Naruto: The Mega Gamer
Chapter 1
5: Power Unleashed

"Welcome to the 128th 'Where's Histy summit'!" Neptune declared with Compa and Herissmon clapping in response while the others simply sweatdropped at their actions, having seen this several times already.

IF sighed before speaking "To start things off, let's hear everyone's information,"

"I got a whopping nothing!" said Neptune.

[As if we would expect you to get anything worthwhile to share with us] K-9 retorted.

"I couldn't find anything," said Compa.

Noire shook her head "Ditto,"

"Ran-Ran and I started up a thread, but nothing in particular so far," Vert added in disappointment.

"I didn't find anything…," Blanc spoke silently, looking up from reading a book.

"Similar to my search for Doc P, I have not found anything," said MAGES.

Marvy had the same result "Nothing from me either, where could Histy be?"

"Gatchmon and I had been looking through the BBS lots of times but haven't been getting anything useful," said Naruto with Gatchmon still searching through the net before sighing in disappointment in not finding what it was that they were looking for.

"So all this searching and absolutely zero…," said IF with a small groan.

"I kinda wish that Histy gave us more hints than simply telling us that she's somewhere in Planeptune," Neptune whined to the others.

"And we haven't heard from her since then," Compa pointed out.

"Wait, how about asking the Planeptune Basilicom? I'm sure they would have information dating to past times which they could tell us," Noire suggested.

"Oh yeah, why did I think of that?" said Neptune in realization.

Blanc deadpanned "You're supposed to be the CPU of this place…,"

With that said, the group headed over to the Basilicom and spoke to one of the members of the staff. Naruto still got creeped out by how the guy keeps calling Neptune a cute loli which made him want to call the police but needed to focus on more important matters…for now. Sure enough, the staff member revealed that there was a dungeon where the heroes Quartet used to train many years ago but the precise location is currently unknown to anyone. Noire and the other CPUs couldn't recall considering that they were living in Celestia most of the time till now and let's not forget that Neptune doesn't even have a clue because of her amnesia.

Naruto inquired from the Biometals but they couldn't remember either as their memories were fragmented for reasons unknown but suspected it to be the work of Arfoire not wanting them to locate her easily.

Later on, the group were back on the streets and having a conversation over the current issue at hand.

"Now that we have a starting point, let's go and ask around for information relating to the lore," IF suggested.

"Are you sure Iffy, who would know about it?" asked Neptune confusedly.

Noire groaned in annoyance "That's the point of asking Neptune,"

"Alright then, we'll head over this way then meet up with you guys later," said Naruto before walking away.

"Awwwww, I hate doing bland and repetitious stuff," Neptune whined.

"Let's do our best Nep-Nep!" said Compa cheerfully.

Meanwhile, Naruto was walking along a street with his arms crossed and humming thought of whom to ask about the lore.

"I wonder whom I could ask, can't be someone completely random. Maybe I could check over at the guild, there could be someone there who would know something about the secret dungeon," Naruto hummed thoughtfully.

Herissmon was perched atop Naruto's head, looking around when he saw someone and tapped the blonde's head to grab his attention "Naruto!"

"What is it, Herissmon?" asked Naruto.

"Over there, isn't that Falcom?" the Digimon queried, Naruto looked to see that it was indeed the adventurer whom they had met back at Lastation.

"You're right, let's go over and say hello. She might even help give us a clue about the dungeon,"

Gatchmon nodded thoughtfully at that "Good idea, I'm sure we will obtain relevant information,"

"Hey Falcom!" Naruto called out as he approached her "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

Falcom turned around and soon recognized him "Oh it's you, haven't seen you since Lastation,"

"Yeah, I along with Nep-chan and the others have been through a lot since then. Even now, we're looking for something," Naruto explained.

"What is it?"

"We're current in search of a dungeon where the Heroes Quartet formerly trained, somewhere in Planeptune. Would you know of anything relating to it?" asked Gatchmon.

However, Falcom shook her head in response "Sorry, I just got here so I don't think I can be of much help,"

Naruto felt a bit disappointed by what she said "Oh, that's okay then…,"

"…but I can offer some advice at least; you'd be surprised how often things can be found close to home. So retrace your steps from the beginning to learn of things you hadn't noticed at first," Falcom suggested.

"I see…I keep this in mind, thanks for the advice, Falcom-chan,"

"No problem, it's natural to help out a fellow adventurer,"

After bidding Falcom farewell for now, Naruto continued his walk through the streets in search of anyone who might have the info that they need. soon enough, he came across another familiar person and approached her.

"Hey Tekken-chan!" Naruto called out.

Said person turned around and recognized him "Oh hello, um…Naruto, right?"

"That's me, been a while, hasn't it?"

"You're right, do you know about any lore about the Heroes Quartet by any chances?"

Tekken shook her head in mild confusion "I only came here recently, so I don't know. Sorry,"

"Bummer," Herissmon whined in disappointment.

"Why are you looking for lores?"

"Well, we're trying to look for the dungeon that the heroes trained in back then, but we're having trouble finding it,"

Tekken tilted her head in thought "Maybe the reason why you can't find it is because it's hiding?"

"Hiding?" asked Gatchmon.

"Yeah, just like how games hide stuff behind shelves and walls and things. That could be why you're having this trouble looking for the dungeon," Tekken went on to explain.

"Like a hidden entrance or something like that?" asked Herissmon.

"Well, that's just me,"

"Hmmmm, I think you're on to something here," said Naruto, then his G-Pad began beeping to notify him of a message "Looks like I gotta go, Iffy-chan wants me to meet up with the others,"

"Good luck, I hope you would find what you're looking for,"

"Thanks Tekken-chan, see you later,"

After saying farewell to Tekken, Naruto went to the place which was on IF's message and soon enough met up with Neptune and others as he seems to be the last person to arrive at the place.

"Hey guys, hope I didn't keep you waiting," Naruto called out to them.

Vert waved his apology off "No need to worry cutie, you didn't take long,"

Noire huffed as she looked away from him "You need to be more punctual with your timing,"

"Don't pay the loner any mind, you came after all," said Neptune.

"Quit calling me a loner, Neptune!" Noire stomped her foot on the ground in anger.

"So, did any of you find anything?" asked IF, but the others responded in the negative until Neptune ended up being the last one.

"I got nada…except for this stick here," Neptune held out the aforementioned stick.

[You…just what is wrong with you? Not even the brat would be this slow] said K-9 in exasperation.

"Puchiko gave it to me, said I should toss it to the ground and follow the direction where it's pointing at!" Neptune explained.

IF sweatdropped at this "That's rather random, Neptune,"

"Even so, we don't have any other leads right now. We might as well use this at the moment, there's a chance of us finding something new," Blanc pointed out.

"Aww, that's my Blanc!" Neptune cheered happily.

"Might as well give it a toss and see where it points to," said Noire.

"Okeydokey!" Neptune tossed the stick into the air for it to drop to the ground and everyone looked at which direction it was pointing at.

"It's pointing towards the forest outside of the city,"

IF hummed thoughtfully "But the only thing there is the natural park and the underground cave,"

"Let's go and check Iffy, we did find lots of things there before. We could find something new again," said Compa.

"…alright then, let's go,"

The group checked around the natural park for any clues but found nothing in the end, so that left them with the underground cave to search through. Surprisingly, they ran into CyberConnect2 or CC2 for short there who was on a quest of her own and continued on their way to the Underground Cave.

"So, is this where you found the first Key Fragment?" asked Noire.

Compa nodded in affirmation "That's right,"

"I see…,"

"What is it?" asked IF.

"I don't why but something seems to be bugging me for some reason,"

"I'm sure you'll know soon enough, just need to find anything that could clue us in on locating Histoire,"

"I guess so,"

"Alright Gatchmon, Herissmon. Time to do your thing," said Naruto fondly, the Digimon hopped off his shoulder and hood to the ground and turned to face him.

"Okay/Leave it to us," said Herissmon and Gatchmon respectively.

They proceeded to examine the area around them, Herissmon sniffed around to pick up any unusual scent and Gatchmon used his magnifying glass to scan for any oddity until soon enough, their investigation took them to a deadend for some reason.

"Hmmm, how interesting…let Naruto know we found something," said Gatchmon, staring intently at the wall.

"Naruto, we found something!" Herissmon called, gaining the attention of him and the others as they came over.

"Why are you calling us over to a deadend?" asked IF confusedly.

"I can understand why you feel that way when looking at it, but only when viewing it normally," said Gatchmon.

Noire frowned slightly "You mean it's not really a deadend?"

"Yeah, I'm picking up scents right through it," Herissmon explained.

"Not only that, scans show that energy is being used to conceal something beyond this supposed wall," Gatchmon added.

"If that is true, then…," Blanc picked up a stone from the ground and tossed it at the wall only for it to go through instead of clattering against it "…there really is a hidden path to the dungeon,"

"Then that means we've found the dungeon where the Quartet trained before," said Vert.

"Good job you two, you're definitely getting lots of pudding when we get back!" said Compa happily, making the Digimon feel a bit shy from the affection.

"Now, let's go in and find Histy!" Neptune eagerly went through the illusive wall.

"Wait for us Neptune, now's not the time to act recklessly!" said Noire following after her with the others close behind.

The dungeon which they were currently appeared to be something straight out of a Famicom themed video game with even the monsters inside of it taking part of the theme as well. Regardless, the party traversed through the dungeon whilst defeating the monsters along the way and acquiring the monster drops afterwards. Herissmon found new weapons for Vert and IF; the Strike Lancer and Freak Diamond respectively which were a lot stronger than what they were equipped with.

"Histy should be around here somewhere…Histy! Where are you?" Neptune called out, looking around for any sign of the one they were looking for.

A voice then spoke up in response "I've been waiting for you, Neptune! It took you long enough!" everyone turned to see someone annoyingly familiar at this point.

"Arfoire, how did you get here before us?" asked Noire in confusion.

"Oh noo…," Naruto muttered with growing dread.

"What is it?" asked Blanc.

"I should have seen it from a mile away. Except for the one we found in the underground cave, all of the Key Fragments were either dropped by Arfoire or given to us it could also explain why she didn't make any strong attempts to get them back from us," Naruto theorized, the pieces coming together.

"Which means that she knew we would show up with the Key Fragments and Neptune! So that's what's been bugging me ever since we came in here!" said Noire in realization.

"Nep, you need to get out of here! It's a trap!" IF called out urgently.

Arfoire smiled in amusement "A bit late for that, I'm afraid," she snapped her fingers then a loud roar was heard from behind the group, causing them to turn around and see yet another one of those Killachines but there's something different about this one "Why don't you stay a bit longer, there's much I can entertain you with,"

Neptune took a step back in shock "Huh, when did that monster get behind us?!"

Noire immediately transformed into her HHD form and brandished her sword "Monster or not, we'll have to defeat it,"

Blanc followed suit and went in her HDD form "No matter, I'll crush whatever stands in my way!"

"I hope you're right," said Vert before transforming.

"Watch yourself, Nep. She's mainly targeting you so don't let your guard down!" said IF.

Neptune responding in affirmation "Roger that!" then she transformed into her HDD form like the rest.

"Okay guys, let's do this!" Naruto held out his hands for the Biometals to fly into them "Model X and Model Z; Double Megamerge!"

The Biometals proceeded with the transformation "Biolink established, M.E.G.A System online!" Naruto was engulfed in a dome of light before dissipating to reveal him as Megaman ZX with the ZX Saber at the ready.

"Same old song and dance, taking point!" Naruto dashed past the others towards the machine type monster with great speed before leaping into the air "Whirling Crash Slash!" he performed a twirling slash with the Z-Saber only for the monster to block it with one of its weapon then flung him back without much effort. Naruto recovered in midair to land on his feet with a skid "This thing is way stronger than the normal ones,"

"I'll crush it all the same, Zerstorung!" Blanc rushed in with a slide whilst spinning round with her Plasma Axe before stomping hard on the ground to form cracks underneath her feet and attacking with a powerful swing, again the monster blocked the attack with its spiked mace before sending her flying with a swing of its axe.

"This is rather disconcerting, Sylhet Spear!" Vert twirled her spear to summon the green magic circle next to her for a large wooden spiraled spear to shoot out and strike the Killachine but it seemed to have not inflicted the expected damage, shattering the wooden spear with a single blow.

Naruto raised the Z-Saber above his head with both hands and channeled energy into the blade for it to begin glowing bright yellow "Full Charge: Wave Sever Attack!" he performed a heavy overhead slash that sends out a large wave of energy. The monster crossed both weapons in front of it to block the attack "Now's your chance, take the shot!"

Noire and Neptune swooped in from above with their blades at the ready to attack the head when they were suddenly intercepted by magic blasts from Arfoire and shot down to the ground. At that time, Naruto's ranged attack dissipated with the monster emerging from it mildly damaged much to everyone's annoyance.

"Hmph, did you simply expect me to stand there and watch you fight my monster by its lonesome? How delusional," Arfoire sneered at the group.

"Tch, we won't be able to get at her with this monster acting as an obstruction in between," said IF with a frown.

"I believe it's about time that we bring this farce to an end," Arfoire snapped her fingers, causing the machine to begin gathering energy within itself.

Having a gut feeling that something big is about to happen, Naruto darted forward to position himself in front of everyone with the Shield Boomerang equipped to his forearm "Full Charge: Guard Shield!" the Shield Boomerang created a yellow circular shield of energy large enough to defend the party right as the monster unleashed a radial blast of energy. The shield struggled to hold against the blast but soon cracks began to appear all over before shattered to pieces and everyone received great damage, knocking them all to the floor.

"What…power…," IF groaned out.

"Dammit, we couldn't take it down even when working together?!" Blanc snarled in frustration.

"This Killachine most definitely differs from the ones we have faced before," said MAGES. with a deep frown.

"It's specifically designed to battle and also uses the powers which I had copied from you," said Arfoire.

"You had been planning for this when we would show up to rescue Histoire," said Naruto.

"It should be no surprise since I was the one who created the discs after all,"

"Noire spoke in defiance "Don't go thinking that you would win through your disgusting methods!"

"Seems to me like you have some energy left to be able to talk to me like that, then let me show you the monster's true power," Arfoire snapped her fingers for the monster to unleash a flash of light all around before fading to reveal all of the CPUs and Naruto have been forcefully reverted to their base forms.

"Wha- What!?" Neptune looked at herself in confusion.

"Our HDD was cancelled!?" said Noire in shock.

"This is just like when we fought the Hard Breaker!" said Vert.

"How else was I inspired to prepare such countermeasures for you all," said Arfoire smugly.

"Nep, you need to run! Get out of here!" said IF urgently.

Neptune was rather hesitant in abandoning everyone "But…,"

Naruto stepped forward with the Monado held in hand "Listen to her, we can't let Arfoire take your power! Go on ahead and we'll catch up to you!"

Arfoire appeared to be amused by this "Do you seriously believe that you can take my monster on as you are right now?"

"Considering how we've been beating you time and again, I don't see that changing any time soon," the blonde ninja aspirant retorted.

"Then do entertain me," Arfoire snapped her fingers, commanding the monster to attack.

Naruto swiped his hand over the screen of the Monado to change from blue to light blue with a change in the kanji "Monado Speed!" the Monado opened up to generate a medium light blue energy blade "Duelist!" he proceeded to move at blurring speeds avoiding the monsters and countering with his own strikes whilst utilizing the power of foresight. He felt himself beginning to slow down and realized that the duration of his boost is almost up.

"I can't afford to be taken down right now, might as well use this one. Monado Armor!" the kanji changed as well as the color switched from Light Blue to Orange as Naruto's body is enshrouded in an orange aura, signifying a boost in his defenses and physical strength as he could block incoming attacks with slight knockback from the impacts via the flat side of the energy blade "Rising Sword!" Naruto reared the Monado back before performing a jumping uppercut to launch himself into the air and inflict damage the followed up with a combo of aerial slashes before propelling himself backwards with a kickflip.

"Quite stubborn, I wonder how long you're going to keep up this delusion," said Arfoire in bemusement.

"Delude this… Monado Buster!" he raised Monado above his head as it opened up to generate a long glowing blade of energy, then he brought it down to cleave the monster to which it quickly crossed its weapons in front of it to block. Naruto strained his body to break through the guard with the monster refusing to succumb in response.

"Pull back and summon me, hatchling! You're taking too big of a risk facing the witch and her monster all on your own!" said Drago urgently.

Before Naruto could respond, the orange aura dissipated from his body and the boosted strength faded away much to Naruto's shock "No no no, not now!"

The monster immediately overwhelmed him and slammed its giant mace into his body before he could escape with the Substitution jutsu, sending him flying and tumbling along the ground before finally stopping and laying on the ground unmoving with the Monado disappearing to reveal that he has been knocked unconscious.

"Like I said before…delusional," said Arfoire smugly.

"Naruto!" Neptune began to run towards the boy only for the monster to intercept her and loom over his beaten body with a weapon raised to finish him at any time.

"Not so fast Neptune, I believe you have something I want," said Arfoire.

"Don't do it Neptune, don't let her take your powers!" said Noire urgently.

"Is that so? So, you wouldn't mind if I do this?" Arfoire fired an energy blast at the ground close to Naruto, causing everyone to gasp in horror "By now, I doubt I need to explain anything on this scenario,"

Blanc gritted her teeth in frustration "Dammit, that old hag has in a box here!" the Digimon wanted to help but can't in their current state.

"If only we had digivolved earlier, this wouldn't have happened," Gatchmon grumbled, holding back the clearly distressed Herissmon.

"Now then, I am sure you know what is at stake here; your power in exchange for the lives of your friends…unless of course you don't value them as much as you say you do," said Arfoire arrogantly, seeing that she was holding all the cards in this game with extremely little chance of losing.

"Don't listen to her, it's a bluff!" said IF.

Arfoire simply retorted "Does my monster hovering over the boy as a guillotine count as a bluff? I think you need to check if your eyes are working properly,"

"So, you want me to let you copy my power?" asked Neptune hesitantly.

"Not just a copy but an actual trade!"

"But doing that would mean that Nep-Nep won't be able to transform into a goddess," said Compa with worry.

"She would be in the same condition as I was," Vert added.

"You'd better not give your power to her!" Blanc glared at Neptune, but a part of her still worries about Naruto.

"Protecting one's path is also the path of the ninja, please go!" Marvy pleaded.

"…," Neptune looked at everyone and recounted everything they had gone through up to this point before finally responding "…alright, you can take my power but let my friends go,"

Everyone was flabbergasted at her decision and IF made it known vocally "Are you stupid, Nep?! What are you thinking?"

"All of you are my friends, there's no way I'm going to leave you all behind to die. I may act silly and not take things seriously, but it doesn't change that I really care about all of you," said Neptune with absolute seriousness similar to her persona in HDD.

"Neptune…," Noire didn't know whether to feel irritated or touched by her words, the same could be said for the others.

"A smart decision, now hold still...," Arfoire aimed an arm towards Neptune as a black aura shot out and grabbed Neptune, extracting a purple orb of light which was absorbed into her "Finally, I have the powers of all four goddesses!"

Neptune panted in mild exhaustion, feeling a bit weaker now that her powers are gone "A deal is a deal, now let Naruto and the others go,"

However, Arfoire scoffed in response "Did you seriously think I was going to keep my end of the bargain? How naïve can you be?"

"What?! You liar! You said you would let them go!" Neptune yelled in anger.

The witch snorted at the reaction "Before I get rid of all of you…let me show you something," she snapped her fingers, summoning a tome which is wrapped in chains with a lock at the center "This tome here is the sealed form of the one you call Histoire,"

"The very one we came here looking for," IF muttered lowly.

"Hear me, Histoire. I am finally the One and True Goddess, your powers are at my command!" Arfoire declared.

"That is impossible as I will not allow you to use my powers," said Histoire in defiance.

Apparently, it didn't deter Arfoire who was even sneering in response "In that case, I'll just have to force your powers," her outstretched hand began to emit black electricity.

"That's impossible, you don't have the means…,"

"On the contrary, I have been preparing for this moment. Now Histoire! With the vestiges of people's fear, create Overlord Momus!" Arfoire proceeded to zap the tome intensely with the black electricity.

"Kyaaaaaaa!" Histoire cried out in agony, feelings her powers go berserk and comply with Arfoire's order in spite of her best efforts to disobey, unleashing a bright flash of light which forced everyone to close their eyes to avoid being blinded until it faded away.

Everyone finally opened their eyes and were shocked into silence upon what they were seeing. Before them is a giant monster with lots of arms and legs along with several eyes of varying sizes around its body, it also has a large mouth with a strange form inside of it.

"It can't be…I thought Overlord Momus was something you made up!" said IF.

Arfoire chuckled at their reactions "Indeed, I created the Overlord through the images and fears of the people,"

Noire was in agreement "It's impossible!"

"There has to be a gimmick to this!" Vert added.

"It appears that Histoire hasn't told you everything, one who wields Histoire controls reality itself. Now then, I believe it's about time for you to dis-," whatever Arfoire was about to say was interrupted by a pressure which suddenly enveloped the entire area "Wh-What? Where is this feeling coming from?!"

They all quickly traced the source of the pressure and couldn't believe whom it was originating.

Music Start: Sick Puppies; You're Going Down

"Na-Naruto?" Neptune stammered in shock, seeing the vermillion red aura engulfing his body and reeling from the malice radiating from it.

"What's happening to him, did Arfoire do something to him?" IF queried.

The aforementioned boy began to slowly rise to his feet as the red aura swirled wildly around him like a tornado, a closer look would reveal that the fingernails grew longer and sharper to the point of being more similar to claws. He raised his head to show the changes being that his whisker marks are more pronounced, his canines grew longer and his playful blue eyes were replaced by angry red ones.

"This power, how come we haven't detected this while megamerged until now?" asked Model Z.

"I-I don't know either," said Model X in confusion.

[No, no this shouldn't be happening! I made sure it wasn't accessible last time!] said K-9 worriedly.

"What's happening to him?" asked Herissmon.

"I…I don't know, but the level of power which I'm detecting is beyond any which I have ever sensed in my entire digital life," said Gatchmon with tension.

"Na-Naruto?" Noire whispered in confusion and a bit of fear from the feral expression on his face.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto let out a loud roar, releasing radial shockwaves just from this action and pushing everyone back.

"Impossible, I never suspected that he would possess this kind of power. He must be destroyed!" Arfoire snapped her fingers for the monster to attack which it immediately complied to the order.

Naruto snapped sharply towards the approaching monster with a snarl as it swung its axe at him with intent to bisect him but he easily dodged the incoming attack at blurring speeds that it made him look like he teleported before reappearing in front of its face in midair with a fist reared back before launching a punch which actually knocked it back a fair distance much to everyone's shock.

"Did he just do that with his fist?" asked Blanc in disbelief, she could do a similar feat considering that she uses a hammer as a weapon but this is something else.

"I'm seeing the same thing you are," said Vert.

The monster rose up from the attack only to find Naruto snarling right in its face again before he pounced and unleashed a barrage of deceptively powerful punches, pummeling deep into the ground. He stopped for a moment only to pick up the monster's giant mace then resumed his now one-sided beatdown on the owner of said weapon until it couldn't endure anymore and dissipated into data, leaving behind a crater in the aftermath. Naruto now turned his attention towards Overlord Momus and lunged at it with a roar of fury.

"It's like he's fighting like a berserker," IF mumbled, looking Naruto attacking Momus like a wild animal.

"But would he recognize us in this state?" asked Marvy worriedly.

"I don't know, but I hope that he would snap out of it before it comes to that," said MAGES.

Meanwhile, Naruto clawed consecutively at Momus with his sharpened nails since the mace had disappeared along with the monster earlier before. Due to his berserker state, Naruto's more rational mindset is clouded with rage but replaced by instincts of a predator as he evaded the numerous arms that tried to grab him or the mouth chomping at him many times. Even though there are moments where he got hit, his wounds would be rapidly healed by the aura enshrouding his body.

After skidding away from Momus to avoid a bite attack from it , Naruto dashed forward whilst running on all fours before leaping high into the air then swooping back down with a fist reared back.


Naruto instantly smashed Momus into the ground and formed a giant crater, throwing up a dust cloud which concealed everyone's vision until someone emerged from the crater, revealing to be Naruto but appeared to have turned back to normal. He slowly stumbled towards Neptune by a few steps before falling to the ground facefirst and laid there unconscious.

Music End

Herissmon and Gatchmon immediately ran over to check on him "Naruto, are you okay?"

"He appears to be unconscious and low on energy from my scans, that power must have taxed his body greatly," said Gatchmon.

"He beat it…he actually beat Momus all by himself," Vert muttered in disbelief.

"He totally went beast mode on him," said Neptune.

Arfoire couldn't believe what just happened, the boy who was supposed to be nothing without the power of a Megaman singlehandedly destroy her monster with a power which was borderline demonic from her perspective.

"I didn't plan for any of this! No matter, so long as I possess the tome, I can still-," Arfoire was suddenly interrupted when an orange blur sped by her and then she realized that the tome was no longer in her possession "What?!"

The blur stopped in front of the group, revealing to be Marvy holding the tome in her hands "A ninja never wastes a chance when an opportunity presents itself even in the direst of times,"

"Now that we've got Histoire and the monster which was preventing us from transforming is dealt with…," Noire switched to her HDD form "We can now settle things here,"

Instead of appearing worried, Arfoire still kept a calm demeanor "I wouldn't be so sure of that,"

"What the heck is that supposed to mean?" asked Blanc.

Vert noticed something from the corner of her eye and turned towards it only to be surprised by what she's seeing "Blanc, look over there!"

They all turned to see pieces of Momus come back together before letting out a loud roar much to their disbelief.

"It's been revived? But how could it be with the amount of damage that Naruto landed on it!?" said Blanc in confusion.

Arfoire chuckled in response "I told you before, Momus was created by the image and fears of people,"

MAGES. hummed in thought before coming to a worrying conclusion "In other words; it will continue to revive as long as the people believe in its existence…how devious of you to have planned this countermeasure from the beginning,"

"Then how can we beat it?" asked Compa worriedly.

"Now that the brat is out of commission…Momus, destroy them all!" Arfoire commanded.

"Everyone! Close your eyes and just run!" Marvy reached into her cleavage and pulled out a flash bang which she threw to the ground to release a bright flash of light, taking Arfoire by surprise and blinded her temporarily.


"I'll get Naruto and the Digimon!" Noire quickly flew over to pick him and the others up before rejoining the others as they made their escape.

Arfoire regained her sight only to discover that they had escaped at that very moment much to her annoyance "They got away! No matter, they have no chance of defeating me since I have the power of the CPUs and Momus…though I must prepare to deal with that boy's power,"

"That was too close for comfort," said Compa tiredly, dropping on one of the couches in her apartment along with the others as Noire gently placed Naruto on a sofa with concern in her eyes.

"Things would have turned quite badly if not for Naruto and Marvy," said Vert.

Blanc turned to speak to the kunoichi "Do you always carry those things around?" she eyed Marvy's breasts rather intently and wondered what else she had in there, making her feel a bit self-conscious.

"As a ninja, I need to be prepared for anything. Thought I'd prefer not using them in the first place," said Marvy.

"Speaking of which, how is Naruto doing?" asked IF.

Compa was doing a checkup on the blonde ninja aspirant before responding "I just checked and his body is completely healed by itself, I'm guessing that power must have done that but it felt so scary,"

"I get the feeling that Naruto wasn't even aware of it until now otherwise he would have brought it up," said Vert.

"And besides that…," Blanc turned to glare at Neptune "Why did you have to offer your power when we specifically told you not to do so?"

"But she was going to kill you all and I didn't want that to happen," Neptune protested.

"We still could have been able to handle things, plus she was definitely not going to hold her side of the deal,"

"…I'm sorry to interrupt, but I would appreciate it if my seal is broken," Histoire spoke up awkwardly.

"Sorry about that, things were kinda tense and all that," Neptune spoke sheepishly.

"That's right, we have Histoire here with us! She can help!" said Herissmon.

"In that case, how do we break the seal?" asked Vert.

"By putting the fragments together to form a single key, it was why they were scattered all over Gamindustri," Histoire explained.

"Kinda like a 3D puzzle," said Compa.

"Then I shall partake in its assemblance," Gatchmon spoke up eagerly.

Excluding the obvious, the group began working on putting the pieces together with multiple attempts and redoes until they finally succeeded in forming the key to break the seal.

"Alright, all done!" Neptune held up the assembled key before everyone "Now then, time to rise and shine Histy!"

she inserted the key into the lock and gave it a twist, several clicks could be heard then the seal glowed brightly before shattering into pieces. The tome wasted no time in hovering in the air and opening itself up with the pages rapidly turning before the glowing dissipated to reveal someone sitting on it.

She appears to be a fairy girl with long wavy blond hair with most of it worn up in pigtails held by a white, black, and blue head piece that covers her ears, and a pair of purple and gold ribbons, she wears a loose purple dress with spiked ruffle lining, along with gold accents and a loose green-teal tie. Her shoes are white with a Mary-jane style, while her wings are in four pieces and resemble widespread butterfly wings

"Nice to meet you all. My name is Histoire or as everyone calls me; Histy \ (^ - ⁰)ᴠ!" Histoire introduced herself happily.

"It's nice to finally meet you Histy," said Compa, feeling the same.

"I heard the saying don't judge a book by its cover, but I don't think the person who said that meant this," said Neptune.

"Indeed, but I believe that I need to provide answers to the many questions you have," said Histoire.

"That may have to wait, Naruto is still unconscious. It won't be right to have this discussion without him," Gatchmon pointed out.

"Not only, Histoire isn't the only one who owes us answers," said IF with a frown.

"Who else are you talking about?" asked Blanc confusedly.

IF turned to frown at Naruto or more specially the G-Pad on his arm "You have some explaining to do K-9…,"


"Why are you asking him?" asked MAGES.

"Because I noticed that he panicked when that power emerged and I even heard him say something about having made sure that it couldn't be used which meant that he knows what's going on," IF explained.


"I've had my suspicions for a while now," said Gatchmon thoughtfully with a frown "For a supposed AI serving as a navigator, you know far more about my Buddy than expected,"

[…if you're gonna want answers, you won't be getting them] said K-9, materializing from the G-Pad to confront them with a frown.

"And why not?" asked Noire, glaring at the AI.

[Because he will hear the truth before any of you, he deserves that right and I refuse to budge on that decision]

"I see, the power that he used was a secret kept from even himself," said Histoire.


"Okay everyone, let's all chillax. I know we want to learn what's going on, but I think we should wait until Naruto wakes and we'll know what needs to be known," Neptune suggested.

IF let out a sigh "Fine, we'll wait for Naruto to regain consciousness but you'd better not hold back anything,"

[…we'll see]

Everyone went to recover from what happened to them as well as wait for their unconscious member of the party to wake up before finding out just what has been going that they weren't aware of and how to face the issues ahead of them.


Victory Pose (High Health): Naruto swipes at the air several times before crossing his arms together then breaking them apart with a loud roar of victory.


Victory Pose (Low Health): Naruto falls onto his hands and knees, growling lowly with the red chakra shroud gradually restoring itself.


This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto and co found great difficulties in locating where Histoire could in spite of being hinted that it was within Planeptune. It took some advice and good luck for them to discover the dungeon where the heroes quartet used to train in the past.

However, upon venturing further into the dungeon, they come upon Arfoire who had been waiting for them with a trap set up specifically for them. They were quickly subdued and Neptune had her powers taken from her in an attempt to protect her friends but it was all ought with Arfoire using the powers of the four goddesses to force Histoire to create Overlord Momus.

At that moment, Naruto awakened a power unknown to himself and went on a rampage, singlehandedly taking down the CPU Killer and Momus before passing out albeit the latter was revived instantly. MarvelousAQL seized the opportunity to swipe Histoire away from Arfoire before the party quickly escaped to regroup.

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