Shredder burst forward with a surprising amount of speed, which was only countered by Naruto he sidestepped and delivered a palm strike to his side before Marcus slapped an explosive hockey puck into his face creating a smokescreen allowing Donnie and Sun to jump in and use their bo-staffs to knock Shredder onto his back a bit as Raph turned his sai around and punched Shredder with the pummels while Leo jumped and did an overhead slash. Issei, Sugino and Takumi just shoulder charged the armoured ninja, but he was only shoved back a bit

"GUYS MOVE!" Leo shouted as Shredder kicked those three away and threw a kunai knife at the three. Marcus swung his bat at the kunai making it lodge in the wood. Leo grabbed the knife and threw it on the ground before growling

"Come turtles" Shredder said deploying his Tekko-kagi and ran forward

"LOOK OUT!" Leo said as he's legs were swept out for underneath him while he grabbed Donnie and made him into a flail smacking Sun and Marcus. Raph jumped in only for his bandana and slammed into the ground, Naruto tried a jump kick only for Shredder to dodge him. Looking back an frowning he stood an looked at Naruto

"An Uzumaki, I didn't think you were still alive after the clans war." Shredder said

"Only because the Foot Clan attacked my clan and wiped them all out!"

"What!" they all gasped

"No" Hinata said from inside her prison as Naruto stood there solemnly as she watched on a monitor

"So I now know who to attack" Naruto said as he drew three shuriken and threw them at Shredder before blurring out of sight and kicking Shredder in the back of the head, phasing out of sight again jamming a kunai in the gap of his shoulder armour while avoiding the spikes; jumping Naruto glared at the Shredder who simple chuckled

"I see you have the rage of a Maelstrom as well, appropriate given your name; Naruto" Shredder laughed before he walked forward as blood trickled down the armour "And since you actually damaged me, allow me to give a fighting chance" he said sitting down "come

"What's the matter tired?" Raph going in with a kick, only for Shredder to block it while remaining seated "What the?'

"I know that move" Leo said

"Yeah, it's the Fudoza, or immovable seat" Naruto said

"Oh boy" Donnie gulped as he held up his staff while Mikey went in with an attack, which was blocked while Sun tried a flying kick and that was blocked as well, each attack they tried was blocked and deflected back at the heroes. Naruto looked at Leo and nodded to him. The turtles and heroes kept attacking him while Naruto slunk off. Shredder was paying no attention to Naruto due the rapid attacks that were being delivered to hi, Sun and Issei were trying to land a punch as Takumi grabbed an egg and crushed it

"Hey you over grown grater!" the half Italian said as he threw the irritation powder at Shredder who duck and the powder landed in Sun's eyes "Sorry about the that" he said before Shredder punched him in the gut, Donnie then went in for an attack at the same time as Leo, only they were blocked and sent backwards

"This isn't working" Donnie gasped

"It's not supposed to" Leo said making Donnie give him a look "It's a diversion"

"Diversion...Diversion for what?" Donnie asked

Naruto had snuck off in order to find the girls, he knew that Hinata had at least training and from what he had heard there were a couple other girls who had some combat training and experience. He had found where they were being held, but the tricky part was up now, he had to sneak around and try and find the controls to open them

"Looking for something blondie" a deep gruff voice said

"Uh oh" Naruto said looking back to see the massive mountain of muscle known only as Hun standing then "Crap"

"So you think you can free them huh?" Hun said grabbing Naruto and throwing him, luckily Naruto landed on his feet and glared at Hun "So you're a ninja like them damn turtles"

"Oh I'm nothing like the other guys" Naruto said brandishing a kunai and slashed the air making Hun laugh slightly before he felt pain and saw that his arm was cut "that's right I can make the very air into a weapon"

"Oh Crud" Hun said throwing a punch, which Naruto blocked while he hooked a leg around Hun's leg and brought him down before leaping back throwing some shuriken at him making him block. Naruto smiled as he scattered something on the floor. Hun ran at him only to stop and scream as he pulled some Makibishi caltrops out of his foot, taking his eyes off of Naruto quickly he was in the air heading for Hun's head, which when it landed made the giant stumble back for a few seconds as Naruto tried to punch Hun, making the giant smirk while grabbing the fist forcing Naruto to try and pull back which was not happening "Nice try punk" Hun said throwing him, but once again Naruto flipped in mid air and landed on his feet while thrusting his hand forward making a bullet of air, that impacted Hun's stomach and knocked him back.

"See you loser" Naruto said as he threw a right hook at Hun finally knocking him out "Damn" he panted before walking over to a machine and drew a kunai out, slashing at it with said kunai and slumped

"Naruto" Hinata said catching him

"Hey" he said softly kissing her

"Thanks for the rescue" Mimi said

"No problem, but we should get back" Naruto said

"Why?" Ikagura asked

"The guys are facing the Shredder" Naruto simply said

"Let's go" Mimi said as they dashed off

"You okay Ruby?" Dia asked

"I will be" Ruby said

"Good to hear" Dia said

"You two stay down" Naruto said

"Not again" Donnie said as Shredder stood up after using the Fudoza and threw the smartest turtle into Raph and Leo. Mikey extended his chain and wrapped it around Shredder's legs and pulled them out form under him, Marcus then smashed his hockey stick into Shredder's faceplate denting it, Sugino picked up an item and tossed it up and down before seeing a brazier and looked from the object to Shredder, to the brazier to the object and smirked.

"Light bulb" he said as he stepped up behind the brazier and took a sidewards stance "Hey BUCKETHEAD!"
"What did you call me boy?" Shredder shouted

"CATCH!" Sugino said pitching the object

"Get down!" Leo shouted

"What?" Sugino said as the object exploded propelling Shredder through a wall "That was a bomb?"

"More like a ninja grenade" Raph said

"You know if I was genre savvy I would say this is becoming a recurring trend" Mikey said as they all ran through the hole in the wall

"What?" Sugino asked

"We're outside on a roof fighting the Shredder" Raph said

"Huh, this is different though" Mikey said

"How?" Sun asked

"Well we have more people and it isn't" Mikey started

"Don't say it Mikey" Raph growled

"You know storming" Mikey said before a massive crack of thunder sounded and the rain started to pour down

"YOU JUST HAD TO SAY IT!" Raph bellowed

"Guys!" Naruto said as he and the girls arrived, those who were fighters stood at the front while the civilians stood at the back, Dia hugging Ruby protectively, Sugino and Takumi watching in interest while Issei was just there while Hinata, Naruto, Sun, Mimi, Marcus, Ikagura, Raph, Leo, Mikey and Donnie took up a defensive stance

"This end today Oroku Saki!" Hinata roared

"Try as you might, but this is the day you all fall by my hand!" Shredder said as he ran at them

"I don't think so" Naruto said as he, Sun and Raph charged ahead, Raph turned his sais around and used the pummel to weaken Shredder's knees before he jumped out of the way allowing Sun to jab his staff into the back of Shredder's leg while twisting it. He then held it out giving Naruto something to jump on so he could do the air bullet attack breaking some of Shredder's armoru. Donnie and Marcus charged in with their weapons and pried more armour off of Shredder's body allowing Hinata to throw a kunai knife which embedded itself into Shredder's side, he got up and punched Mikey who was coming in for an attack, only to feel Mimi's dagger slash the back of his arm making roar out in pain turning his attention onto her. This distraction gave Hinata time you used palm strikes to damage the Shredder's internal organs while Ikagura slashed down the back, Shredder grab Ikagura's hair and kicked her into Hinata sending them back. Naruto got angry seeing his and held his hand out

"Is that?" Mikey asked

"No way" Hinata gasped as a ball of blue energy was formed in his hand

"NO!" Shredder said as Naruto and Leo charged in "NO NO! NO! NO!" he shouted

"RASENGAN!" Naruto said as he thrust the ball into Shredder's chest. Leo then got in behind Shredder and in one quick stroke of his blade defeated the Shredder.

"It's over" Leo said as he put his swords back, he looked back and then threw a sword into Shredder's back before removing it "There try getting back up from that" he said as the group walked off

"So what's next?" Marcus asked they rested back in the lair

"Well, me and Ruby only gave to New York because we lost a friend who was young, she was a part of a welfare team going to Africa and they disappeared over central Africa. So decided that we wouldn't waste time and came to America for a vacation" Dia explained

"I'm going to the Deep South to sample some the cuisine down there" Takumi said

"I should be heading back to Japan" Ikagura said bowing

"Same here, after I found Mast Yoshi" Hinata said bowing to Splinter

"I'm going to catch a ball game while waiting for my team to get here, I came with Hinata before they had planned anything, so since I was here they decided to come

"I'm escorting Hinata and Ikagura back home" Naruto said

"All very good plans" Splinter said

"What about you?" Ikagura asked the turtles

"Same as always" Mikey said

"Besides The Shredder's actually dead this time, so a power vacuum may open up and we'll be here to defend it" Leo said

"I'll be joining them of course, still have to knock a few Purple dragon teeth out" Marcus laughed

"And I'm just the one who keeps them out of trouble" Mimi said "So who wants pizza?"

"Why not" Hinata said.

The next morning the humans departed for where they wanted to go next, the turtles sat on the edge of a building to watch those flying back to Japan while Dia and Ruby stayed in New York for awhile with Sugino and Takumi who was gearing up to go down to the deep south.

"So think things will be this peaceful for awhile?" Raph asked

"Maybe" Leo said

"There is always trouble" Donnie said

"But that's what makes it fun and reward, well that and Pizza" Mikey said taking a slice

"Couldn't agree more little bro, couldn't agree with you more" Raph laugh as the other took a slice as well and just relaxed with a good slice of Pepperoni Pizza for their favourite pizzeria.

G'day Guys Grizz here and yeah Shredder's dead and while I'm sure if its implied but Leo killed the Shredder the same way he did in the 2K12 series, without a head! So he won't be back and the Turtles now have some peace and as per usual the team is heading their own way, but some of them might be back in future instalments of the Legacyverse, but I won't say who.

Now moving, a thank you to Mrotrax and bige1218, to those who faved and followed and those who just read this now and in the future. So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside