Naruto: The Mega Gamer
Chapter 1: Get in the Game…Literally

Sun has risen over the hidden Leaf village and Naruto sat up in his bed with a drowsy look on his face as he stretched his arms and yawned loudly. He took off his favorite nightcap and pajamas before heading into the bathroom and taking a nice hot bath to fully rouse himself from his sleepiness before putting on his orange jumpsuit though he kept the jacket unzipped for the black t-shirt underneath to be exposed and his green goggles on his forehead.

"Haaah, hopefully when I become a ninja and go to other villages while on missions, I'll be able to get some cooler clothes over there even if they don't have that much orange. Anyways, time for some breakfast," Naruto went to the kitchen and helped himself to a couple cups of instant ramen, potato chips, buttered toast, fruits, and some juice. He was about to drink expired milk but past experiences taught him to always check for expiry dates which he did, saving himself from a bad case of diarrhea.

"Oh yeah! I wonder if the game's finished installing yet?" Naruto tossed the disposable containers into the bin and walked into his room to check on the status of the installation in the handheld "…hmmm, only a couple more hours left huh? Guess I can while the time over at the ninja academy," he placed it back on the table and packed any necessity before locking the door and heading for the destination. Along the way, Naruto could see the many looks of contempt which he had been subjected to from his younger days and couldn't help but feel angered at times…what has he done that would draw such looks towards him? He trudged on until he finally arrived at the academy where there already arrivals there before him like Shikamaru, Chouji and Kiba with Akamaru among a few others.

"Yo Naruto, over here!" Kiba waved to call the blonde over "You showed up just in time, Shika is coming up for a strategy with how we'll advance through the dungeon after school today,"

"Arf arf!" Akamaru was in agreement.

"*Munch* Yeah, he checked online and heard rumors of traps which can affect the durability of our weapons and armor so he wants us to put up countermeasures for them," said Chouji before popping a potato chip into his mouth and chewing on it.

Naruto began to rub the back with a sheepish look on his face "Umm well, you see…the thing is that. I won't be able to join you guys in the dungeon today,"

"Say what?! What's that supposed to mean?" asked a flabbergasted Kiba.

"Last night, I received an installation package of a new video game by some game masters who chose me to be the first to try. I didn't want to pass up a chance like this and I started the installation since last night, just a couple more hours and it'll be ready for playing," Naruto explained.

"How troublesome, guess it's either we postpone the dungeon crawling or continue on without you," said Shikamaru with a yawn.

"Sorry about this guys,"

"It's okay Naruto, it's not every day that one gets to be selected to be a beta player for a new game," said Chouji.

"Dude's right, I gotta admit that I'm a bit jealous that you get that chance. Then again you've always been lucky," said Kiba, Akamaru barked in agreement with his master.

"Gee thanks guys, you're the best," said Naruto happily.

"Hmph, what are you losers talking about?" the group turned round to see a guy with black hair and a smug demeanor with a flock of fangirls ogling at him from behind , this was none other than Sasuke Uchiha, the prodigy of the class and all around pain in the neck.

"It's none of your business, teme!" said Naruto angrily.

"Like I actually, bet it's about something pathetic just like all of you dobes," Sasuke sneered at them.

"Shut it Sasuke, and back off!" Kiba stood next to Naruto with a growl shared with Akamaru.

"Hey, you can't talk to Sasuke that way!" Ino yelled.

"Yeah, you guys are nothing to him!" Sakura was quick to follow with the remaining fangirls yelling in agreement, stroking the Uchiha's ego.

"Hn, you're right…I don't need to know after since it would have been a complete waste of my time," Sasuke walked away with his head raised high like a strutting peacock while the fangirls…well 'fangirled' all over him.

"Grrrr, what a jerk! And I don't see what those girls like so much about him or why you like one of them when all she does is hit even if you didn't anything wrong," said Kiba.

"It's not like that, Sakura-chan just wasn't in a good mood at those times," Naruto protested.

"Stop being so troublesome and face the fact that she doesn't like you that way she likes Sasuke, better find someone with a better personality and treats you with respect," said Shikamaru actually looking serious for once.

"But-" Chouji cut the blonde off.

"Shikamaru's right, Naruto. We're your friends and personally, we don't like how she and most of those girls treat you. We keep trying to get you to look for a nicer girl, but your head was too high up in the clouds,"

"I'm with these two, even I don't see her to be a suitable girlfriend for myself or anyone…except Sasuke," said Kiba.

Naruto had his head down, he just didn't have anything more to say against their statements. Deep inside, he had to admit that he was losing affection for the pinkette because of her constantly putting him down and hurting him both physically and emotionally, he recalls how angry the guys and Iruka become whenever she does that and openly disapproves of it. But the question is who else would he find and like? He didn't feel anything for most of the girls as they're all ogling at the duck butt, there's a girl who acts weirdly around him but never treats him rudely and doesn't go after Sasuke which is a surprise for him to say the least.

"Haaaaah, this will take some time," Naruto muttered.

"We understand, just take care of yourself," said Chouji.

It was at that moment when Iruka entered the classroom and everyone went to their seats for the classes to begin. It was a couple hours of theory before they were taken out to the fields for long range training which as usual has Sasuke being the top with Naruto and his friends trying to keep up with him, next was taijutsu training with the blonde getting paired up with Sasuke (Again) and losing, Shikamaru and Chouji were paired up but both redrew not wanting to hurt the other, and Kiba was paired with a regular and won rather easily. It was soon break time, Naruto watched Kiba played a monster battle game which he was familiar with and gave tips on where to find a certain A-ranked monster and how to capture it, Chouji was playing a cooking game on his handheld, and Shikamaru played a Tetris game at max speed with a bored expression…sometimes they wonder what would happen if he ever has a drive with such high IQ. Soon school was over and everyone was leaving for their homes.

"Guess I'll see you guys tomorrow," said Naruto.

"As troublesome as it is, we will," said Shikamaru nonchalantly.

"I gotta get home, Kaa-chan's making her special tonight and I don't wanna to miss out on it," said Chouji with a look of hungriness.

"Be sure to record a video of your gameplay so we can check it out tomorrow okay?" said Kiba.

"Sure thing, I can't wait to play it myself. See you later!" said Naruto.

Then he bid them farewell and made his way to his apartment…after thirteen bowls of ramen from Ichiraku's. he opened the door to his room and placed his stuff in the closet and took out a can of orange soda to drink "Now to play that new game," he walked into his room and plopped himself on the bed and picked up the handheld to see that the game had successfully installed and was just waiting to be played "Alright then, time to get my game on!" he started up the game and suddenly the screen went black and then sentences began appearing for him to read.

This is a journey unlike any has ever heard or ever experienced.
The very fabric of the world hinges on one's skills and decisions.
Beware for the moment that you press the Start button, you will undergo a journey of no return till the very end.
The choice is yours.

Naruto an eyebrow as he read the message "What's with this ominous and yet cliché message? Kinda reminds me of those games that I used to play and they certainly meant those messages too. I'm pretty sure I'm ready for whatever this game has yet to thrown at me, after all I'm Naruto Uzumaki the future ninja and Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village!"

He pressed the Start button and for a brief moment Naruto saw some sort of icon being a symbol depicting a linepartially within a broken circle which was glowing then faded away as a white swirling vortex began to materialize and grow larger with a loud whooshing sound which was too real for Naruto to shrug as he dropped the handheld and scrambled backwards in fear "W-what the heck is going on here?! Is this part of the game?!" the handheld levitated in the air and pointed its screen at Naruto as the vortex actually emerged from it and there was a powerful vacuuming force. Naruto felt himself getting pulled towards the vortex and quickly grabbed on to the bed post to avoid getting sucked in but felt his grip beginning to weaken "I'm not ready for something like this!...Waaaaaahhhhhh!" he finally lost his grip to the bed post and was sucked into the vortex with the handheld itself disappearing in a flash of light.




Naruto let out a groan as he slowly opened his eyes and blinked them a few times to clear them before realizing that he was sprawled out on the ground and it was broad daylight when it was supposed to b nighttime in the Hidden Leaf Village. He stood up from the ground and looked around to find himself in the middle of a clearing and surrounded by tall trees but the odd thing are that he also seeing holographic screens floating about and parts of the trees have bits of metallic materials.

"Where am I? The last thing I remember was…hm?" Naruto was rubbing the back of his head in confusion when he a certain oddity, he's wearing gloves.

Naruto looked at himself and noticed that there are a lot of things changed about himself, he is wearing a hoodie which is colored black, with silver pauldron-like additions to his sleeves and white lining. His undershirt is a navy blue with a red patch in the center. His pants, similar to chaps, are colored black on the outside, and a navy blue on the inside, lined with silver-white edging. Yellow straps crisscross around his pants, held together with a black belt. The pants feature red pockets with a black cross over them. His gloves are colored black on the outside and white on the inside with a yellow line running around them. He also wears large black-yellow shoes with silver soles, a zipper running across the top, and black straps holding them together with buckles here and there (an Think of Sora's Kingdom Hearts 2 normal outfit)

"As much as I dig the clothes despite the lack of orange, I'm concerned about where I am," Naruto muttered to himself.

[Well it's about time that you woke up] a voice suddenly, causing Naruto to yelp in surprise and look around for the source of it.

"W-who's there and where are you?!" asked Naruto, getting ready to engage any possible hostiles.

[Over here, on your right arm] Naruto turned towards said appendage to see some sort of electronic gauntlet (an Refer to Transer on Megaman Starforce), the top part flipped itself open to reveal two screens with one the lid and the other on the bottom being a touchscreen, a beam of light shot out from the bottom screen and took on the form a red fox with long rabbit-like ears and a large bushy tail.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto confusedly.

[The name's…K-9, and I'll be your navigator throughout your time here in this world] said the fox avatar.

"Navigator, what's that supposed to mean?"

[It means that I'm going to be giving hints and tips as you progress through this world]

"World? What do you mean by that? The last thing I remember is…" Naruto trailed as he recalled what happened before waking up here.

[It looks like you've realized what going on now] said K-9

"I got sucked into the game, how do I get out?"

[You already know the answer to that, after all what does a gamer do when he starts up a game?]

"He finishes it, anything else I should be aware about?"

[Yeah, getting killed in the game leads to a permanent game over]

Naruto deadpanned at that "Why did I bother asking that?"

[Who knows? Now let's get you up to speed with a tutorial run before finding a city or something] K-9 dispersed into pixels and phased into the electronic bracelet.

"Alright then, I'm heading out,"

Naruto looked around for a route and proceeded to run in a chosen direction, he dashed through the forest and couldn't help but admire the scenery around him along the way. He came before a ledge elevated a couple meters above him then K-9 materialized with a smirk on his face.

[Now's see if your ninja skills is just as good as your gaming skills, try jumping up to the ledge] said K-9

Naruto smirked back "I'll show you what I can do!" he approached the ledge and crouched slightly before jumping high into the air and landing on top of it, there were more elevated ledges ahead of the blonde so he took to ascending with ease as he was getting the kinks out from his body. He stopped before a ledge which was too high for him to simply jump to the top.

K-9 materialized once more [Alright, you showed me your jumping skills but how are you going to get past this obstacle?]

"Psh, Iruka-sensei taught me that if I can't go the normal way then an alternate route comes into play. 'Jump towards an obstacle and run vertically up its side until reaching to grab the upper edge, such is the swiftness of a Shinobi'," Naruto took a few steps back then dashed towards the rock wall and ran up along it before grabbing the ledge and pulling himself up to the top "Like so," he continued with his run until reaching the edge of a large clearing, he was about to move on when K-9 called out to him

[Hey Naruto, before going any further check out your stats for a moment] said K-9.

"My stats, how do I do that?" asked Naruto confusedly.

[Open the G-Pad on your right arm and flip it open, then press the button on the bottom right corner of the touchscreen]

Naruto did just that and a holographic screen was projected before him and he could see 3D model of himself, next to it were his stats which are his Hit Points (HP), Strength (Str), Intelligence (Int), Agility (Agi), Luck (Luk), Skill Points (SP), Vitality (Vit), Mentality (Men), Technique (Tec), and Movement (Mov). So far Naruto's HP, Str, Agi, Mov and Vitality are higher than the others but his Int, SP, Men and Tec are rather low with his Luk at ?

[As you can see, this is your overall status. You can only improve these by gaining Exp from training, defeating enemies among other things in order to level up, or equipping yourself with items] said K-9

"Yeah, and speaking of equipment, I wonder what weapons I got on myself right now?" Naruto scrolled down to the weapon's window and saw what was currently available then equipped it to himself "Better make do with what I got until I get something better,"

Naruto proceeded through the clearing and was halfway through when he heard the rustling of bushes nearby and something jumped out and into the clearing to obstruct, it appears to be blue gel creatures that resemble a large teardrop with brown up-point ears, black button eyes and brown noses on small circular tan muzzles. These creatures began hopping towards Naruto who took a ready stance for combat.

"K-9, what are those things?" asked Naruto.

[They're Dogoos and are the most common monsters in this world, you should able to handle them with no problem] said K-9.

"Alright then, game on!"

Naruto held his hands before him and a pair of kunai appeared in their grips before he charged at the Dogoos. One of them launched a tackle at him but he quickly jumped to the side and slashed twice to knock it away. The second Dogoo attacked from behind and struck him to stumble a bit, Naruto turned around to throw one of the kunai at it then turned to block an attack from the first and retaliated with a stronger slash this time causing it to disperse. Naruto changed his focus to the second Dogoo and charged at it as he leapt into the air before coming down with a stab to take it down as well.

"Well that was easy," Naruto heard a jingle from the G-Pad flipped it open to see the words [Level Up!] from it and felt a bit stronger but not that much as well as some coins called credits according to K-9 "Might as well gather some more Exp and credits along the way,"

Naruto continued through the forest all the while defeating Dogoos and recently encountered Tulips to earn Exp and credits until he went up to level 3. He soon arrived at the edge of the forest and looked ahead only to be amazed at what stood before him, even K-9 materialized from the G-Pad to gaze at the sight as well. It is a large city of an advanced and futuristic design whilst surrounded by water and green grass, it is something he had never seen before from all the games he had ever played.

"Whoa, this is place is so beautiful," said Naruto in awe.

[Indeed it is, but don't forget your current objective. Which is to gain information as well as attain a proper foothold] said K-9.

"I know that," Naruto grumbled before making his approach to the city, as he looked around, Naruto could see many civilians passing by and doing their daily activities, he would also be greeted with a smile from time to time which felt unusual but heartwarming. Naruto failed to notice that K-9 had a saddened expression on his face before he returned to the G-pad "Haaaaah, what to do now? I don't exactly know about this place, what about you K-9?"

[The main reason why I told you to seek out a major source of information is because the database of the G-pad is outdated and needs some serious updating] said K-9.

"I see, well one of the basic gamer rules is that 'If you're feeling lost or don't know what to do, just ask a nearby character for useful hints or info'. Now to look for an informative person…hm?" Naruto scoped the area for a bit until his eyes set upon someone who looks a bit like that.

She is a little girl with brown eyes and long brown hair separated into two pigtails which have two yellow bells tied to the ends of each. She wears a yellow-orange hat with cat ears and a white flower on it. Her clothes consist of a regular school uniform with a white shirt that has a black collar with green lining and a red ribbon on the front while having a white ribbon in the back of the waist, black skirt with green lining, and green socks with black shoes. Naruto took note of a yellow cat poking out from under her skirt and that she was sitting on some sort of yellow ball thing as he approached her.

"Hello," said Naruto.

The girl turned towards him "What is it, nyu?

"'Nyu?' must be a verbal tic like mine," thought Naruto "My name's Naruto Uzumaki and this is my first time but kinda got lost,"

"My name is Broccoli, nyu. It's nice to meet you nyu," said the girl.

"Same here, I was hoping that you could tell me where I can get lots of information and take on a couple of quests too," asked Naruto.

"Just head straight down that street and you'll see a sign to direct you to a guild nyu," Broccoli pointed at the street for him to go through.

"A guild, good place to start. Thanks for the direction Broccoli-chan, I hope to see you again-dattebayo!" Naruto waved happily as he ran off with Broccoli waving.

"Bye bye nyu!" said Broccoli with a smile then looked thoughtful "He said dattebayo at the end of his sentence, what does dattebayo mean? Hmmmmmmm…,"

Meanwhile, Naruto followed Broccoli's instruction and followed the signs on the road until he arrived at a tall building where he saw several people coming in and out of it while bearing weapons and armor. That was more than enough to tell him that he was at the right place and went inside, within the guild he saw numerous holographic screens which he could guess bore quests of various ranks but first and foremost is that he needs information. So Naruto walked up to the reception desk where a female receptionist smiled upon seeing him approach.

"Why hello there and welcome, how may I help you?" asked the receptionist politely.

"Hi, I'm looking for information as it's my first time here in the city and my G-pad is outdated," said Naruto.

"Very well then, I'll require you ID chip to register you into the guild and update your database,"

"ID chip?" Naruto was rather confused at that.

[Hold out your right arm and I'll do the rest] said K-9, Naruto held out the arm for something to slide out of a slot from the G-pad and he pulled it out to reveal some sort memory stick which is about as long as his pinkie finger before he handed it over to the receptionist.

"Alright then, time to get you registered," the receptionist inserted the memory stick into a machine and proceeded to input data into it, in about three minutes she ejected the memory stick and handed it back to Naruto "There you go, you're all set to take on quests though I recommend that you take on E-rank quests,"

"Thank you very much," Naruto walked away to sit on a nearby bench and inserted the memory stick and inserted it back into the G-pad before flipping it open to see a loading bar on the top filling up quickly and a new operating system is in place "How's it looking?"

[All system's go and we're now in business] K-9 popped out with a look of satisfaction.

"Good to know, so can you tell about this world now?" asked Naruto.

[From the information in the database, we're in a world called Gamindustri which is protected by four goddesses known as CPU. However a war began amongst them for who would be the best to rule the world, these consecutive battles were called the Console Wars and eventually under these goddesses, four nations were formed. Leanbox is a nation protected by the CPU Green Heart in the southern region, Lastation is watched over by CPU Black Heart in the eastern region, Lowee is the nation in the northern region ruled by CPU White Heart, and finally there's Planeptune which we're currently on being ruled by CPU Purple Heart in the western region] said K-9.

"Whoa, so this world has goddesses huh…so where are they now?" asked Naruto, completely interested in the history.

[According to history, there is a world above us called Celestia where the goddesses live and constantly in battle. It's said that while there, they never get hungry or tired so they can keep on fighting nonstop]

"Dude that sounds pretty rough, I don't think I could go on without a ramen break," said Naruto shuddering at the thought of it.

[Like mother like son…] K-9 grumbled quietly.

"Huh, did you say something?

[Nothing really, now go pick up some quests so we can gain some Exp and credits]

"Roger that," Naruto walked up to one of the request boards and began to scroll through them "Now let's see here…'Dogoo damage!'…'Present' and they both take place in Virtua Forest. Say what does RE. mean?"

[It means that you can take that particular mission as many times as you want, I suggest that you take those two quests so we can do it all in one run for double the reward]

"I was thinking the same thing," K-9 instructed Naruto hold the G-pad up to scan the serial numbers of the quests to accept them before heading out of the guild and making his way which was where he woke up in.

Naruto ventured through the path in search of his targets when he came a group of monsters consisting of a Dogoo, tulip, and a new monster K-9 identified as a Boxer-X. Naruto brought out his kunai and charged towards the monsters as he performed a flying side kick to send the Dogoo flying before turning round to slash at the Tulip, the Boxer-X ran at him and launched a straight so Naruto raised an arm and blocked it to stumble back a bit from the impact then responded with a diagonal slash. He heard something plopping up from behind and quickly rolled to the side to evade a tackle from the Dogoo and crossed his arms to block another from the Tulip, then he jumped into the air and threw the kunai at the monster, causing them to disperse with only the Boxer-X. He maneuvered around the punches from the last monster as its speed is nothing compared to the Uchiha till he was close to his kunai then he grabbed them and struck with an X-slash to finish it off.

"That takes care of them with one of each," there was a jingle and Naruto opened the G-Pad to check that he had levelled up and automatically picked up monster drops which were Dogoo Jelly, Yellow Petal, and Boxer-X-Soul as materials aside from the usual Exp and credits "Better keep the ball rolling,"

Naruto took to jumping through the trees in search of his targets, he was able to find them in different varieties of groups intermixed with each other but he was able to take them all out to successfully complete both quests. As of now, he's currently on the branch of a tree to recover from the damage received from the monster as advised by K-9, he was very well relax-


Naruto's eyes snapped open as he abruptly sat from the tree branch and sharply looked around for the source of the scream which sounded feminine and frightened. He traced the direction of where the scream came from and leapt through the trees as fast as he could until he arrived at a small clearing, there he saw a girl being surrounded by Dogoos and Boxer-X which was more than enough to entice him to get involved as he jumped off the tree to land in front of the girl and brandish his kunai to fight.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of these guys!" Naruto rushed at one of the Dogoos and slashed at it then dashed backwards to evade a punch from the Boxer-X, he switched target to another Dogoo and punched it hard in the face but got hit from behind by another Dogoo. Naruto growled a bit in anger and spun round with a stronger slash to retaliate and spun round to block another punch from the Boxer-X but one of the kunai snapped in half much to his annoyance "Darn it, better switch tactics,"

Naruto twirled the last kunai to hold it in a reverse grip and stood on the tips of his toes with a slight crouch then he took off running at the Dogoos and slashed at them consecutively with the kunai without slowing down and staying on the move to take one of them down. One of the Dogoos chased after him to land a hit, Naruto ran towards a tree and jumped towards it before kicking off the trunk with a backflip to land right the Dogoo and strike for it to disperse. The remaining one left is the Boxer-X, Naruto held the kunai at the ready for an attack, the monster held its gloves close together as an orange orb of energy appeared.

[Watch out, it's using one of its special skills!] K-9 called out in alert.

"Aw crap," Naruto took a step back with his mind racing as the monster flung the orb at him and it exploded upon contact. The girl gasped in worry of her mysterious rescuer as the explosion died down…revealing a destroyed wooden log much to everyone's confusion. Suddenly there was the sound of something swishing in the air right behind the Boxer-X as it collapsed to the ground and dispersed into pixels and revealing Naruto with a look of victory and the G-Pad played a jingle to signal his leveling up to Lv 5.

"A well-earned victory if I say so myself," Naruto turned his attention to the girl "Are you okay?"

"Yessy, I'm okay just a little bruised is all. It might have been worse if you didn't come," said the girl cheerfully.

Now that Naruto is paying attention, he could see that she is a fair-skinned young girl with long hair of creamy pink color that curls along the edges with a black headband with a C patched on the side, and her eyes match her hair color. She wears a tan-white wool styled tank top with big neck collar and unattached sleeves and matching styled boots, but with fuzzy balls at the top. She also wears a red plaid skirt, a black choker with a small heart on it, black-brown knee-socks with light pink heart cut frills, and she was carrying a black hip purse with a C logo on it too. Needless to say, Naruto found her to be very beautiful in his eyes.

"Here, let me help you up," Naruto stretched out a hand to the girl.

"Thank you," She took his hand and was quickly pulled up to her feet "My name's Compa, nice to meet you,"

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you too," said Naruto with a foxy grin, causing Compa to giggle at how his smile made him look cute "So what happened that you got attacked by those monsters?"

"Well I took on a hunting quest and used a monster call to lure some monsters, but I ended up a large bunch of them," Compa looked a little depressed.

"Yikes, well I'm glad I showed up when I did," said Naruto.

"Yup, me too! It would have been a total game over for me," said Compa cheerfully.

"She's so nice, unlike Sakura," thought Naruto "So will you be okay?"

"I'm not so sure, I used up all of my SP and items during the fight. I'll go home to recover and try again tomorrow," said Compa thoughtfully.

"How about I escort you back to the city, it would be much safer that way," Naruto offered.

"That's very nice of you Naruto, thanks again!" Compa beamed her gratitude.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head in a sheepish manner "It's nothing really, now let's get going," he led the way through the forest with Compa following him close, what he didn't know was that K-9 had recorded a video without them being aware for potential blackmail. Along the way, Compa decided to strike up a conversation.

"So what were you doing out here?" asked Compa.

"I was on two hunting quests and had completed them before I heard you scream and came to help you out. What about you?" said Naruto.

"I was on a quest to get some Dogoo jelly, but then that happened,"

"I see, should we get you to the hospital when we get to Planeptune?"

"There's no need for that, I got a first aid back home. After all I am a nurse-in-training,"

"You too? I'm also a ninja-in-training, and I plan to be the very best in my village," said Naruto determinedly.

"Then let's do our best Naruto-kun!" said Compa with gusto.

"You said it, Compa-chan!" Naruto gave her a thumbs-up.

Unknown to them, there was a small blue orb of light which was floating behind the trees and appeared to be following them or to be more exact the blonde ninja trainee. Apparently it first saw him when he was battling the Dogoo before leaving the Virtua Forest and came back later to hunt for monsters. When the incident with the girl, it took note of how the boy immediately sprang into action without a second thought and was quite taken at that. The floating orb stopped at the edge of the forest and watched them leave and plotted to wait for his return and its next decision.

Meanwhile Naruto and Compa arrived at Planeptune as the sun was setting with the latter leading the way to her house as they stopped at the front door and she turned to express her thanks once again.

"So this is my place, and again thanks for saving and escorting me home," said Compa happily.

Naruto felt a bit embarrassed, he just isn't to compliments despite longing for them "Really, it's nothing at all,"

Compa shook her head "It's not nothing and I won't let you go just like that, wait here," she went inside then about five minutes later came back with a small plastic container in hand "Here I want you to have this,"

Naruto was about to refuse when K-9 cut him off [Take it already, it would be rude to a girl to refuse it and you know that too well,"

Naruto let out a sigh before smiling "Okay, I'll take it,"

Compa smiled happily and handed it over to the blonde "Great, and I was also hoping that we could meet up tomorrow so that we complete my quest together,"

"Uh sure, I don't really mind. Alright then, I'll see you tomorrow,"

"Bye Naruto-kun!" Compa waved as Naruto waved back and left.

"Since it's getting late, might as well find an inn to rest for tonight and report in on my quests tomorrow to receive my reward," said Naruto.

[I've already made a route to the inn so simply follow the map on the G-Pad] said K-9

Naruto followed the directions until arriving at the destination and entering to speak to the receptionist for a room and paying 200 Credits for a night stay, then he went to his assigned room and took a bath before checking on the container which Compa gave to him and found it to be pudding which was absolutely delicious to the taste, never has he tasted a dish of such delicacy aside from Ichiraku's especially since it's a girl's homemade meal.

"Not bad for a first day," said Naruto as he laid back on the bed.

[I'll give it a passing grade, I hope to see better tomorrow] said K-9

"I'm sure you will, goodnight K-9," Naruto closed his eyes with the sleep taking over him.

K-9 smiled then whispered [Goodnight…Naruto] then the G-Pad went into sleep mode with both resting for whatever will occur tomorrow.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto has arrived in Gamindustri along with a navigator of sorts who seems to be rather familiar with him. The duo are now attuning to the mechanics of the new world and have rescued a new friend but what was that blue orb and why is it so fixated on Naruto? Be sure to stay tuned for more on the next chapter. Here is the updated harem which is still subject to change, depending on your reasons for a suggestion:

Harem List:
Mina Nishizawa
God Eater
Hatsumi Sega

Naruto will also be equipped with weapons from other video games so be sure to look forward to it.

This is Hussbek from Ghana

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