"This was… not expected… but not fully unforeseen." A figure said, his arms crossed, and his hand on his chin.

He was staring at a large hole in the ground, a massive crater. He was joined by another figure, a bulkier male. "Our lovely couple is on the ground, taking care of anybody who got left behind. They should be done in a bit, chief," he reported.

"Thank you. How's your leg treating you, by the way?" the smaller male asked.

"I'm almost completely healed, thanks. But I'm more worried about you and the big guy. Our little 'Lucy in the Sky' got out of her jam, but you two were taken as the biggest threats."

"In all fairness-"

"I know, you are. But the big guy is third, next to his girl. I'm not the strongest, but they didn't know that. Or that you're the strongest of us. They went for you, 'cause you're the boss, not because they knew you could mop the floor with all of 'em. Those losers tried to muscle us out of our stuff. They tried to take us out. I want some payback."



"I… understand how you feel. We lost our base, our things, our work. But we can't just attack. We can't dive in. Without a base, we wouldn't be able to make a serious comeback. Your weapons were in the vault, and you barely made it out of that fight with them. That crazy girl would have beaten you. And don't forget, I didn't help you hone your powers just to see you get yourself killed. We pack up on gear before we make a move, understood?"

"... Got it. Then, what's our next move?"

"Next move? Honestly?" He paused and turned to walk away from the mess. His comrade followed him, curious. "…It's ridiculously risky, and incredibly stupid. We'll have no trouble pitching it, now that I think about it. Let's just hope that our little quartet doesn't mind a walk-in."