.

"Show the strength of thine will to ascertain all on thine own," the voice commanded, "Though thou be chained…" Adam slowly looked up, his eyes filled with rage and determination, "…To Hell itself!"

"Execute him!" Kamoshida ordered as he pointed at Ryuji with flourish.

"ENOUGH!" the redhead bull Faunus bellowed, making Kamoshida blink in shock.

"What was that…?" the 'king' said slowly, turning towards Adam. The knights that had been holding him let go of his shoulders and backed up a step. Even the knight holding Ryuji looked at the teenage Faunus in what was probably surprise, slowly letting the blonde to the ground.

"You desire to be killed that much?" Kamoshida(?) asked with a sneer, before breaking into a dark smirk, "…Fine!" he then turned to the knight on Adam's left and jerked his head towards the crimsonette. Turning his head to look at the knight himself, Adam was just in time to see the knight pull back its shield and slam it into the side of his head, making him stumble and knocking his shades to the floor. This provided an opening for the two knights to push him back to the wall again, this time crossing their spears over his chest to keep him in place.

"Grrr… ungh…" Ryuji groaned, after the knight had let him go he had been leaning on the wall for support, but his legs finally decided that they had had enough and gave out from under him, causing him to collapse onto the floor. Kamoshida(?) chuckled darkly as he held his hand aloft. Seeing the signal, the third knight walked up to Adam and hefted its sword above its head, the blade gleaming in the candle light.

Suddenly, Adam's eyes snapped open as he felt some sort of power flood his body. The power-up was so intense that it generated a mini cyclone, causing Kamoshida(?) to have to bring an arm up to shield his eyes. The knights were even blown back a few steps, despite their large size and their, no doubt, heavy armor.

That was weird, what was that? Adam thought, until noticed something was different, Wait a minute… what's on my face? He wondered as he brought up a hand, his eyes widening as he felt a familiar shape and texture. He even recognized the way he saw the world, through two slots on either side. Yup, he had his mask back! Except, something was wrong… When he tried to adjust it, he realized what it was. He wasn't wearing the mask, it was attached directly to his face. Through a combination of panic at having his mask suddenly grafted to his face, and some sort of… instinct telling him to do so, he immediately grabbed the mask with both hands and began yanking on it.

It hurt to do so, but he didn't care. He wanted it off. He needed it off. After a few seconds of tugging he finally, finally, felt some give on one side. Sure he felt a stabbing pain as some of his face skin tore off, but Adam didn't care. Using both hands to grab onto the loose bit to maximize leverage, Adam Taurus sloooooowwwwwlllyyyyyy peeled the whitish-tan mask, and by extension, his skin, off his face. As the blood ran down his face, and the pain began to subside with unnatural quickness, Adam couldn't help but allow a grin to split his face. He grinned as he felt that power flood his being as his eyes, he would later learn, glowed an eerie yellow. It was then that the blood on his face burst into bright azure flame, gradually spreading to the rest of his body as the room was then filled with a dark and chilling chuckle.

The knights backed away as the flames formed into a long coat before separating from his body to form a tall figure behind him. Long, black chains materialized from the flames as they died down, revealing the imposing figure that they formed. The figure was tall, and very demonic in appearance. On its torso was a black vest, and over that it wore a white cravat on its neck and a red vest that had a high collar, gold buttons and a thin gold chain connecting the two halves, and sleeves long enough that they reached its hands, which had fingers tipped with wicked-looking claws. On its legs were long, red, high-heeled boots that had knife blades acting as heels. On its head was a very tall top hat, from under which there were long horns curving forward. It's face was covered in a black mask that had eyes and a Jack o' Lantern like grin that glowed a sinister red. One last note, is that the figure was currently wrapped in the chains that had formed.

With a smirk, Adam grabbed these chains in his hands and tossed them aside, freeing the figure and allowing to to spread its large wings, covered in black feathers, which in turn blew the trio of knights back, smashing them into the walls and bars of the cell. While this had all been happening, Kamoshida(?) had fallen on his ass from fear and backed up until his back was against the wall, ending up next to an equally terrified Ryuji, with only the crumpled heap of a knight separating them. The 'king' didn't last long before he couldn't help but quickly crawl away in terror.

"Wha… What the…?" Ryuji stuttered, his voice full of fear as Adam stood before him with an almost crazed smirk on his face.

(Begin Persona 5 OST: Willpower)

"I am the pillager of twilight - 'Arsene'!" The now named Arsene declared as Adam composed himself and turned to look at the demonic thief, "I am the rebel's soul that resides within you, granted by another. If you so desire, I shall consider granting you the power to break through this crisis."

"So be it, I request that you grant me your power." the ex-White Fang asked.

"Hmph, very well…" Arsene agreed to Adam's request.

"Who or what the hell are you?!" Kamoshida(?) demanded, apparently having recomposed himself as well, "Guards!" he snapped, prompting two of the knights to quickly get back to their feet, "Start by killing that one, the… freak with the horns!" the 'king' ordered, pointing at Adam, who scowled instantly at the 'freak' comment.

"I'll show you to call me a freak!" he snarled, clenching his fists.

"I know what can make this situation better!" Ace called out in a sing-song voice as he finally entered the cell himself, holding out his hand and summoning Wilt and Blush in a burst of smoke and fire before tossing it to Adam. Without even trying, Adam snatched the sword and scabbard out of midair. Just in time too, because the pair of knights proceeded to burst into red and black goop, the goop then turned into a pair of Jack O' Lanterns, each wearing a witch's hat and cloak. They both also carried a lantern with a floating white glove acting as a hand.

"You'll learn the true strength of my men!" Kamoshida(?) cried as the pair of Crypt-dwelling Pyromaniacs charged the duo.

"Detest the enemies before you," Arsene explained, "Change that animosity into power, and UNLEASH IT!" he roared.

"Arsene, Eiha!" shouted Adam, don't ask him how he knew what 'Eiha' meant, he just did. Arsene obeyed the command by holding out his hand, generating a ball of red and black energy that was then used to blast one of the Crypt Dwelling Pyromaniacs back into goop that quickly evaporated. The remaining pumpkin-headed thing halted its charge and instead opted to shoot small fireballs from its lantern at the ex-White Fang. Adam responded by charging forward and easily dodging the attack, even managing to slice a fireball in half with Wilt. Almost faster than you could blink, Adam got behind the Crypt Dwelling Pyromaniac and slashed it with Wilt, before slowly sheathing the blade with a click.

"H-huh?" the Crypt Dwelling Pyromaniac wondered, before bursting into goop and evaporating. Arsene turned to Adam and nodded.

"This power of mine is yours. Use it how you wish." the Persona told him, before fading away.

"What… What was that just now?" Ryuji wondered aloud. Adam was about to say something, until Kamoshida(?) jumped in front of him.

"You little-!" he started to shout at Adam.

Only for Ryuji to jump to his feet and hit the self-proclaimed king with a sucker punch.

"Oh, shit!" cried Ace, bringing a hand to his mouth but still failing to hide his smile.

"Hah! You like that, you sunuva bitch!?" Ryuji shouted. Realizing they needed to capitalize on the daze Kamoshida(?) was in, Adam looked around and quickly spotted what he was looking for.

"Grab the key!" he urged, pointing at the ring of keys on the ground near Kamoshida(?)'s feet.

"Got it!" Ryuji replied, snatching the ring. The two then dashed out of the cell, with Ryuji pausing to close the door behind them and lock it with the key.

"Ok, it's locked!" the vulgar blonde reported.

"Damn you…!" Kamoshida(?) growled as he stumbled to his feet.

"Ok, now that that's been taken care of, what's going on?" asked Ryuji as he turned to Adam, "I mean, what's up with your clothes?" The ex-terrorist took a moment to get a better look at his outfit himself. In some ways, it was the same as it always was, but in others…

The most prominent part of his ensemble was his black trench coat. It was the same, for the most part. It was still black on the outside and red on the interior, it still had slit sleeves, the designs on the front left shoulder and the back were the same. What was different was that it was a lot longer than he remembered, to the point that it reached he ankles. On top of that, the coat was unbuttoned to reveal a dark gray, high-necked waistcoat with red and gold accents in place of his usual red shirt. His black pants also remained the same ,although with a new addition of a clip to hang Wilt and Blush at his side . However, his black boots had been replaced with what he would later learn were dark brown cuban heeled shoes. To finish the outfit, he still had the same black gloves that each had a bright red 'Ω' (Omega) on the back. His mask was also back, but we already knew that.

"I don't know," he muttered, "In a lot of ways its the same outfit I always wore back on Remnant. But in others…" the Faunus trailed off, looking to Ace for a possible explanation.

"Hey, I don't know how that happened either." the demonic teen protested, holding his hands up.

"Uh, what are you looking at?" Ryuji asked, looking back and forth between Adam and what he saw as empty space.

"The demon that brought me here." Adam responded without really thinking.

"You mean that thing you summoned back there?" Ryuji exclaimed as he jumped back, wide eyed, "I thought you said it was a kid!"

"I mean- it is!" Adam tried to correct his blunder, "That thing wasn't the one that brought me here! I don't know what that was…" he trailed off, rubbing the back of his head.

"I wonder what he meant by 'granted by another'." Ace murmured, thinking back to what Arsene said.

*If and when we get out of this, you have a lot of explaining to do.* Adam warned the teenaged magic any of them could talk further, the supposed 'king' grabbed the bars of his cell, startling all of them.

"Shit! We don't got time for this! We gotta get out of here!" cried Ryuji.

"Right." agreed Adam. The two then turned to run, except that was when Adam's new outfit decided to burst back into azure flame. It died down just as quickly, but when it did, Adam was back in his Shujin uniform, even Wilt and Blush were gone.

"Huh? They're back to normal." Ryuji noticed. Adam didn't respond, he was too busy looking at his hands and gritting his teeth in frustration. He hadn't realized until now, but back when he still had those clothes on, when he had summoned Arsene, it had felt like his Aura was back. But, now that sensation was gone, and he was back to feeling powerless.

"You bastards!" Kamoshida(?) shouted again, once more reminding the two of their situation.

"Oh man, we really don't have time for this." Ryuji muttered, rubbing his head, "Look, we need to scram. Now. I'll let you lead the way. I just hope whatever it was you did back there, you can do it again if we run into trouble."

"…Right, let's go." Adam reluctantly conceded, before taking off. Ryuji quickly followed, but not before tossing the key ring off into a dark corner somewhere.

"Damn thieves…" Kamoshida(?) muttered as he watched the two run off.

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