Naruto: The Mega Gamer
Chapter 1
2: Divide and Protect

Naruto and the others were currently back in Lowee and rushing back to aid Financier and the rebels before Arfoire gets to them. They skidded to a stop at the crossroads and looked around for the shortest route to get there sooner.

"By the way Blanc, where is this hideout?" asked Neptune curiously.

"It's in the city next to where we met," said Blanc.

Vert frowned in thought "Then it's quite a distance away from here,"

"There's a shortcut here but there's no assurance of safety,"

"Well, we don't have the time to be picky about routes right now. Let's get there as soon as we can before it's too late," said Naruto.

IF nodded in agreement "Naruto's right, we can't afford to waste any more time,"

Blanc took the lead as the group went into the snowfield in hopes of reaching the others in time but had to watch out for the monsters along the way and being slowed down by them.

Meanwhile at the hideout, Financier was trying to regroup the rebels but was having difficulty due to being obstructed by Arfoire herself.

"Arfoire, why are you here?" asked Financier confusedly.

"I'm quite disappointed in you Financier, to think you would betray me…," said Arfoire.

"I serve Lady White Heart, not a fake,"

"How noble, but your loyalty has only served to be your goddess's downfall,"

"What are you talking about?"

"I knew that there was a spy so I put up a ruse to lure the goddess and her friends into a trap. No doubt that they have met their end by now," Arfoire sneered.

Financier was shocked to hear that "It can't be…,"

"Let your death be the sentence for the defiance of your so-called resistance," Arfoire raised her weapon to attack when something whizzed past and struck the ground between them, revealing to be a white shortsword which they immediately recognized and a familiar voice spoke up.

"We're gonna have to disagree with that notion of yours Arfoire," they turned to see Naruto with his hand outstretched for the sword to pull itself off the ground and fly back into his grasp as the others stood next to him.

"Kept you waiting, didn't we Financier?" asked IF.

"Oh? irritating to see you all still alive," said Arfoire in annoyance.

"So, she is the true enemy? Looks like someone I used to know," said MAGES. thoughtfully.

"Hmph, you all look tired. I will kill you all along with Neptune…," Arfoire then noticed something odd "Wait…where is she?!"

Compa looked around for the girl "Huh, I can't find Nep-Nep here,"

The witch began laughing "Hahahahaha! So, she must have run off!"

Naruto let out a groan and held up a finger "Hang on a minute," he walked away from the group and went behind a building where they all heard a yelp then saw Naruto coming back while pulling Neptune along by the arm.

"Oh come on, I was just about to do a heroic entrance and surprise everyone!" said Neptune with a pout.

"I would have allowed it if the current situation wasn't that serious Nep-chan," said Naruto.

"For some reason, I am not surprised at this," said IF "Neptune, hurry up and change forms already,"

"Hmph, fine you meanies," Neptune went in HDD form then had a thought "…maybe the entrance would have been better if I had appeared in this form,"

IF groaned "…why me?"

[Seriously, what's wrong with this girl?] asked K-9.

"This doesn't change a thing, I'll get rid of you all at once," said Arfoire.

"Right back at ya, so let's get down to business already," said Naruto, twirling Kanshou and Bakuya in both hands before taking a combat stance.

"The little cutie is right," Vert went into her HDD for as well and brandished her spear "So allow me to pay you back for what you did back at Leanbox,"

"Financier, you've done well. Now, leave the rest to me," said Blanc before going into her HDD form like the rest and glared at Arfoire "Time to beat the crap outta you!"

"All words…," Arfoire gestured for her machines to appear before her with an orange 4-legged machine equipped with two laser cannons and two small orb-like machines each with an antenna shaped like a bowtie "Let's see if your actions can follow,"

"Tch, those heaps of junk again? Dammit!" Blanc snarled as the smaller robot pods released twin radial pulses which seemed to have no visible effect but the group felt something had happened.

"What are they?" asked Naruto warily.

"Those are Jammer Pods; they possess the annoying ability to seal away one's ability to use their skills or items. Apparently, there's one for each," MAGES. responded.

"Then we'll have to take care of those Jammer Pods quickly before focusing on the Heavy Tank," said IF.

"Let's get started then!" said Neptune.

Music Start: Dragon Ball FighterZ OST; Rocky Field Stage

"Here's a plan; Iffy-chan, MAGES. and I will handle the Jammer Pods while the rest of you deal with the Heavy Tank," said Naruto.

"Alright then, let's trash these pieces of scrap metal!" said Blanc eagerly flying towards the Heavy Tank with her plasma axe at the ready.

Naruto lunged at the Skill Jammer and slashed several times with his shortswords and ending the combo with a jump kick to knock it away, but the machine was quick to retaliate with a Magic Mega Slash which Naruto crossed his swords together to block but was pushed back. IF closed in from the left side and attacked strongly with her Triple Edge claws. MAGES. provided support from a distance with a barrage of wind, fire and ice magic one after another. The Skill Jammer targeted MAGES. and attacked with a High Flame attack, Naruto quickly intercepted as he switched out the shortswords for the Monado and used the flat side of the sword as a makeshift shield to protect her albeit taking in some damage in turn.

"My thanks to you," said MAGES. gratefully.

Naruto smiled in response "Don't mention it, just backing you up," he saw IF hacking at the Skill Jammer with her claws and noted the Item Jammer about to attack from her blind spot "I don't think so!" Naruto dashed forward and threw the Monado across the battlefield to strike the Item Jammer before knocking it away with a flying kick and catching the sword with one hand as it fell from above.

With Neptune and the others, they were rather busy dealing with the Heavy Tank which was constantly firing round after round with its laser cannons which forced them to be more on the defensive but took to the tactic of drawing its fire while the others would attack strongly from its blind spots then quickly moving away before it can get a lock on them.

"What's takin the so long? This should have been scrap by now!" said Blanc in annoyance.

"Have patience, I'm sure they will soon deal with the Jammers," said Vert.

"She's right, we just need to hang in there," said Neptune.

"Iffy-chan, let's double up on the Skill Jammer then have MAGES. finish it off with a spell" Naruto called out switching the Monado back to the Kanshou and Bakuya.

IF nodded in affirmation "Roger that!"

The duo charged from both sides and rapidly slashed at the Skill Jammer, giving it little to no chance to defend itself against either one of them as they ended the assault with a double cross slash before jumping away for MAGES. to attack with a lightning spell, finishing the machine off.

"Alright guys, we can use our skills again!" Naruto called out loudly.

"Then let me heal you all!" said Compa, using one of her skills to heal the others but noted that Naruto was completely okay in spite of having been attacked the most by the Jammers.

Blanc smirked "It's about time, Tanzerin Trombe!" she proceeded to spin rapidly on her feet like a top around the Heavy Tank whilst striking at it consecutively with her plasma axe before ending the barrage by using the momentum to perform a downward strike, shaking the ground upon impact. "Kinestra Slash!" Vert crouched slightly before disappearing in a flash to reappear right behind the robot where there was a moment of stillness then numerous slashes began appearing all over its body "Time to feel the power of my 32-Bit Mega Blade!" Neptune raised a hand towards the sky as purple pixels materialized and clustered together to form into a large double-edged sword, she swung her hand down to have it launch at the machine, striking the ground close to it and engulf in a pillar of purple light for additional damage.

"Let's aim for the Item Jammer next, Steel Fans!" Naruto projected copies of the shortswords to hold in between his fingers before slashing several times at the Item Jammer before blocking Magic Mega Slash from the machine with them and moving away for IF to move in for an attack "Las Delphinus!" IF called out with a wave of her hand, a blue magic circle appeared underneath the Item Jammer before a pillar of energy shot out to strike it strongly several times "This is the end, Mechanical Paradox!" MAGES. formulated a purple magical circle which fired six purple energy rays to home in on the Item Jammer and explode upon impact with the machine being utterly destroyed.

"Now that's dealt with, time to help Nep and the others with the Heavy Tank," said IF.

Naruto nodded in affirmation "Gotcha!" the trio quickly went over to assist with Naruto taking point as he switched out the shortswords for the Sunlight Heart "Sunlight Flare!" he swung the lance multiple times with the tip opening up to launch compressed crescent waves of energy to strike the Heavy Tank "Kept you guys waiting?"

"Obviously, now we can really get down to business," said Blanc before targeting the machine "Gefahrlichtern!" she waved her hands before her to conjure multiple orbs of compressed ice then swinging her plasma axe to launch them at the Heavy Tank, barraging it all over "Rainy Ratnapura!" Vert struck the Heavy machine with a series of rapid thrusts of her spear before ending the combo with a powerful diagonal slash.

"Gonna end this right here and now, Trick Rave!" Naruto tossed the lance lightly in front of him before kicking it high into the air, the blonde leapt after the lance to grab it then descended to pierce the Heavy Tank from above "It's over!" he activated the lance to open up and completely pierce through it to the ground before jumping off the now destroyed machine.

Music End

"Not bad, considering your experiences in fighting," said Arfoire nonchalantly.

"We have you to thank for that," Neptune replied.

"Still have that mouth on you huh, then let me present you with a gift," Arfoire held out something which the others immediately recognized.

"That's an Enemy Disc, where did you get it?" Neptune demanded.

"I created it of course, quite easy to mass produce if you ask me," the witch sneered as she summoned more monsters to her.

"So, all those monsters in Gamindustri were because of you?" asked Compa.

Blanc growled angrily at the revelation "Why you…,"

"Calm down for a moment Blanc," said Vert.

"Why the heck should I!? You heard what she said!"

"I certainly did which is why I'm telling you to heel for a moment, right now we need to retreat from here,"

"What do you mean retreat? If we beat her here and now then it's all over! Plus, I can't leave my people behind!"

"The Goddess of Green does not mean it that way, we need to draw the enemy's attention so they may be able to escape capture," MAGES. pointed out to Blanc.

"…I guess it's all we can do for now," said Blanc albeit reluctantly.

Vert then called out "Financier and all members of the resistance, please head to Leanbox!"

"U-Understood!" Financier began leading the resistance away from the area.

But Arfoire wasn't being so idle at this "Do you think I'd let you go that easily? Monsters, attack them!"


The monsters were suddenly engulfed in explosions of energy before they could act on the witch's commands much to her surprise.

"What?!" she looked to see Herissmon and Gatchmon in their champion forms, smirking at her "You two!?"

"Naruto had us digivolve and hide out of sight in case you tried something like this, and his guess was right on the money," said DoGatchmon with a grin.

"You tend to use deception a lot so we had to be ready for that," said Filmon.

"Vert, Blanc and MAGES. you three should escape with Financier and the others," Neptune spoke.

"Are you serious about what you're saying right now?" asked Blanc.

"You're the one to get Lowee back, so we need you to be safe,"

"Why are you doing this?"

Naruto looked over his shoulder with grin "You already know the answer to that question, we're your friends and made a promise to help you save Lowee,"

"Naruto…Neptune," Blanc looked at the duo in awe before finally relenting "Alright then, I'll leave it to you,"

"Vert, you need to go with them as that will make their entry into Leanbox much easier," said Neptune.

Vert frowned at this "But that would mean leaving you behind to fight,"

"It's nothing new for us," said IF with a shrug.

Compa nodded in agreement "Yessy, the four of us have been fighting together ever since we met Nep-Nep,"

"If so, then I will be on my way and make haste with my return," said Vert.

"Don't keep us waiting too long Vert-chan," said Naruto with a smile.

Vert smile in response "I certainly won't," she proceeded to join Blanc in leading the resistance away.

"Hm…only a few of you left, do you seriously think that you can stop me?" asked Arfoire arrogantly.

Naruto smirked "We beat a couple of times already, not to mention that we're much stronger now,"

"Then let's see how strong you are then," Arfoire snapped her fingers to call on ore monsters to attack the group.

Neptune brandished her katana "We'll be glad to show you!"

Music Start: Dragon Ball FighterZ OST; West City Stage

Naruto had K-9 quickly identify the incoming monsters to be an SDHC Custom, a couple of Ice Golem, and another Heavy Tank. He and the others prepared themselves for the upcoming fight.

"We need to buy enough time for the others to escape, so let's be critical about this," said Naruto twirling Sunlight Heart in hand then taking a combat stance. The Ice Golem made the first as it charged towards Naruto with an arm reared back for a punch with the blonde dashing towards it as well, both drew closer for the forthcoming clash when Naruto performed a forward roll along the snowy ground to duck underneath the Ice Golem's punch and get behind the monster "You're open, Tear Grid!" Naruto activated the lance to unleash a series of thrusting attacks then finishing with one mighty thrust at the Ice Golem to knock it away.

The other Ice Golem thrust its arms forward to launch chunks of ice towards Compa with IF tackling her out of the way before retaliating with her own attack, she lunged at the Ice Golem to slash consecutively with her claws before leaping away from it "Demon Flames!" IF activated her skill to trigger multiple explosions of flames to erupt around the golem and burning it away. However, IF was taken by surprise when the SDHC attacked her with the spiked floating circular ring from its back and paralyzing her badly.

"Hold on Iffy, I'll help you!" Compa quickly administered her skill on IF, curing her of the paralysis.

"Thanks a lot, Compa,"

"You're welcome,"

Back with Naruto, the Ice Golem slammed an arm into the ground, causing large ice spikes to burst out from underground. Naruto took to the defensive as he constantly dashed from side to side and at times using the substitution jutsu when almost trapped by the ice spikes. Naruto was switching the Sunlight Heart out for the Monado when he suddenly received a vision of the Ice Golem raising its arms into the air and conjuring a tornado of ice which engulfed him and dealt a lot of damage.

"Feels like cheating with this vision thing but I'm not going to be picky about this," Naruto swiped his hand over the screen of the Monado to change from blue to orange with a change in the kanji "Monado Armor!" the Monado opened up to generate a medium orange energy blade as orange energy barriers appeared around Naruto and the others to protect them. The Ice Golem then launched its ice tornado to strike but it didn't inflict the intended damage due to the barriers reducing them greatly "Duelist!" he rushed up to the Ice Golem and proceeded to slash consecutively before finishing the combo with a powerful horizontal slash which defeated the monster.

Over with Neptune, she was busy dealing with the Heavy Tank by evading the shots fired from the machine's laser cannons and things became much easier when Naruto activated his Monado Arts to buff up the group's defensive abilities, encouraging her to be more offensive "Here I come, Critical Edge!" she rushed up to the Heavy Tank and attacked with a diagonal slash then followed it up with an uppercut before moving at blurring speed for a final slash and appearing behind "Time for the 32-Bit Mega Blade!" Neptune raised a hand towards the sky to form the pixelized large double-edged sword, then having it launch at the machine, striking the ground close to it and engulf in a pillar of purple light for additional damage which was enough to destroy it.

"Heaven Demon!" IF rapidly attacked with a combo of slashes before finishing up with a cross slash and jumping back afterwards with a backflip and followed up with an additional technique "Las Delphinus!" with a wave of her hand, a blue magic circle appeared underneath the SDHC before a pillar of energy shot out to strike it strongly several times.

"One side Iffy-chan, I'm ending this!" Naruto swiped his hand over the screen of the Monado to change from orange to blue with the usual change in the kanji "Monado Buster!" he raised Monado above his head as it opened up to generate a long glowing blade of energy, then he brought it down to cleave the machine in half and effectively destroying it.

Music End

"I think we bought enough time, let's get out of here!" said Naruto urgently.

"Right behind you!" said Neptune, Naruto dragged the Monado along the ground to throw up a large cloud of snow and dirt as they quickly made their getaway from Arfoire.

"Don't think you can get away…Forces, don't let them escape!" Arfoire commanded angrily with the monsters immediately complying and going after the group in pursuit.

Naruto had Gatchmon in his rookie form act as their navigator through the Stella Plains which would lead them to the Sky Harbor and hopefully get away from Arfoire for the meantime but they were constantly encountering monsters more frequently than what they were normally expecting.

"What's with all those monsters?!" asked IF confusedly.

"They just keep coming after us…," said Compa worriedly.

"I was wondering the same thing, this puts my calculations at odds," said Gatchmon.

"But at least we're close to the Sky Harbor," Neptune pointed out.

"Naruto, Z and I suspect something strange about these monster encounters," said Model X.

"What do you me-," Naruto was interrupted by an all too familiar voice.

"I got you now! How unexpected that you made it this far!" Arfoire appeared before the group with a smirk on her face.

"It's Arfourdeetwo, how did she catch up with us?" asked Neptune.

"As we thought, Arfoire must have commanded those monsters we encountered along the way to slow us down so she could catch up to us," said Model Z.

[That explains it] said K-9 with a frown.

A tic mark appeared on Arfoire's head she glared at them "How many times do I need to tell you that my name is wrong!?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders "Given everything you've put us through ever since we met you, we really don't find it in ourselves to bother with your name,"

Arfoire gritted her teeth in anger from Naruto's response "That does it!" she was engulfed in a pillar of light which dissipated to reveal that she had transformed into Blanc's HDD form.

"That form!" said Neptune.

"No doubt, she had copied Blanc's powers before we showed up," said Naruto with a frown.

Arfoire smirked at the group "I assume defeating you in this form will affect the ones you are protecting,"

"It doesn't change the fact that you're a fake, no matter what," said IF.

Arfoire merely laughed "It may be true that I'm fake…," suddenly, they saw her eyes suddenly changed from red to yellow "But by fusing the powers of two goddesses into one, I will surpass you and not even a Megaman assisting you will change that!"

"Surely that can't be true," said Naruto with a frown.

"Unfortunately, she may be right. She already has copies of Vert and Blanc's power, we won't be able to match up when you use either of us," said Model Z.

"Give up and don't worry, Neptune. I will put your power into good use," said Arfoire.

"You're gonna have to go through us if you want Nep-chan's power so badly," said Naruto.

A voice suddenly called out "You saying that a fake is better than the real deal?" someone landed close by, revealing to be none other than Blanc.

"Blanc!" said Neptune in surprise.

"If you haven't forgotten, I am here as well," Sure enough Vert arrived as well.

"Lady Vert!" said IF.

Naruto grinned "Glad to see that you made it back,"

"Well, I did assure you that I would return. Did I not?" Vert smiled back at the blonde.

"Not to mention that, I ain't planning on being a jerk to those who are doing their best for Lowee," Blanc pointed out "Plus you said we're friends, and friends don't need a reason to help each other,"

"Looks like we're back together," said IF.

Compa nodded in agreement "That makes me so happy,"

Arfoire scoffed "Trash like you coming together doesn't change who you are,"

"Arfoire, your power may surpass us but…," Neptune held out her katana "We're not fighting alone. We'll all fight together and win this!"

Naruto was deep in thought about what Arfoire said before and suddenly had an epiphany about something which he quickly asked the Biometals "X and Z, is it possible that could use the both of you at the same time?"

The two Biometals shared a look before Model X spoke "The possibility is there due to my ability, it would enable you to use both of our techniques without having to switch between Biometals,"

"But it could place a serious strain on the body, Vent was bedridden for several weeks the first time we attempted this," said Model Z.

[The kid can handle it; his body was meant for things like this] K-9 spoke up.

"What makes you so sure about this?" asked Model X.

[I just know, okay?]

"You should know that it could be your fault should things go awry," said Model Z.


"Uh guys?" asked Naruto, a bit confused with where the conversation was going.

"Very well then, we'll initiate the Double Megamerge but we must end the battle as soon as possible," said Model Z.

Naruto nodded in affirmation "Roger that, let's do this!" the Biometals then flew into Naruto's hands in preparation "Model X! Model Z! Here we go, Double Megamerge!"

Model X and Model Z's eyes flashed for a moment before speaking up "Biolink established, M.E.G.A System online!" Naruto was engulfed in a dome light as he underwent a transformation. He wore a black spandex bodysuit and both Biometals burst into many bits of light before attaching to his body to form armour. Red gauntlets with yellow bracelets formed over his forearms, a helmet featuring a green arrow-shaped crystal that stretches from the crest to the back of the head while donning an open red jacket armour with a yellow collar. White pieces of armour were also fitted on his thighs and waistline as well, and a set of red armoured boots with thick black soles formed up to his knees to complete the transformation. Naruto had also grown his hair into a long synthetic spiky ponytail.

Naruto opened his eyes and stretched out a hand to summon a bladeless sword handle then swiped to the side as it projected a deltoid-shaped blade made out of green slightly transparent energy "Megaman ZX, at the ready,"

Arfoire was stunned at the sight of this "You can use the Double Megamerge, it shouldn't be possible!"

"If you could use the powers of two goddesses, then the concept could also apply to me. Now let's find out which is better," said Naruto before taking a stance with the ZX saber.

Music Start: Metal Gear Rising OST; The Stains of Time (Maniac Agenda Mix)

Arfoire lunged at Naruto with her plasma axe reared back before swinging it constantly at the blonde, Naruto took to the defensive by using the ZX saber to parry her incoming attacks away from him whilst short dashes to evade those he can't risk blocking head-on "Fleissig Faust!" she now attacked with a combo of kicks and horizontal slashes of her plasma axe with Naruto having to make a move "Bursting Flame Array!" he used his free hand to punch the ground which triggered a fiery explosion around him and knocked Arfoire back then quickly followed up with another attack "Circle Blaze!" he shifted the ZX Saber to the ZX Buster then took aim to launch a fireball which exploded upon impact with its target.

"Hey, leave Naruto alone! Cross Combo!" Neptune dashed towards and slashed several times at Arfoire for her to deflect some of them but was knocked into the air by an uppercut with Neptune flying up in pursuit to knock her down to the ground hard with a downwards slash "Why you little, Tanzerin Trombe!" Arfoire began spinning like a top with her plasma axe as she approached the group.

"Nice try you fake imitator, but here's how you really do it. Tanzerin Trombe!" Blanc proceeded to perform the same move as well with both the goddess and the fake goddess clashing multiple times in the middle before breaking away with the result being a draw "Sylhet Spear!" Vert twirled her spear to summon the green magic circle next to her for a large wooden spiralled spear to shoot out but Arfoire evaded by leaping high into the air "Gefahrlichtern!" she waved her hands before her to conjure multiple orbs of compressed ice then swinging her plasma axe to launch them at the group below.

Naruto intercepted by leaping towards the incoming ice projectiles "Aether Rule!" the ZX energy blade became tinted violet as he slashed at the projectiles, effectively erasing them upon contact then he brought out the Chain Rod and lashed out to wrap around one of Arfoire's leg "Get over here!" he yanked Arfoire over to him and pressed the ZX Saber shifted to Buster mode against her torso "Splash Laser!" he pulled the trigger to fire a powerful beam of water to send Arfoire plummeting to the group and cratering upon impact.

"Not bad, now it's my turn!" Arfoire got up from the ground without that much damage and zoomed at a descending Naruto and attacked "Verschlag!" he used the ZX Saber to deflect the cleaving strikes the best he could but was getting overwhelmed by her enhanced physical strength and got knocked by a kick to the torso, tumbling along the ground before slamming a palm to flip into the air and land on his feet before retaking his stance.

"Avoid defending against her strikes head-on, we can't match up to her strength," said Model X.

"I suggesting using your speed in this fight," Model Z added.

Naruto nodded in affirmation "Roger that,"

You have some nerve to kick my little cutie, Feel the wrath of my EXE Drive: Spiral Break!" she dashed forward at high-speed to lance through Arfoire then she turned around and unleashed a barrage of thrust attacks from multiple angles consecutively with only green flashes being seen. Vert was then seen a fair distance above the target "May your sins be cleansed!" she threw the spear at the fake goddess, triggering an explosion of green energy around her. The energy died down, showing Arfoire to have received a decent amount of damage but still capable of continuing the fight.

"Still kicking, eh? Then let me help you take a break permanently!" Blanc rushed towards Arfoire with her plasma axe reared back for an attack "Zerstorung!" Blanc approached whilst spinning round with her Plasma Axe before stomping hard on the ground to form cracks underneath her feet and attacking with a powerful swing, Arfoire got up and darted out of the way of the attack. She was about to retaliate when Neptune appeared in front of her "You're open, Critical Edge!" she attacked with a diagonal slash then followed it up with an uppercut to launch her into the air before moving at blurring speed to land a powerful slash to inflict a large amount of damage.

Naruto was rapidly running towards Arfoire with the ZX Saber reared back and dragging along the ground slightly "This oughta put you to sleep, Soaring Flame Mountain!" he performed an uppercut which created an upward wall of flames, launching Arfoire into the air.

"Now use my Giga Attack!" said Model Z.

"Alright then, Rending Light Rule!" Naruto raised a fist above his head before bringing down to punch the ground, summoning eleven beams of light appear from above to fall around him with most of them targeting Arfoire and striking her without mercy to the point of undoing her transformation, thus ending the fight.

Music End

Arfoire gritted her teeth in frustration at what had just happened "Why?! Why can't I win?! Me, with the power of two goddesses?!"

"I must admit that you're pretty tough, taking in all those attacks," said Neptune.

Blanc slung her axe over her shoulder "I can fix that, I'll just beat the crap outta her until I get my stuff back,"

"I suggest you return Lowee to us if you don't want to be beaten any more that you have already gone through," said IF.

"Hmph, you can keep this sad land of yours. But you will not get the powers I have. Never!" Arfoire released a bright flash of light which blinded everyone before dissipating to reveal that she was gone.

"Running away again? This is getting rather annoying," said Naruto with a frown.

"But at least we all made it out okay," Neptune pointed out, receiving a shrug from the blonde.

"Maybe so, but the hag got away," said Blanc.

"At least take comfort with the fact that Lowee is now safe," said Vert.

"…I guess you're right,"

"What say we head back, no doubt we could all use the rest," said Gatchmon, both hi and Herissmon had to be at a distance so as to not get in the way of the fight.

Sometime later, Naruto and co are back in Planeptune at Compa's place, but this time they were having a tagalong in the form of Blanc.

"Are you okay being with us? Wouldn't work at Lowee require you being there?" asked Vert.

"The fake was ousted, so with Financier there, everything is back in order. Plus, it was her who asked to be with you all," Blanc explained.

"Glad to have you with us, Blanc-chan," said Naruto with a foxy grin.

Blanc smiled softly in response "Me too," the other girls were looking at with frowns at their interactions.

"By the way, what about those brothers? I noticed that they weren't around before we left," asked Neptune curiously.

"They moved to Leanbox in order to worship Vert, saying that they wouldn't be able to serve me properly with her around,"

"For some reason, I'm not surprised," said IF.

"Well besides their personality issues, they could be of use to me," said Vert, suddenly her phone started ringing for her to pick up and answer "Hello, Vert speaking,"

[(' ∙ ω ∙ ‛) Lady Vert, there's trouble!] said Ran-Ran worriedly over the phone.

"What is the matter?"

[(' ∙ ω ∙ ‛) Well those two men came into your room and started messing with you- hey stay away from Lady Vert's closet, her clothes are in there! Stop!] Sounds of struggle could be heard through the phone's speaker.

"Do something about them Ran-Ran, get those two out of my room!" said Vert in a panic.

[(' ∙ ω ∙ ‛) Ran-Ran's trying but they keep finding their way in! Stop jumping on Lady Vert's bed, don't sniff at the covers either!]

"N-No stop…," Vert immediately transformed into her HDD form much to everyone's surprise "Excuse me, I need to go and drive away some intruders," she took off through the window in direction of Leanbox, everyone was silent till Neptune started narrating.

"Later, we heard screams of agony from the cellphone Vert left behind," said Neptune.

"Why are you narrating?" asked IF.

"Well, we all know what's going to happen next. So, I thought 'Why not'?" Neptune replied.

"I hope she hurts those no-good perverts a lot," Naruto growled in thought.

"Naruto, why are you holding out your shortswords again?" asked IF.

Naruto looked at his hands to see that he's holding Kanshou and Bakuya yet again "Again? Why do they keep appearing when I don't call on them?"

Herissmon shivered "Naruto's being really scary right now,"

"I'm beginning to suspect that he has a subconscious disdain for perverts, probably inherited from his mother," Gatchmon concluded albeit nervously.

Neptune turned her attention towards Blanc "So you're going to be with us, right?"

Blanc nodded in affirmation "Yes, though I may have to go back to Lowee sometimes…by the way, Financier asked me to give this to you. Is this what you were looking for?" Blanc held out something which the others immediately recognized.

"That's a Key Fragment, where did you find it?" asked Naruto.

"Financier found it in Arfoire's room," said Blanc.

"Seems like she possesses most of the fragments since this is the second time, we acquired one from her," said Model X.

"Now that we got three, it's time for the Histy Hour Show!" said Neptune excitedly.

Blanc was confused with all this "Um, what does she mean exactly?"

"I think it's easier to understand when you hear it," said Compa.

Neptune took out the other two Key Fragments and placed the third amongst them, making them glow "Hey Histy, are you there?"

"Yes, it's been a while everyone, and a first tie for you Lady Blanc," said Histoire.

Blanc blinked in surprise "You're Histy?"

"Actually, it's Histoire and I am a tome. I was the one who requested for Neptune and the others to search for the Key Fragments to free me. You can seek out the details from IF and Compa,"


"Hey, why wasn't I included to explain anything!" Neptune, Naruto himself was a bit put off but recalled that he isn't exactly the most memorable person back home compared to Sakura or Shikamaru.

"Mostly because I don't really expect you to explain properly,"

"Way to be harsh about it, I can't deny that being true,"

"I thought as much. I also wish to extend my congrats for defeating Arfoire and taking back Lowee from her," said Histoire.

"You knew what happened?" asked Blanc.

"Of course, I am the tome that records all that occurs in this world,"

Neptune began to fidget nervously "T-Then you know what I did last night?"

"Indeed I do; at 0:15, you ate IF's milk pudding and Naruto's vanilla pudding…,"

Neptune waved her hands in a panic "Awawawawa, please don't say anymore!"

"That was you Nep-chan?! Here I thought I ate it last night when I checked the fridge!" said Naruto in disbelief.

IF stared at her "Care to explain yourself?"

Neptune couldn't bring herself to look them in the eye "Um, your eyes are looking pretty scary right now,"

"I believe I got the general idea, so what is it you wish to relay to us," said Blanc.

"Arfoire's objective is to acquire the powers of all four goddesses. Despite being copies, she now has the powers of both Vert and Blanc. So, her next target would be either Neptune or Noire," Histoire explained to the group.

"I think I speak for everyone that we wouldn't like for her to get any stronger," said IF.

"We'll be here to protect Nep-Nep, right Naru?" said Compa.

Naruto grinned in response "Pretty much yeah Compa-chan,"

"It appears that my time is up for now…please, be careful," said Histoire.

"You got it Histy!" said Neptune.

"Since we're guarding Neptune, that leaves Noire open," said IF.

"Then we'll head back to Lastation, no doubt we'll find her there," said Gatchmon.

Naruto nodded in agreement "Sounds like a plan,"

"Then we'll set out once Vert and her annoying mammaries return," Blanc grumbled.

"Roger that," said Naruto, then he noted the summoning charm of the Shiva Sisters glowing.

"Naruto, there's something we need to speak to you about," said Nix.

"What is it?" thought Naruto.

"We sense another one of our fellow deities here in Planeptune albeit lying dormant," said Stiria.

"There's another one of you guys?"

"Indeed, concerning what we've heard from Histoire, I feel it best that we seek the deity out for aid," said Nix.

"Well since Vert-chan has yet to return, we could use this time to find whoever they are," thought Naruto.

"Very well then, we shall seek the deity out tomorrow," said Stiria with the blonde nodding in affirmation.


Victory Pose (High Health): Naruto performs several highspeed slashes with the ZX Saber before shifting to the Buster mode and firing a few shots before grinning towards the camera.

"Look on the bright side, you were able to make me use the Double Megamerge,"
"Did I shoot you or slash you? I can't recall which exactly,"
"Should have ran the moment you saw me take on this form,"
"You did well," (Model Z)
Glad that was over, I was worried for a moment there," (Model X)

Victory Pose (Low Health): Naruto falls onto his hands and knees, panting heavily as the transformation is undone and the Biometals hover close to him in worry.

"Even with Double Megamerge, I still struggled,"
"That was a close one, almost lost it there,"
"Dang, must have slipped up for this to happen…"
"Hang in there Naruto, Compa will heal you," (Model X)
Be sure to learn from this battle in order to avoid repeating such mistakes," (Stiria)

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto and the others manage to make it back to Lowee in time as Arfoire and her forces were attacking the Resistance Base. There they discover that Arfoire was also the creator of the enemy discs hence why there are so many monsters Gamindustri. Enacting a plan to save the Resistance, Naruto along with Neptune, IF and Compa acted as bait to lure Arfoire away while Blanc and Vert get the others over to Leanbox for safety.

Arfoire caught up with Naruto and co, transforming into Blanc's HDD form and revealing yet again to be able to fuse the powers of two goddesses into one. However, Vert and Blanc made it back in time to help the group and Naruto took things further by megamerging simultaneously with both Model X and Model Z to become Megaman ZX. After an intense battle, the group emerged victorious and Arfoire was forced to retreat with Lowee now free.

Blanc now joins the group in Planeptune along with presenting a Key Fragment found in Arfoire, they communicated with Histoire who reveals Arfoire's goal of obtaining the powers of all four goddesses and so far, she has acquired two. Seeing that Neptune would be safe with them, everyone decided to head back to Lastation to find Noire before her powers get copied. Also, it appears that the Shiva Sisters need Naruto to seek out a deity while in Planeptune to join their cause, but the question is would the deity comply and aid them or do the opposite?

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