Naruto: The Mega Gamer
Chapter 11: Gearing Up for Demo

"Hey everyone, I got intel for all of us," said IF as she entered the main room where Naruto and the others were in.

"Oh, you mean you know the places which sells the tastiest pudding?" asked Neptune excitedly.

"I'd like to know too since I haven't tried pudding made in Lowee," Compa piped up.

"I kinda curious too, and do you also know where they make tasty ramen too? I'd love to know," said Naruto.

"I'd be more interested to hear of any new game releases," Vert followed up.

IF sweatdropped at their requests "I doubt any of them would count as intel…,"

"Not to mention that I would be able to search for all that online within a minute," said Gatchmon, looking a bit sulky.

"Do you by any chance have information on soy pudding?" asked Blanc politely.

"Not you too, Lady Blanc!" said IF in disbelief.

"Calm down Iffy-chan, so what's the actual info you got for us?" asked Naruto.

"I learnt that the Lowee Basilicom will be receiving a supply of weapons from Avenir today,"

Blanc shot up from her seat in shock "What!? How dare they!?"

"Chillax Blanc, we still got time to nab them," said Neptune.

Hearing this calmed her down "You're right, sorry for my outburst. Do you know where it will be held?"

"Over at Avenir No. 4 Storage facility,"

This brought back Blanc's rage "All the way at Lastation!?"

"Blanc-chan, please calm down! Now that we know where they are, we can plan on how to go about this," said Naruto waving his hands to placate the irate goddess.

"Naruto's right, being aware of this enables us to take the best course of action," said Vert.

"Obviously, we're gonna stop them!" said Blanc, frowning in response.

"You can all leave all to Nep and her ability to cause randomness in events!" Neptune puffed her chest out in gusto.

Blanc sweatdropped at this "I'm beginning to doubt that you're an amnesiac,"

"We'll need to hurry over there before the transaction is done if we want to stop them," IF interrupted.

"But I can't leave here open…," said Blanc with concern.

"Lady Blanc? Let us go in Lady Vert's place," said a guy called Older Brother.

"We will protect Lady Vert, Lady Compa, and the transformed Lady Neptune," said the Younger Brother.

"Oh great, these guys again," Naruto growled in annoyance.

IF had told him about these guys being perverts with an obsession for girls with large breasts and how they had ignored her and Neptune until she went into her HDD form. Naruto saw for himself saw how they acted and was very annoyed with their antics, the brothers themselves always felt nervous whenever they're in the same area with him as the way he looks at them is akin to a lion waiting for the perfect moment to maul them.

"Don't think I'm unaware that you really want to guard those tatas, your asses are staying right here!" Blanc snarled at the brothers.

"W-we were just wanting protect the goddesses in sincerity…," Older Brother feebly defended his reason.

[Yeah, and the kid is Hokage] said K-9 sarcastically.

"Staying behind is a noble deed," Vert puffed her chest to make her breasts bounce slightly "I ask you to carry the deed in honor,"

"With our very lives!" said Younger Brother with a perverted look on his face.

Blanc gritted her teeth at all this "Why the hell do I put up with them?"

"We seem to be in sync here, Lady Blanc," said IF with a frown.

"Would you like to… 'educate' them later with me?"

"It would be my pleasure,"

"Mind if I take part in it, I got some…ideas that would interest you," Naruto spoke up with a dark smile on his face which frightened Gatchmon and Herissmon a bit.

"Sure Naruto…but what are you doing?" asked IF.

Naruto blinked in confusion "What do you mean?"

"She means why you're holding your swords out before us?" Blanc explained.

Naruto looked down only to be surprised upon seeing that Kanshou and Bakuya were in his hands "What the, how did these get in my hands?"

"That's what we want to know,"

Neptune shivered at this "Oh man, looks like Naruto can go dark mode even without knowing. This is not going to end well…,"

Soon enough, the group set out from Lowee via the Sky Harbor while making sure to avoid the Basilicom which was obviously keeping an eye out for them until arriving at Lastation. Naruto took note that nothing has changed much and doesn't know whether to view that as a good thing or not, he was snapped out of his thoughts upon hearing Blanc say something.

"So, this place is Lastation…," said Blanc while taking a look around the place.

"Could this be your first time here?" asked Neptune curiously.

"Indeed, I never went anywhere besides Planeptune,"

"You go to Planeptune, whatever for?" asked Herissmon, sitting atop Naruto's hair.

"Well there's a special event held twice a year there and…," Blanc suddenly paused and looked away "…Never mind,"

"An event, kinda like a festival? Have you heard of any festival, Compa?" asked Neptune.

"I only know of the Summer festival, but nothing more than that," Compa replied with a small frown.

"It's an event none of you would understand," said Blanc with a shrug.

"Why do I feel a sense of affinity with her, could it be that she's on my side?" thought Vert while looking at Blanc.

"Aww come on Blanc, you can't leave me in a state of curiosity. Tell me what kind of festival it is!" Neptune persisted.

IF was quick to interject "We can talk about this later, especially since we have more important things to do,"

"You guys can be such killjoys…," said Neptune with a pout "I kinda forgot, but we can ask Noire for help,"

"Noire?" asked Blanc confusedly.

Naruto was the one to explain "Noire-chan is the CPU of Lastation, we met her when we first came to this place,"

"Yeah, back when she was without friends and still is," said Neptune with a nostalgic smile.

"Oh my, Noire doesn't have any friends?" asked Vert in surprise.

"Please ignore her, Lady Vert. It's not true," said IF, sighing in exasperation.

"Of course it's true, I can tell she has no friends according to my intuition," Neptune insisted "Noire trying to fixing Lastation by herself is like saying you have no friends,"

"Recalling the times with her doesn't surprise me," said Blanc.

"You're right, her hardheaded nature isolates her from others," Vert added in agreement.

"Poor Noire, everybody is talking smack behind her back," said Compa with pity.

"Come on you guys, Noire really is a nice person and has friends. Unless your declaration of being her best friend isn't to be taken seriously Nep-chan?" said Naruto with a frown.

Neptune waved her hands in a placating manner "It's just a joke Naru, all in good fun,"

Naruto crossed his arms "Some jokes can be very expensive Nep-chan,"

"By the way Vert, I've been wondering but why are you wearing those glasses?" asked Blanc confusedly.

"It's a disguise, it would be bothersome if someone found another CPU here," Vert replied, making her breasts bounce on purpose.

Blanc glared at her darkly "O-kay, I'll let that jiggle pass this time but you do have a point," she reached into her pocket to take out a pair of blue-rimmed glasses and put it on with a look of satisfaction "Disguise complete,"

Naruto groaned mentally "It's official, all four goddesses suck at disguising themselves beyond supposed cosplay,"

[As if it wasn't obvious enough?] asked K-9 with a quirked eyebrow.

"Well, one cannot exactly be talented in everything," said Model X awkwardly.

The group made their way to the Lastation Basilicom but made sure that they were out of sight in case there any guards patrolling the area.

"Now that we're here, what's next?" asked IF.

Blanc tilted her head in mild confusion "Aren't we going in?"

"Well the Basilicom and Avenir know about Nep-chan, Iffy-chan, Compa-chan and I. I don't really need to say how much they dislike us after what we did with Noire-chan last time we were here," Naruto explained.

"Yessy, we destroyed a bad robot of theirs so they might not be very happy with us," Compa added.

"In that case, you can leave it to me and Blanc," Vert offered.

Blanc nodded in agreement "We're disguised after all, plus I'm good with negotiations,"

"Then we'll be counting on you two," said Naruto with a smile.

The two goddesses nodded in affirmation and made their way into the Basilicom, it was hardly close to ten minutes when they came back out with looks of frustration on their faces much to the confusion of the trio.

"Report sergeant," said Neptune.

Blanc bowed her head "…mission failed,"

"I can't believe two directional aspects didn't work…," said Vert in disappointment.

"Guess I can't expect Noire to help that much then," said Neptune.

Naruto hummed thoughtfully "It kinda makes me wonder why she isn't there,"

Vert spoke up "By the way Blanc? That 'Oniichan' was excelle-a bit off,"

"Wh-What?! N-No, I read it in a book that men like these kinds of approaches!" Blanc protested nervously.

"Oh ho, what's this about an 'Oniichan'?" asked Neptune curiously.

"It's none of your concern!"

"My guess is that she tried to use her cuteness to charm the guys in the Basilicom, saw that in a couple of manga," said Naruto with an awkward smile.

"Th-That's not really it!" Blanc refuted albeit her face was beet red from being called cute by the blonde.

"Oh, why are you blushing 'Oniichan'?" asked Vert mischievously.

Blanc glared at her "Shut it or I'll reap them melons of yours!"

"I want to see the Lady, 'Oniichan'," she continued to tease the brunette.

"Stop it, all YOU were doing was hanging those udders of yours!"

"My, all I did was use my aptitudes not that you would understand," Vert made her breasts jiggle for emphasis.

"What did you say, tit-for-brains!? Seeing em' jiggle makes me wanna puke!" Blanc snarled with growing intent to harm.

"Well I can't help my undulating breasts, something you don't need to worry about,"

Blanc went into her HDD form and brandished her plasma axe "That does it! I'm gonna send those lumps of fat to the grave!"

Vert also transformed into her HDD form and pointed her spear at Blanc "Oh my, do you really have what it takes to defeat me?"

"Iffy, Naruto…I feel as if the Console War is about to start," said Neptune nervously.

"I feel a sense of Déjà vu, looking at this," said Naruto with a small frown.

[It would have to do with your dislike for the damn Uchiha] K-9 pointed out.

"That must be it,"

"This is getting painful to watch, I'll put a stop to this," said IF before approaching to do just that.

After finally breaking up a forthcoming fight before it truly started, IF led the other in direction of where the supply point of the weapons from Avenir would take place and could see the closed factory which is similar in appearance to the one which Ganache had trapped them in before escaping from it.

"So, this is where the exchange will take place," said Blanc with a small frown.

"How do you plan to stop the exchange?" asked Vert.

"Easy, I'll just destroy everything,"

"It makes sense and would deter any future transactions," IF spoke in agreement.

"Then we have our objective set now," Naruto checked his stats to see if he's good to go.

"Best we hurry then, it might take some time depending on how many enemies we would encounter," Vert pointed out.

The group proceeded to traverse the area in search for their target while having to watch out for anything lying in wait ahead of them. it wasn't too surprising for them when they encountered monsters along the way which Gatchmon and K-9 identified the newer ones to be High Bit Custom, Strange Person, Ruffian Cat, and DSTT which they were able to take out and obtaining Monster Drops along the way. Like always, Herissmon used his Treasure Hunter ability to seek out hidden items which lead to him uncovering Fight Idea Chip, Sci-Fi Idea Chip and Strategy Idea Chip while Naruto found a couple of Plans on how to make Healing Rain, Silver Bracelet and Angel Wings which he'll check out afterwards.

"Found them, this must be the place for the exchange," said Blanc as they came into a much wider section of the building and came across someone familiar and frankly annoying to Naruto, Neptune, IF and Compa.

"Ugh, it's Ganache. Been a while since we last saw your smug looking face," said Naruto with a frown.

"It has certainly been a while, I was wondering when I would see you all again along with some new faces," said Ganache with a polite smile.

"Oh it's you again, 'Ganache = Enemy' is getting rather old…what do you think Compa?" Neptune looked at said person with indifference.

"You're right Nep-Nep, I really am bored of seeing his face too many times," said Compa.

"Well it seems that mouth of yours hasn't changed," said Ganache.

"We find it queer that you are selling weapons to Lowee, you would be making it stronger than Lastation despite the profit," asked Gatchmon confusedly.

Ganache pushed up his glasses with a small chuckle "There seems to be a misunderstanding,"

"What exactly do you mean by that?" asked IF.

"Just because we live in Lastation doesn't mean that we worship the goddess here, the one I truly revere is Lady White Heart. I will destroy Lastation in her name!"

"Well now, we certainly weren't expecting anything like this when coming to disrupt the exchange," said Vert with a frown.

"I have an idea!" said Neptune, suddenly having an epiphany.

"What is it?" asked Herissmon curiously.

"Since he follows White Heart aka Blanc, we can get her to talk to him to stop and skip a battle flag altogether,"

"…if so, then leave it to me. I'd rather talk than fight," said Blanc in agreement.

[Can't really bring myself to believe that since with her temper, reminds me of some other redhead I'd like to forget] said K-9.

"I find it rather odd given you're supposed to be Naruto's navigator since he first came to this world," X queried, making the cyber fox nervous.

[Uh, I was referring to a certain video online]

"…is that so?"


Ganache looked at his watch with impatience "Are you guys done talking? I got another task waiting for me and…,"

Neptune held a palm out to stop him "Hold it,"


"I can't let you leave while a golden opportunity lays before you, allow me the honor to introduce to you…Lady White Heart!" Neptune dramatically gestured to Blanc who strode forward and transformed into her HDD form.

"I am Lady White Heart!" Blanc proclaimed.

Ganache gasped and stepped back in shock "No…no, that can't be! It's impossible!"

"Ganache was it? I can understand your dedication to me, but doing so in sacrifice of others is not what I want to see. So I'd like for you to cease this at once," said Blanc.

"Yo…c…b…L…te…rt," Ganache stammered in disbelief.

"What?" Blanc quirked an eyebrow.

"Dude looks like somethings clogging up his throat," said Naruto.

"I kinda doubt he's asthmatic," said Compa.

"Would you speak up like a man? I can't hear you!" Blanc looked annoyed with Ganache speaking so brokenly.

"You can't be Lady White Heart, you must be the fake I've heard about!" Ganache spoke accusingly.

"What are you talking about? I'm the real one and the other is a fake!"

Ganache shook his head in denial "No, you're the fake!"

"Get it in your noggin already, I'm the real deal!"

"No! My angelic Lady White Heart would never be this much of a swearer!"

"WHAT!?" Blanc snarled with rage building up to a boiling point.

"Oh my, I've seen these types at expos and conventions before," said Vert.

"It's really sad when reality smacks you back to sense, they kind of go into depression…right Iffy?" Neptune turned towards IF with a knowing look and Naruto was doing the same.

"Wh-What do you mean?" asked IF nervously.

"Oh, remember that hidden link we found on Vert's blog? You were like 'My Lady Green Heart would never be this much of a gamer!',"

"And come to think of it, you still haven't paid up with the puddings," said Naruto with a small frown, IF could do nothing more than blubber.

Vert looked a bit surprised "My Iffy, I didn't expect,"

"N-N-N-N-N-No! I-I-I-I-It's not true! Don't hate me!" IF barely stammered out.

"Oh don't worry, I would never hate you for that. On the contrary, you and Naruto are too adorable for me to leave alone,"

"Lady Vert," IF swooned at hearing this.

"Uh guys, I don't think now's a good time," said Naruto albeit blushing from being called adorable.

"You're darn right blondie! I'm gonna rip this guy a new one!" said Blanc angrily.

"That just proves you're the fake CPU, the true White Heart is loving, caring…," Ganache went on for a whole hour "…so, you can't be her!"

"Whoa, this dude is so hardcore," said Neptune in wonder.

"I'm a little scared," Compa took a step back from this.

"This guy seems more obsessed than faithful," Naruto crossed his arms with a frown.

"Now are we done with all the prattle," said Ganache in annoyance.

"Seems like he has snapped back to his default character," Gatchmon noted.

"Unfortunately, I must hurry, so I'll get this over quickly," Ganache snapped his fingers to call upon Killachine only that this one is colored red compared to the previous ones "I certainly hate by myself, so I hope Killachine 3.0 will suffice,"

"Looks like we're gonna fight after all," said Neptune with a shrug.

"Time for you to transform and beat up the bad guys, Nep-Nep!" said Compa.

"Okeydokey!" Neptune transformed in her HDD form and was at the ready.

"Shall we get started, Vert-chan?" asked Naruto.

"For you and Iffy? I am always ready," Vert also followed suit and transformed into her HDD form as well.

"Let's do this Model Z!" said Naruto with the Biometal flying into his outstretched hand "Megamerge!" he called out to initiate the transformation.

"Biolink established, M.E.G.A System online!" Naruto was engulfed in a dome of light before it dissipated to reveal that he had transformed into Megaman Model Z as he equipped himself with the Z-Saber.

"I will have you all perish here in the name of Lady White Heart!" Ganache proclaimed.

Music Start: Killer Instinct Season 2 OST; Execute (ARIA's Theme)

Killachine lunged at the group with a swing of its mace, forcing them to move out of the way of the attack to avoid getting hit as well as the follow-up attack of its axe, then Gatchmon called out to the others.

"Remember that it is highly resistant to Physical attacks and Elemental attacks are more effective!" Gatchmon reminded.

"Thanks for the reminder, let's get this started!" Naruto charged at the Killachine with the Z-Saber held low with the tip sparking against the ground a few times "E-Blade!" he performed a leaping upward slash with the Z-Saber as a blade of blue lightning to strike the machine before positioning himself above it "And now, Severing Earth Flame!" Naruto held the Z-Saber in both hands as it was enshrouded in flames before descending with a downward thrust but the Killachine blocked the attack by crossing both axe and mace together before flinging him away to land on the ground with a skid.

"Here I come, you piece of floating scrap metal!" Blanc charged in with a roar, striking at the Killachine many times with her plasma axe before quickly somersaulting into the air to avoid a wide swing from its own axe and landing behind it "Too slow, Tanzerin Trombe!" she proceeded to spin rapidly on her feet like a top while striking consecutively with her plasma axe before ending the barrage by using the momentum to perform a downward strike which caused the ground to shake a bit upon impact.

The Killachine formed a ball of energy before firing it at Neptune who blocked it with her blade but the explosive impact damaged her a bit "Now it's my turn!" she dashed up to the machine and unleashed a flurry of slashes before ending the combo with a special move "Critical Edge!" she flew back at the Killachine to slash the robotic monster then followed up with an uppercut to launch it further into the air then slashed once more with great speed whilst inflicting a large amount of damage.

"I'll heal you Nep-Nep!" Compa formed an orb of light and threw it at Neptune to help her recover from the earlier injury, this caused the Killachine to switch targets to Compa to attack her with its mace. Naruto saw what was about to happen and quickly equipped himself with the Chain Rod before using it to hook onto the robot's attacking arm and pulling hard on it with his enhanced strength to stop it from getting closer to Compa who quickly moved away "Thanks Naru!"

Naruto would have responded but he was suddenly pulled off the ground with the Killachine swinging him around till the Chain Rod lost its hold and he was sent flying but managed to recover in midair to land feetfirst on a wall and rebounded off it "Circling Water Slash!" he switched out the Chain Rod for the Z-Saber to perform a fast water-element rolling slash to damage before moving away to cool down a bit.

"Allow me to take a turn," Vert flew at the Killachine and slashed at it multiple times with her spear before blocking an axe swing from the robot but the impact pushed her back a fair distance "I can still attack even when not close, "Sylhet Spear!" a large wooden spiraled spear shot out and struck the Killachine "And now, Kinestra Slash!" Vert crouched slightly before disappearing in a flash to reappear right behind the robot where there was a moment of stillness then numerous slashes began appearing all over its body.

The Killachine is seen severely damaged which is evident by the frequent spasming and sparks coming off the body, signaling one more strike is what is needed to end the battle then and there. Blanc strode forward with an audible snarl "So you just don't wanna give in and be scrapped eh? I'm gonna make you regret that with my EXE Drive: Hard Break!" Blanc ran up to the Killachine and slid on her feet as she knocked it back with a swing of her plasma which she slammed to the ground to launch a ground shockwave to strike, she spun round several time to throw her axe like a projectile to bounce off the Killachine and land in the ground for her to quickly pick up and leap high into the air then descend somersaulting cleaving slash on it and unleashing a blue pillar of light around them.

This attack was more than what the Killachine was meant to handle as it exploded into many pieces and dissipated into pixels.

Music End

"Well that takes care of that," said Naruto turning towards Ganache only to frown slightly behind his visor at the person's current reaction.

"Huh, that still didn't do the trick," said Ganache with a look of indifference.

"I figured you'd be more worried since three goddesses and a Megaman destroyed your machine without much issues," said Neptune.

"I needn't feel that way as I wasn't expecting one of it to be able to defeat you all," Ganache snapped his fingers to call upon another Killachine to appear albeit in its regular color.

"There's more of them!?" said Gatchmon in surprise.

"Indeed, we have many replacements as necessary in this factory. You merely destroyed one out of an entire line. It wasn't my intention to engage you in a battle of power but rather of attrition,"

"You gotta be kidding me," said Blanc in disbelief.

"I'm not the type to kid, let me show you just how serious I am," Ganache snapped his fingers again "Killachines come!"

"This doesn't bode well for us," said Vert with concern.

Naruto gripped the Z-Saber tightly "I know Vert-chan,"

Suddenly there was a series of explosions which took everyone by surprise, especially Ganache.

"Wh-What!?" Ganache looked around confusedly for the source of the commotion.

"Unfortunate for you, none will come to your command," a feminine but familiar voice spoke up and everyone turned to see who it is.

"MAGES. It really is you!" said Neptune.

"It has certainly been a while," said MAGES. with a smile.

"What brought you here?"

"Well I heard bad rumors about this place, so I decided to meddle in some affairs,"

"So, you were the cause of the explosions?" asked Ganache.

MAGES. smirked "Who else? Besides the contraption over there, I MAGES have destroyed them all!"

"Impossible, how can just you alone be able to destroy all of them!?"

"Simple really, I just used magic to destroy them from the inside,"

"Nice to see that you're actually losing your cool for real Ganache-teme," said Naruto with a smirk and held his Z-Saber at the ready.

"Are you going to help us MAGES.?" asked Neptune.

"I don't see why I shouldn't, plus a certain someone would be very saddened if you perished here," said MAGES.

"No one's gonna be 'perishing' here, just trashing a robot," said Naruto.

MAGES. brandished her wand and stood at the ready like the others "Then let us begin,"

Music Start: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 OST; Belief Of Steel

"We're gonna make this quick! Activating Digivolution!" Naruto called out as a pillar of light engulfed Gatchmon.

[Initiating Digivolution]

"Gatchmon digivolve to…DoGatchmon!"

Gatchmon transformed into his champion form and stood at the ready to assist while Herissmon remained close to Naruto just in case "Let's begin," DoGatchmon rushed at Killachine and unleashed a barrage of fists glowing with digital energy before being knocked back by the machine "Here's a bonus, DoGatch Buster!" DoGatchmon held his hands forward close together as the pointers detached themselves from his body and hovered around the hands at four angles as blue energy gathered at the hands before firing a powerful beam of energy to attack the Killachine.

Killachine retaliated by firing an explosive energy ball at them with Naruto immediately intercepting it with a technique "Guard Shell!" he conjured a golden shield of energy to reflect the incoming projectile at the machine and followed it up with another "Yammar Option!" he summoned three robot dragonflies which hovered around him protectively before he commanded them to fire a barrage of energy shots to pelt the machine until they ran out of energy and disappeared.

"I shall have you fall in defeat here," MAGES. pointed her wand towards the Killachine and unleashed multiple spells of fire, wind, and lightning to deal critical damage due to its poor resistance to elemental attacks "And now, Conflagration Dust!" she summoned flames in a plus-shaped pattern underneath the robot before engulfing in a large pillar of fire. Killachine righted itself and retaliated with a swing of its axe, MAGES. quickly conjured a magic circle in front of her to serve as a shield which was able to deflect the attack albeit reducing the damage by a certain percentage.

"Naruto, I need a boost!" IF called out as she ran towards him, Naruto spun round to face her with his hands cupped together for her to place a foot on before launching her with great force towards the enemy as her Triple Edge claws glowed with energy for an attack "Heaven Demon!" she rapidly attacked with a combo of slashes before finishing up with a cross slash and jumping back afterwards when it attempted to attack with its mace before attacking once more "Las Delphinus!" IF called out with a wave of her hand, a blue magic circle appeared underneath the Killachine before a pillar of energy shot out to strike it strongly several times.

"Time to feel the power of my 32-Bit Mega Blade!" Neptune raised a hand towards the sky as purple pixels materialized and clustered together to form into a large double-edged sword, she swung her hand down to have it launch at the machine, striking the ground close to it and engulf in a pillar of purple light for additional damage. Naruto dashed past Neptune towards the Killachine whilst initiating a technique "Twin Phantasm!" he conjured a shining ghost-like 'silhouette' of himself beside him and mirroring his movements "Crescent Moon Slash!" both leapt into the air and simultaneously performed an earth-element rolling slash surrounded by a crescent-shaped yellow aura for double damage.

"Don't think I'll butt out from this smash fest, Zerstorung!" Blanc approached whilst spinning round with her Plasma Axe before stomping hard on the ground to form cracks underneath her feet and attacking with a baseball swing powerful enough to make the ground quake upon impact and a large dent could be seen on the Killachine while it knocked back a great distance.

"Nep-chan, let's end this with a team attack," said Naruto, seeing that the EXE Drive meter has charged up to level 2.

Neptune nodded in confirmation "I'm ready when you are!"

"Alright then, time for the EXE Drive: Bladed Duet!" Naruto and Neptune were enshrouded in red and purple auras respectively which then flowed into their blades, they rushed up to the Killachine and positioned themselves on either side of the machine and proceeded to repeatedly slash at it before performing a high and low spinning kick to swap places and resume slashing, the duo jumped away from the Killachine and crouched slightly with their blades surging with energy before dashing towards their target and striking with a cross slash to form a red-and purple X on the Killachine then engulfed it in a pillar of magenta light. The light dissipated to reveal that the Killachine has been completely destroyed.

Music End

"Well what do you know? They can also be destroyed from the outside as well," said MAGES. thoughtfully.

"Thanks for the help," said Neptune gratefully.

"No need to be thankful, I didn't really do much,"

Naruto refuted in response "You did plenty to get us all out of a tight jam, of course we would thank you,"

"Looks your plans have ended in failure," said Vert.

"Hehehehehe," Ganache chuckled before breaking into full blown laughter.

"What's so funny four eyes?" asked Blanc with a frown.

"Things may not have gone the way I wanted, but I believe that I bought enough time," said Ganache.

"Bought enough time? You're making it sound like…you were distracting us, weren't you?" said Naruto with a frown behind his visor.

"Indeed I was, the fake intel we let out was to lure you all out and keep you preoccupied,"

"For what exactly?" asked Neptune.

Naruto thought through Ganache's statement carefully and couldn't help but feel a sense of Déjà vu, then it slammed into him like a freight train as he turned back to the others with urgency "We need to get back to Lowee, now!"

"What do you mean Naruto?" asked Compa confusedly.

"This is just like the time when Ganache locked us up in that factory and went to attack Chian and the others, this is the second time we've been tricked,"

"If what you're saying is true, then…," IF heard her phone and immediately answered "Hello?"

[Miss IF, it's me!]


[We need help, the Basilicom is attacking the hideout and…kyaaaaah!] the line went dead with IF trying to call back but to no avail.

"Naruto's right, Financier and the others are being attacked right now!"

Blanc's eyes widened with shock "Then what are we standing around here for?! Let's go!"

"I believe I'll be taking my leave, goodbye," Ganache reached into his pocket and brought out a small capsule which he threw to the ground and unleashed a bright flash, blinding everyone while he took the opportunity to make his escape.

"He's gone…," said Compa.

MAGES. frowned in response "It is unfortunate, but I believe we have more pressing matters to attend to,"

"You're right, we need to hurry back to Lowee and help everyone before it's too late!" said Neptune, receiving nods of agreement from everyone before proceeding to make their exit out of the factory and back to Lowee.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto and co heard from IF about a weapons exchange between Avenir and the Lowee Basilicom which would take place in a factory over at Lastation and so decided to head over there and put a stop to it. Upon arriving there, the group encounters Ganache once more as he set an improved Killachine to attack but was destroyed. However, he revealed that they had simply destroyed one out of many robots and was about to have all attack simultaneously.

Things looked grim but help came in the form of MAGES. who had destroyed a majority of the robots save for one which Naruto and co weren't hesitant to destroy. In spite of their victory, they soon came to learn that the supposed intel was nothing more than a ploy to lure them away and distract them while the Basilicom attacks the hideout. Now they're in a race against time to make their way back and help before it's too late.

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