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Hiruzen frowned as he received the news from Naruto and Jiraiya, his wayward son was a traitor. Another blow to his ego, another blow to his emotional and mental health. First it was Orochimaru, now it was his son Asuma.

Sighing, Hiruzen thanked them for the news before dismissing the pair of shinobi as he stood up and looked out at the slowly rebuilding village.

He had already leveled out the village, Tenzo and a multitude of Naruto created clones had done a quick job of building most of the frames for the village.

The world was changing, had already changed, and he was an old relic of the world that had long since been abandoned.

While he was still quite the Shinobi, someone you didn't want to fight, he was no longer in his prime. It was getting to be that time where he had to retire and retire for good.

But who could take up the title of Hokage?

It was a question that he had asked himself over and over, the answer eluding him every single time. Even if he didn't have someone already lined up, he could not continue to be the Hokage. The masked man who had taken control of his mind and body had made that clear.

He was known as the God of Shinobi, but he was no longer THE God of Shinobi.

He was older, his nearly unlimited chakra pool had dwindled, his speed and strength while still upper level, were now reserved for limited bursts of all out moments rather than just another asset for him to use.

He was an old man without a living legacy now, his favorite student had abandoned him and the village. His last living son had abandoned him and betrayed the village. His name would undoubtedly endure as his tenure as Hokage was so long, but his lessons and teachings were slowly going to fade from the world.

Naruto and Jiraiya were the only people left who carried any part of his Will of Fire philosophy and even they didn't completely buy into what he believed in. Tsunade believed more in her own personal philosophy, one that had been influenced by his own sensei, the First Hokage.

He glanced down through the window and saw his young grandson, the academy student walking with his two little friends and he smiled.


That was his last chance to get this right. He had failed with Orochimaru, that much was clear to him. His relationship with Jiraiya was somewhat strong and yet because of his terrible job raising Naruto, they had a somewhat strained relationship as well. Tsunade was nearly a stranger at this point even as if she was no longer going to be living away from the village at this point. Asuma had never felt like he was enough, he felt like he was living in his father's shadow and he had been right. Hiruzen had cast a shadow so large, Asuma could never escape it. And in the end, Asuma had turned traitor to escape him.

All this old man had left was his grandson. And for the sake of not just own pride and ego, but the village as well, he could not afford to fail. But it would matter little, he didn't have the time to mold his grandson into something great. He would be long gone by then, he was certain of it.

With Naruto:

"He seemed to be taking the news pretty hard" commented Naruto

"Sensei has had some bad luck to say the least, he's gonna take this one to the heart" replied Jiraiya, "My teammate Orochimaru was like a son to him, he was his favorite student. But just like Asuma, he abandoned the village for the Akatsuki"

Naruto ignored the bitterness in his sensei's voice.

He must still feel some kind of way even after all this time

Naruto kept his observation to himself, it wasn't his place to comment on something like this.

"So where do we go from here?" asked Naruto

"Now, I leave you here as I go about getting permission to bring you to the land of the Toads. I can't promise that they will allow you to come at this time, they barely allow me to venture into their realm. But hopefully me vouching for you will make them more open minded to allowing you to study under them" answered Jiraiya

Naruto nodded and the two of them parted ways. Naruto wondered around aimlessly in the village, his mind completely blank and he found himself where his favorite ramen stand used to be. The frame was built, but the stand itself wasn't finished yet.

Naruto balled up his fist so tightly that his skin broke and blood dripped down to the ground.

"You okay?" asked Sakura from behind

"Yeah, I'm just not used to things being like this" said Naruto as he gestured to the vacant spot where his favorite food stand had been, his hand already healed.

"Yeah, it's kind of scary how easily the village was destroyed" commented Sakura as she stood next to her once upon a time teammate.

"Don't worry, Jiraiya-sensei and I actually fought the guy who did this and he ran off" said Naruto neglecting to mention that Jiraiya had been getting beat by that Pein guy.

"Really?" asked Sakura

Naruto opened his mouth about to confirm his version of the events when a Chunin from the Hokage's office dropped down next to him.

"Naruto, there is an emergency mission that demands your attention" said the Chunin

"Really?" asked Naruto in a whine, "I just got back into the village, this better be important"

"Orochimaru has sent his men to the village to kidnap Sasuke Uchiha, he's already gotten away with him in some kind of container" said the Chunin

Naruto's eyes widen and he barely glanced at Sakura before he and the Chunin disappeared from right in front of her.

He arrived back at the Hokage's office and he saw Shikamaru, Neji, and Kiba standing there.

"Lord Hokage, I just heard that Sasuke was kidnapped by Orochimaru and his men" said Naruto

"Correct, unfortunately with the state of the village, most of our man power is away from the village. These three are the only manpower that I can spare that I believe are up to the task" said Hiruzen, "The mission is simple, bring Sasuke Uchiha back to this village dead or alive, the secrets of the Sharingan cannot be allowed to enter Orochimaru's hands"

Naruto nodded and the four man squad left the office in the a hurry.

"Kiba, do you have his scent?" asked Naruto

"Yeah, but it's getting fainter by the second, we need to hurry up" answered Kiba

"Ok, let's kick this up a notch" commanded Naruto and they sped up until everyone but Naruto was at their max.

Kiba provided some instructions, his nose guiding them further and further north, toward where the Hidden Grass Village was.

"They've stopped" said Kiba, "They're only a couple minutes ahead of us now at this pace"

Naruto nodded and he glanced at Neji "Scout them out with your eyes"

Neji's eyes bugled and veins appeared next on his temples

"They're resting, they look exhausted" commented Neji

"How many of them is there?" asked Naruto

5 of them in total, two of them share the same body" replied Neji before he gasped "They're carrying a circular container of some sorts, my guess is that Sasuke is inside of it"

Naruto frowned, that meant that Orochimaru sent 4 out of the 5. From what Jiraiya had explained to him, the Sound Five were an elite Jonin level squad that made up by 6 people, 2 of which shared a body.

Normally you would just question the source of the information, but Naruto knew better. Jiraiya wouldn't pass along any false info, the man was childish and flamboyant at times, but he was still one of the most elite Shinobi in the would for a reason. He could filter out bullshit in his spy network with ease. If there was something wrong with the info, Jiraiya would have figured it out a long time ago.

This could only mean that their real fifth member was somewhere outside of Neji's range, hiding and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

But what was going on with the container? Why go through all the trouble of kidnapping Sasuke to potentially just kill him and stuff him into whatever the hell that thing was? Something was a little off about this entire thing.

Naruto made several hand signs conveying such info to the three other people on the mission before he stopped them and they dropped down to the ground softly.

"The plan is simple, Shikamaru and I will approach, you too hang back and wait to see if they try anything funny" said Naruto firmly, leaving no room for an argument.

The pair of Naruto and Shikamaru walked forward into the clearing, Naruto in front of his younger squad mate.

"You guys looked tired, maybe we can take that coffin off your hands" suggested Naruto

The fattest of the four rushed towards him, Naruto moved his head to the left allowing the punch to barely miss his face, eyes locked onto the container, seeing the seals that would prevent death scribbled all over the circular sealing coffin.

Naruto sent a flare of wind chakra out from his body and he shredded the fat sound ninja instantly. Shikamaru's shadow extended and he caught the other 3 sound shinobi as they stared confused as their squad mate was turned into cold cuts in a burst of wind.

Clap clap clap

"I told Orochimaru that the sound four would need some help, I'm glad he listened to me" said a voice from the right of Naruto, causing him to stiffen.

"Kabuto" spat Naruto

"Your harsh words wound me Naruto, is that any way to great an old friend" tsk'd the silver haired glasses wearing shinobi.

"A traitor like you is never a friend of mine" retorted Naruto

"I told you he wouldn't be happy to see you" said another voice that Naruto recognized, Asuma in the black cloak covered in red clouds. The sudden appearance of his former sensei caused Shikamaru to drop his jutsu, freeing the remainder of the Sound shinobi.

"You traitorous roaches just keep crawling out of the woodworks" commented Naruto, his eyes bouncing back and forth between Asume and Kabuto.

The one with six arms picked up the coffin and started to run off.

"You guys chase after them, I'll handle these two" said Naruto to the three other Konoha shinobi who immediately followed his orders. Shikamaru made to glance back at Asuma, but actually was cut off by his former sensei.

The wind coated trench knife almost cut into him before Naruto appeared his own hand coated in wind chakra to slap the slash to the side.

"Get out of here" Naruto told Shikamaru who nodded and took off after Kiba and Neji, the three of them chasing the sound shinobi away as they carried Sasuke closer and closer to Orochimaru.

"Big mistake buddy" warned Asume as he slashed at Naruto who jumped back to avoid the wild swings, but was forced to use a substitution with a log as Kabuto slashed at him from behind with his hand glowing.

"Both of you against little me?" asked Naruto rhetorically, "Glad to be getting the respect of my enemies"

"Please, Lord Orochimaru knows all to well the power that you hold" scoffed Kabuto, "But myself and Asuma are both on the same level of Kakashi, you can't help to defeat both of us here"

Naruto threw his head back laughing, catching both of the two former Konoha ninja by surprise.

In between wheezes, Naruto laughed "The same level of Kakashi? Stop it, I'm going to pee myself"

Kabuto rushed forward, his hands glowing with the tell-tell sign of his medicial jutsu.

Naruto slipped inside his guard and hit him in the sternum, making Kabuto wheeze as the air was knocked out of his body. Naruto kicked Kabuto in the chin, sending him into the air. He made to jump over Kabuto and landed a hammer kick, but Asume sent a sharp blade of wind at him, keeping him on the ground.

Rushing Asuma, Naruto weaved in and out of slashes from the trench knives. Asuma was very skilled with them and Naruto was hard pressed to find an opening to exploit. As soon as he did, Kabuto managed to attack him from his blind side. Naruto twisted to avoid the hand of Kabuto, the glowing hand barely brushed the right side of his torso.

When he landed, he hissed in pain as he suddenly found himself struggling to breath for a brief moment. Pain spread throughout the right side of his body and he had to flare some of the Kyubi's chakra inside of his body to rapidly heal from the brushing blow.

"What the hell was that?" asked Naruto as he caught his breath.

"That is my secret Naruto, with a brushing blow, I can take down the most powerful of shinobi. My medical jutsu is second only to Tsunade" bragged Kabuto

Naruto hmm'd and disappeared from view, appearing behind Kabuto with a rasengan in hand and was about to slam it into the glasses wearing medic when Asuma extended the wind blade from his trench knife and shielded Kabuto's back with the extension of chakra.

Naruto's rasengan tore right through the construct, but it did it's job of saving Kabuto from the deadly spinning sphere.

Kabuto managed to get away right before the Rasengan denoted and Naruto ducked under Asuma's attack before creating a shadow clone in a puff of smoke that came into existence and spat fire at Kabuto.

Kabuto went to leap over the flames when another clone from above spat flames at him. Stuck in the air, he missed the shadow clone behind him that hit the flames with a wind bullet. The supernova flames washed over his body and he felt his chakra draining by the second as he struggled to keep up with the damaged that the flames caused all over his body.

Asuma looked at the steaming form of Kabuto, "This kid isn't half bad"

Kabuto skin was turning back pale from red by the second but he grit his teeth "Maybe do something more than stand there and compliment him"

Asuma chuckled "I watched him kick your ass"

A whirling was heard and they both looked to see Naruto falling from the sky with a massive wind shuriken shaped Rasengan

"What is that?" question Asuma before Kabuto grabbed him and they slowly sunk into the ground as the Rasenshuriken slammed into the ground and Naruto gasped in pain as most of the surrounding forest was leveled.

His right arm spasming, Naruto grip the twitching limb as he looked at the nearly made dirt clearing. He knew that they escaped underground but they couldn't have avoided that attack by simply hiding underground.

"You are quite the interesting little shinobi" said a voice that made Naruto freeze, "It's good to see you again Naruto"

"Madras Uchiha" whispered Naruto

"You flatter me with your fear" said the Akatsuki member with the orange spiral mask, his spiky black hair sticking out the back. His eye glowed and a vortex appeared spitting out Kabuto and Asuma, both covered in shallow cuts and knocked out.

"I almost didn't save them in time" commented Madara, a hint of respect in his tone, "That was quite the jutsu. Your father had hoped to perfect the Rasengan, I'm sure his trapped soul is beaming with pride at you. He never managed to complete it, adding his elemental chakra to the jutsu before he died"

"You knew my father" stated Naruto as he stared at Madara's mid section.

"I've spent my fair time inside and outside the village. Your father was an interesting man" said Madara before he chuckled, "I've actually known you since the moment you were born. I ripped the Kyubi right out of your mother just after you were born"

The final statement concluded with the playful tone Madara had been using shifting into a serious dark tone.

He blurred forward and Naruto went to prepare himself, but right as Madara went to slash into him with the gauntlet on his right hand, a hand tightened around Madara's outstretched hand and stopped it in its tracks.

"You again" hissed Madara

"You and I have unfinished business" said Hiruzen. The elderly Hokage was dressed in his black armor, the scaled helmet on his head and the back of his palms had the same scaled plated armor as his helmet, as seen on the hand he was using to hold onto the man's wrist, "Naruto, continue on with your mission, bring Sasuke Uchiha back to the village"

Naruto nodded and raced off

Madara slashed at Hiruzen who let go of the man's wrist and leapt backwards.

"You're not Madara Uchiha, i've been in that man's presence. He had the presence of a God. You're a little more than a kid playing dress up Obito" said Hiruzen

Obito shrugged his shoulders and said "You were always too smart, too skilled for your good. I should have killed you when you managed to escape my control"

Hiruzen smirked and he swiped his hands over both of his arm guards and there was a flare of chakra that shook the ground, casuing Kabuto and Asuma to wake up.

"Look at my good fortune, three little traitorous cowards before me. I have chance to right most of my wrongs" said Hiruzen as his eyes passed over his son and Kabuto before returning back to Obito.

"Let's find out old man" said Obito as he trained his Sharingan on the elderly Third Hokage.

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