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The Sun's rays were piercing the window, the birds chirped a beautiful melody on the window and a soft scent of wet grass was wavering through the wind. It's a great day to sleep all morning and do nothing for the rest of day except eat and relax.

All though the only problem is... today's monday. Waking up with a groan Ron got himself off his bed and start to strech to get rid of the lingering sleep he still had in him.

Putting on a pair of shorts and a black shirt, Ron starts to do his daily work out routine. Doing a set of push ups Ron's thoughts were plagued by a certain teenager. Trying to figure out what to do now on the current sitch he stuck in on.

He had a great time with Bonnie during the date a very great time, but he nows know that it could still cause alot of problems for him if doesn't fix the sitch with her first.

Kim's going to be back in school today and she's going to be questioning him that for sure.

While it will get alot worse once Wade tells her that their leaving the team.

With a quick set more, Ron finishes his workout while still considering on what to do.

Going back to his room to take a shower Ron knew one thing for damm sure. Today wasn't going to be easy to deal with.

Well, what can he do about it ?

Something i suppose.


Getting ready for school was something easy for any responsible student and its a lot easier if said student is Kim Possible. Straight As, pitch perfect attendance record, leader of several clubs and groups of the school. Plus being the captain of the cheer squad made her pretty much the most well known student around.

She was reliable, passive, hardworking, smart she was so many things. She can do so many thing that can make anyone burn in envy. But only one thing she wasn't


A morning person.

If one where to look at her they wouldn't see the great Kim Possible, nope they would be seeing a monster that could easily pass as an undead walker.

Annoyed at the amount of hair that was currently in her mouth she spits it out annoyingly while undressing herself until she was just naked. Her destination was the shower, so that she could get ready for this day.

She knew it was coming oh she knew it was. Team Possible was being called out as danger to the public. Several forms of media supporting these thoughts just made her be a lot more annoyed.

How dare they say that they her team was a danger to the public, that they were just kids who vandalized public property ? She has saved the world from several threats, helped several country to the major continents and the smallest town. A bit more of appreciation was due for her, wasn't it enough that she has G.J. support.

Nope one little mistake turned everything around, a whole 180. Now blaming her just because of one failure just one failed mission and it wasn't even a global threat. But no the people just couldn't be satisfied so easily.

Who cares if an entire town was blown up to the skies, no one was injured anyways. Team Possible's record was now tarnished with that mistake and it was all his fault.

If only Ron would have done what she ordered him to do none of this would have happened, they would have beaten and Shego again. Receive praises from the local community and go back home to have dinner at her house.

But now ruined all because of her best friend.


Seeing the now empty shampoo bottle and all of the shampoo going down the drain didn't help her mood at all, sighing she opens another one and starts washing her hair wondering what to do with a certain blonde haired teen.

But one thing was for sure, there was going to changes to team.

Very important changes.


Bonnie couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with her family nowadays her sisters just spent the time talking about their boyfriends, the friends they've made and the celebritys they met.

Her mother wasn't very far off talking about the newest fashion, her friends, the gossip, the new things she wants to buy and get made the table seem like some sort of sit com show.

The worst thing of all it was six in the morning, she all the hot water was used so she had to use the cold one and their senseless chatter was slowly making her grind her teeth in annoyance.

The only other person in the table who wasn't so annoying or loud in the morning was her dad, looking at him she sees that he doesn't look tired nor stressed just calm and collected already used to this.

Finishing her oatmeal, she goes back to her room to grab her bag and go to school, when she heard a knock on her door. Turning around she sees her father standing there looking at her with a smile.

For a man in his late fortys he certainly didn't look like it, brown locks combed towards the left, a small beard on his chin, brown eye and a light tan on his skin. While wearing his black business colored clothes. At this hour he would be going towards his office review and investigating on how to solve his clients cases, making sure they defend them from being charged guilty. Being a lawyer sure is hard.

But he was here while leaning on the door, this sure wasn't like him. Hearing clear his throat a bit she stared at his eyes expectantly.

"So Bonnie heard you went out with someone during the weekend, do you mind to explain this ?" One of the few things she didn't expect her father to ask was the subject of her date with Ron.

He was looking at her calmly waiting for her answer. Gulping a bit she couldn't help but let a drop of sweat slide down the side of her forehead.

"Well you know daddy, i was just hanging out with a friend. Putting on the finishing touches on our project"Her dad lifts an eyebrow at her, clearly amused at her daughters lie.

"So do indulge me, is the Upperhill a place where you can finish school work" Hearing him mention the restaurant, she went to with Ron made her pale a bit.

"Um...uh...mmm Dad i can explain" lifting his hand on a stop sign made her promptly to shut up.

"Bonnie, you do know that i respect your privacy and actions so don't worry about having left to go out with a guy, okay ?" seeing her nod he continues.

"I want you to bring him here someday so i can meet him okay" out off all the things she was expecting that wasn't one of them. Seeing him head off made her worry while biting her finger a bit thinking on how to tell this to Ron.

It wouldn't be so bad.

Besides it just dinner.

Everything was going to be fine.

She hoped.



Yep he freaked out just as expected.

"Your dad wants me to go for dinner at your house, because he found out about it" Bonnie grabbed his mouth and made him shut up.

"Ron keep quiet we can't let everyone find out,remember what we talked about" how couldn't he started after all.

"Yeah but still how did your dad manage to find out"sighing Bonnie couldn't help but wonder how did daddy find out about the date.

"I don't know Ron, but one things for sure your going to have to come for dinner" looking at Ron i see him chuckling nervously while scratching the back of his head.

"So anyway to avoid this ?"turning to look at her he sees her arms crossed under her bust, her eyes had a ferocious glare while a small smirk came from her lips.

"What do you mean Ronnie,your not gonna take responsibility ? "her tone was awfully calm, smooth even as if it were silk. But he knew, he fucking knew what's going on his Ron Senses were tingling. They were making his spine curl in fear, while thinking on something.

"Responsibility!Responsibility! we haven't touched the sheets and she going there"hearing the ruckus going on a certain someone couldn't help but say something.

"Listen Ronald and hear me well, whatever you do don't fuck it up or well have an early grave"gulping he couldn't help but agree with him.

"Of course Bon-Bon I'd love to, you know me always the yes man. I ain't the one to say no "once she stopped glaring Ron couldn't help but feel a lot better without the presence of death hanging on his shoulder.

Luckily they were pretty early and no one was at the parking lot just a few of the teachers cars,Bonnie's convertible and Ron's bike.

"Well Ronnie talk to you later, Kay "seeing her leave with a happier mood made him wonder how he got into all of this.

"Maybe its the fact that both of you have suppressed feelings for one another and now its all being released causing a chemical effect in the air what we call ''Love' which thanks to the computer you call brain those hormones are going towards her and vice versa" Ron's eyebrow twitched a bit at hearing his counterparts scientific explanation.

"Since when does love have a scientific explanation and how the fuck do you know that!" with a lazy tone he responded.

"Ever since in chemistry, when you were flipping pages" Ron couldn't help but try to remember if he actually read that.

"Dont bother ya turd, remeber im the smart one and your just plain stupid."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean"

"Nothing, now move before questions you for drug use"

"Drug Use ? "

"Yeah your just standing there with that stupid look"looking around he sees glaring at him while walking closer to him.

There's only one responsible thing to do in this situation, only one solution that offers peace and happiness.

"You thinking of Running aren't you"


"STOPPABLE!, where you going"looking behind him he yells back at him.

"Don't worry gotta go do something"speeding up he can still hear the ex-millitary screams in the distance.


Yeah just a regular monday morning at school



Why oh why does he have to go to class again ? Oh yeah no-one will hire someone that hasn't graduated from highschool.

But why does it have to be Geography and worse with . That man could put mad dogs to sleep just by talking about landscapes,mountains and how to use a compass.

"Nice Pun"a small chuckle came his way.

Ron couldn't help but think how wierd it was to have someone else reside in his mind. Why is he even here ?

"Still wondering why I'm here huh? Well you'll remember soon enough no need to rush things" Rush things? what does he mean by that.

"The more you think about it the stupider you'll look for the rest "

"What ?"hearing him being called out he looks at the front of the class.

"Did you understand, Stoppable"with a quick Yes sir seemed to satisfy him. Stingy ain't he, luckily the class ends in 5 minutes .


Huh or less, grabbing his stuff Ron started to head towards his locker, opening it up he receives a message on his his screen he sees a text from Bonnie.

Bon-Bon:Ron ill send you our work so that if Barkin questions you, you'll be able to answer kay.

Ron:Thanks Bon-Bon your the greatest there is.

Bon-Bon: Ronnie who else could be as great as me

Ron chuckles, even if they're just texting he can imagine her saying that to anyone at any time.

"What's so funny ? " his previous amusement was washed away with an incoming wave of dread. Maybe its not her ? Who is he lying to of course it's her.

What to do, what to do.

Maybe he should do it another time ? Should he just leave and ignore her.

Fuck it yolo.

Closing his locker he turns to look at her, there she was wearing her green tank top and blue pants. Somethings odd with her that's for sure.

"So Ron how's it going ?" by the way her tone was he could tell she was just as uncomfortable as him.

"You know same old,same old"she clenched the books in her hands.

"Ron we need to talk about something important"looking at her, he couldn't help but wonder if this is the right place to talk about it.

"What do you want to talk about Kim" hearing him say her name instead of the usual KP made her worry a bit, but not enough.

"We need to talk about Team Possible, specifically us"well here it goes.

"I also wanted to talk about the Team, Kim" her eyes widen upon his response.

"He wants to talk about it as well ? "

"Kim for what i saw on our last mission and what happened, i decided to do something about it" seeing her waiting,he continues.

"Kim, i decided to leave the Team and so did Wade" a few pops where heard from her knuckles.

"What ?"

Knowing what she's starting to feel know, he hardens his stare while calming himself.

"Wade and I, decided that we're going to leave the team"Her eyes were being covered by her bangs while her knuckles started to turn white.


Her awnser was so soft and weak that he barely missed it.

"What ?"she lifts her gaze and looks at him angrily.

"I said No,the two of you are not gonna leave the team" Ron starts to frown hearing her denial.

"Its already been decided Kim, you can't do anything about it"she throws her books inside her locker while smashing it to a close.

"The two of you aren't gonna leave the team until i say so and that's final"who does she think she is.

"Listen Kim we can do anything we want and its been decided that we're leaving and thats final" Ron's phone vibrated a bit letting them know that a message came.

"Who is it,Ron"he looks at his phone and reads the message.

Bon-Bon:Meet me before lunch

"Just a friend,Kim"she lifts her eyebrow irritated.

"Just a friend huh" her tone was sarcastic.

"Yes Kim she's just a friend" he responded annoyingly.

"She" that word vibrated throughout her head each time louder and louder.

"Who is it,then" ill find that tramp and make sure she's gone before the day.

"None of your business, Kim"

" Excuse me ? "he looks at her annoyingly.

"You're not deaf Kim that's for sure, so just leave it" she grabbed Ron's collar and smashes him against the lockers.

"Whatever you do Ron, IS my business so tell who's the little slut tha-" she was cut of when a pair of hands grabs her by her shoulders and with greater force smashes her body against her locker , a small mix between a gasp and a moan came out from her.

"You listen here Kim, the two of us are done, you hear me. If you bother me or anyone of my friends or i swear i-" he was cut off by a slightly cocky tone.

"You'll what go back home to your video games, go stuff your face with some bueno nacho or you'll cry like the little wimp of baby you ar-k" her word were stopped in her throat a pair of hands currently pressuring her windpipe looking at him, she sees his face covered in rage and his eyes glowing blue. Seeing him like this made her feel something she hasn't felt in a long time.


"You try anything against me or anyone i care for, ill make you regret it Kim, so don't test me" just as fast as his hands were on her they were gone, Ron was already walking down the hallway hands in his pocket.

Rubbing her throat a bit she couldn't help but fear what she saw in his eyes, they were blue.

"It must be from the Mystical Monkey Power he received from those statues, that must be the reason he's acting odd"pausing her internal thoughts she couldn't help but shiver a bit on what she just felt. Ron was grabbing her so roughly that-no head in the game Possible you know what to do.

Grabbing her books she goes towards the opposite direction with a little bit more of sway on her hips.

Unaware that the whole ideal was being watched by a pair of teal colored eyes.


She didn't know what she just saw after sending the text. She was heading towards her locker when she heard some yelling curiosity booming in her she turns towards the corner and sees a certain red head with a blond,arguing fiercely.

Going inside an empty room before she was seen by the two of them, she hides behind a door while peaking through a small crack on the door.

"Who is it" hearing Kim say these words made her regret having sent the message.

Having heard her ask who sent the message made her wonder what was the red heads problem, couldn't Ron have a bit of privacy ? What a bitch.

"Yes Kim, she's just a friend" Bonnie didn't know why her heart ached a bit from hearing those words, but she knew very well what the consequences will be if they start to date. It won't be taken well by some people that's for sure.

Kim asked again for the name of the girl who sent the message.

"None of your Business, Kim" for some reason hearing Ron refuse the red heads demand made her feel pleased. After all if everything goes as planned they'll be together very soon.

"Excuse me ?" hearing the redhead let out a small shriek made her giggle a bit at how ugly she looked with the face she's putting.

Hearing a small bang she looks back at them and her fist clenched in anger. Kim was grabbing Ron, her Ron by the collar and yells at him saying something that just made her want to bash the redheads skull into the lockers and make her cry.

"This cunt just grabbed her man trying to force him to do everything she wants and calls me a cunt! I've had enough"determined on making Kim pay she was about to leave her hiding place when she sees Ron grab Kim and slammed her into the lockers halting her from further action.

"You listen here Kim, the two of us are done, you hear me. If you bother me or anyone of my friends or i swear i-" before he could finish Kim, yelled at him.

"You'll what go back home to your video games, go stuff your face with some bueno nacho or you'll cry like the little wimp of baby you ar-k" seeing her being silenced by Ron was something she didn't expect, Ron the loveable goof ball, the caring blonde, the master chef and kind soul was grabbing her by the neck and started to choke her.

"You try anything against me or anyone i care for, ill make you regret it Kim, so don't test me"hearing the cold and hard tone from the blonde made Bonnie worry, what did this bitch do to make Ron act on anger ?

Seeing them part she was able to take glimpse on the blonde and managed to see a faint blue hue coming from his eyes. Seeing this made the brunette feel determined, determined on figuring out what happened that was able make Ron lash out on the redhead.

Once the coast was clear she stepped out and started to head towards her class all the while planning on how to make things work.

Oh well she had to go to algebra know.


After leaving the hallway and entering his classroom, Ron couldn't help but scowl at Kim's audacity by demanding him to do her bidding, he's not a dog to no-one.

"Except Bonnie she can do anything to you"

"Yeah..wait what"hearing the confused and obviously stupid reply from his counterpart made him chuckle.

"Ever since the two of you got closer,you've been thinking about her so much that if she were to ask you to throw yourself off a cliff you'll probably do it" with an indignant 'hey' he yells at his counterpart.

"That's not true and you know it, our thing is different way more different then what me and Kim have" not hearing a reply he went back to scowling, Looking at the classrooms clock Ron couldn't help but groan at how annoying today was seeming to be.

Looking at the physics teacher, Ron couldn't help but wonder the miracle he's currently seeing of having a different teacher giving them classes instead of the Military flunkie.

Hell as far as he can tell he doesn't even remember the teachers name, not having seen him since the first day of school.

"40 more minute, just 40 more fucking minutes before lunch and he was going to enjoy the 20 minutes they receive of lunch" hearing the teacher talk about how to calculate velocity through distance and time just made the blonde groan in pain.

Maybe he should just leave for the rest of the day. Yeah that sounds ptetty nice, just him, Mexican food and video games all day long.

Through history it was said that there were great people that were thinkers. Well a sudden thought entered him and made him ponder on his counterparts opinion of Bonnie and him.

Was their relationship really like Kim's and she really just use him like his ex best friend ? Or did she truly change for the better and there relationship is something that can be considered good ?

Feeling something vibrate in his pocket he grabs his phone and looks down at it and gulps.

Meet me outside in the parking lot.


Maybe his life was about to be a bit more stressful.

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