Never Happy Endings

Part One

The Day After

Earth Kingdom

"So," says Queen Nephirina, "if we could get someone to attack the Three Lights home world. I am sure they would want to leave and protect it. As for 'King' Nicolas, poison worked once, it should work again."

King Jerrold listens and thinks on Nephirina statements. "You are the one who killed King David, so many years ago?" He laughs then hugs the woman. "My god woman, I love ya even more."

As he laughs aloud, "Malachite, come here." Malachite enters the throne room and bows, a handsome, straight silver haired Adonis. "You called, my King."

"Yes, do we have any 'friends' out near the planet Kinmoku? Someone that would do major damage and keep its Senshi busy for say many months?" The King of Earth asks.

Malachite thinks on this for a while and then smiles evilly. "Yes, my King. The federation has some people out that way who could do the damage you are proposing. However, it would cost us dearly for along length of time. I could contact them and make arrangements for this, Sir."

"Then do it, my faithful guard. If they destroy the planet and its senshi we will pay 1/3 more than the price they ask…Especially if they kill the Starlights." Jerrold says as he looks to Nephirina.

Nephirina listens and smiles, 'a man after my own heart.' "Nephirina, what herbs do you need for your work?" Jerrold asks.

The Queen smiles, "OH, I have some of the potion left from years back. Just a drop or two in his drink or food and 'Good King' Nicolas will be dead by next Sunrise.

Jerrold smiles back, "To bad we won't be there it see the passing of the 'King'."

Beyond the Throne room in a quiet den, both Rini and Darien are talking.

"Why do we need the White Moon Family ring? We have two crystals already, why do we need a third?" Darien asks while sitting in his favorite chair. "True," answers Rini, "However, to bring out the Imperium Crystal we need all three, it is the White Moon ring that amplifies and controls the other two Crystals powers."

Darien nods, but still frowns. "I do not wish to marry Serena, however to get the crystal I must. Please forgive me Rini-sama." Rini nods and hugs him close. "I already do forgive you, Dar-chan."

A dark mist seems to cover them and they fade out of view. A black sphere seems to appear.

"So there are others who wish to get the crystal be for I and my new daughter…hmm…I must start small if I want to get it, lets start her and move outwards." A voice laced with evil states. "Beryl, by beautiful daughter, come it is time to make the Universe pay for the mist treatment of us."

As Beryl comes out of the darkness surrounding her, she dressed in a dark purple evening gown. Beryl carries a tall staff that has a globe floating above it. "Yes, mother it is time to make good on my threat." Beryl's face looks more like a vampire than before, her teeth look more like fangs then normal. An evil laugh fills the caverns of this old ice palace.

While all this planning is taking place. Malachite opens a transition to the Federation of Galaxia.

"We have need of someone, who is near the planet Kinmoku. We need the planet to be attacked, and distract it senshi from returning to the White Moon…If this person can destroy the planet along with it's senshi, we will be willing to pay ¼ more of the price as a bonus…We definitely need this done as soon as possible…Yes, that would do fine. Thank you for your prompt service…Yes I will send 1/3 of the price right now." Malachite hangs up and then uses Star Union to deliver part of the payment. "Galaxia herself…Hmmm…The King will be very pleased with that."

A few days later on the Moon

"Serena, the Queen would like to see you in her chambers." Luna says from the princess' bed. "She has some news for you and others of your court."

Serena looks up from her studies and nods. "Ok, Luna, I will go."

As Serena walks towards the main chambers, she sees Ami and Minako waiting for her. "What could the queen want with us?" Minako asks Serena as she arrives.

"I have no clue. Just that Luna told me I was summand." Serena knocks on her mother's door and then enters. "Mother, what was it you wanted to see us about…" She stops talking and looks around.

In the room are the Starlights. Not looking happy about what is to happen with their girls.

"I have some bad news for you girls. Rogue bands of senshi have started to attack Kinmoku. The Starlights wish to return home to protect their System. I feel they must ask their soul mates on this." Queen Serenity says quietly.

Serena looks to Seiya now as Sailor Star Fighter. "Is it true? Your system is under attack?" Fighter nods, and tears fill his eyes. "Yes it is. Galaxia and her group have started attacking the outer rim of the system. We need to protect them, and while we do this with heavy hearts, we do this to protect our loved ones also. Galaxia is only four systems away from here, so to stop her now means peace for us all."

Maker and Healer agree with what Fighter has said. Minako, Ami, and Serena look at each other then nod. "We agree that you must go. However, stay safe and come back to us when you can. We love you all."

The girls then hug the Starlights with tears in their eyes. The Starlight Senshi leaves in a flash of light heading off to battle. It is then that a soft crying comes from behind the girls. They turn and see the queen crying.

"Mother, what is wrong? Why do you cry?" Serena asks trying to comfort her mother.

"There are two other reasons I summoned you three here. Nicolas has died in his sleep. He was fine when he went to bed, he never awoke this morning." Serenity cries softly even more. "The second is more stressing news. Because of the old law, and your prince is gone, you must now marry Prince Darien of Earth. Unless, Seiya and his cousins and can return in 3 days time, the law will win."

Serena taken aback by this statement is shocked. Ami and Minako come over and comfort the royals in their time of need.

The Starlights never returned to the White Moon Kingdom. Princess Serena was engaged to Prince Darien, and Beryl destroyed them both…

But what of the future you say… Stick around and you will see in another 1000 yrs or so… The rebirth of the White Moon Court will start once more.