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"Oh man Oh man I'm gonna be late to Mr B's Class" where the thoughts of our favorite Blonde Freckled SideKick.

"Where you Going Loser".Right infront of Ron was non-other than The Idiot Jock of Brick Flagg and His Group of One Brain Celled Jocks

"Listen Brick I dont have time for this im gonna be late for Mr B's Class can we do this some other day"." Yeah Right as if im gonna let you go without Beating you"

"Damm it seems someone Pissed Off Brick today Dammit I cant Fight cause i'll Break Him and If i let him Beat me Im gomna be late"

Without a choice Ron decided that evading him was the best option since Brick Threw his fist at Rons Face. Using his Ninja Skills He redirects Bricks Fist and Jumps Over Him Somersaulting Himself And Over Bricks Group making a Mad Dash to His History Class

"Get over here Loser " Right Behind Ron was Brick running like a Dog who just saw his bone Taken away in other words Pissed as Fuck

"Who Angered Him that turned him to a Fucking Mad Dog although Shouldnt Suprise Me,Our Football Team is filled with Dumb Dogs" Snickering his thoughts where Interuppted by the Commanding Tone of one Poorly Paid Soldier/Teacher

"STOPPABLE you know the rules NO running in the Halls,Now get Inside before i leave you out and make sure you get an Hour of detention" Looking Back Ron see's that The Jocks left him alone for know

Raising his Hand in Salute"Yes Mr Barkin " with a nod he lets Ron in And Closes the door

"Man thank Goodness that i outrun them didnt want to cause more problems to my day already although they might come back" You see Ron really isn't a Morning Person and Worse when you wake up late ate just a piece of toast and went to school alone,With Kim being Excused for the whole week due to her beeing with Her Family to NYC due to her father having an Important meeting and Wanting his family to be there as Support. And Rufus the Poor Little Guy got sick "I'll have to buy him Something from Bueno Nacho to Cheer Him Up"

Making his way to his seat hoping that this day couldn't get worse

Bonnies Pov

"Ugh I cant believe That Steroide Using Idiot,Expecting me to Make out with him just cause he gave me a Ride Home Ugh" Although Bonnie is Known for Bieng the Queen of Middleton High she is not a A Easy Girl to get,Although she has been Interested in Brick and other Jocks she isn't the type girl that Just cause your high in the food Chain doesnt mean you'll be able to dig your Claws in the Queen of Middleton High

Hearing Barkin Yell She looks at who was the Loser who was Being Yelled out,And she see's who it was wearing the same Baggy Pants,Red Jersey Shirt wearing Ron Stoppable

"Ha What a Loser" but what she doesnt know is how she'll be eating those Words Later

Genaral Pov (It means im not focusing in just one person

"Alright Class since Your teacher hasnt came Again(Putting Emphasis on Again). I'll assign a Two Week History Report you'll be doing in Pairs and No it not four or three and No you want choose with who you want to be... I'll be the one choosing the Pairs" hearing The Class Start Groaning in his Mind he was stasified with there Response

"You'll be able to choose the subject and if its something dumb i swear You'll lose this assignment and if you do,You'll faill the Class do to it being 75% of your Grade.

Rons Pov

"Holy Crap if I fail this I'll for sure get my head chopped of By Mom or Worse Kim" Shuddering with fear he knew he had to Bring Up the Ron Game to this assignment.

Bonnies Pov

"Ugh Just what i needed Another dumb Assignment from Barkin i hope I'm with Tara or Someone who'll work but please not Stoppable" Annoyed and Worried for the assignment ahead.

General Pov

Seeing everyone paying attention Barkin Starts Calling out the pairs that'll be Formed "Tara you'll be with Casey,Michael your With Josh, Monique your With Bill".

Rons Pov

"Oh man Please don't Pair me with someone that hates me"

Bonnies Pov

" Please its not Stoppable,Please anyone but that Loser "

Genaral Pov

Ronald Stoppable you'll be paired with Bonnie Rockwaller " ending his sentance in the mind of both of the Mentioned are currently screaming in frustration of What Barkin just said.


Ron may be many things A Procastinater,Bufoon,Side Kick,Chef but one thing he aint a Coward... Well not all the Knowing your going to have ro spend 2 weeks with your bests friends Rival who mind you Tormented you with Cruel Names for since your middle school years well lets just say Ron was a bit Worried.

Going inside the cafeteria with his mind all Distracted and Worried he didnt notice a Dumb Jock get behind him.

"So Loser Ready to get pounded"Brick with his Cocky smirk Gloated.

"Huh Great not him again and Worse now".

Hey loser Im Talking to ya" not seeing a Response Brick pulls His fist to Punch Ron until someone screamed his name in Anger.

Bonnies Pov

"Uh i just don't get it Tara why would Barkin put me with that Loser"."Well Bonnie im not sure but you should at least be abit nice with Ron"."Uh dont tell me she's still ? "."Tara are you still crushing on Ron?" with a blush adorning Tara's face I knew my answer.I lift my head and see the Loser at a table with Brick Pulling his Fist Back "Huh Great Now i gotta do something unless Brick Hurts Him and Fails Me just cause the Losers Hurt and cant do the assignment Grr I just hope no-one get any funny ideas" "BRICK"

Rons Pov

I looked up to see who just screamed and i see the one person i don't wanna see..."Bonnie ? " I see that she's pissed and making a bee line right towards me

"Brick what where you just gonna do" She Growled.I look at who she spoke to and see Brick "Huh when did he get here"."Oh come on Bon Bon whats the Problem. Snikers"Bon Bon". "My problem is that your going to hurt my Partner for the History Assignment and i can't if you don't wanna Lose what makes you a man you better leave him alone"

General Pov

The whole cafeteria was silent...Bonnie Rockwaller the Queen Of Middleton High just Stood up For School Bufoon and Loser Ron Stoppable. The Gossip was already Traveling Faston How the Queen B defended The Loser from Brick Flagg Mad Dog star player.

Bonnie turns her face to speak with Ron with Anger in it "Ugh Next Time you're in trouble i want help got ?" with A Nod from Ron she walks away Stomping the Ground With Fury "Great Brick is now gonna try harder to get my Ass and Bonnie is so pissed,She'll boil Water if she touches" finishing his monologue Ron goes to his Loker room to get what he needs from the next class


After finishing the rest of the classes of the school day Ron was already Getting Ready to Drive Home on his he felt something being thrown at him and grabs it in mid-air

"What the? A Note ?" Opening the Ball of Papaer he see's the Femenine Handwriting and a note stating to go to 1604 4th Ave Upperton to got and start the Assignment Today at 4 pm. "Huh Go Figure she must have been asked alot of questions for standing up for me at the cafeteria.I bet she sent me this to make it look discreet" with a Sigh Ron Turns on his scooter and Go's home

Bonnies Pov

Ugh I cant believe that Idiot made me defend him from Brick Grrr i hope he got the note so we can start working" Opening the Door of my House i see that My mom left a Note at The Dining Table. Picking it up I see that Mom took Connie and Lonnie to a Convention in California

"Well at least no-one will be here so I'll be ready to start my work without those slutty sisters of mine bothering" Going

up to my Room i took off my dirty Clothes grabbed a new Shirt from Club Banana and Shorts too.

Changing myself from wardrobe i go to a my desk and Grabbed something from inside a Scrap Book to be Precise turning a Few Pages i see the photo that i always wanted to the Boy in 6th Grade who captured my heart at first sight the one guy Who made me weak to the knees.

Looking at the Photo i the a Heart i made around The Boy's face and in that heart was none other than...Ron Stoppable


Residence Stoppable

"Rufus I'm home buddy" walking in with a smile Ron calls out his best rodent friend

"Hnk Ron " jumping to his favorite humans arms with a Smile and starts rubbing his head on Ron's face "Oh buddy i missed you too. Feeling Better Now". "Hnk Uh Hu"."Well then let me get a change of clothes and I'll cook some food for us alright Boy" With A Happy Nod from Goes to his room feeling alot better seeing his favorite Mole Rat feel better

Grabbing a Black Short that goes below the Knee and And put on a Black Shirt with the Image of A Red down the stairs to the turns on the stove and Asks rufus what he wants to eat. " Hnk Burrito "." Oh Come on rufus we would have gone to Bueno Nacho for a Burrito you sure you want me to just make burritos". "Hnk Mm Hn Ron Burrito Hnk Best".Thanks Buddy.

Cooking the Beans,Making the Tortillas and Getting the cheese and 15 min later a whole plate is filled with Cheesy Bean Burritos " Hnk Yum Yum " diggin in to the Burrito Rufus Go's inside the soft and Cheesy Cavern of the Burrito "Um hey Rufus" stopping his excavation of Cheesy Goods he looks at Ron "Hnk Huh ?" " I have an Assignment to do and its in Pairs and im going to have to leave you here for it okay with you Buddy " With Confusion written on the little Mole Rat he asks with who he's gonna do the Assignment "Um who well It's...Bonnie " "Hnk Yuck Bonnie". Blowing a Rasberry at the mention of that name.

"I know Rufus you dont like you should stay here " with alook of understanding he concedes "Hnk Kay" Thanks there food Ron Starts Cleaning the Dishes with the assignment clouding his thoughts.

Bonnies Pov

"Why did it had to be him anyone but him" I thought that i finally forgot what he did to now he's going to come here and worse work togother for 2 did this happen to thoughts are clouded with anger and i still remember that day as if it where just Yesterday.

FlashBack:General Pov:Location Kim's House

"Come on Bon Bon don't be shy and Go to the party" was the enthusiastic reply of . "MOM don't call me like that" was the embarrased reply of one Bonnie see today is the birthday of One Girl called Kim Possible due to she being a popular girl well the party was pretty lots of people being invited from Kim's Friends to her Parant's friends the party was going great well in the Adults Side in the Kids well not so much

"Come on This is a Dance Floor we should be dancing not just lounging around" was the reply of the Birthday Girl

"Come on KP you know how not everyone likes dancing,Come let's Dance KP" Kim looks at Ron with a Dull Face "We always dance together Ron i wanna meet some guys ya know" " Well KP I'll have you know the Ron Man is all you need" with a Laugh Kim walks away to see who'll like to dance with her

"Huh KP why won't you ever notice me i know where Best Friends but come on dont turn me down".

Bonnies Pov

I walked to the Dance floor and i noticed that no one was dancing just Drinking and Chatting " Oh well at least im not at Home with My Annoying Sisters" with a Scowl on my face i look around and saw..Him.

He's a Blonde Haired Boy with Freckles on his cheecks and a Very Goofy yet sweet Smile and only one thought Came to me "Who is he" with a Smile and Gleam in my eye i walk towards him

"Let's see Red Button Up shirt,Black Cargo Pants not Bad although his hair can get a fix,but the rest Is Just Perfect ". Arriving next him poked him,And almost laughed of his Jumped reaction."He looks even Better up Close" with a Smile I did what anyone would have done Present myself.

"Hi my Name's Bonnie Rockwaller and Yours"

Rons Pov

Great just great KP leaves me here while im just standing here looking like an idiot

"Oh well guess I'll get something to eat at the Snack Table" Poke Ahh i jumped while holding my left side i turn around and see one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen wherein a a Black Tank Top with a Pink Jacket and a Green Skirt with Sneakers,She has pair of the most beautiful teal eyes and A incredible Hair Cut for her Brown Covered Hair.

"Wow Who's She" and then i heard her beautiful voice and Learned her Name Bonnie Rockwaller.

"Hi Bonnie my name is Ron Stoppable"

"So what are you doing here all alone ? " she asked with Intrest. "Well i was with my best friend but she left to see if someone wants to dance with her".I see her smile has if wanting to tease and she does " So she left you here all alone to find some other boy thats Cruel". I knew that she was Ofending KP but i couldn't, that Beautiful face of hers doesn't do me Justice. "Yeah but where strictly Best Friends nothing More"."But we could bebe" was the voice at the back of my head."So Ron " hearing her voice snaps ne out of my thought. "Yeah Bonnie" i see her smile. "Do you wanna dance?" i see her actually interested at the prospect of Dancing but with actually surprises me the only girl I've everd dance with was KP but here's a hot girl asking me to i might be dumb and Clumsy and A Coward but i sure wont miss a dance with a Hot Girl.

"Sure Bonnie why Not" I see her smile,Dam thats such a beautiful smile. She Grabs My hand and Takes me to the dance floor where a slow song was starting and Im surprised to see other people dancing. "But not KP huh Wierd "

I feel her arm wrap itself on my waist and he grabs my hand. Not wanting to fall back i grabbed her waist "My Ron what's this taking initiative" I chuckled. " Well the Ron Man gotta treat a lady like a beautiful flower " i see her grin. " My who's that Girl i wanna ask her if it's true"

I grinned " Well Bon Bon that Flower is Right in my Arms" i look at her,She's Blushing and not giving me the eye."Oh yeah the Ron Man still got Skills". I pull her closer to,Her Head is at my chest 2 inches below my chin, I can smell the Rich adore of Vanilla.I think she heard me cause she suddenly tightens her grip on me. And the only thing in my mind was how lucky i am to have such a beautiful girl in my arms

Bonnies Pov

"Oh my gosh this is so Romantic he truly is a gentleman,He knows how to dance,He looks Good,And he smells so delicious"

I'm happy here with this new Guy I just met maybe i should ask him out after me a Beautiful,Treating me with Care i feel so special "Mmm" You alright Bonnie ? "He worries for me how sweet maybe i should ask him out,but how ? Snickers.I know How. "Hey Ron " " Yes Bon Bon ?After this would you like tooo... you know go out with me" . He looks surprised i wonder it doesn't matter I'll make him be sure of it.

"Ron" he looks at me with Care "Yes bonnie " i grab his face and Planted my lips on his.

He's surprised I know i am My First Kiss and it's with someone i just met a few minutes ago. Maybe it's love at first sight . He looks at me while i still have him in lip lock "Gosh he tastes so good" we part, i see him Surpised "So Ron will you go out with me " i see him ponder and i heard the one word i wanted to hear "Yes "

Rons Pov

Wow My First Kiss and she asked me out this so part and I can tell she enjoyed just like i did and i hear her say something l already have an Anwser for . " So Ron will you go out with me" i don't hesitate "Yes" she squeals like a little girl that just recieved the new toy she wanted i wanted to hold her for a bit longer but life at times aint fair for me. "Bon Bon come hear" a loud feminine voice yelled "Ugh Mom " I heard her say "I'll be back Ron don't worry " i let go of her and see her walk away while she turns back and winks at me. I just Smile

I feel some one behind me piercing me with a burned gaze and i turn around and Almost Choked myself with my own Spit.

Right infront of me was my Best Friend Since Pre K, Kim Possible

"So Ron " I can tell she was angry

"Who was she huh" if looks hurt ill be down in the floor with my Head Blown Off from the Gaze she's giving me

"Oh she's a Friend i met" Is she Jelling ?

" So you just Meet her and then kiss her !"

I swear Im scared by the tone she's using

"Well then i guess you wont mind if i kiss you won't you "

" What KP huh " I cant believe it Kim Possible my best friend since Pre K was smackin lips with me.

She tasted like Cherry but i didnt enjoy it not like Bonnies her Lips were smooth and Delicious this Kiss wasnt so special has Bon Bons

"Huh Bon Bon well i guess that's the effect she gots on me" I push Kim off and i see a dazed look on her face but she sees i didnt enjoy it so her face from bliss turned to rage and Stomps off to who know where " Huh I just hope this doesn't come to bite me in the ass" ( Oh Ron if only you Knew)

Bonnies Pov

After Talking with my mom i go back to the dance floor to be with ron when i see something...That Breaked something inside me

Ron Stoppable was Kissing a Red Head Girl. I was angry,Furious but the tears in my eyes were painful for me. I ran i didnt care if i made a scene even if my mom yelled at me to come back.I ran ran Home ran up the stairs,I threw myself to bed screaming my tears away. After drying my eyes out I hear the Phone Ring and anwser it with a Craked voice i Spoke "Hello Rockwaller Residence " "Um yeah is Bonnie there " with anger swelling inside me i ask a question i didn't want to ask "Who is this " " Um its Ron Stoppable " " RON STOPPABLE DONT EVER CALL ME AGAIN " *Click*

Rons Pov

Huh i guess i screw up with her did she saw what Kim did? Huh " i guess i wont see her again

End Flashback

Bonnies Pov

"How could he do this to me and after all this time Burying now i have to be with him for so long "

Tears Tears Appeared in my after so long ever since that day " Damm You Stoppable.


Wearing a Black Baggy Pants and a Red Shirt with Skull adorning it Ron Stoppable starts getting Ready to face the Noise said Noise being no other the Bonnie Rockwaller. Going down the Stairs he sees his Best rodent Friend Rufus sitting in the Leather Couch of His House."Damm Rufus i still think you have the brain of a Normal Human Being" right now Rufus was watching the News with a Bowl of Cheeretos beside him

"Hey Rufus whatcha Watching ".Rufus turns around and starts speaking in his own Mole Rat way " Hnk Storm Coming Hnk " a storm's coming thats odd. Ron Looks at Rufus asking if its true,Rufus Woriedly Shakes his head in confirmation making all of Ron's doubts about the storm go up. " But i can't leave the work for later Huh".Deciding what's best at the Moment is to start the History a Black Jacket with Skulls and Green aura surrounding the Skulls."Rufus I'm leaving you in charge got it " with smile the rodent Shakes his head up and down letting Ron Know he understood.

With a Sigh Ron walks out of his home and Goes to the Garage to get out his ride Opening the Door he looks at His Old and Trusty Scooter... Yeah Right as if he wants to ride it all the time his real baby was whats is hiding underneath a Blanket pulling off the Blanket underneath it lies a Kawazaki Ninja ZX-9R with a Paint Cameo Of Green Flames making Lines Past the flames of electricity all Colered Green with a Black him 3 years to get it and well lets say it was well fucking worth it and costing him around 12,000 dollars it wasn't so bad but now with Wade as a Good Friend lets just say It's not an Ordinary Motorcycle with Bullutproof Metal surrounding the bike with Machine Guns Hidden from view with exactly 120 Rounds for each Gun,An intricate AI software with Voice Recognition and Other useful Gadgets that let's say aren't important right now.

Covering The Bike again he Grabs his Old as Fuck Scooter and Turns it on and Drives away to Upperton To go to Bonnies House. "I hope Bonnie doesn't start fighting with me that'll just Set us Back by a lot" looking around hoping no-one sees him Ron starts his way to Upperton with his shitty Scooter " Damm Dad for making me promise no to use my bike till the scooter is down for good "

while Riding to Upperton he sees several of his Classmate during the Way.

Brick and his Jocks hanging out at the Park, He saw Tara and The Cheerleaders come out from the mall With Shopping Bags "Huh Wasting their Dads credit card as if it where Infinite" with a Chuckle

Starting to enter Bonnies Neighborhood

he sees Bonnies House it was a two storied with a nice sized front porch and if he looks at the back he can see a High Fence "Must be when she sun bathes and swims in the pool "(2) Parking the scooter in front of Bonnies House and starts walking up the steps he starts having doubtsIs she Lone,Will she scream at me huh Forget it your the Ron Man you got ya mad skillz in the game so use em" assuring himself he rings the doorbell to face the Music.

Bonnies Pov

After Taking my shower to relax myself i started wondering about what might happen today will she lose it,Would she break down crying like she just did or Beat some stress out on Ron."Ugh get your head straight, Your Bonnie Rockwaller Queen of Middleton High and Captain of the Cheer Team (3)

"As if a Loser like him is better than me or his Best Friend Kim Possible" Grr Growling at the mere mention of the Red Headed Heroine. Changing into a Womans Warm Vertex Black Colored Leggings and A Grey shirt while wearing a light white Jacket she prepares herself some Hot Cocao Moo for the cold that recently came hoping that Ron wont come to do the assignment.

Turning on the News i see that theres a Storm Coming a Rare Combination between a Blizzard and Storm,sighing hoping that it won't bother as much as the news foretold it'll be a couple a minutes later i heard the one thing i didn't

want to here

The DoorBell

General Pov Ron was Patiently waiting for the door to open,no need to provoke the beast Ron slowly coming close to the Door was Bonnie.

When the door did Open you could hear a Pin Drop to the floor and it'll even give off a Echo not because of the awkwardness no Boy it was how each other look.

Ron Stoppable Master Chef,Elite Ninja,And Class Bufoon felt his throat bloat due to the massive ball of saliva chocking his Airways from the view he just have the Lucky (Also Unexpected) privilege to see

From Those well filled legs that are being Hugged tightly to her body accentuating her Olympic Class legs to The way she looks When she's tightening her Jacket Pulling Upwards her already Borderline D Cups Breast and the way those teal eyes pierce his soul well lets just Ron Jr was getting Rather Bothered from the View.

And He wasnt the only one

(I'm not gay or anything so describing how good looking a guy is difficult and Wrong to me so sorry if it doesn't end up so well)

Bonnie Couldn't believe how Ron-No The Loser looked like From Good Looking Tight Black Jeans showing of his impressive Muscles " Probably from all the running" with his red shirt that tightens around his Developing six pack and His Jacket that Accentuates his facial features with its Dark Look. Bonnie was having trouble not to bite her lower lip infront of Ron.

Luckily Ron Being the more Reserved and Controlled one of the two snaps out of his Daze." So um Bonnie can i come in ?" Ron asks while scratching the back of his head.

"Is he nervous? or could it be that he's?" Seeing how Ron is trying not to look below her chin she realizes with surging anger what he just saw.

I don't know SHOULD YOU".

Ron Realizing how close he is from having Bonnie Rip off his Balls he tries to defuse the Sitch.

"Well if you want we could continue this assignment some other day".Once Bonnie realizes what he said she concedes due to how important the assignment is.

"Fine but don't wander of somewhere i don't tell you to go"

"Alright Bonnie Your Orders are My Command"

Satisfied With Rons Awnser she goes to the living room to finish of her cocoa Moo and start with the assignment

"Damm thats some Thick and Tight ass "

Following Bonnie to the Living Room he sits down on the couch while Bonnie goes up to her room to get her Laptop.

Beep Beep pulling out a Blue Colored device Similar to Kim's Kiminuccater

Seeing the one calling him is Wade he awnsers him

"Wade What's Up"

"Hey Ron I just wanted to say that you should probably hurry up at Bonnies House,The Bliztorm is getting alot worse and Soon you won't be able to get out of there"

"How do you know I'm at Bonnies House ? "

"Ron you forgot im a Genius and my main focus is hacking right,You know that i keep tabs with my friends"

"Thanks Wade So when is the storm goimg to directly hit us"

"In a about 30 minutes Ron,See ya Later "


Putting Back his Comunicater in his pocket he waits for Bonnie to come back from her Room. After a few minutes she comes back to the living Room with Laptop at Hand.

"Alright Ron let's start this assignment "

"Um Bonnie I'm in a bit of a Hurry the Storm is starting get worse and I gotta make it back home soon "

With alook of annoyance Bonnie looks at him as if he's serious

"Ron You just got here and where gonna do atleast a Part of it till you leave or i swear I'll make your life a Living Hell at School"

With what Bonnie just said Ron concedes and Agrees with her

"Alright what Subject are we going to do

World War 2, The Civil War or The Cold War

(I've Ran out of ideas here so cut me some slack will ya)

Thinking about Ron Didn't have a Problem with any of them.

"Why don't you choose Bonnie im Comfortable with all of them"

Raising an Eyebrow unimpressed with Rons Decision She justs chooses a WW2

After an hour of investigating in silence Ron decides that now should be the time to Leave before the Snow reaches his Knees

"Hey Bonnie I'll be going alright,At what time do i come tomorrow"

"Come Here at the Same Hour if you can. Alright loser "

When Ron opens the Door he just realized how screwed he was Right now

" Uh Bonnie Uh I cant leave "

"And why the Hell Not "

Looking at Rons direction she realises the problem The snow was higher than the front porch and Barricading the exit of the house"

"Oh Shit