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The second change is Kurenai's age. In the first part of Naruto, she's 27. I already gave Naruto 5 years because isn't no 13-year-old pulling that. So where did I get those 5 years, Kurenai of course. So, she's 5 years younger at 22. Naruto is 17 when this story starts and she's 22. As usual, I will answer any question right away in the reviews or PMs. So, this story takes place when Sasuke and all those other filler characters graduate, so Naruto's plot can continue like normal, you know Zabuza, Chunin exams etc.…

Naruto was bored, this wasn't anything really new. He was a career backup at this point, filling in for the hurt, never long enough to advance in rank. The longest Naruto could remember being on a team in the last 5 years was like 5-6 weeks. That wasn't long enough for him to take a dangerous enough mission for a field promotion. That wasn't long enough for some team to bless him with a Chunin exam spot either. He was always told that he would be the first to be called, but Naruto really doubted that. He knew that he wasn't seen as anything special and by most accounts, he was a disappointment.

He was 17 years old, but still a Genin. He was the container of the Kyuubi, the walking natural disaster, and he wasn't even a Chunin yet. The only reason that he hadn't been bounced from the Ninja Program all together, was that he was a military asset. He never really had any choice but to be a ninja. Image having a person with the power of a million tons of C4 inside their body, at their disposal, and they were helping you bag your groceries at the store. You and everyone you know would know that he was wasting his power.

So, as Naruto looked up into the sky as he laid about on the ground of the training ground that he was using, he laid bored. He was blinked and suddenly found the sky and sun blocked from his view. Naruto grit his teeth, ready to tear into whoever was getting in the way of his view, when he took in his new view. The new view was better than the old view, as this one was a girl. And there was one thing Naruto was sure of, most girls were better to look at than the clouds drifting in the sky. Said girl just so happened to also be a pretty, no beautiful girl.

She was very beautiful. Naruto could tell this woman just exuded a confidence and grace not found in many women, at least not in comparison to the women Naruto met. Her black hair fell from her head in an almost messy fashion but, for all its messiness, it seemed orderly, almost as if she willed it to follow her demands. He followed the hair down her shoulders, underneath it he could see the wrappings of white bandages with a pattern of something that looked like rose thorns, but he couldn't see any blood stains. He concluded that the woman was using those wrappings as clothing, his assumption was proven correct as he followed her hair to the edges of it and saw that the bandages wrapped around her whole body. However, what immediately grew his attention more than her perfect pale skin and obviously developed body, was her eyes.

The crimson eyes were like magnets for Naruto's own eyes. He couldn't help but stare into them, they were gorgeous to him. The girl blushed as Naruto stared at her like she was a piece of art. She spoke and that managed to grab Naruto's attention.

"Are you Naruto Uzumaki? I was told to escort you to the Hokage."

Naruto nodded his head dumbly at her question and as she stopped leaning over him, he jumped to his feet.

"I'm afraid that you have me at a disadvantage, you know my name. However, I have yet to learn your name." said the nervous Naruto

"Hmm, you want to know my name? Tell you what? I'll give you my name after you meet with the Hokage, as this is somewhat time sensitive." Was her response.

She took a step forward before she looked over her shoulder and gave Naruto a wink. Naruto blushed lightly as she sped off before he took off after her. The duo raced through the village, jumping from roof top to roof top. Kurenai was a little surprised that the career Genin was matching her speed despite her running at high Chunin levels. Naruto didn't even look winded, because with the lack of career success and missions, he was free to train 24/7 in around 320 plus days a year.

They arrived at the Hokage's office door and Kurenai knocked.

"Come in" called out a mature older voice from behind the door,

Naruto opened the door and walked in, to see the Hokage behind his desk, with little amounts of paperwork in sight, never realizing that Kurenai didn't enter, closed the door behind him and slipped away. Leaving Naruto alone with the Hokage and never giving him her name.

"Lord Hokage sir, I was told that you called for me. I came as soon as I was told." Said Naruto as he stood as straight as he could. This was the leader of his village, his boss, and the strongest person in the entire Fire Country, not someone you would want to piss off.

Hiruzen frowned, but quickly hid it from Naruto and he looked at the tall old Genin.

"Well Naruto, I have some news that will greatly affect you. However, I am a fair man, so I will leave it up to you. If you choose to hear what the information and the situation, you'll have no choice but to except. On the other hand, if you chose to decline, I will select another who can just as easy take your place."

Naruto stared at the old man, trying to interpret the mood of the Hokage. Mission that were auto-accepted were generally the type that got you either promoted or dead. Naruto, also knew that he had underachieved so far in his ninja life so far. Eh, what's the worst that can happen.

"Sir, I agree to here and complete whatever this assignment is." Said a somewhat confident Naruto

Hiruzen smiled as he put down his pipe and grabbed a scroll off of his desk, he handed it to Naruto. Naruto stared the scroll before his leader gestured for him to open it up. Naruto unraveled the scroll and saw writing in it.

"Due to the uneven number of students in the fall 4th year class at the Ninja Academy, we are drawing on our reserves to fill in a spot. However, this spot is not the temporarily fill ins that have occurred in the past. This would be a permanent situation and spot filled. You'll be assigned a Jonin Sensei and a team full of fellow Genin. Congratulations on your placement,

Sincerely, The Third Hokage"

Naruto looked at the scroll and then back to the Hokage and then back to the scroll.

"Sir, is the information in this scroll correct?"

"Yes, Naruto, it is. I know that you've been a Genin for a long time. You've drifted around, never really finding a team to call your own. I remember almost two years ago, you watch some of you former temporarily teammates go off to Chunin exam and return with their vests. I remember you asking me, why you couldn't take the exam and advance as well. I told you that when the time came for a reserve being needed, you would be at the top of the list. Well, the time has come, Naruto. All of your waiting has paid off, officially, as of tomorrow, you'll no longer be a reserve and will be placed on our active roster. In 1 weeks' time, you'll have to go the Academy and find out your team and Jonin Sensei, but other than that, this is it Naruto. You're dismissed.

Naruto smiled brightly, something the Hokage returned. Naruto turned and left, after all he had new supplies to buy because he was going to be an active ninja.

A week later

Iruka was not an overly emotional or sensitive guy, or at least that is what he believed. However, what was happening before him was something special, because for the first time in his career, he was graduating a single class. Sure, he had been the instructor for a semester or two to a couple of classes who had already graduated, but he just spent almost 2.5 years developing these kids into young adult. It was a proud moment for him, and his unwavering smile made it obvious that he was happy.

"Team 1 …. Team 7 will be Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, your Jonin instructor will be Kakashi Hatake, Team 8 is Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuga, and Shino Aburame, your sensei will Kurenai Yuhi, Team nine is still in rotation from last year, so moving on to team 10, it will be Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, and Choji Akimichi, your Jonin is Asuma Sarutobi. Now, your sensei should be here in about an hour, feel free to talk amongst yourselves and good luck."

Iruka turned to leave, but Sakura yelled out to him.

"Iruka-Sensei, wait! You said that team 7 was Sasuke and I, but everyone else has a 3 Genin squad. What does that mean for us?" asked the Pink haired useless girl

Iruka, knowing the truth but also wanting to take his lunch break, shrugged and walked out the room. The newly graduated, but not really, Genin were mostly shocked at being blown off. As soon as the door closed, the door opened once again. However, who walked in wasn't familiar to almost any of the young Genin. The figure was taller than all of them and appeared to be older as well. Their tan skin stood out in the usually pale Konoha, and their sunny blonde hair was unlike any they generally saw around the village. He wore a black track jacket and pants combo, that both had burnt orange running down the sides. His headband pushed his somewhat long and shabby hair out of his eyes and his face had three whisker-like marks on each cheek.

His bright blue eyes were like a whirlpool to the young girls in the class, sucking them in. He smiled at the younger Genin and said, "I'm looking for Team 7."

Sakura waved her hand at the newcomer and he looked at the pink haired girl and made his way over to her.

"Naruto? Is that you? I was napping and all of a sudden, I could smell Miso broth everywhere." Said a somewhat cranky Kiba.

"Hey Kiba, how are you? I didn't know that you graduated this year. Hana didn't say anything to me. I would have brought you something cool, if I had known that." Replied Naruto.

Ino looked at the dog partnered boy in her class and then back at the tall better-looking Naruto and asked "Kiba, how do you know this guy?"

Kiba scratched the back of his head and said, "He graduated the same year as Hana, it was like 4-5 years ago. He's still friends with Hana and he comes around every now and then, he mostly helps me prank her when she's being mean to me." Naruto blushed and rubbed his face to hide the bright red that flooded his face.

"Well, you know what, I only help you because she got promoted before me. I wish I could have gotten promoted less than a year removed from the Academy, but it didn't work out like that for me."

Sakura cleared her throat, drawing the attention of Naruto and asked, "That doesn't answer what you're doing here though. Are you our Jonin sensei?"

Naruto laughed loudly, and everyone looked at the blond ninja. As he calmed down, he looked at the pink haired ninja-hopeful and said, "Me? A Jonin? I wish. I was placed on this team just like the rest of you. I've never had a Jonin Sensei because when I graduated there was 31 kids in my class and I was the old one out. Your class has 26 kids, which is two too many for an even number of teams. So, I'm here to fill in the spot that you guys have."

Sasuke looked at Naruto, trying to size up the older blond. Naruto looked at the last loyal Uchiha and flared his Charka, allowing the dark hair dark eyed boy to feel the ocean that separated them. The rest of the class felt the wave that the blond ninja let out and the room fell silent. Naruto smirked and took the open seat next to the Pink haired girl who edged away from him. Nobody said anything to Naruto after that, although they did talk to each other.

The hour came and went, and before anyone noticed, several figures entered the room. They called out their teams; 1,3,4,5. The called-out teams all got up and rushed out the door, trying to keep up with their new Jonin Sensei.

Naruto looked at the ninja hopefuls leave and had a minor flashback, of his graduation and assignment day.


A younger Naruto stood in a room, that was mostly empty. The only other things in the room was a desk, two Chunin behind said desk, and 7 ninja headbands laid out on also on said table, as there had only been 2 kids to fail out of the 33 so far, and they still had another 5 kids to go through, starting with young Naruto.

A non-descript ninja in a Chunin standard uniform sat next to another generic Chunin filler character, both of them looking at Naruto. They were a couple of years older than Naruto, something the Hokage made happen to prevent any bias from the Nine Tailed Fox interfering in Naruto's education. What good is a military asset if they aren't an asset after all. So, these Chunin didn't sabotage nor under teach or mis-explain anything to Naruto Uzumaki.

The result, A Naruto Uzumaki that was above average in just about everything. Accuracy- Average, TaiJustu- Above Average, Ninjustu-Average, Mental Abilities- Average, Speed-Great, Stealth- Fantastic.

So generic Chunin number 1 looks at the blond ninja wannabe and says "Okay, Uzumaki, so far you've passed everything. You got an 80 in your accuracy throw, you got a 77 on your go around the obstacle course. You managed to scrape a 75 on your written test. You even got an 85 on your Taijustu exam. All that is left for you to do is perform the 3 standard Academy Ninjustu. If you can do that, you'll be walking out of here with one of these headbands around your head instead of those goggles."

Naruto smirked and said, "There is no way that I don't pass this test, believe it!"

Generic Chunin number 2 smiled at the energy that was flowing of the kid and he said "Okay then, let's get started. First I would like you to henge into any one of the Lord Hokages."

Naruto made a single hand sign and in a burst of charka, he stood before them in a form that left them shocked. Standing where Naruto stood was an adult version of Naruto? The Blonde hair, the bright blue eyes, the tanned skin. The only thing missing was the whisker marks on Naruto's face, and generic Chunin number one realized that this face was a little more angular and thin. Looking at the clothing, the white cloak over the standard Jonin uniform, Naruto was standing there as the Fourth Hokage.

"Can you turn around so that we may analyze the details correctly?" asked Generic number 1.

Naruto turned slowly as the Chunin duo took notes on the little details of Naruto's henge. Looking at the back of the cloak, they were pleased to see that Naruto's henged cloak even had the characters that read "Konoha's Yellow Flash"

As generic Chunin number 1 signaled for Naruto to end his Henge, Naruto did and stood in back into the center of the room as a kunai was thrown at him and Naruto didn't move as he was hit by the steel ninja tool.


Naruto had substituted himself with the log in the corner of the room. The second Chunin nodded, the substitution was done without any smoke or hand signs

"Now perform the clone Justu for us Uzumaki. We need to see at least 3 healthy clones for you to pass."

Naruto nodded, he had heard that the magic number was 3. The problem that any time that he tried to make less than 50, they would turn out goofy looking and flop to the ground.

Taking a deep breathe, Naruto muttered "Okay, let's do this. Clone Justu!"


The room was now filled with the illusion-based clones. Naruto looked around and counted 42 clones. 8 less than his last batch of passing clones.

"Hmm, this isn't some kind of joke, Uzumaki. The number that we mentioned with you was 3. That means that you should have made 3 clones."

"Now now, don't be like that, the exact instructions were to make at least 3 clones, if Uzumaki here can accomplish that and more, there isn't any rule that states that he should be punished."

"Fair enough, congratulations, Naruto Uzumaki, you have met the standards that are required to enter the ranks of the Shinobi Corps of The Hidden Leaf Village, do you agree?"

"Sir, yes Sir!" said Naruto as he gave a somewhat sloppy salute. Naruto exited the room and ran into his previous Chunin sensei, Torika (Tore-E-KA), A standard Chunin wash out. Good enough to make Chunin but had neither the will nor the talent to really go any further.

"Now, Naruto, I know that this was your 4th attempt, but – "she didn't get to finish as Naruto flashed her a massive smile and a thumb up.

"No need to give that speech sensei, I passed."

"You passed?"

"You best believe it, after all you told me that they don't give these out to just anyone" Naruto said as he gestured to his headband, one that showed that he had indeed managed to pass the test and become a Genin.

"Well, I guess that I should congratulate you, fellow Shinobi Uzumaki."

Naruto smiled brightly again.

Naruto was pulled out of his musings by a familiar sight. A raven-haired beauty with brilliant crimson eyes, entered the room.

"Team 8, you're with me … Oh, hi Naruto" said Kurenai as she looked around the room.

Kiba and his fellow teammates had gotten up to follow their sensei, but when she stopped to great the taller blond boy, they remained to see the interaction.

"Oi, do you know are Sensei?" Kiba brazenly asked Naruto

Naruto scratched his chin and said, "Something like that, she knows me, and I am trying to get to know her."

Kurenai glared at the blond and said, "Let's go team, we have somethings to discuss without blond distractions."

"Oh, so I distract you?" asked Naruto

Kurenai didn't answer but just left with her team trailing her. And just like that, one by one, the rest of the teams were picked up. Soon enough, all that remained was Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. The silence was killing the girl in the group, so she decided to try and make conversation among the group.

"So, Naruto, how do you know Kurenai?" asked the usele- I mean Sakura.

"Hmm, Kurenai, so that's her name. I know here from around the village, but it's complicated. Wait a minute? How do you know who she is?"

"She's only the most impressive Genjustu Master in the entire Village. They say she's on the par with Ita-, um a previous all-time great ninja from our village." Sakura had stopped herself short of saying Itachi because she knew what rage erupted inside of Sasuke whenever his name was brought up.

"Hey, wait a minute, you know Kiba's older sister Hana, because you graduated with her. You are also interested in Kurenai, a great deal apparently. I figured it out, you're nothing but a pervert!"

That is the scene Kakashi walked in on, his pink haired future student proclaiming that the son of his late, great, sensei was a womanizing pervert and his last student looked like he couldn't care less about anything in the world, let alone the conversation between the older blond boy and his pink haired classmate.

"Just admit it, Naruto. You are just trying to get into her pants?"

"Yeah, sure. I want to get into Kurenai's pants as much as you want to get into the angry avenager over there's pants."

This caused Sakura to blush a deep pink and Kakashi to let out a laugh. The trio of Genin looked at him for the first time.

"Well, then I guess Naruto wants it more than anything else in the world if the scouting report on pinky here is remotely accurate."

Sakura crumbled to floor when Sasuke moved a little further away from her and Kakashi said "My first impression of you guys, is that this is going to be a lot of fun."

Naruto smirked as Sasuke said nothing and Sakura tried to emulate him and also remained silent.

"Okay, meet me on the roof within in 5 minutes" said Kakashi as he disappeared in a burst of smoke.

Sakura looked at Sasuke and then at Naruto only to see that he too burst into smoke as he left in the same manner in as their sensei.

On the roof:

Kakashi was chilling, the building was about 7 stories tall. It would take the new brats that he had received the full five minutes to get up the 7 flights of stairs. So, when a burst of smoke appeared on the roof, Kakashi was a little surprised that Naruto was up here as well.

"Well, you are an interesting one" Kakashi commented.

"What can I say, all that free time and nothing to do, why not train?"

"Can't argue with that. So just how strong are you?"

"Rank wise?"


"I'm probably close to Jonin to terms of speed, definitely high Chunin. My TaiJustu is a little rusty, as without a team, I really didn't have a consistent sparring partner. Ninjustu is a bit better as can use some wind Justu, but the Archives aren't exactly wide open for Genin, no matter how long you've been one. I know how to dispel Genjustu, and that's it. I have way too much charka to even attempt to try and use it on people."

"Hmm, sounds like you've grown into a complete shinobi, but I will be the judge of that myself." Said Kakashi

However, on the inside Kakashi was kicking himself.

'Sensei, what have we done? To leave your son all alone for so long. If you had been alive to train him by yourself, he would have been a legend by now. He's 17. By the time I was 17, you had me known all throughout the world, and your son has been left to his own devices for years.'

Kakashi was pulled out of his thoughts by the other two Genin of his team showing up.

"Ah, I am glad that we're all here" Kakashi greeted the trio as they were all finally there.

The 3 Genin all sat down in front of him, Naruto in the middle with the younger Genin on either side of him.

"Why don't you introduce yourselves, as a team, it is one of the first things that you should do." Kakashi instructed.

"Um, Sensei, maybe you can give us an example? You know to show us how it is done." asked Sakura, being the same level of useless as ever.

"Hmm, okay sure. I mean I guess basic introductions are too much for you little Genin, but that's why I am here. So, my name is Kakashi Hatake. My likes are none of your business and the number of things that I dislike are too many to count. I have many hobbies, none of which should concern you, and I dream of doing many things. There, is that what you were looking for?"

Sakura and Sasuke sweat dropped and thought 'All that he told us was his name'

"Ok, pinky. Since you got so many questions, why don't you go first?"

"Okay, my name is Sakura Haruno. I like *Looks at Sasuke and blushed bright red* and um … reading. I dislike Ino and people who make fun of my forehead. My hobbies are *Looks at Sasuke and blushed bright red*."

"And your dreams?" asked Kakashi, already knowing the answer.

"Oh, my dream is *Looks at Sasuke and blushed bright red* … yeah"

'Oh my god, girls her age cares way more about boys than training. Guess it is up to me to break her. That'll be fun' Thought Kakashi

"OK, you with the brooding face. You go next" commanded Kakashi

"Hn, my name is Sasuke Uchiha. I don't particularly like anything and dislike everything. My hobbies are training, and I don't have a dream for the future, because I will make it a reality, I will find and kill a certain man."

'Fan Fucking Tastic, I got the kid with a death wish. Itachi could take on the best of us, he would completely wreck this little shit's entire existence.' Thought Kakashi

"Well, that sure was super interesting and not at all a reason to concern about your mental health. So, blond-y, it is your time to shine."

"Ok, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like training, fighting, learning new Justu and techniques, and ramen. I dislike arrogant people (cough cough Sasuke cough cough), useless fangirls who think they can actually be ninjas (cough cough … Actually you know what, no cough cough, it's sakura, and everyone knows it. She is about as useful as an umbrella filled with swiss cheese holes in the middle of a thunder storm.) and the 3 minutes it takes to make instant ramen. My hobbies are taking care of my plants, visiting my friends on my days off, training, and trying new types and forms of ramen. My dreams for the future are to become at least a Jonin, try all the types of ramen in the world as well as get one named after me."

'He certainly grew up interesting. It's a shame that he has ramen on the brain, but that's more manageable than a kid with unrealistical expectations and a death and a girl who's biggest redeeming quality is that she's a girl' thought Kakashi.

"Okay, now to let you guys in a on a little secret. Normally, I would have to give you a secondary test, one to see if you were a little more prepared than the bare basics for being a Genin and the shinobi lifestyle. However, since Naruto is already Genin and I can't threaten his position in the corps, I will pass on giving you guys the test. However, tomorrow, at Training Grounds 7, we will have a survival training."

"But sensei, we already did those back in the academy" complained Sakura.

"These are a little different, as you will not be surviving nature, you will have to survive me. Now, be there at 7 am sharp. That's Traing Grounds 7 at 7 am. Oh, and I wouldn't eat breakfast, unless you want to throw up." That was all Kakashi said before he left in a burst of smoke leaving behind his 3 students.

'Oh no, what do I do, this could be dangerous' Thought Sakura

'Finally, a challenge worthy of an Uchiha Elite' Thought Sasuke

'I bet 20 bucks that Sasuke gets his ass kicked first, Sakura gets knocked out super easily and I fight Kakashi until time is up.' Thought Naruto

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