Once upon a timeā€¦

There was a boy whose mother was sick and went to try to find some gold. As he came to a nearby town he watched as an older woman prepared to cross the street. He noticed she carried in each hand two large bags. He walked to her side saying nothing when he heard what sounded like running coming towards there direction.

The boy quickly noted that it was but a single horse and pushing the older woman. Out of the way to safety. Both were fine as the younger man stood to help up the older woman and finished crossing the street. The older woman said nothing merely putting her hand in the bag and bringing it out. As she revealed in her palm several gold coins. The boy gave a low bow in thanks and left for the market to buy the medicine he needed.

As he paid for the medicine he needed. He looked over and thought he saw the old woman again appearing to give him a warm smile. He smiled back before headed to his own town. Since his mother now had the medicine she needed. The next day he headed out to find some work going once again to the nearby town. He came a crossed that same older woman. This time at a small farmhouse sitting outside her garden on a bench.

Once again saying not a single word. She held out her palm flat as she took notice of him and held out several more coins in her hand. Looking a crossed the yard the boy noticed weeds growing. Proceeding to pull them out before the sunset. The woman smiled and handed him his payment for the day as he went home. The next day proceeded the same as before. The older woman held out several coins in her hand and the boy set off to work.

This time making sure all of the animals had enough food to eat for the next few days meal. He first walked over feeding the horses there hey in the stalls. Walking over to the pig pen. He served fruit and vegetables to the pigs. Heading over to the chicken coups he gave them their grain and seed for a meal. Again, he was done with this job before the sunset. On the third day the same thing happened and he set himself to work.

Cleaning the inside of the farmhouse. Stalls, chicken coups, stables and even the house that the old woman lived in next to it. As he exited her home he looked at the setting of the sun just getting ready to dip behind the mountains. He looked at the old woman sitting on her bench. Kindly took his payment bowed and left. As the sun rose the next morning he reached the older woman's house. The woman said nothing to him as usual. She also didn't hold out her hand with several coins in it. Like she had done the past few nights.

Instead she smiled at him and not saying a word slowly stood up from the bench. She slowly headed over to a gate and undid the lock. The boy followed her seeing that this led to the backyard. This backyard contained a field of colorful flowers. One of every color the boy noticed. It was quite the site to see. Not before however the young man felt suddenly stiff and shrank to the size of a daisy. Now a flower himself he was planted with the rest of the flowers for all to see.